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BowSim 4D Archery & Bowhunting Cinema – Official Trailer 3

Now the 4D brings you the whole
challenge of the actual hunting experience and of course ads a new
dimension to archery when you have moving targets. It’s a lot, a lot of fun. I think this this we want to be. If other people like it even better. It’s just enjoying our product ourselves and I think that for us we
wanted to create something that most clubs can afford that people can have in their garage and their man cave part of that was and everyone can build
on target the three benefits I like to highlight of course the moving car
doesn’t huge things for the bow hunters of course but also for the archery it’s
just great fun and the other part is and heading constantly updates was more
footage more games and more deer coming in the massive storage in the unit that
means never will get boring like your other other systems we’ve seen and
supposed to last part is that you can use your on arrow bow and arrow with
it’s a compound or recurve or longbow whatever you want to do you can use it
with it set up 100% you don’t need to change anything from your normal target
rigging we have talked to a lot of archers and bowler hunters really
experienced people all excited they can’t get enough of it we’re developing
really past and we’ve got really exciting case I don’t want to give too
much away this lost be happening keep watching it

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