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Boris & Tobias. Love Story. Interview with the actors (EN subtitles)

Many fans from Sturm der Liebe (Love Storm) have been waiting for it. Finally, Boris and Tobias confessed their love. That makes them the first homosexual couple from the main cast in the 13-year-long history of the ARD telenovela Gala paid a visit to the actors Florian Frowein and Max Beier, to ask them about it. What is it like to suddenly love a guy in front of the camera? The sunny boy or the son from next door, that’s something i’ve done before in some way, and it works, and with girls. But this is something new, and it’s challenging in a way, I think. Especially because it’s a fine line to convey it authentically to the people out there, without offending anyone. In principle, I think it’s a great example that ‘Sturm der Liebe’ is setting. Simply as a message to the outside, because it’s something that hasn’t been done before. I mean, since last year, if I’m not mistaken, gay marriage is legal in Germany, Or in different countries, and cities in general, and it’s practiced, which I find very good and which I support. No love story without kisses – that also goes for ‘Sturm der Liebe’-lovebirds Boris and Tobias. The intimate scenes are no problem for Florian Frowein and Max Beier. People often ask me what it’s like to act alongside a man, or to kiss a man. Where I have to say it’s a matter of trust between two actors who are professional, and if you have that kind of trust and you can trust each other during the scene then everything is possible. No matter if it’s a girl, a woman, a man. Yes, it really is! And when this foundation of trust is there, then you can shoot very nice scenes and something nice comes about. And I think that is what ultimately gets people, that they see the purity of the matter. And it’s nothing extraordinary, it is what it is. Also when you’re in love with a woman, the first kiss is something special. The second one or third one may be as well, but eventually it becomes normal to give each other a peck here and there. And that’s just how it is. And that is normal even when there’s a beard. During the interview Florian and Max reveal that they already got down to business during their first kiss. The first kiss was already during casting. we came in and everybody knew that this situation was about to happen. Uhm, afterwards, we found out, which was quite funny. Because, well, we, when I got the role and we saw each other again, we were like ‘oh great’. It’s nice that it worked out, it went well with you. And then, weeks later, it turned out that I wanted to say again that I was surprised during casting, by how unbridled he was at the kissing part. And he looked at me and went, “Yeah that’s something I also wanted to tell you” “I didn’t mean to, but you went in like that”. And then we were like, okay, what did we, what happened there, because… I walked out of there thinking like, yeah, sure, he’s already had castings. That was probably the tenth man he kissed, apparently that’s how he does it. – But I just play along -That’s what I was thinking too. – Exactly! I thought, he really wants the role! So, the first kiss was already very…. intimate. So, basically we immediately crossed that threshold. – Right. – And then, it was… – It never went that far again. – No! The fans like the love story between the Fürstenhof manager and the handyman. As the reactions on Facebook, Instagram and the ‘Sturm der Liebe’-website show. We get comments under the pictures, ‘Oh, is he the one for Boris? We’re looking forward to it. Finally a gay couple. Finally homosexuality in ‘Sturm der Liebe’. I think so far, among.. thousands of comments, I haven’t read one that says ‘Oh, please don’t’. The opposite, actually. Everyone is eager for a storyline for you. And that it should be with me. If Boris will muster up the courage for a coming out and if he will get a happy ending with Tobias, watch the show Monday through Friday at 3:10pm on Das Erste. Check the video info, if you’re interested in following the story with English subtitles.


  1. Bärbel Meinicke Author

    Ach man, ich liebe Boris so sehr ♥️♥️ Er hat so ein fantastisches Lächeln ,es ist einfach Wahnsinn. Und die schönsten Augen der Welt 💋

  2. Helmut Author

    Haben wir keine andere Probleme? Wir tanzen auf einem Vulkan und keiner kümmerst, wenn dieser Vulkan explodiert dann ist es scheißegal ob die sich küssen oder nicht. Wacht auf sonst könnt ihr diese beiden nicht mehr küssen sehen. Ach wie Schade.

  3. saendy Author

    Ich schaue bei sturm der liebe ab und zu mal rein, aber seit ich die Kussszene gesehen habe zwischen ihnen, habe ich sogar alle Folgen nachgeschaut seit Tobias aufgetaucht ist xD

  4. Anja Sonne Author

    Ich finde es super…die beiden passen klasse zusammen und generell sollte Homosexualität endlich als normal anerkannt werden und auch in den Serie den Platz finden.

  5. Robert Nathanael Hirsch Author

    Ich habe Sturm der Liebe lange nicht geschaut Kehre aber jetzt begeistert zurück und danke für die Schwule Storyline. die beiden Spielen des sehr sehr gut und man will fast gar nicht glauben dass es nicht echt ist. Danke

  6. TheOne ThatGotAway Author

    Bin auch schwer angefixt von den beiden, aber ich kann die meisten anderen Figuren bei SdL einfach nicht ertragen 😝 hoffe es gibt hier bald viele Fan-Vids ^^

  7. sv Author

    Ich schaue die Serie seit ich klein bin immer mit meiner Oma & wir beide haben uns soooo über diese Liebesgeschichte gefreut! Tolles Statement von Sturm der Liebe!

  8. Tala Garson Author

    Well to be honest after watching their story so far, i can tell the story is pretty much boring and looks like from 70-80 years of last century…the kisses are not convincing at all…two grown gay men kissing like teens with closed tight lips …they look so uptight on screen with each other…no passion or even sensual feelings on screen…actors are cute but writing and acting are bad…

  9. Tiefe dunkle Mitternacht Author

    Non German speakers may be following their story through the videos posted on YT. Just for you to know, we are subbing this story without extra edition and to its full extension. Check the video info if you're interested.

  10. susan sadkowski Author

    TOP Leistung der Beiden und das funktioniert nur, wenn man voll zum Inhalt der Rolle steht. Wichtige Aussagen im Interview bestätigen die Haltung beider Schauspieler zur Homosexualität. KOMPLIMENT!!!!!!

  11. Esteban Posada Duque Author

    … es ist schön, wie Max seinem Freund und Kollegen Florian aufmerksam zuhört … Sie sehen die Chemie zwischen den beiden … und das macht sie noch zärtlicher …

  12. Bob Thompson Author

    Sturm der Liebe is a long running soap opera in Germany. The introduction of a gay couple has breathed new life into the story and has gained many new fans, not only in the gay community but in the larger community, as well. The actors are well cast and perform their roles magnificently. It is brave of the writers and actors to bring contemporary themes into the storyline. I look forward to many enjoyable episodes because of the new and interesting subjects.

  13. Reitan_na Author



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