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[cicadas critter] You should take your tablets persisting.
It will cure very fast. -Greetings, sir.
-Greetings, sir. -Greetings.
-Greetings, sir. -Greetings, sir.
-Greetings, sir. Sir, did you call me? Dean asked to clean the B-block. You should clean it even
if you are getting late. -Okay?
-Okay, sir. Here it is. [unlocks]
[metal chain clunks] [switches clacking]
[electricity crackling] [electricity crackling] [door shuts] [birds flapping] [metal clunks] Peek-a-boo!
[gasps] Who is it?
[shouts] Save me! I’ll not spare you. I’ll kill you. I’ll not spare you.
[screams] [screams] [screams] -Did you clean the entire A-block?
-Yes. Why are you sitting here? -I’m not feeling well.
-Where is the key? The door is opened.
[electricity crackling] Look how carelessly she is answering! [door creaks] This worker hasn’t cleaned. Dean sir said that he would come and
visit. He will be angry by seeing this. [door shuts] [shouts]
[glass shattering] Ramesh… Murthy…
Where are you? -Where are they?
-They are cleaning inside. -But you are the one who should clean it.
-I’m not feeling well. Why don’t you go to a doctor
and take the injection? [groans] Ramesh… Murthy… Murthy… [birds flapping]
[laughs] Ghost… Ghost…
[birds flapping] [tyres screeching] Seer, to make students study peacefully, I lied to them about the incident citing
it as slip and fall from the terrace. Everyone gets scared by the ghost, but the ghost will get
scared of me and will run away. You are indeed
helping the students not me. Doctor, please wait outside. I’ll come along with the ghost. -Let’s click a selfie with it.
-Selfie? [incants] Is this the B-block? I won’t open it. Hail ghost! This adroit wizard will cheat
the people as long as they exist. I’ll take the payment, booze, eat a
lot and will take rest for some time. Why is this drum rotating? Peek-a-boo… Rat, be vigilant.
The cat has arrived. Hey! The ghost has come. Hey! Don’t come closer.
I’ll confine you in this. [shouts] Hey! [groans]
[tumbler clangs] -[laughs]
-Where is my tumbler? I won’t get rid of my fear
unless I drink arrack. [groans] [laughs]
Hey! Ghosts, I’ll not spare you.
I’ll trash you. Oh no! They’ve troubled me.
I’ve imprisoned it. I’ve imprisoned all the ghosts
who opposed surrendering. Saint, you’ve proved that you
are an expert in imprisoning the ghosts. Hell with it! Only I know the
trouble undergone with the ghosts. These will stay calm only when we take
this to the graveyard in the midnight and bury it and hammering a nail to it. Though it troubled me, don’t trouble it.
Take it and bury it. Sir, you are a great person that you
are worrying about the pain of a ghost. Give us the payment, sir. -Bhaskar, pay them.
-Okay. Sir, give him a doctorate too. Sir, we caught the ghost.
Shall we open the B-block now? It was a problem as we opened
the B-block in a hurry. Let’s open it after
checking for an auspicious day. Mother,
I’ve bought 25 packets of biryani. What?
Did you bring 25 packets of biryani? Didn’t you check the
message which I’ve sent you? I know that you’ve sent me the
message but I haven’t read it. I’ve asked you to bring three
packs of biryani in the message. Later on,
I’ve texted not to bring biryani, as your mother suddenly
remembered that today is amavasya. Didn’t you read any
of the messages? Hey!
I understood. You might’ve found difficult in reading
it and showed it to the hotelier. Dear, it’s time to worship.
Please, come. Forget about the worship!
Ask your son what he has done today. What is it, son? -He has sent me a message it seems.
-Why did you message instead of calling? The reason I texted him
instead of calling is, if he reads the
message and understands it, his knowledge would improve and
would be fit for British English. -Dumb brain!
-Don’t talk in that way. My son scored very good
marks in intermediate. Does he seems like an intermediate
student to you? -Why not?
-Your food didn’t grow his brain, but made his body
grow very excessively. Oh no! Don’t you say anything to my son. Forget about it but first serve
this biryani to the beggars. Mother, first serve it to father. -Sir…
-Hey! Sir,
serve me a sweet along with the biryani. He looks like a dead body!
Who is he? -Hey! Who are you?
-Oh no! Sir, it’s me who made your son
to pass the intermediate exams. I’ve also confirmed a seat for
you son in MRM medical college. Thank God!
My son has become a doctor. Of course, why not? Mother,
where shall we open the clinic? How about opening it in
Panjagutta’s graveyard? Damn! Don’t talk in inauspicious manner. Okay, I’ll speak auspiciously. All the dead bodies which your
son has operated, -can be buried without any ambulance cost
-Stop it. Look, I’ll send your money to your home once my
son joins the college. You can leave now. You are speaking about bribing
beside your cop husband, won’t the journalists and the critics
break me apart if they get to know? I’ll bring those torn pieces of you
and sew it with the sewing machine. Son, come inside and have the porridge. Okay, mother. Will you sew me with the sewing
machine if they break me apart? Hi, dude! What is it? We grew up together, studied together and somehow made it into the
same medical college together. I’ve paid a substantial
amount and got the seat. Let’s celebrate this moment by clicking
a picture and posting it on facebook. -Click the picture.
-Put a pose. [camera clicks] What a face? Is that even a face? It is like a
pet speckled hen drenched in rain. You are feeling jealous!
Look at the awesome physique. It is like a doughnut that
was made in inebriation. Excuse me,
pet speckled hen drenched in rain! Do I look like a doughnut that
was made in inebriation? How can you say that I am not
beautiful even after seeing me? Oh no! She is boosting
herself that she is beautiful. -Oh God!
-Hey! You don’t know me. Do you know about me? I’ll bash you if you see me
once again on the mobile. -Bash us? Get lost!
-Hey! Why is that idiot getting angry
if we clicked a selfie? [siren] -Do you know the first lesson in MBBS?
-What is it? We shouldn’t click a selfie.
Come. I arrived early for the class
despite being a dull student. Excuse me, you are drying your
hair in a class. Who are you? We come to the college
to spend time happily. Shall we start studying? -Oh no! It’s a ghost… It’s a ghost…
-Hey wait! Ghost? Where is it? You saw me and started shouting,
right? I didn’t say it you.
I saw a ghost and started shouting. I’ve been curling my hair for six months. Look, at my eye brows.
I got them threaded. I used rose powder to make
my cheeks look like an apple. I had a golden facial at the
parlour to brighten my face. I’ve applied plenty of lipstick. I’m fit and have a very good physique. -How dare you call me a ghost?
-You are absolutely right. It has become a trend to
make-up like a ghost, right? Oh God! Professor has saved me.
Come. -Hey move… move…
-Good morning, madam. -Good morning to everybody.
-Good morning, madam. -Take your seats…
-Thank you, madam. Excuse me. Yes, madam. Why do you seem like possessed? -Oh no! Please, don’t speak about it.
-Calm down… Calm down… Today is my first day. You cannot
concentrate my class if you are upset. -So, keep smiling. Okay? Sit down.
-Okay, madam. -Huh!
-Look, even the madam called her a ghost. God has created doctors as he
cannot take care of everyone. People are treating doctors as Gods. Guys, you are very lucky.
[cheering] [vehicle arriving] Why is this girl looking
so beautiful today? Even a old age woman looks
beautiful in make-up. -Hey dude!
-What is it? I should make her fall
for me by any means. You want to make a girl fall
for you in the first year itself, How do you think it is possible? The guy with teeth eats pakodi and
a guy with a mobile takes a selfie. Why do you feel so jealous? Do you want to flirt her in
the broad daylight? Carry on. Meanwhile, I have a doubt. -What is it?
-Tell me correctly. A human turns into a ghost upon dying. Will the rat and the fog
turn in the same way? Why do you get such doubts? I thought the rat could turn
into a ghost upon the surgery, so I had thrown it away without
processing the autopsy. How will you come into the
mortuary if you scared for a rat? Mortuary? Oh no! I’ll not come inside.
There will be dead bodies there. -Oh no! I’m scared.
-Hey Nithya! You should come into the mortuary
to become a doctor. Come. -Hey Trisha! Come to this side.
-What is it? My parents tried a lot to overcome
this fear but it didn’t happen. I’ll not come to the class.
Please, manage it. -Look, it’s an anatomy class. Don’t miss.
-I’ll not come no matter what. -Hey wait! Come to class.
-You go. Oh, you are here!
Here I come! Hi. Why are you sitting here alone
instead of attending the anatomy class? Medical college didn’t suit me.
I’m so scared. I’m planning to take T.C. and
attend the teacher’s training. Why did you take such a tremendous
decision for such a small thing? I’ve an awesome
medicine to conquer your fear. -Shall I give it to you?
-What is it? If you take that medicine after
fasting for 48 days, you can do a hundred of
post mortems in a day. Where can I get that awesome medicine? It’s in the puja room in our house. If you come to our house at 12 am… I’ll bathe you by making you sit -in the middle of the house…
-Ah! I’m saying that the result will
be substantial if you take bath, and sit on the floor and do yajna. Will I conquer fear if
I take the medicine? Exactly. Is he telling the truth?
No, I won’t come. You will come for sure. -Hey come!
-I’m coming, brother. Boss, seems like he has invested
all his bribe in this teak. -Wow!
-Wow! Hey!
It is a huge house. -We would get 4 kgs of Gold for sure.
-We are going to steal it. We came to steal,
but a woman is going in a mask. -Does she also come to steal?
-Let’s ask her instead of doubting. -Hey wait!
-Who are you? Why did you come here? -I came here to take the medicine.
-Is this a medical shop? Why did you come? -We came to steal the gold.
-Is this a jewellery shop? [laughs] Hey! Don’t laugh.
We’ll get caught. -Boss, even she came to steal like us.
-Damn! Baldie boss,
the smell of the sambar is fantastic. Let’s have our stomach full
of food and then start work. Arjun… Arjun… Mom, you look like Nithya. What is it? Hey! Why did you come here? Hey! You said you’ll give
medicine to overcome fear. And you are sleeping by
switching off your mobile. You are right. Did you come here by believing that?
[gasps] I jumped off from the
tall gate and came here. So, don’t you have the medicine? I have it.
Sit down, I’ll give it to you. Make a pit in the rice,
I’ll pour the sambar. -Okay… Okay…
-Mix it well and have it. Close your eyes,
I’ll give you the medicine. “Oh come on, you quarrelsome one” “Don’t pinch my heart” “By being a first glance,” “Don’t pinch the age” “Don’t smile with the teeth like raw rice” “Don’t kill me by putting
your spices on fire” “Don’t torture me like
a sweet slab of jaggery” “Don’t punish me when you are anger” “What kind of a blessing is this?” “Pleasure that’s tempting” “Come on you player!” “Don’t entwine my body” “Enough of it!” “Don’t pamper my suffering beauty” “Don’t give me chilled complaints” “Don’t come to me with
exceeded complaints” “Don’t tie the knot smiling” “Don’t wet my face with your lips” “The well guarded beauty is for you” “This bird is your hunt my tiger” “The tiny heart has learnt it” “It ends in bed” “The love bed is the destiny” “Oh come on, you quarrelsome one” “Don’t pinch my heart” “Enough of it now” “Don’t play with my beauty” “Don’t make haste” “Don’t panic me with your young heart” “Don’t give me dry hopes” “Don’t lure me in your lovely lap” “You leave it to me” “You’ve teased me gently” “I’m super excited” “And filled in the heart” “And I’m filled in your heart” “Don’t smile with the teeth like raw rice” “Don’t kill me by putting
your spices on fire” “Don’t torture me like
a sweet slab of jaggery” “Don’t punish me when you are anger” “The boon my hearts wants…” “Pleasure that’s tempting” Hey! Oh no! [gasps]
Sir… Why are you shooting even
after lifting the hands? Hey you! -No sir, actually…
-Het lost and call your chef! Yes, is there any problem? -Do you have any doubt in the leg piece?
-I doubt the biryani but not the leg piece I’ll light camphor in the plate
you’re eating, swear on it and say that, it’s biryani. You are saying that you’d light a camphor
in the eating plate and swear. -Are you a biryani chef?
-If not am I an ordinary chef? -Are you aware of my family?
-Hey! -Is your grandfather a health inspector?
-No, my father is. -I’ll make him seize.
-Boss, come here. Brother, don’t exaggerate the problem. Your father took the bribe yesterday along
with ten packs of biryani in wholesale. Huh! Will you leave immediately or should I
post your family members in the facebook? Wonderful! Hey! Someone will surely come
and object the injustice very soon. -Sir, one minute.
-What is it? Do whatever you want to with me
but don’t harm our baldie boss. -Is he your owner?
-Yes, sir. -He looks like a coal miner…
-Sir, leave me. People are watching us. -It doesn’t look good.
-It’s nothing… …I’ll make four crores of people
look at you on the television. Why do you want to show
us on the television? Hey! You have killed the cat’s
cubs and made biryani out of it. -What if you make biryani infants?
-Then you show us. How dare you steal my home
after coming out of bail? We should find it where we left. What did you leave in the kitchen? We left our fingers in the sambar. It’s awesome. I haven’t had such food in my life. Sir, you are maintaining
a fantastic woman. [gasps]
I mean a cook. I am not a cook but I am his own wife. -You are his wife?
-Hey! -You are his wife?
-Hey! Sister,
we lost our livelihood because of him. We are very hungry. We were having the food prepared by you. Then immediately he started
shooting with the gun. Brother, do you know how my heart
felt when you called me as a sister? Hey! You are calling this moron as
brother. Aren’t you feeling bad? Their livelihood was affected by you.
Why shouldn’t I provide food for them? -I remember my late brother by seeing him.
-Thank you, sister. Don’t worry, brother.
Stay here and eat whatever you want to. [blowing whistle]
Mother… -Mother, why are you tensed?
-Nothing, son. Did you write your
exams properly? -The taste is amazingly well.
-Oh no! Hey you baldie!
What are you doing here? Don’t talk to me by calling baldie! Are you kidding despite
having a serious face? -That’s my standard look.
-Get out of the house. Sister, you have insulted me by
serving the chicken. I’ll leave. -Brother, wait… Wait…
-Sister is opposing. Calm down, Arjun. I’ve asked both of them to stay here
in the house to help you in the exams. -Are you an officer?
-Yes. -Are you sure?
-Yeah. Thank you, mother. Can you recommend
the officer regarding me and… They aren’t officers but they are thieves. Then you could’ve addressed
them as thieves. Damn! There is a room where his
answer sheets were kept, right? I’ve been feeding them in order
to break the lock of that room. -Oh!
-I’m expert in unlocking. [foxes yelping] -They are building colleges in rivers…
-…but they’ve built this in a graveyard. -Even they asked me to study MBBS.
-Shut your mouth and do the work. I did. [shouts] -What happened that you are shouting?
-Skeletons! Whose skeleton are these? Oh my God! Let’s do it tomorrow in
the day time but not now. Hey wait! It is a thrill to get inside the college
campus by jumping off the wall at midnight What is the need for grilling
the chicken which doesn’t cook? Dear, why are you saying rhyming at 12 am? -I’ll show you the demo. Watch it.
-Demo? Have you seen my business secret? -He is amazingly talented.
-Come on, I’ll do it and show you. Hey!
Why are you going in that direction? -Why?
-I just appreciated you. -Where is the room?
-There it is. Oh, it is locked. -Our life is in this.
-Yes, baldie boss. I know, wait and see. Dear, this lock is precious. It will select the keys
upon opening the coat. Look, it started attracting. Globe… Globe…
Open Globe… Hey!
[cheering] Have we hold a party meeting that you are
clapping after coming here for the papers? Follow me. Hey!
This is the room which has papers. Dear, it wasn’t locked. Dear,
did you bring a book to see and write? Book… -Because I didn’t bring it.
-Yeah, I brought it. I brought it. -Dear…
-Come, let’s go. Hey! You’ll take three hours to write. It’ll take 45 minutes for me
to write after boozing. You go. Do as your wish. This is the safest place for us. Thank God! We are just two but you’ve
put another huge glass. Why did you put such a huge glass? The drink won’t be sufficient. I didn’t put it. Hey!
Why are you blabbering before opening? Look! A human body should
have blood, but not heat. It will get high.
Shall I pour? Why am I feeling the
fragrance of jasmine flowers? Don’t booze dear…
Don’t booze… -Bro, you can sing at a concert.
-Is it? [gasps] Who drank it? Why can’t I see the drink? Did you booze it so fast? No, boss. It’s wrong to booze in an educating age, onto that,
it’s very wrong to boose like a ghost. Boss, it’s not me. [groans]
Oh God! Brother, it’s just our hallucination. Peek-a-boo… Rat, be vigil.
The cat has arrived. [groans]
Oh no! Thank God!
This is the paper. Hey, look at that!
How dare is he! Even we don’t have the permission to
enter into this room. How did you come? Madam, someone has planned to defame me by
changing the answer sheet and failing me. -Oh!
-Madam, look at all of these blank papers. Who changed it? -That is… To find it out…
-Come out first. Madam, he is acting. When did I shout?
[groans] [groans] Madam, he is the thief.
He has changed the paper. My friend has caught him. I’ll offer you a biryani
if you keep quiet. -Why are you trapping me?
-Else, I’ll kill you. -Leave me.
-Madam, he is the thief. -Where are those papers?
-Madam, I’m from a very good family. -Look at this, madam.
-Look at this properly, madam. If he is a good person then why does he
needs these many keys? You only ask him. Why is he overacting? Stop you whining cry! Madam, I’ve seen adult films but
never cheated in the exams. -Oh no!
-How dare you talk about it with me? Tomorrow, there will be an
enquiry with the professors. You can continue in this college if you
answer correctly to their questions. Else the management shall take
severe action on you. -Watchman.
-Yes, madam. -Let both of them stay here.
-Okay, madam. -Handover him to the cops.
-To the cops? Excuse me, madam. You are very beautiful and sweet like a
candy in pink colour despite in anger. I like it, madam. Come on. Family planning success! [cicadas critter] Dear… What is it?
You took the money, right? -Leave.
-Don’t put my job in stake. Wait. -Are you diabetic?
-Yes, dear. -Chew it, although. Go.
-Leave soon. Hey!
Did you guys go to booze or to fight? -Hey! The ghost bashed us while boozing.
-Look! I was trapped because of you. I shall not get my MBBS degree now. [phone ringing continuously]
Who is biting me on my thigh? Oh, is it my mobile? -Shh! Stay calm, it’s my mother.
-Is it your helpline? Use it… Use it… -Hello mother.
-Why are you speaking so tired? Drink a lot of water. Only then you’ll not feel asleep and
will get the energy to write the exams. -I had a lot.
-It is hot water, isn’t it? He might’ve had boozed
and vomiting somewhere. Your father is awake. Arjun, did you write your exam well? No, I was caught. Caught? Tomorrow,
there is a special enquiry it seems. Why are they enquiring? You couldn’t write the
exam in the morning. So, you are copying in the night.
What’s wrong in this? You are able to understand that. I’ll come tomorrow.
You don’t worry. Okay. -Mother.
-What is it, son? He can answer only if know about it. But he doesn’t know anything. No one can save him from
now even if you spend a lot. -They would send him to the central jail.
-Hey! Give me the mobile. Where are you both? -Will I go to jail?
-Hey! The cheaters reside there. -It’s true.
-Hey! How dare you to tell my mother that, I’ll go to jail even after
getting spoiled by boozing? -I’ll kill you and go to jail.
-Even then, you go to that place only. What I said would come true. [glass shattering]
[groans] Careful.
[groans] [ghost groaning]
[fox howling] Dear…Leave me… Leave me…-Come dear.
-Leave me… -Leave me…
-Break the manacle and come. [laughing] [anklet jingling] Excuse me, wait.
Don’t you know not to come at this time? -You’ll die. Get lost from here.
-Who are you? -Shall I call the security?
Security… Security… Hey!
[groans] Didn’t I tell you that you’ll die? Aunty, the professors are here.
Speak to them. Madam, good morning. You are the one who is enquiring him,
right? Give this to him in small
quantities before questioning. I’ve mixed it properly.
[gasps] Excuse me, how dare you to mix
alcohol and give it to a student? -Are you in your senses?
-Oh no! Why are you speaking so? He is my son. This is a juice
made of Saraswathi leaves. I’ve mixed it in a soft drink
as he doesn’t consume it directly. You aren’t even aware of this but
you are here to teach the students. I won’t believe you. You seem like you are going to attend
a wedding by your attire and jewellery. Show me your Aadhar card and ration card.
I need to check it. We are highly educated professors here. Alright, at least show that certificates
to me because I don’t trust you. Security. -Yes, madam.
-Who is she? She is the mother of the guy who caught
yesterday for entering in the room. Do we seem like the women
who came to attend a wedding? -Your son is inside, right?
-Yes. I’ll sentence him
punishment and send him out. Console him and
take him with you. -Till then have this juice and wait here.
-Oh no! [door creaking] -Did I speak too much in confusion?
-Exceedingly high! -Good morning, sir.
-Mister. -You are still sitting.
-Hey! Hey! Don’t you know to give respect? He isn’t it even giving respect. Do you know what kind of
a complaint is on you? Instead of writing the
exams in the allotted time, you gave blank answer sheets and you
filled those sheets by sneaking at night. Are you guys following a new
technique in cheating? -Do you think we are fools?
-Sir, we aren’t thinking so. Shut up! Arjun,
what is the full form of MBBS? Tell her that you don’t know
and plead for the apologies. He didn’t answer any of our questions. I feel that he might’ve changed the paper. I’ll ask you the simple questions. What is the definition
of human anatomy? Good morning, sir. Come in. -The enquiry is about to finish. Sit down.
-Thank you. -Do you know or not?
-He is the one for sure. Excuse me, sir. You are a physiology professor,
she is a biochemistry professor. She is a pathology professor and
he is a human anatomy professor. Then who the hell is he? Why did he come here? Madam, dean has sent
this doctor to meet me. What is the purpose of staying
in the enquiry? Please, sir. Sorry, madam. Wait in my cabin. Thank you, sir. -I’ll catch you later.
-Okay. Hey! Although you don’t know the answer,
you are managing it so well. Will you answer it now? -Tell me.
-How will he answer? The broad goal of teaching undergraduate
students in anatomy aim in providing, comprehensive knowledge in the gross and microscopic structure
and development of human body. To provide a basis for understanding
the clinical quotation of organs in, students involved in anatomical
basis for the disease presentation. So that we could formulate the correct
treatment plans to treat the patients. However it is also important to use, various models to
study the disease pattern. It should help us to understand the basis and also find out the way to
meet the disease involved. Which means you were studying in the
whole night while I was boozing! Sir, you have misunderstood
a brilliant student. Aunty,
your son has answered amazingly well. My son? It shouldn’t be possible. How did he answer without
having this juice? A genius is born to a genius. What do you say? Thank you, God! His mind would be
blown with my next question. [groans] -Sir, who pinched my waist?
-I don’t know. Madam, it’s me.
I don’t know why I did so. Sir, behave like a professor
but not like a hooligan. -Sorry, madam.
-Let’s come back to the questions. What kind of… Damn! You are a very brilliant student. You should remember only this. I don’t remember anything. By the way, he answered well but
why are we sitting on the floor? Bro, wait. What’s the problem between us? Why did you ask me to
get out of the room? [phone ringing continously] [gasps] Veeraiah! Sir. [phone ringing]
Where are you? Sir, have you come? Sir,
I’m still waiting alive for you. -Hey Veeraiah!
-Sir. The time you’ve been waiting
for me hasn’t wasted. Sir, you’ve worked so hard for us. Don’t spare anyone. -Kill all of them.
-I’ll not spare them. [thundering]
Come. You all are going to die on this day. [leaves rustling] Hey! Who are you?
Are you a student or an enchanter? Hey!
Answer him. Who the hell are you? Hey! Hey! [groans] -Hey!
-Hey! Come. Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Look here man! Hey! -Bhasker, tell me.
-Doctor, the ghost has arrived. What? It has killed everyone.
It’s just me who escaped.-Don’t harm me… Don’t harm me…
-Hey Bhasker! What’s happening there? [thunders rumbling] [glass shattering]
Don’t harm me… Don’t harm me… [groans] Damn! [ghost groans]
Tell me. -I’ll not tell you.
-Won’t you tell me? I’ll not tell you. -I’ll not tell you…
-Which body did you possess? Hey!
[ghost groans] Madam, we’ve almost visited every
place and temple to pray to God. You should somehow
save our daughter. -Yes, madam. You are our only option.
-Tell me. -Move aside.
-Who are you? Tell me. I, Brahmeshwari,
order you to leave this body. -Give me the stamp.
-Here it is, madam. [ghost groans]
Tell me. Who are you? I’m Mahesha dies as prostitute. I, Brahmeshwari, order
you to leave this body. [ghost groans]
Else… Brahmeshwari… Welcome RK. You’ve built college in the graveyard.
Did the college has become graveyard now? I’ve opened the B-block
without minding your words. Four of them has died. I’ve tried for you but you weren’t free. Your student said that he
had imprisoned the ghost. It’s true that I’ve imprisoned the ghost
but I don’t know how it has escaped. What do you want me to do now? [groans] Hammer a nail after burying this ghost. Hail Goddess Kali! Nothing has happened to you.
You can leave. If I imprison an evil spirit it cannot escape even
after any number of re-incarnations I’m a wrathful spirit but not a
simple ghost to imprison me. I know how it has come into this college. -I’ll trouble you.
-Hey! Imprison me if you can! Are you preparing coffe for me? You’ll die due to the pressure
if I make coffee for you. It’s for my son. How come you are suddenly
showering love on our son whom you used to humiliate all
the time claiming him to be useless? So far I have been like that, but today I realised that my son
is as talented as Bill Gates. So I’m going to compromise with my
son by offering him a filter coffee. Even after achieving massive success, my
son is as peaceful as a premature baby. Son, I’ve heard everything. Heard that your college
professors and HOD’s went bonkers and threw away their books because
you answered all their questions. Your father is feeling very guilty for
rebuking you for these many days. Get lost! -Are you angry with me son?
-Get lost! This is too much.
Have the coffee and then I’ll leave. I had. You had? What is this? The coffee cup is here and you are there. Is a wireless connection
just like the wifi? How it is possible? He is meant to achieve a lot. He might’ve come in the
air and had the coffee. Thank God. We won’t have water scarcity in our state if we suck the water from
Almatti Dam in the same way. Sir, have you come? Welcome, sir. -Who are they?
-Sir… Save us, sir.
[indistinct voices] Sir.
[sobbing] Brahmeshwari, someone is calling me.
[indistinct voices] -Shall we check?
-Come, sir. Don’t turn back. We have been surrounded by
evil spirits in the air. It is changing its articulation
and calling you. [dogs barking] -You’ll die if you turn back and see.
-Sir… Sir… Brahmeshwari, look at it. I understood. I thought this dead body will decay in
this ground due to my magical powers. But this wrathful spirit has come
out without getting obliterated. Look, its blood is still boiling. [ghost groans] -Cheers!
-Cheers boss! [groans] We got the hitting and why
is he overreacting? [gasps] -Pee!
-Did you pee? No. What’s pulling? Hey! -Let’s go before it bashes us. Come on.
-Hey! I’ll slit you. Slit me after taking bath freshly
and wearing a garland. We should find out which body
did this wrathful spirit possess. Are you searching for me? You’ll die. I’ll find you out. I’m observing you since few days.
You are behaving strangely. What is your problem? [chanting Goddess Kali mantras] [chanting Goddess Kali mantras] Come… This mantra will show the person
in which the evil spirit possessed. You aren’t attending her call it seems.
She is questioning me and irritating. What should I answer her? Throw away the person who opposes you. -Get lost!
-I’ll but you answer and leave. Arjun… Arjun… -Did you speak to him?
-You only speak to him. [screaming]
[laughs] Are you angry at me? Are you feeling
cheap as a girl is voluntarily loving? Otherwise, would you like me
to make you roam around you and accept your love
proposal finally? Tell me. Tell me, Arjun. You’ll die if you involve
in my matters unnecessarily. -Arjun, I’m speaking to you and you…
-Hey! Mind my words! [shouts]
[laughs] [shouts] [shouts] [anklet jingling] [anklet jingling]
Arjun. Why did you pack your luggage and
started to the college as never before? We have culturals in our college. Exams are nearing which is why I’ll
stay in the hostel and prepare for it. Oh no! Dear… -Tell me.
-Come here. -What is it?
-He wants to stay in a hostel and prepare. Let him. Why are you opposing him
while he is so talented? Look! He answered so well that
his professors were shocked. He will achieve something that
the nation will be proud of him. Let him achieve but ask him to stay
home and achieve. He is our only son. Don’t spoil him by pampering as he
is our only son. He needs privacy. Only then he will achieve
being in a dedicated mode. -Why can’t he stay home and achieve?
-Shut up! What so ever you say is false and
what so ever he says is correct. Son, you can leave now. What a walking style!
[anklet jingling] Dear, look at him. He has put bindi,
wore anklets and wearing my footwear. Hey! He said that he has cultural
competition in the college, right? He might perform a dance there,
which is why he is rehearsing from here. -Is it so?
-Close the door. [gasps] [anklets jingling] -Good morning, brother.
-How is it, brother? -Super.
-Your costume is amazingly well. But the jingling sound
made while you are walking… …is also awesome. Jingle… Jingle… Have food and maintain
your personalities well. [anklet jingling] Though the boy is
a ghost now, he care us a lot. Come let’s have food. Hey fattie! He told us symbolically to have food
so that he’ll come back and bash us. Didn’t you understand that too? Who the hell are you?
You seem like a pig shepherd! No wild boars but porcupines. Didn’t your soul get satiated yet? I haven’t been made to
sit in that ritual yet. Anyone can lie but the fruit
offered in the prayer won’t. Stop it. That’s what I’m saying, dreadlocks sister. Evil spirits cannot escape from me. Is it you? [sniffing]
It’s not. -Bring him down.
-I’ve been telling the same for an hour. It doesn’t cost me much
as I am a medical student. But it will cost them a
lot if it was someone else. Mind the expenses and hit. How is it? Huh? [laughs]
[indistinct voices] [laughs] Come on. Don’t you have shame to peep
when a girl who is getting ready? Did the ghost possess you? -Did you find that I am inside?
-Yes. -Come here.
-Why? [groans] One plus one is two…
Lord Yama is my friend. I’ll put a bindi if you provoke me. Do you want me to put a
bindi on your forehead? Come… Hey! Have you come to kill me? Shall I put a bindi on your forehead? [groans] [laughs] Is there anyone left over? Is there anyone left over? Come! [chanting Goddess Kali mantras] [chanting Goddess Kali mantras] -Don’t send anyone until the prayer ends.
-Alright, sir. [chanting Goddess Kali mantras] Tell me, dean. Why did you come here without calling? Brahmeshwari asked us to
follow and find out the body, in which the evil ghost is residing. -We’ve found it and finished it.
-Thank God! Now my mind is feeling peaceful.
Awesome guys. Here it is.
Wear it. Why did it fall down? Dean, the ghosts won’t have neck. Hey!
[groans] [laughs] Brahmeshwari… Ghosts…
Ghosts… Save me… Save me… [chanting]
Save me. -Brahmeshwari.
-Wait. [slashes] It has killed your men, turned them
into evil spirits and sent against you. That evil spirit is an occult monster! He is reading in a big book than me. Hey!
Why are you reading a third-year book? -Yes.
-Yes? [chanting Goddess Kali mantras] Hey! Are you possessed or what? [chanting Goddess Kali mantras]
Brahmeshwari… -Brahmeshwari…
-RK, don’t get frightened. Don’t stop the mantras. [blowing conch shell] How dare you to play tricks with me! I’ll burn your body
which hasn’t decayed yet. [chanting Goddess Kali mantras]
[groans] [groans] [groans]
[chanting Goddess Kali mantras] Hey!
Stop it. [chanting Goddess Kali mantras]
[groans] Leave me. [chanting Goddess Kali mantras] [groans]
Hey! -Hey!
-What happened? Leave me. [chanting Goddess Kali mantras]
Hey! [chanting Goddess Kali mantras]
[groans] Hey!
Stop it. I’ll kill you. [groans] [laughs] Its demonic spirit has perished
which hasn’t destroyed in years now. Now the evil spirit will stay in
someone’s body in your college. I’ve blocked your entire
college with my magical power. It’s impossible for the spirit to escape. [groans] Should I eat fish,
chicken or drink blood? Brother… -Rotate the chicken.
-I can’t see it! -Why is the blood fry missing here?
-I’m bringing the fry now. -Is it?
-The aroma of sambar is mouth-watering. I’ve cooked all of these dishes. -I’ll bring the blood fry.
-Yeah, bring it. -Boss.
-What is it? What are you thinking after
looking at all of these? Hey! I don’t have time to guess what’s
in your mind. Tell me, straightly. Isn’t it looking like a feast that
is served during death ceremony? Hell with you! Seems like he is unable
to control his hunger. [groans] Boss,
did the thorn stick in your throat? -It’s an evil spirit.
-Yes. -Come, let’s go.
-Boss, let’s go fast. Hey!
Where are you going? Oh God!
Sister, our stomach is upset. -Understand our situation.
-Why both of your stomachs are upset, at a time like twins? It means the food which I
prepared has digested so quickly. Go… Go… Why did you return in just two days? You couldn’t resist yourself
from seeing your mother, right? There were college riots.
They killed our dean. Oh no! Hey! College riots?
Did they kill the dean? Dean might’ve died because of his
bashing but not because of the riots. -Boss.
-Yes. That guy might’ve asked him a question and he might’ve killed him
with by bludgeoning with a log. Oh! Hey! Seems like the
ghost is in a good mood. Let’s have the feast
before it changes its mood. Keep an eye on him just to be safe. [gasps] Boss, he ate the entire food
while we were planning to have it. -Mother.
-Yes. -Come in.
-Did Arjun tell you that, the dean is dead and they
declared a college holiday? -Yes.
-Dean didn’t die. -He is healthy.
-Oh! He is escaping the college and
telling everyone that dean is no more. Mother, I think something
is cooking up in his mind. He is behaving like a woman being a male. You won’t believe me. He is looking at
the necklace, applying the nail polish. He is blushing and murmuring to himself. Meanwhile,
what is the need of this saree in his bag? Which one?
This is my saree. Idiot! He might’ve put this to remember me
every time as he is staying in the hostel. You came here and conveying this
to me as if it is an issue! -Move aside!
-Move aside? -Come and have food.
-Look mother! Why aren’t you caring when I said that
he is behaving like a woman being a male? [tyres screeching] Dear… -What is it, mother?
-Why is it stinking? It’s not stinking but it’s the
fragrance of this baldie guy. Inner wear… Not inner wear… I am Mallesh. -Mother, do you want nighty?
-No, inner wear… [gasps] She is going like a Titanic ship. If you are Rose, then I am Jack. Hey!
Why did you come here? -I came here to catch a cat.
-Did you catch it then? -Meanwhile, you caught me.
-Won’t you change? Will I write a Ramayana
by getting reformed? -I love you.
-You… The love line in your
hand is like a rat snake. Loving this child is not a mistake. -Damn!
-Mwah! You cannot understand
even if I advise you. I swear on you.
I’ll not steal from now. See you, professor. -Hey thief!
-Darling. You are stealing something even after
claiming that you won’t steal anymore. Come on, darling. You are saying a guff
dialogue that I’ve stolen your heart. Will you listen to this
Mallesh’s dialogue? Shall I put 16 for you and 18 for me? What? I’m mean the ring. Even this ring was stolen.
I love you. Singing: “Chilaka Kottudu Kodithe
song from the film Yamagola” [thundering] Boss… Boss… What is it? Ghost is singing a song from
the film ‘Yamagola’ in our room. It wasn’t sung by the
ghosts but I sang it. Singing: “Chilaka Kottudu Kodithe
song from the film Yamagola” Boss, don’t sing it again.
It’s scary. Hey!
I haven’t sung it now but the ghosts did. Singing: “Chilaka Kottudu Kodithe
song from the film Yamagola” Myna, take a nice card on the
name of Mohana with your red nose. Why are you calling parrot as Myna? Madam, is it necessary for you to know
this while you have many problems? What problems do I have? You came voluntarily. I thought to let you tell my
horoscope. It’s okay, let it be. Madam, don’t misunderstand me.
I named this parrot as Myna. Is it so? Alright, continue.
[parrot squawking] Why is it looking so
without picking the card? You gave it just for recharge. It is
asking for a top up. Give me Rs. 50 more. You’ve taught her so well for Rs.
50! Alright, look at there. It’s for the livelihood, madam. -Here is the money. Ask to pick one.
-Look now. -Myna, come… Come…
-Myna. Myna,
pick a nice card for my son. Pick a card, Myna. My son should study MBBS
and become a famous doctor. Check if Goddess Saraswathi came or not.
[gasps] Madam, it is okay if it
is Goddess Saraswathi. But look carefully, it’s a demon. [parrot squawking] -Why is this parrot scared?
-Myna, why are you scared? -Is that your son?
-Hmm. -My Myna is scared.
-You might’ve scolded it. Why are you observing my house? Don’t even think to come
in the night and steal. My husband is a cop.
He shall shoot you. Am I looking like a thief to you?
I am here to predict your future. My Myna is scared by seeing your son
which hasn’t scared for anything. There is a bad omen in this house. [parrot squawking]
Myna… Madam, run away. -There is an evil spirit in this house
-Take your mat. Myna… Myna… -There is an evil spirit in this house.
-Take your mat. He was calling the parrot as Myna and
it flew away for that he is talking crap. A man is doing a hunger strike
in front of the police station. He isn’t minding my words. Over! Ask what’s the matter. Over. His Myna is missing it seems and which
is why he is doing a hunger strike. Over! Enquire if she eloped in the
early morning for true love, or ran away by jumping over the
wall and then file a complaint. Call that guy and bash him
and send him away. Over! Will you bash? We shall transfer
you to the naxalite’s area. -Shut up!
-Hey! He had named his parrot as Myna, it seems. That parrot is very special one it seems. What a fantastic parrot!
What’s next? Over! That parrot already knows about
the President’s foreign tours and the news about Vijay Mallya’s
return to India it seems. Over! It is like a multi-talented parrot
who is well known in politics. I got a clue. Who was the last person to get
the horoscope from the parrot? Some frivolous woman was the last person
who got her horoscope from the parrot. There is no doubt that her husband is
the reason behind the parrot’s missing. He made his men to kidnap the parrot after
knowing about its special qualities. We can find out the parrot if we
can find out her cheater. Over! In that case, you are the criminal
and you should be arrested. Over! -I am a criminal? I should be arrested?
-Yes. -Yes?
-Then? How will I become a criminal
while I catch the criminals? -How? How?
-Oh no! Listen to this with patience. Today, a parrot astrologer came
inside the house, after you left. That parrot saw our son and flew away in
tension as soon as he entered home. That idiot said that it’s not
good to stay in this house and there is a bad
omen in this house. Go and bring some water. -Do you want ordinary or ice water?
-I want hot water. Alright, I’ll bring it from the fridge. Hot water from the fridge? He is so innocent. Who will
bring hot water from the fridge? [shouts] Do you need hot water? Dear… -Come here, fast…
-What happened? -Why are you shouting as if…
-Come… your neck got sprain while
watching television. What happened? -Ghost… Ghost…
-Ghost in the fridge? -Yes, dear.
-How did you get inside the fridge? Don’t go…
Don’t go… How do I check the ghost
without going there? Hell with this coward wife! Ghost doesn’t know that you are a cop. Why are you standing far
away from me after scaring? Where is the ghost? I brought fruits and gave them
to you by duping a fruit seller, who took a loan for his shop. Did you hide them to give to your
father instead of giving me the juice? You’ll become ghost if you repeat it. [chants]
Go away! Hell with your ghost! Come and
change the bedsheet in the bedroom. Oh no! [sobbing] Who is it?
Who is crying? -Dear…
-Don’t touch. Hey!
Why are you staring? Don’t make me become furious. -Oh no!
-Remove your make-up and sleep. -Don’t touch me!
-Oh God! Why is he scolding me? [windchimes chiming]
[sobbing] Am I the only person to hear this? Who is crying? Whomsoever it is,
come to me and speak. You shouldn’t sneak and scare me. Dear, get up. [gasps] Oh no!
Please, help me. -Oh no!
-Why are you shouting… -…as if acid fell on your face?
-Leave me! Are you scared of me? I pulled your bedsheet to
call you as I was afraid… then suddenly a skeleton
has held my hand. Do I seem like a skeleton to you? -I scared by looking at your rolling eyes!
-I’ll punch you with a nail on your head. Look! I’ll divorce you without any reason.
[sobbing] Switch off the light. -You sleep.
-Don’t stare. Hey! Let’s sleep in separate
rooms from tomorrow. [sobbing]
[shouts] How dare you to make my wife believe
that there are ghosts by bringing, a parrot from the forest which was
playing happily with its friends? Come to my house and tell my wife that
whatever you spoke was not true. Sir,
what’s does it mean of my brave parrot, getting scared by
looking at your son? -What does it mean?
-There is a ghost in your house… Do I need to believe it if
you repeat the dialogue? How do you and that parrot
know that there is a ghost? If you don’t believe me draw a rangoli
at 12 am, light the lamps and place a desert gourd in the middle
of the house by which the ghost afraid. There is a ghost at your home if the
rangoli spoils and the lamps extinguish. If not take any action. I’ll conclude it. [gasps] Why are you bringing your face near
to mine? I’ll get scared of you wide eyes. I was scared as well. Dear, this desert gourd is so nice but
why do the ghosts get scared by this? The ghosts would vomit if
they consume this it seems. Look, I’ll prove that there
are no ghosts in this house. -Hey cook!
-Sir, give respect. -Ok, go and keep this on the floor.
-No. Ask me to cook desert gourd, I’ll cook it. Sir, cook and the ghost
doesn’t come hand in hand. -Vapours come from the cooker, right?
-You are right. -You go and keep this inside.
-Sister. Look, my brother is a guest in this
house. Don’t link a guest to the ghost. You are a cop.
You go and place it. Are you asking me to go? How dare you to disrespect this
cop in front of this morons! I’ll go. I’ll bite your
neck if there are no ghosts. They are asking me to hold a fruit with
the hands which once held a gun. Where is the ghost? -That ghost should be hit with footwear.
-Dear… -Why are you scared?
-Am I scared? I’ll bash that ghost and send. Careful, dear. Make sure that there
won’t be any murder case. I won’t file an FIR on myself. [thundering] Look! If there is any ghost
in this house without my permission… …then leave this place
as soon as possible. Brother, don’t get scared.
It is very common to him. The male and the female ghosts
should go on to the peepal tree and tamarind trees respectively.
I don’t trust. If you still hide here without my consent, I’ll encounter you and make sure
that there won’t be any evidence. Anyway I had lit the lamp. [gasps] Who are you? Son, is it you? There are ghosts in our house.
Come on, let’s escape. Will you encounter me? Don’t be loud.
The ghost will hear you. Will you get scared? Son,
why are you also speaking like a ghost? Not like a ghost… -Then?
-…but I’m a ghost. Have it. -Ghost, is it pending?
-Yes. Let’s start, continue. -Get lost!
-Oh no! There is a ghost. Mohana, a ghost has possessed our son. A ghost has possessed our son? Is he telling the truth? Dear… Dear… Dear… Lord Hanuma! -Mohana! Are you here?
-From where are you coming in an auto? I ran away in fear and crossed
nine kilometres. -Did you run 9 kilometres in 8 minutes?
-Yes, Mohana. I kept running as I felt
someone was chasing me. -Oh no!
-When I turned back and saw… There we were. -What do I do?
-Hell with this cop! I struggled a lot to make my son a
doctor but at last he has become a ghost. Let’s bear his thumps… -Why should we bear?
-You should. After that let’s send away the
ghost and somehow save our Arjun. -Yes.
-We will go to the neighbouring street. I’ll kill you. Come let’s all
together get into the house. Father…
What happened, father? Why are you all staring at me as
if I was possessed by a ghost? -Mohana, ask him.
-When did you go out? When was I inside?
I’m just coming now. -He wasn’t inside, it seems.
-But you trashed my face without a concern Mother, what is he saying? It’s nothing, son. He brought a goon
to the station and bashed him it seems. His mouth bled as he hit him back. Mohana, when did I meet goon? -That’s okay I met him but don’t spit.
-Mother, you can discuss this later. -I’m hungry. Come and serve me.
-I’m coming. You won’t sit on the floor even
if there is a Ganapathi homa. But now you are sitting on the floor.
Come and sit on the dining table. Have I ever had my food on a plate? Where is the leaf? -Dear…
-Bring the leaf, it seems. Come fast… Come fast…
You keep it Mohana. -You keep it.
-You keep it. Oh no! -Son is bending his head.
-Keep it. Let me keep it daringly. -Son…
-Hey! What is happening here? He has again started to behave so! It seems like our son has
got to know about Anjali. But it has been 3 months that I’ve fired
Anjali from the work because of you. Son, your mother has fired our worker
Anjali before 3 months by doubting on me. [gasps]
Ouch! Where are the five leaves? -He needs five leaves, it seems.
-Bring them. -Come… Come…
-Oh God! -I’m hungry.
-It’s coming. Let’s have it. -We came…
-We came… Why the hell are you serving me rice? We have to serve rice after
fixing banana leaf, right? We can’t serve rice without
fixing a banana leaf, right sir? -Have I ever eaten rice?
-Then? I want Ragi porridge. -Don’t talk in that way…
-I’m hungry, get the Ragi porridge. Ragi porridge? -I’m stirring the porridge… Stirring…
-Though my husband is a big police officer he got into a situation
where he has to stir porridge. -Hey!
-What? -Coming
-We are stirring it to make it stiffen. -Why did the ghost ask for Ragu porridge?
-Maybe it is diabetic. Is this any time to ask for doubts? Oh no! Ghost took away the basin.
[thundering] There is no sight of
ghost or the porridge. -[chanting Hanuman Chalisa]
-Oh dear… [trembling] [chanting Hanuman Chalisa]
[thunders rumbling] Oh no! [stretching] Shall we play? What? Oh no! Why did you slap your father? The ghost started the play. Is it important now? Come, baldie uncle. Oh no! Lord Vinayaka, Lord Subbramanyma,
Goddess Durga, Lord Shiva… The ghosts in the
grandpa’s and granny’s stories, and all the ghosts of the villages have
possessed my son and making them suffer. God, the ghost that is troubling my son
shall go away to the graveyard by evening Yes. You have to drive them away. All of you, turn this side.
Take blessings. Guys, go first. Shall I apply Vibhoodi(Tilak)? Turn him to this side and
apply it on his forehead, Don’t I know? Anyway, I’m unable to do it. Hold my hand. She is trembling like a crow
that’s been struck by electricity. Hey, hold her hand. -No one shall fear.
-Oh no! Everyone is a coward. Oh no!
[plate clangs] Why is everyone looking like ghosts? What’s with you, mom?
You seem comical. -He is cleansed.
-My son is talking funnily. Sister, the ghost didn’t leave him. He is showing me hand
gesture of chopping me. See, he is talking ill about our son.
Drive him away from our house immediately. Otherwise, I will drive you. -Brother, I will kill you.
-Yes, she will. Don’t worry. Get up and take bath.
I’ll serve you Almond flavoured milk. -I love you, my son.
-Come with me. You too come. -Let’s go, boss.
-Hey! I will get milk. Fattie, who the hell needs milk. -Don’t you want?
-Go, get soup. Boss, stay with the ghost for
2 minutes. I’ll get the soup. -Hey…
-He is leaving by trapping me here. -Hey langur, come here!
-Me? It’s just you who is here, baldie. Come here. [groans] Basil leaves, Veld grape
stem and jujubi seed… -Ah! Oh, it is jujube seed.
-Ah! Is the cook doing herbal
medicine business? Success! The soup is ready. Hey, what are these? -This is the ghosts favourite soup.
-Then, call it a ghost’s booze. Boss, I didn’t quote it.
It’s is the exorcists’ claim. If it is the exorcists’ claim,
then it should be correct. Let’s serve this soup to the
ghost and knock it unconscious. -Yes!
-Hey, pour a little soup in my palm,
I will lick and taste it. Boss,
this isn’t dog’s soup but ghost’s soup. -Go and serve.
-You serve it. Seems like you are scared. -Go, man.
-Let’s trap the ghost with this soup. Thank God!
We’ll get rid of the ghost by today. Sir… Sir… Where are you, sir? I brought a hot soup for you. Why did the guy turn into a girl? -Why, am I not beautiful?
-You look superb! How did you dress like a
girl in a very short time? Didn’t you like my make-over? Wow! It is superb! Which guy won’t get lured
to a hot woman like you? -What about you?
-I’m a guy too. A guy should have a moustache, you fattie. The thing is that…
When I was a kid, my mother bathed me with turmeric powder
thereby hindering my hair growth. -For your mom?
-I don’t want this sarcasm. It was for me. Within no time,
all the hindered hair will come out. -How?
-Like this! Where is she? I can’t see her. Thank God! -Do you have a cheap opinion for a woman?
-I consider them as Goddess. [indistinct voice] Oh God! Hey Kumar. Why are you walking like
that as if you were raped? -There is a beautiful girl inside.
-A beautiful girl. -I who didn’t have moustache…
-Stop! I understood it. -Does she like guys with no moustache?
-Uhuh. She wants moustache. You are jealous that I
don’t have hair. Isn’t it? Now, see my romance. Oh no! He isn’t listening to me no
matter how much I explain to him. -Oh!
-It’s me. Does the boy misunderstand
while kissing her? It’s the boy who is going to kiss you. -What did you say?
-I’m saying that it’s his plan. Believe me and go.
Enjoy the bashing. -Oh no! I’m feeling shy.
-Close your eyes with the same feeling. He will give you a lot. Today is a good day for me. It’s a Ugadi festival for you. Son…
[gasps] Excuse me, where is the boy? -Why? Do you want only him?
-I don’t want anyone. -I want this beautiful girl.
-Then you start it. Oh no! So early? I don’t understand
from where to start it. -Else, shall I start it?
-No. Gents comes first.
What a beautiful girl! Come!
Do you want me as a partner? Oh no! [ghost groans]
[groans] [shouts] [shouts]
[laughs] Welcome, I’m waiting. -Stay happy.
-Thank you. Oh God! I misunderstood that it was a rape
attempt when you came in a boxer. Boss,
the ghost will trash us if we stay here. Come… -Let’s convey this to the sister and leave
-No. The ghost will listen. Let’s leave without informing them. [groans]
Hey! [gasps] Idiots! Why are you wearing such
short dresses in a house with females? There are no females but
there are just ghosts. -How dare you call my wife as a ghost?
-I didn’t mean about the sister. What happened to my brother? Oh no! Why are you bashing
them without their mistake? Is this how you respect
your brother-in-law? Forget about it. I have searched all the places. Where
did you hide that 4 kilograms of gold? Who the hell told you that there
are 4 kilograms of gold? Excuse me,
we came here only after knowing that, your wife has brought 4
kilograms of gold as dowry. It’s true. -Hell with your truth!
-Look, it’s true! Look! It’s true that they promised to give
4 kilograms of gold on our engagement. Alright. But they reduced it to 3 kilograms
after finalizing the dates. Proceed. But they said they’d give only
2 kilograms before the wedding. Later on. She came without anything
on our first night. Damn!
Why are you discussing it with us? She came without bringing a gram of gold. Are all the jewellery
you are wearing fake? All these ornaments are for the covering,
brother. Get lost you demon! -What happened, brother?
-We don’t want your friendship. Then, what about the biryani? -Make your husband eat it.
-Hey! Give some respect! Come. Haven’t you left yet? Dear, it’s 30 minutes since we left. -Come.
-Let’s go. [birds chirping] [anklet jingling]
What happened to you? You said there is a ghost in our house
but you didn’t tell us that it’ll hit. Don’t the cop know that the
dog bites and a ghost hits? Tell me. Why are you behaving?
Your activities are weird. As you said on that day, that ghost
came to my house and bashed him. -You should somehow drive it away.
-I can just recognise the ghost. There is the right person
in the darga to drive away. What happened to you?
Do you have any hormonal problem? Come, let’s go and visit doctor. I’m not reacting since you are a girl.
Get lost from here. I’ll not go. You are behaving weird.
Come with me. Hey!
Get lost! [shouts]
[glass shattering] [ghost groans] [screams] -God, save us.
-Where are those sounds coming from? -Aunty.
-Oh no! -What happened?
-Hey! Don’t touch her. Who is this girl? -She is studying along with our son.
-Then, why did she come here? Are we running any tuition here? Oh no! Aunty!
He is behaving strangely. -He is behaving like a woman.
-What? Please, save him. Please, save our son. Oh God!
Give me the power to perish this ghost. [chants] [chants] Don’t get scared. Oh no! [glass shattering]
[shouts] Why is he flying? [shouts] Ghost! Brother, did you come here to drive
me away instead of fixing incense? I’m giving you a chance to live.
Go away. -Else, I’ll smash you.
-Who the hell are you? You ghost!
With God’s grace, this Salim will not leave without
imprisoning you in this glass. [laughs]
Aunty. Did you came here to fight with me?
Then, come on. Oh God! [chants] Do you know what is this? This is the knife by which I was
blessed by God after fasting and offering my blood. I’ll make sure to perish
you without any trace. Who are you?
If you don’t tell me… -No, brother.
-I’ll perish you with this knife. Hey! Stop it I say. -Who are you?
-No, don’t separate me from his body. -Don’t do it, brother.
-It’s an end to your tricks. [shouts]
[chants] Oh no!
Our son… Our son… I’ll drive you away from this world if
you don’t tell me your details. Shall I? Tell me, ghost. My name is, Bottu. [village announcement drums] What we wish to inform
the villagers is that, our village, which didn’t see
sun for the past three months, received no divine message
from the Goddess Bottu. But today our tutelary deity, Bottu is
going to spell out the divine message. We request you to gather at
the village’s conclave. Bottu has arrived. [blowing conch shell] [ritualistic bell rings] Welcome, madam. Bottu, this village won’t bear
anymore if you keep silent. You should safeguard these villagers
with a good news who believes in you. Come dear, sit on our tutelary deity’s
throne and tell us the good news. [indistinct voices] Dear, you should only bring light
to our village which is in dark. [ritualistic bell rings] Sun will rise on our hill in the morning. The agriculture will be good. Our people’s dreams will fulfil. This is the divine word of that Goddess. Hail to the Goddess! Our villagers who didn’t see the
sun for the three months, are sleeping comfortably as
they trusted my words. [cicadas critter] Bottu madam’s words came true. The sun has risen. Our village has got good days. Come everyone and watch it. [ritualistic bell rings] “Goddess of success,
Goddess that drives away fear” “Giving mother” “Goddess, you are our strength” “Mother that holds a Trishul” “Mother who is ferocious” “You are the Goddess who safeguard us” “Goddess, you are our saviour” “Oh mother!” “We waited till our eyes pained,
we begged you” “We wait for your boon” “There are crores of
Gods but aren’t visible” “You are god’s form, oh mother!” “Let there be famine or flood,
there is no fear” “Who else takes care of the oppressed?” “We lived along with the
animals like one among them” “Now its only pleasures in store” “To even lay our lives for you” “We keep waiting” “All the village gods are your forms” “Mother that holds a Trishul” “Mother who is ferocious” “You are the Goddess who safeguard us” “Goddess, you are our saviour” “Oh mother!” [ritualistic bell rings] “We came here dancing” “We’ve come to seek help of the goddess” “We are the people who seek your kindness” “We will gift you the worlds” “It’s the boon of our creed” “Our lives are filled” “with a strange light” “We waited till our eyes pained,
we begged you” “We wait for your boon, oh mother!” “There are crores of
Gods but aren’t visible” “You are the god’s form” “You are our Goddess…” “You are our Goddess…” “You are our Goddess…” [indistinct voices]
Bottu, what happened to you dear? -Oh!
-I don’t know, father. My body is burning. What is this new habit? Why did you go down the hill and call
the doctors for this small issue? I didn’t go to bring them.
He himself came to meet you. -Greetings.
-Greetings. -Greetings.
-Greetings. It was hard for us to come
to your hill area in a car. But your daughter scored
first rank in our district, by walking 20 kilometers
daily and studying. We are giving the first admission in our
college to the girl who scored first rank. I’m lucky to admit a brilliant student
like you in my medical college. Sir, what are you saying? In the era of doing business
with the medical education, I am doing it as a service. You should study in our college, become
a doctor and serve these 27 hilly areas. That is my wish. I’m sorry, sir.
I don’t like this. I was fortunate to be born in this town. The reason I studied intermediate was
to educate the children in my village. I don’t like to go down
to the city and study. Please,
don’t try to convince me anymore. These villagers are
treating you like a goddess. You should become a doctor and
do something to the villagers. Sir,
you just said that Bottu is a Goddess. Our diseases will be cured if she
touches us. Please, leave now. Sir, you came till here for my daughter
but Goddess Bottu’s decision is final. Everybody go and do your works. Dioctor,
you are missing a good opportunity. Oh no! What happened? Doctor,
seems like someone has wounded. Dear, open your eyes and see. -Father.
-What is it, dear? What is it, dear?
What happened? -I don’t know.
-Come. -What happened?
-Pullamma. she fell down. -Move aside.
-Pullamma. -Open your eyes and see here.
-Oh no! What happened to my daughter? She was happily playing. -Oh no!
-She fainted suddenly. -Oh God!
-Why are you still talking? Go down to Pachakonda -and bring a doctor immediately.
-I’m starting immediately. Wait, where is Pachakonda? -Just 32 miles away from here.
-32 miles? The girl will die before that. Do you want me to treat? Sir, we shall treat in our medical ways. -The girl is serious.
-Veeraiah, you wait. -Sir, you treat her.
-Move aside. -Give that emergency box to me.
-Okay, doctor. Doctor. Oh my God!
There is a huge injury behind her head. You saved my daughter. -Careful.
-She is fine, give her some water. Here is the water. Thank you, sir. You saved our daughter. -I didn’t save but the medicine did.
-Mother, don’t cry. Only a doctor like me will know the
type of medicine to give to save life. Bottu. Educating is important but
saving lives is more important. You can walk 20 miles to study, but can we walk 32 miles to save a life? Time is important for medical treatment.
Give a thought. Goddess, you should study. Yes, Goddess.
[indistinctive voices] -Wait… Don’t shout.
-You should study. [indistinctive voices] I’ll study for you. I entered in this medical college with a
lot of hopes for our hill village people. AFTER FEW MONTHS
Greetings, sir. -Veeraiah.
-Sir. Please, save my brother. A doctor is a one who saves a life. But God is the one who saves. Now,
God should save your brother. I’ll try my best.
Stay strong. [wheelchair squeal] Goddess.
[indistinct voices] -Veeraiah! What happened to Chalamayya?
-He suddenly fainted. My brother would’ve died if the doctors
weren’t present there at that time. -I’ll go and speak to the dean.
-Okay, sir. [machine beeping]
The pulse rate is getting low. Sir, Chalamayya… This is the operation theatre. Bottu, he is very serious. He went to coma due to the damage of his
cerebellum as he slipped and fell down. You are an medical student.
You can understand. If we can donate his organs
at his last stage, he can save the lives of the patients
by donating heart, liver, kidney who are fighting for the life. So, you should somehow
convince your villagers. Sir, how can I…? -I beg you even if you are younger to me.
-Oh no! Help me to save few lives. You are talking strange. Whatever you do, we believe
that you will do it for our good. Can I see Chalamayya once? It’s getting late.
Go fast and see. [village announcement drums] [sobbing] [music muted voice] “Goddess Bottu, you are our mother” -“Don’t leave us”
-Bottu, dear! Dean… Dean… Madam,
no one is allowed to go inside. -Operation is going on.
-I should meet the dean. What is it, Bottu? He is alive.
He called me, sir. Dean, nothing has happened to him. -Save him.
-Sorry Bottu, we cannot do anything. Chalamayya… Chalamayya… [sobbing]
[indistinct voices] [cicadas critter] What is it? I’m scared that both our
elder daughter, Bottu, and younger daughter, Pullamma will die. What are you saying? There is something wrong happening
at Bottu’s college. All the four men died who went from
our village for the sake of medicine. You’ve admitted our younger
daughter in the same hospital now. I’m scared.
Let’s go and bring back our daughters. Stop imagining. I’m working hard so that our elder
daughter will become a doctor and to cure our younger daughter. You’ve admitted me in the hospital
just like this for a small wound and killed me too…
[reverberates] Father, what are you saying? I don’t want you to study here
after your mother’s warning. The one who came here
hasn’t arrived at the right time. Which is why they died due
to their worsened condition. God isn’t speaking with us since
you left our village. I feel that we aren’t able
to recognise the danger as, we’ve changed our tradition
and studying in this city. Enough of losing so far! I cannot lose your sister now. Nothing will happen to sister. -Doctors will definitely save her.
-No, you are talking like a doctor now. You aren’t talking
like our tutelary deity. Which is why you aren’t able to understand
which seemed wrong for us. Alright, come father. -Let’s go and see sister.
-Okay. Come. Sister wil be fine, right? Father,
sister’s pulse rate is normal. There is no danger. [door creaking] Seems like someone is coming. They’ll scold me if there
are new people in the ICU. -You go fast and hide.
-Okay, dear. Patient name: Pullamma. Excuse me, doctor. Dr. Somasundaram has sent me.
You are the duty doctor, aren’t you? -Yes.
-We should pack her heart and send to Dubai at 11:30 flight. It’s very urgent.
Where is your surgeon team? Wait outside.
They’ll come. Okay, call them immediately. Let’s go. What happened? There is something wrong happening
here without the dean’s knowledge. We should immediately convey this to him.
Let’s take sister with us. Father, this way. -Bottu, what happened?
-Dean, we were coming to meet you. They are planning to
take my sister’s heart. There is something wrong
happening here without your knowledge. Doctor, our villagers believed
you like a God. [shouts] Why did you cheat us, doctor? [stabs]
Veeraiah! [stabs]
[groans] Did I accept? -Veeraiah…
-Is he in our list? No, sir. Throw him outside the compound. [groans] Hey Bottu! [laughs]
[stretcher wheels squeal] -Sir, please don’t do it.
-Sir… Kill me but don’t harm my daughter Sir… Sir… Leave him…
[groans] Sir. [metal clunks] -Father…
-Bottu… [metal clunks]
Don’t harm her. Bottu. -Father…
-Dear… Hey!
Bring their throne. [laughs] Bottu, who ascended the throne. -It’s our God’s throne…
-Hey Bottu! Why did you think I came to your
village and requested you to study MBBS? For the sake of Bombay blood
group heart. It’s my business. Are you thinking of how do I know that
your villagers have Bombay blood group? [village announcement drums]
Hey! Run… Run… What we wish to inform
the villagers is that, to prevent viral fevers,
malaria, dengue, typhoid, the doctors came from the city to
give free medicines for the affected ones Everybody get your blood tested. This is the note by the village elders. Everybody come and get your blood test. -Sir, good morning.
-Good morning The report is ready. Wow! There are so many people who have
Bombay blood group in a tribal village. Doctor, what is a Bombay blood group? In 1992, there was an accident in Bombay. [ambulance siren] None of the blood groups matched his blood who was in a critical
situation for his operation. Then we came to know that there
is another type of blood group. Medical people call it as ‘H/H’. While few of them also call it as ‘OH’. It was named as Bombay blood group
as it was first discovered in Bombay. Many of them are losing their lives by
the scarcity of this rare blood group. Dean, you’ve cheated us by making us
believe in this divine profession. -Don’t you have a heart?
-No. The value of the Bombay blood group
heart is 7 crores. How will I spare it? Only 70,000 people in the
world have this blood group. The value of your
villagers are in crores. How will I spare who
knew the medical value? I admitted you in my college after
decided to start this game with you. But both you and your
father rejected my offer. Then I’ve planned
it with your sister. Peek-a-boo! [indistinct voices]
The cat has arrived. -Rat, be vigil.
-Children, play carefully while playing. Peek-a-boo!
[indistinct voices] Vallika, you are here, aren’t you? [screams] Your villagers haven’t
died a natural death. -Sir, we did a blood test for everyone.
-Doctor, greetings. -Chalamayya, how are you?
-I’m fine, sir. My blood is plodding if I sit idol.
Inform me if there is an announcement. He is reminding us about the blood. -Check if he is on our list.
-I’ll check it, doctor. I just asked about the work
but what are they thinking? First, let’s take him.
Keep the injection ready. -Chalamayya, come here.
-I’m coming, sir. Tell me, sir. No one is able to hear your
announcement properly it seems. Open your mouth. Turn back and
open your mouth. [groans] Now, you, your sister and
your father is there on that list. Father, sister… By killing Bombay blood group people
belonging to 27 villages with your help, I thought to take your heart, later on. But fate is killing you the foremost. I went to your village to kill your
father and they said that he came here. Which is why I brought this throne. You’ll tell fortune to your villagers
by sitting on this throne it seems. You need not do it again. [laughs]
Bottu. Customer is waiting for
your family’s heart. It’s is because of you people that
we aren’t coming down the hill. Hey!
[snapping fingers] My God will be counting your sins. Take him to the operational theatre. [stretcher wheels squeal] “Goddess, you are our mother” “You are our Goddess” “Who will look after
us if you abandon us?” “Who will look after us?”
[aeroplane whooshing] Doctor, the dead bodies inside are alive. Come soon. -What rubbish are you talking?
-Come and see. -Come, let’s see
-Come… [breathes heavily] -Doctor, look at this.
-What? How is she even breathing? How is it possible?
We have removed all her body parts. This is a medical miracle. [panting] That moron took all the organs
by brutally slashing them. Still, I didn’t die. Which is why that moron has brought
witchcraft who is a master, in the magical education to
imprison me with the magical powers. She is Brahmeshwari. [panting] How long has it been
since you’ve removed the heart? It’s been four hours. Why haven’t you died yet? [devotional song] RK, you are involved in this
without knowing the insights. Brahmeshwari, what should I do now? We can imprison any kind of evil spirit
that’s wandering around the universe. But it’s very difficult to
imprison such a divine spirit. Hail Goddess Kali!
Goddess of three worlds! We can imprison her
with my magical powers. Get down into the pit. [fox yelping] I’m imprisoning her spirit by using the
power of the occult and a deadly spirit. All the evil spirits in this graveyard, will guard it’s spirit
by not letting it escape. Kali! These magical flakes should
imprison her like the manacles. Close the pit before
the flame extinguish. We will close it. Hey doctor!
Which blood group does she belong to? She belongs to Bombay blood group. Not even a single drop of others blood, with same blood group
should fall on this grave. What if it falls? This evil spirit which is being imprisoned
by my magical powers will come out. Brahmeshwari,
I brought you here to save me. I can’t guard my entire life here. This is not an ordinary stone. It is a powerful magical stone
that’s made with my powers and was safeguarded by a
young cobra for 14 years. You’ll not be harmed by any evil
spirit until it’s around your neck. Wear this. I came here with a lot of
dreams to become a doctor That sinner killed me without being
kind for my Bombay blood group heart. He came to that college while
my father and my villagers, are wandering around the for my release. [groans] I got this body
because of his blood. They’ll kill him if they recognise that
he belongs to the Bombay blood group. So, I changed his blood group in the
ID cards and in rest of the records. She is very talented that
she changed the blood report. Does does he belong to
the same blood group? You would’ve killed him if
you are aware of it, right? Brother, don’t seperate me from this body. He is a bad guy. Brother, don’t seperate me from his body, until I kill him. I won’t accept to make their
family suffer for your justice. That witch won’t spare
you even if I spare you. There are 9 planets and 27 stars. I immediately want a guy with a
horoscope who born in the Mrugashira star, on the day of ‘Bahula Navami’
at the time of lunar eclipse. Mentor, I belong to the same horoscope. [groans] You stabbed me who
accompanied you. How dare you cheat me! Brahmeshwari,
why did you kill him? I should kill him to save you. His spirit will bring the Bottu’s spirit. Bottu, how dare you poke my eye! -Oh no! Don’t harm him.
-Don’t harm him. -Ask her not to harm my son…
-If you act smart… I’ll take him with me. Brother, ask her not to harm my son… -Brother, save Arjun.
-Don’t harm my son. His body is the only source I have. -Shall I slit?
-Bottu, I’m giving 3 days of time to you. You should take your revenge and
leave him before the full moon rises. Swear on the God! Swear on the God! [metal clunks]
Do it. [ghost grunts] Oh no! -Brother, what happened to you?
-Oh no! That witch took away your son. -Oh no! Who is that?
-Took away my son? You used him against me to bring me here,
right? Now, I brought him. I’ll end your game here. -You can’t do it.
-Are you challenging me? Look ahead. This evil spirit should perish
before the planets change. [ghost groans] This fire net will not leave you. Hey! Don’t stand for injustice.
[laughs] Leave me. I’ll confine you in a metallic ewer,
cross the oceans and hide you in a deepest place. No, dear. This vicious shall perish
our tribe if we won’t kill him. Don’t stop me. Let us kill that vicious. [shouts] Sister, that doctor has cut my
heart while I was still alive. Don’t save him. Didn’t your mother’s heart
understand our pain? [chanting Kali mantra] [groans]
[laughs] [groans] No. -Come.
-Oh no! Don’t imprison me. -Don’t imprison me.
-Don’t imprison me. -No.
-Oh no! Don’t imprison me. [groans] Go and pray the Goddess Bottu
on the hill to save your son. “Hail Lord Shiva” “Hail Lord Shiva” “Hail Goddess Gowri” “Hail Goddess Kali” “The goddess who rules us is our mother” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” “The goddess who rules us is our mother” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” “The goddess who rules us is our mother” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” “Oh goddess of universe,
you change our fate” “We keep our lives before you, save us” “Make the ills and bad disappear” “Change the position of power and pride” “Please take the laws of nature forward” “Please burn all the ills in the fire” “The goddess who rules us is our mother” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” “The goddess who rules us is our mother” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” [tyres screech] “Hail Goddess Kali!” “Hail to the good Goddess!” “Goddess!” “Goddess!” “Maintain the good and change the hearts” “Please show kindness on
the one who seeks you” “My eyes are waiting to see you,
come down” “Please give us the power to end the ills” “Please save us oh
goddess with eight hands” “Save us from our troubles Goddess Kali!” “The goddess who rules us is our mother” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” “Oh mother!” “The goddess who rules us is our mother” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” “You are the power of Lord Shiva” “Oh mother!” [grunts] [thud] Where did it go? [water splashing] Hey! [groans] [metal rod clinks] [groans]My God will be counting your sins.[groans] Get up!
It is coming to take revenge on you. RK, don’t get frightened. I’ll put my life in stake to save you. [chants] Goddess Kali,
bring him. [grunts]
Come. [grunts] Hey! Are you playing with me, Bottu! [groans] [groans] [groans] [groans]
What happened? He stabbed me. -I’ll not leave him.
-She is very dangerous. She killed me who
accompanied her. I’ll penetrate my soul into you. Destroy him. There is only one way to kill.
Call your tutelary deity. [ritualistic bell ringing] Hey come! -Hey!
-Hey! [slashes] Come. Hey! Hey! [groans]
[laughs] Come. “We are the people” “who worship you” “We don’t have any goddess” “other than you mother”


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