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Brand Babu (2019) NEW RELEASED Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Sumanth, Murali Sharma, Eesha, Pujita

Smoking leads to cancer.
It’s life threatening. Drinking alcohol is injurious
to health. ‘In the beginning of the film
in a very rich family.. ..the chairman of Diamond group
Ratan is feeding his son.’ ‘And a boy is crying bitterly.’ My son! My child! Oh no. No. No. Son! Have this.
-I am going to office. -Eat it. Hey! Are you mad? -You are
feeding him with your hand? Today you will feed him. And what if he eats with
his hands in public? If you don’t know to nurture
rich people’s children.. ..then watch English movies.
Read books. But don’t feed him like the poor. It’s very, very middle class. And after all he is my son. And he’s born with the golden
spoon. Isn’t it? Take this golden spoon.
Feed him with this. He can’t eat in this. Try it. You will learn to feed
him with the spoon. Buy toys. Buy balloons. Buy it. I want balloons.
-Four toys for Rs.100. Toys! Four toys for Rs.100.
-I want it. Take it for the child.
-Calm down. -He’s crying. Don’t cry. Play with this. Branded car. Cost is Rs. 40,000. Top brand among the toys. Let him play with this.
-No. No. -Play with this. I don’t want this. Get him that car as he wants it. If we buy toys from the
street then he will.. ..ask cheap things throughout
his life. So what if it’s expensive. Instil in him the habit
of branded things. He will cry for some
time and calm down. But he will get used to brands.
And that is very important. What are you doing?
-I told you many times. It’s so middle class.
You used the sari. Here it is. Dry his tears with a branded
handkerchief. It’s an Earl Smith. You will
get a rich feeling. Try it. ‘Did you see he is behaving
like a mad man?’ ‘He didn’t have the craze
on brands earlier’ ‘But as he started earning
his craze grew.’ ‘It affected his son’s
upbringing.’ ‘And talking about brand every
time he converted.. ..this child to Brand Babu.’ Brand Babu! Brand Babu! My son! Your grandfather left us. How will I live? I am doomed completely. What shall I do? Tell me son.
-Grandmother. Mother! -Why did this happen
to me? -Mother, control. I am controlling.
-Why did this happen? What are you doing? What are you doing? -You are crying
bitterly in front of everyone. What will people think?
-What will they think? That I am mourning on your
father’s death. -No mother. They will think we
lost our status. They will think a rickshaw
driver found a Mercedes. Look at Chote’s family. They behave so well
even in sorrow. Hey! -Yes sir. -I am hungry.
Get me some cookies. While mourning. -I am alive. Get
it. -He must have killed him. Look at your daughter-in-law. She is managing her friends
so well. Look there. My only son.
He is very sad. But.. He is showing his emotions
with his.. ..simple and subtle expression. That is called high class. Dad will feel sad seeing you
cry like a poor woman. What are you saying? Your father has died.
Don’t you feel like crying? I have cried in my
bedroom at night. Why do a melodrama in
front of the body? Who did you call a body?
-He was my dad before he died. No matter how great a person is.. ..after he dies it’s called
a corpse or body. Excuse me sir. Will you have soft drink or
something? -Forget that. Get some alcohol. Is it? -Why is he shocked? -Go
get it. Get it quickly. You have to control emotions.
-Sir, people want alcohol. Give them whatever they want. How do I offer it to them?
With tears or without tears? Oh my God! Look mother. Don’t scream. Control your emotions. High class people have a dress
code for such situations. White and white. Look at them. They are offering flowers.
And moving out quietly. Wow! Very nice. -Son. A selfie with the body too?
-The decoration is very nice. We will do the same when
my grandfather dies. Shameless. -Hi uncle. Sorry! Sorry! -“Chants” Father of business tycoon
Ratan Mehta. The grandfather of young
and dashing.. ..Diamond Ratan passes away. Tell your P.R.O to send
this news to all.. ..leading magazines
and newspapers. Photographer. One picture please! The property is worth 100 crore.
And only daughter. This girl loves brands. She doesn’t wear anything
that is not branded. She wants a similar
kind of husband. So this female brand and you.. ..are perfect match. Your dad has agreed
to this match. And what about you? Good. Interesting. -Superb dear! Tell her uncle you don’t
like the girl. I will call him in. -Wait! Hi sir. -Hi! Check him. It’s Armani shirt. Lego watch. Jo’s jacket. Freesho’s. IPhone. It’s the latest. L’Oréal. Davidoff. -Davidoff. -Alright. Sir, the brand test is done. He is using all brands. You can
meet him without hesitation. Call him. Without seeing her you.. ..will agree to the match.
I didn’t have an idea about it. We are born from dust to
dust we shall return. But as per our brands. We know the difference
between human beings. We are respected by the society. So it’s my target to become
the son-in-law.. ..of who values brands. Wow! That’s great. Yes brother. Son-in-law is
right in front of me. Please talk to him. Son, I am very lucky that
you agreed to this match. Hello!
-Sir, your voice is breaking. Maybe there’s no signal. It’s not about the signal.
The phone is an old one. Which company? It’s from an unknown company.
I bought it as it was cheap. But it’s very lucky for me. Not only your phone. But everyone he talks to should
have a branded phone. “Brand Babu!” Son! -“Brand Babu!” There’s a family meeting
at 4 O’clock. Content. It’s been so long. Talk to your family member. Okay. Remind me in the evening.
-Alright. There’s only one hour left. What should I remind him of? If you have a problem remind me.
I will remind him. Chill! Chill! -Alright. Hey my boy! -Dad! How are you? -Good. Good. How are you? -Very good.
-Are you okay? Meet your mom. Hi mom! -How are you son? -Fine. They are staying in the same
house since so many years. But they are meeting
as if they just met. Sister. -Choti. I had passed outside your room.
-Yes. I know about it. Is the jester working fine?
-Yes the electrician repaired it. Come.
Please sit down. Take a seat. Listen, plan a dinner for us all. Why not?
We’ll plan it for next time. Hey! Your pant is loose. My pant is not loose.
I am showing off the brand. O God! -He and his brand. Why are you cleaning the skin? This is nothing.
Just wait and watch. Diamond,
what happened about that match? I don’t think it’s going
to work out, dad. Some people have money
but they are misers. They don’t spend though
they have millions. They have old phones
and old cars. We give so much importance
to our clothes too. Imagine what range the girl
who marries me should have. You want a brand in this too. Will you have a logo on
the girl’s forehead? Mother, I will marry a
minister’s, filmstar’s.. ..or industrialist daughter
then I will.. ..get my father-in-law’s
brand right? It means after I marry her. My image will change. -That’s a
mind blowing idea. I must say. If you marry for fame then
how will you fall in love? Grandmother,
love exist with brands. The trend has changed.
Stay updated. I will make a top class girl.. ..the daughter-in-law
of this family. Ma’am is there. Give it to her. Wake up Pavni? It’s very late. The aroma tells me that you
prepared this coffee. As only the coffee you
make has this aroma. The one who doesn’t
drink the coffee.. make has a useless life. Why? Won’t she marry? Will she only serve
coffee to people? You are a topper. Why do you need to do such work? Aunt, I have no mother.
But you are there. You never considered
me an outsider. And Pavni is my best friend. What else do I want? Radha! -Yes. -Just a minute. Take this.
These clothes are for you. Aunt,
if you give me such clothes. I will feel I am a maid here. No. It’s new clothes.
No one has worn it. They are expensive.
Give it to your sister. No aunt. If you give clothes now. It will become a habit
to wear them. Anyway I don’t like to
live out of limits. We are happy with what we have.
I want nothing else. Whom did you send the picture to?
-I sent it to Neha. You can check it. I told you not to take this
clothes. Why did you get it? I didn’t take it.
Aunt gave it to me. Nothing will happen if you
don’t wear such clothes. Idiot! Dad, look at her. She hit me. Is it wrong to take a dress?
-Yes, it is. I don’t like to ask from anyone. I feel like joining
college like you. But we have no mom.
Dad is not well. I try to fulfil all your wishes
by hard work. Isn’t it enough? Learn to be happy with
what you have. And don’t run after what
you don’t have. You have friends, style.
But you are not smart. Start thinking like Venkat’s
daughter. You will be grounded. If you fly you may fall down. Learn something from your sister. Do you understand? -Alright. She hits me.
I will teach you a lesson. Sir, why did you bring us here? India’s top brand businessmen’s
daughters come here to party. Oh! -It means.. ..this is a supermarket
to shop for girls. Go and find a perfect
girl for me. Okay sir.
-Give me one minute. -Go ahead. Thank you. I will teach you a lesson now.
Watch it. Please come sir. We didn’t find
a big brand in a renowned pub. You ruined our time. -What to do? I love you! -Who is she? Excuse me. -Save the number
and see the picture. This is a doggy. Sir,
this is not doggy but Doberman. The one who has such a dog.
She must be so rich. The girl seems to be branded. Sir, call up. -Call up. Hey, she disconnected the call. Right. That girl messaged you
her feelings in three words. And you don’t chill.
When will you call? What should I do? Reply to her saying I love
you too. -Come on. How can I say I love you
without seeing her? No matter how the girl is.
What’s that to us? Brand. Brand is important. Look at your pant.
It has holes all over. But it cost 1 billion
as it’s branded. In the same way the girl is
from a wealthy family. Who cares about beauty? Sir! Remove your picture and
upload a branded picture. Which picture should I upload?
-Sir, give me your phone. Hey! What are you doing? Sir, make this picture your DP. Yes go on. -Come on. Will she understand with
this picture? -Sir. One brand can understand
other brand easily. Make this picture your DP.
She will go crazy for you. Till then I will check
her number. -Okay. 18444445. Too fast. Check. Check. Sir. She is the daughter
of the Home Minister. Home minister’s daughter
said I love you to me. But how does she know me? Does Adidas know the people? But people know Adidas. In the same way you are a brand.
The whole world knows you. Sir. You are Brand Babu.
Everybody knows you. You reply fast. Fast. Okay.
-There’s a message. That’s good. Undoubtedly. I can’t talk now. Call you later. Yes. -Sir, you are so lucky. You thought you will find
a girl at the pub. But the girl came searching
for you. That too the Home minister’s
daughter. You are lucky. Sir, we don’t have to leave now. This is the time to party. Let’s go. -Let’s go. Choti,
what are you doing with my phone? I was playing a game.
-Only play with it. Don’t make calls.
This is Pavni’s second phone. She gave it to me to be in touch. ‘I will start your love
story with this phone.’ ‘Then watch what dad
does to you.’ Good morning. Sir, you started chatting
already. -HMD? Home minister’s daughter sir. She didn’t even reply back. If she’s online call her. She had started everything. Hi! -Who is speaking? Do you know me to
say good morning? No. Then why are you messaging me? If you call up again I will
inform the police. The police stays in my house.
Take care. Hello! Hello! You carry on. Who was it? It’s the Home Minister’s
daughter. She messaged me at night
to say I love you. When I called up in the morning
she is warning me. I can’t understand. This is called power. The attitude of a real brand. The brains of high class
people don’t.. ..have ordinary fluctuations. There’s a mood swing every time. After all she is the Home
Minister’s daughter. It is evident to have attitude. Will you fear her warning? This is an opportunity for you. You must take advantage of it. The underwear that I am wearing.
-You know it’s a special edition. It is found at a particular
store of America. But still I go especially
to America every year. And buy it. I throw out the
old one. Do you know why? Because is the passion of brands
that I have my boy. Cheer up. It’s okay dude. Look, you won’t get this feeling
even after earning crores. Which you get when you wear
your favourite brand. When you have spent money On
your undies then roam in it. Why do you wear pyjamas? Business magnet Ratan’s
son Diamond. Is the Home Minister’s
son-in-law. This is a real brand. Be firm. Got it? Okay dad. -Good. Did we meet suddenly? Yes dad. -Then come on. Shahrukh Khan does it.
I had seen in a film. Cheers dude. -Okay. Thank God he didn’t watch
Emraan Hashmi’s film. This is for them. Not us. Cheers! Hey! What do you do with
my phone all the time? I am playing a game. Candy Crush.
-Prepare two cups of tea. I love you! She is mad. Your dad told you rich
people are mad. I will hit you if you talk
nonsense. -What do I tell her? You must response positively sir. What?
-I will tell you what to message. Why? Do what I am telling you. Where are you? I am going to the temple. She is going to the temple. This is the temple. Go and see where she is. God! If I woo this girl I will
offer 101 branded coconuts. Sir!
Why are you looking at that girl? She is not your brand.
-No. It’s just an attraction. Sir! If there’s an attraction
will you fall in love with her? She is from the poor colony. That is your brand. The daughter
of the Home minister. Will you stand her or follow her? Go. Go. -Fast. Sir! Seeing you I feel. A big brand has merged
with another brand. I can’t stop myself. No. No. He is calling up again. Why did she disconnect?
-Disconnected. Will you stop here? You have to reconnect. I mean send your feelings
in a message. Sir, behave as though you
don’t know her identity. Girls fall in love not for
property and wealth. I have experience sir.
Tell her you love her. -Okay. Hello! I don’t know you. Still I like you a lot. When I heard your voice I decided
then that you are mine. I really love you.
I want to marry you. I am not someone to flirt around. If you feel my feelings are true.
Then call back. Or this is my last message. Hi! -What message is this?
-It’s about my feelings. Without knowing my identity. I don’t know you. But still
I am in love. -With whom? How do I say? I love you. Do you think I am a toy?
Do you know my status? Status? What’s that? These people don’t understand. What is status?
-She means property. I don’t know. -Then find out. We are very poor. My dad has a tea stall. I cook at the Home
minister’s house. I teach the children
from the slums. Oh no! -I feel the whole world
is this girl’s responsibility. Sir! -Very bad.
-She is testing you. Hello! -You love her or her
status. -She is testing you. Hello! Are you listening? Tell me do you still love me? I didn’t fall in love with
you for your status. I fell in love seeing
your goodness. Is it?
When did you check my feelings? Okay. -Tell me what do you do? What do I tell her? She is asking what I do?
-What does she do? She has a tea stall.
-You tell her you sell ice-cream. Yes. Okay. I sell ice-cream. I knew you would be
someone like us. Your pant must be torn cycling. What? My pant? Where? In the DP. -Oh! Yes. In the DP. -The DP tells me
that you are hard working. But don’t waste time
falling in love. I have lot of responsibilities. I don’t like to speak on
the phone for hours. Nor the time. Don’t try to call me up again. I love you. Say I love you. Hello! Hello! Hello! What is it?
After sending I love you message. She speaks as though
I am a stranger. She said so easily not to call. Sir, this is the strength
of the brand. Sir. Sir. Sir. To woo this princess you
need to be smart. You need extra power.
You need a spontilatest writer. Spontaneous writer.
-You are right. Get a writer and write
this story. It will start your relationship. You are right. -I am right sir? But it must be branded too.
-Oh no. You heard the whole story. Tell me what to do?
-She chats well. But she is rude on the phone. Is someone else..
-Will you chat from my phone? Maybe they did it in
your absence. -What? I am already confused.
Don’t create more confusion. I am a writer. I can confuse anyone from
a director to producer. It is very difficult to bear you. Get ready quickly.
You will be late for college. Look here. The message. Hello sorry baby. To speak to you like
that at night. I was angry then. Love you dear. Are you angry?
I will send some kisses and hugs. What to do now? Tell me. Call up. She can’t refuse it.
She just messaged you. Look here. Are you mad? I told you at night. I will complain to the police
if you call up again. Sir!
The candidate seems to be mad. Is there any other option? No. The brand is the Home
Minister’s daughter. He wants to woo her somehow. Okay. If you speak again. I won’t spare you. -Is it? And if I speak? Won’t you keep quiet?
-You got it. Which identity did you
give to the girl? I sell ice-cream. You sell ice-cream? -Yes. Then do one thing. Take the cycle. And sell it in front of her
house. -Sell ice-cream? Me? No way. You need to do it if
you want the brand. It’s writer’s writing. What is this? -Just because I
said I sell ice-cream so.. give me cheap
clothes to wear? Is this my brand? Nonsense. -Sir. Look carefully. We stitched this using
the top brands. Take ice-cream. Take snacks. What is this? I didn’t write
this story. -Shut up. This is your decision.
And this is my boss’s decision. I am a writer. How can he decide? Sir.
Cycle this ice-cream vehicle. And scream in front of
that girl’s house. I won’t scream. -Who will do it? Buy ice-cream. Sir. I am a writer. I should be behind the curtain.
Not in the front. You are unemployed writer.
Shout out. You are getting money.
Come on shout. Buy ice-cream. Buy ice-cream. Yes. -Ice-cream. Buy ice-cream. Is she inside or not? Sir,
this girl was with her right? She must be knowing where she is.
-Just a moment! Halt. If you both go the girl
will run away. I will go. -Sir! All the best! Hi! -He is the same guy. Excuse me. Sir! -She would run
if we spoke to her. She ran away seeing you. Hey! Don’t fool. Hello! O God! This is the same guy. Who is it? Last night he called up and said. I love you. I scolded him.
So he came here. -Okay. Is he here for you? -He is honking
in front of the house. -Yes. Yes.
You may leave. I will handle him. Writer. -Yes sir. -What is
happening here? -Nothing sir. The Home Minister’s daughter has
sent them to welcome you. You called her at night right? She is waiting for you. What? Is it? Oh no. This is not a movie. That I will know the next scene.
It’s live. I don’t know anything.
-Sir! The police is coming here. Run. -Wait! Oh no! -Pick him up quickly. Pick him up quickly. Slowly! High blood sugar. If he was brought in late.
It could be a cardiac arrest. He is out of danger as he reached
the hospital in time. Take care of him.
Or it will be difficult. Nurse, take care. Who got him to the hospital? Sir, I was thinking if
we can eat something. Hello! Don’t talk about food
while you are working. It is him. An ice-cream seller called
at the hospital.. the patient admitted
and started his treatment? I don’t believe it. Tell her. His father is the security guard
outside the hospital. He has a life insurance. Anyone can use it. That is why he used
the policy today. They agreed after he requested. Tell her. -Come on. That’s it. They agreed after I requested. I don’t know how to thank you. Radha is my close friend. She is very important for me. She has no mother. She wouldn’t bear it if anything
happened to her dad. Honestly you helped her a lot. I didn’t do anything great. This was my duty. You know my dad is the Home
Minister. -I know. How? Adidas doesn’t know people. But people know Adidas right? He means people know Adidas. But Adidas doesn’t know people. What? -Hey, she is talking. Yes please say.
-Where do you live? Near our tea stall. Then we shall meet again.
-If you need help do let me know. Okay. -Thank you. Hey! What is this? She is saying I like you
instead of I love you. What is this new drama?
-Forget that. She will come to meet you
at your ice-cream stall. It means she will come anytime.
We have to be ready for it. Till then you have to
stay in this clothes. Sir. What is it? -Sir, phone. Who is it? HMD. -Oh! Pick it up. Good morning.
-Did you open your shop? Ice-cream shop. No. I am loading the stuff. Wow! Development. Will you answer my question? Ask me. Why did you fall in love with me? On seeing your message. What? Message? Meaning virtue. I mean your virtue. My virtue? -Yes. I saw that. So when will you say yes? I’ve just started liking you.
Wait for it. I will. I can wait for
your love and brand. Alright. Stay near the shop. I will see you and pass. Sir, that girl is coming. Come here quickly. Come quickly. -I am coming sir. Hi! Hi! Is this your stall? Yes.
-It’s very nice. It’s so cute. ‘Is she calling the ice-cream
stall cute?’ -‘She is a fool.’ Pavni! Why are you here?
-I came here for you. I thought of meeting you. -Oh! She is hiding that
she came for me. Listen, we have to go for a
function at MLA Mohan’s residence. That is in Rock Garden right? How do you know? Ice-cream contract. I have the ice-cream contract. Alright. Which dress should
I wear in the evening? This dress or this one? Baby pink will be good.
-The function is in the evening. The light colour will look good.
-You selected so easily. You have to select my
future husband too. I will marry only if you agree.
-Alright. Okay. -Listen,
I have some work. I’m in a hurry. Bye! By the way what’s your name? Babu. -Only Babu. Actually it’s his pet name.
And everyone calls him Babu too. It’s a nice name.
-Thank you. -Bye. Sir! HMD is looking like flower.
But behaving very clever. Why did she tell Radha you
have to select my husband? Was she giving you a hint? Brother, not indirectly. But come indirectly through
Radha to impress me. That’s what she hinted at.
-The writer has lost it. Chandu, shut up. I mean love.
I mean angry. -Do you understand? There are 9 stages of love.
-These are the two stages of it. Sweetener shut up.
-Manju, shut up. This is not for anyone. Brother understood it.
That’s enough. It means I need to
impress Radha too. Yes. Simple. No way. I won’t do it. What is this?
-It’s lady finger sauce. Which brand is it? Sir, lady finger has no brand. The lady finger of East Godavari
brand is tastier. Buy it and cook.
-Go to tell the chef. Is there a brand for brinjal too? Yes. What is this? WhatsApp dad!
We can send messages on this. Is it? I didn’t know it. Hey! I am not asking information
on the app. I am asking about the picture
that’s in the app. The marriage of the Home
Minister’s daughter and.. ..SVR constructions M.D’s
son is getting fixed. A mediator says their
match is confirmed. This is too much dad. What are you talking? Straighten up things and prepare
for the engagement. I want result in two days.
-Do you understand? -Okay dad. Good. -Okay. By the way did we meet suddenly? Come on dad. -Sir. You didn’t come unknowingly. You came to show the
WhatsApp message. The meeting was done on purpose. Maybe it’s not necessary
to hug this time. Yes sir. We came here thinking
we will meet your son. Okay. Okay. Smart boys! Must say. Call up daughter-in-law and
confirm it. -Yes dad. Sure. -Okay. Let’s go. -Good night sir.
-Okay good night. What is happening?
I don’t understand. Don’t call up. If the Home Minister’s daughter
is shown this message.. ..and she agrees then it’s over.
The game ends. Now you have to listen to me. Go to Radha as a millionaire and
strengthen your friendship. Give her gifts in the morning. Tell her your feelings
in the evening. Explain Radha about the
ice-cream stall. Request her to get you close to
the Home Minister’s daughter. Okay. -Yes sir. HMD already
gave you a hint. If Radha agrees then
HMD will also agree. Let’s start. Operation slum dog. Hi! -Hey! Why are you here? I wanted to give you this. What is this? Nothing. A small gift. I don’t take gifts. Please don’t refuse. They are giving a gift to someone
for the first time. So please don’t refuse it. -Take
it. Please! -Please request her. It’s the beginning
of a friendship. You come close to him.
And he will get close to HMD. What? Nothing.
Take the gift. Please! Please! Would you refuse if your
mother gave you a gift? Please take it. Thanks! Beautiful! One second. I wanted to give you a gift.
Here. What is this? I don’t like to see you
in patchy clothes. I purchased it from town. Town? -Yes. Which brand? – Some random brand sir.
-That is some snack shop. He sells shirts in the morning
snacks in the evening. Why do you want to know the
brand? As the gift will be costly? I purchased two shirts
worth 400 for you. Oh my god! Listen sir. It’s original Bosch.
One shirt cost 20,000. Buy four. Hey! -Yes. -What happened? Fantabulous!
Mind blowing! Over-flowing! Great! Such costly shirts. He didn’t dream of such
costly brands ever. Don’t be surprised if he gets.. ..a heart attack after
you gift it to him. Come let’s go to this shop. Have snacks and buy shirts. What do you say? Don’t cry. -Maybe he hasn’t seen
such costly clothes. -Oh my God! If you want clothes then refer
dancer Radha to them. They will give you a discount.
-God save me! -I am sorry. Okay bye. Branded bag.
It must cost about 1,50,000. Who gave it to you? -Hey! Are you
mad? Why will it be so costly? It seems to cost 200 to 300. Hello! Wait! This is an
international brand. I will clarify it to you. Look here. What is this? Bag. -Which company it belongs
to? How much does it cost? Maybe about 100 or 150. -Yes.
-I will beat you if you lie. Maybe 500 or 1000.
-I will bash your face. Tell me. How much does it cost? That.. -1,50,000. Isn’t it? Are you really an
ice-cream seller? That is why I got Pavni here. Your real identity should
be known to her. You don’t know about her anger. She won’t forgive
if you cheat me. Why did you buy?
How did you buy it? How? We paid for it. He is not rich like Pavni. He is a poor man like us. Poor man? Then how did he buy
such an expensive bag? He will buy it. His love is priceless. He will do anything for love. He delivers newspaper
in the morning. Sells ice-cream in the afternoon. He sells dumplings in the evening.
He drives an auto at night. He comes home at midnight. Sleeps for half an hour.
Delivers newspaper again. Anyone can buy this bag. Why does he need to give an
expensive gift by working so hard? I told you it’s for love. To get his love he shouldn’t
think of his girlfriend. He must take care of
her companion too. He is working so hard on the
insistence of a great writer. Radha!
It’s enough if the person who.. ..has to understand understands. Pavni, look. Don’t see.. he bought such
an expensive bag? Just see how much efforts
he put for his love. If you and Radha understands
his love. His life will be great. Think positive.
Tell the truth. All the best! Wow! I have done my work. Right brother. I am getting a headache.
-Why? -It’s a confusion. Delivers newspaper
in the morning. Sells ice-cream in the afternoon.
-Sells dumplings in the evening. How much more lies
will we tell her? This is not right.
I need to tell her the truth. I am shutting down
this shop today. What will you do sir? I want a 5D camera. My name is Diamond. He’s my father, Ratan. This is my family. Diamond group of companies. M.D. You will find the brand value
of the company in Google. Even after being a
high class person. I enacted to be from low class. I can’t lie seeing in your eyes. That’s why I am telling
you about me. I truly love you. That’s why I got ready to sell
ice-cream on the streets. I didn’t fall in love with
you seeing your beauty.. ..or your property nor your
father’s background. I am crazy seeing you
and your behaviour. He likes you a lot. And we love you more than him. If you get married to him.
We will love you as a daughter. If your father is watching
the video. I want to tell him something. Sir, we are people who respect
humanity and humans not pearls. If your daughter marries my son. We’ll love her immensely.
It’s a promise. We will take good care of
you if you marry my son. Our boss uses branded products
starting with bed tea.. the bathroom commode.
-Yes ma’am. The cloth he uses to clean
the house is also branded. Not just this. -This family is
the brand ambassador of all brands. I can’t wait now. If you accept my love and
appease your father. I will be the luckiest
man in the world. “Welcome!
Welcome daughter-in-law!” “She is the Princess
of this house.” “Welcome!
Welcome daughter-in-law.” “She is the Princess
of this house.” “When you walk everything
shy’s away.” “Please come with your
grace to my house.” “It’s a dream come true.” “Come quickly.” “Welcome!
Welcome daughter-in-law.” “Our fortune. Our Princess.” “Please come in daughter-in-law.” “The Princess of our Prince.” God knows what virtuous
deeds you did. That is why your luck
is favouring you. God has sent them to you
seeing your sorrow. Look Venkat.. ..your daughter’s alliance is
fixed with a rich family. Your son-in-law is a millionaire. I can’t understand anything. The family is so wealthy. They want my daughter
for their son. This is the happiest news for me. Radha, are you happy? Tell me. He is a real hero. We see such boys in movies. Such a family. Such people. Listen,
one should be lucky to have you. As Radha is one in millions.
-Pavni, will you stop it? No. Not at all. Call up Babu right now
and say yes to him. Yes. Hello! Please don’t say no. My parents are waiting
for your reply. I can’t bear this tension.
Please! That.. Babu, she likes you a lot. I have informed her dad too. Start preparing for
the engagement. Now there will be celebrations. Dad, that brand is ours. Why are you crying? I thought she would refuse him.
I was so tensed. The only daughter of the Home
Minister said yes to him. These tears of joy not sorrow. Lord, thank you. “Welcome!
Welcome daughter-in-law.” “You are Princess of our Prince.” Shiva, did you watch the video? I don’t believe these people.. ..want her as their
daughter-in-law. I work on the tripper
for that company. We don’t even get to see them. In this state you will be
their daughter-in-law. Dad, it’s them. Pick up the call. Hello! -Daddy has fixed the
engagement. Is 10 AM fine with you? Listen. Such an auspicious moment
comes only in 100 years. If we meet once we won’t separate
for a life time. Tell them. Okay. Did you hear it? Yes. I want to talk
to my new relative. Dad, the Home Minister
wants to talk to you. You are saying as though a tea
vendor wants to talk to me. Give the phone here. It’s not an auspicious moment. There’s an issue after
9 AM tomorrow. Alright.
Everything is for our wellbeing. But tell them we will
exchange the token.. ..outside the temple
of Goddess Kali. Temple?
He says temple of Goddess Kali? It must be the minister’s
sentiment. -Yes. Hey! The minister’s brand
should be ours. Whether the wedding
is in a Hotel.. ..or temple confirm it to them. Yes. Okay. Very good. What can be better than this? Hey! Where is your aunt? She has gone to get sweets.
-That’s good. Let’s party. -Come on. -Yes. I love you! -I love you too! Let’s meet at the
temple tomorrow. Yes. -Okay. Bye! Come on we have to leave. Let’s go. -Let’s go quickly. In that car sir? -Okay. Come soon.
Our relative is waiting for us. This looks bad. Put your right foot forward
and then sit in the auto. The Home Minister
is waiting there. Not some tea vendor
or scrap dealer. Will you drive? What is this sir? No one is here for the Home
Minister’s daughter’s engagement. Did we hurry up things? They must be coming with him. Yes. You are right. They are here. Sir, congratulations! -Thanks. Sir, congratulations! You are the relative of
the Home Minister. Move aside. -Look there. The branded guest are here. Sir. Sir. The car is going back. Those cars went back after
dropping them here. -Hello! Hello! Come here. Where are you going? The brand family’s engagement
is here. Hello! -Wait! They must
be parking the vehicle. Maybe there’s another road.
-It can be security reasons. -Oh! I think you are right dad.
-Yes. -What security reasons? We are here.
Then why security is needed. I have so many thoughts already.
And you are asking me. Let them come.
We will question them. Nonsense. Son, is this the place? Yes dad. This is the place. Who are these people? I am here with the
branded garland. Whom do I put it aroung?
-Wait you idiot. Radha and her father
and her family? The real people left. Why are these poor people coming
here? -Looks like some fun. Hello aunt. -God bless you! Hello aunt. -Hello! You are looking very pretty. On seeing you Babu
will be flattered. What are you watching? Call up that girl. -Send these
people back and tell them.. come in the front. -Okay. Sister,
brother-in-law is calling up. Hello! -Hello Pavni?
Are you not Pavni? She is with me. Then why did you pick
up the call? Who will pick up my phone? O God! -Why are you asking
this question? We speak daily right? It’s me. Radha. But.. this phone? It’s Radha’s.
Can’t you see it clearly? You are speaking on the phone
right in front of me. I am coming. Wait! Keep the phone down.
Everything is ruined. Sir! Go to the corner to mourn. That’s all for today. Oh no! Why did he go there? Maybe he heard something which
he shouldn’t have heard. Why is he banging the phone? As his father will get
a heart attack. So the son is tensed. What? -I mean. -Silent! It happened unknowingly. Go and listen to him. We have nothing to do in this.
Please go to him. -Right sir. Go sir. -Let me see. -Son, it’s
an iPhone. The phone will break. The brand has been broken. -What? I didn’t fall in love with the
Home Minister’s daughter. I fell in love with Venkat,
the tea vendor’s daughter. What? What about our brand? He will be the son-in-law of
Venkat, the tea vendor. Tea, Tea. Warm tea. ‘Welcome back after
the interval!’ ‘Radha’s family shocked
Ratan’s family.’ ‘After that they came
home running.’ Box was branded.
But the stuff was duplicate. Sir! -Yes. -Tomorrow is
my daughter’s wedding. Please.. -Should I attend
the wedding? -Yes. Did you see the side effect
after what you did? Venkaiya who didn’t talk to me. Is inviting me for a wedding
in his family. With a cheap invitation card. Sorry dad!
I told you I did a mistake. How did you do the mistake? A girl’s way of talking.
The tone. The richness. You should have found it out. The person who could
touch and say.. ..if a product is
branded or not.. ..why couldn’t he understand
on hearing the voice? I don’t understand. He has a tea stall.
-You put up an ice-cream shop. You should be ashamed. Did I keep your name Diamond
for this reason? I am sorry dad.
Anyway I didn’t love that girl. That is our fault. What do we do if we
get a duplicate.. ..product instead
of a branded one? Throw it out of the house.
It’s okay. But how will we throw
this girl out? Yes Venkaiya. There’s a wedding
in your family right? -Yes. Don’t invite us for any wedding
or function in your house. If we say we will attend it.
You must say.. can you attend our wedding? Even if we attend it by mistake. Say how will you have
food with us? Drive us out after saying that. Disgusting! He insulted us by asking for
our daughter’s alliance. They disappeared from the temple.
And disconnected our call. What do they think? We can’t do anything or we are
not capable of doing anything. Shiva! Something must
have happened right? Don’t think with anger
but with relaxed mind. It’s possible it’s some
income tax problem. Speak to them once. Venkat, this is important. As you say. Let’s go and check with them. Listen! Hello!
-Hey! You have put me in trouble. What dad? -Come on.
The slum people are here. Slum people?
Who are they? -Your father.. your father-in-law is coming in
my cabin to open a tea stall. Brother, how long will we wait? Give them an excuse and
send them away. Please! Hey, they should have branded
clothes to speak to them right? You know I can’t talk otherwise. What do I do? I am not into this. You are sending them away.
This is final. One second. Dad, please. He disconnected. Sister,
brother-in-law is calling up. Speak to him. Hello! -Hi Radha. How are you? I am fine. Nothing.
It was a misunderstanding. I didn’t knew it was you
I was conversing with. I fell in love considering
you someone else. I thought I was getting
close to that girl.. ..but instead I became closer to
you. -I befriended you for her. Or a person of my status
will not talk to you. How can we marry in this state? Think seriously about
what happened. And forget everything thinking
from my view point. Hello!
Hello! You are there right? What? Yes. Your dad has come to our
office to meet my dad. He is feeling embarrassed. You know the meaning
of embarrass. One second.
-I am very good in English. Hey, where did you go? What is the meaning of
embarrassing? -It means shy. Okay. We are feeling ashamed. Forget what happened considering
it some tv show. If you get married in the future. I will gift you branded sari’s. “Welcome!
Welcome daughter-in-law.” “You are the Princess
of this family.” ‘Recording a song with
his whole family.. ..they invited their
daughter-in-law. What is the reason.. ..of disappearing during
the time of the token?’ ‘Why did the only heir
of Diamond group.. ..played with a tea vendor’s
daughter’s feelings?’ ‘We will tell you this
story in some time.’ How did the video
reach the media? Sir! Sir!
-Kishore, what is this nonsense? Did you see on tv? Tell them to
stop it urgently. Do it now. Sir,
I called up before your call. They disconnected saying it
can’t be done on live show. “Welcome!
Welcome daughter-in-law.” Where is Ram? Where’s Kumar? Why? What is happening here? I have a reputation.
A brand. If you damage it. I won’t think of the channel.
I will take you to court. I will file a case.
-Sir, he complained against you. You can talk to him live here. The problem will get solved. Alright. I wanted to on the prime
time of BBC after.. ..taking a Business tycoon award. But I need to sit near a tea
vendor. Karma. It’s Karma. Hello sir. You can stay where you
are. -Let us stay where we are. Where is your place? Tell me. I have a brand.
It’s called diamond. What do you have? Yes? Sir. Sir. You can’t argue in
this manner. -The point is.. son didn’t love his
daughter. That’s it. Whom did he fall in love with?
-What is this? You are asking this question even
after watching the video? Stupid fellow. It was not for
the daughter of a tea vendor. It was for the girl he
fell in love with. Tell us who that girl is. Actually it’s personal.
I can’t tell you the name. He cooks up good stories. He changed his mind as he got
a better match than ours. Hey! Hey! What do you mean by
a better match than yours? Some peanut store.
Vegetable market. Tiffin centre.
What is it? Tell me. His son was in love
with our daughter. Hey!
You shouldn’t talk when someone.. ..with branded clothes
is with you. I want a brand in
everything I use. I don’t consider a person
with no brand a human. Sir, my son was deeply in
love with your daughter? Nonsense. -Here,
it cost 10 lakhs. Original Omega. What happened? Isn’t it working? It’s a street side product. You must have bought the
duplicate for Rs.150. You thought it’s original. And made him sit here
to talk to me? This is absolutely wrong. If such faces are seen
in your studio. Then I need to think about
playing an ad during.. ..your programme’s
commercial break. Stop this nonsense. Sir! Sir! Sir! What will happen to my daughter? Think of her future. Don’t talk about marriage.
I get irritated. An auto driver must
get his daughter.. ..married to an auto driver. He gets the auto in dowry. Be happy with what God gave. If you compare yourself with
us you will lose everything. Do you understand? Did you see the pride and
ego of money and brand? What do you want to do now? We will prove our self respect
is greater than their money. Please listen.
Today it’s our daughter. Tomorrow it can be your daughter. The other person can
be very dominating. But we don’t have to bear it. Let’s prove poor people are
a brand not human beings. Let’s ban the whole family. We will stop the poor
and the middle.. ..class from doing their work. Hail G. M! Hail G. M.! G. M? What’s G.M? The middle class poor.
I just made the initials. Hail G.M! -Hail G.M! -Hail G.M! Did you see the anger
of a poor man? Let’s see how far his
request reaches. All the best to G.M. Let’s go. Ban from the society.
-Ban from the society. Ban from the society. Sister. -Yes. I want to confess to you. Tell me what is it? That.. I was angry on you. So I chatted with him secretly
from your phone. Oh no! I am sorry sister. Alright.
Don’t tell this to anyone. Go. Hello!
-I want to meet you right now. Why? Aren’t you satisfied by
ruining our life on Tv? What else will you do? I didn’t do anything. I don’t know what’s
happening outside. Meet me once. Please! Okay. Why are you crying?
Actually I must cry. I don’t understand whom
to complain to. I would have cried to mother
if she was alive. Do something to stop this fight. I will do what you say. I can’t see everyone is being
insulted because of me. Can I do one thing? Shall I commit suicide by
writing it’s my mistake. Hey! Are you mad? If you do this I will
be badly trapped. Look, your family wants money. My family wants reputation. If we solve this problem
correctly. Then those people.. everyone who insulted us
will consider us god. You need not worry about us. Don’t try to meet me again. If someone sees us they will
think we have an affair. What is it? You look very handsome
in these clothes. It’s branded. This is how
London’s branded look is. What happened to you?
Why do you look shocked? Didn’t you eat your food?
-There’s no one to ask me that. Doesn’t matter. I am leaving. I am feeling hungry now. I will go and have some food.
-Just a second. Give it. Sir. Thank you. Subway wrap.
It’s a good brand for food. This is my favourite one. Take and eat it. The food is healthy.
Eat it. It’s nice. You can also eat with me.
Or I won’t eat it. Are you serious? Alright. Take it. -Eat it first. No. You eat first. Eat some more. I am eating food with a
girl in the middle.. ..of the road for first
time in life. Eat it. Eat it. You are hungry. His father gets angry. And the son is having an affair. Just a moment! It’s okay. Keep it. No. If we have such things
they are worthless. You are right. Thank you. Coffee. Give me coffee. He wants coffee. Mom!
Mom! Dad is asking for coffee. I know.
Later he will ask the newspaper. Then ask to give him his tiffin.
-Then ask for the car. But people must be around right?
-But where is everyone? They are on strike. Everyone has left the
job since last night. He means to say they don’t want
to work with you anymore. Yes sir. If your dad didn’t
do whatever he did on TV. I would have prepared
breakfast for you. Sir! I will show you a poster. Ban from society. You won’t understand this.
-It means boycott. Every wall has this poster.
-They shout slogan Hail G.M. They google it and stick
it on the wall. Google it and stick on the wall. Your problem won’t be
solved if you hit me. Uncle! What happened? When I went to jog
in the morning. Are you the brother
of Diamond Ratan? What nonsense is this? Remove his clothes.
-Leave me. Hey! Hey! They took away my
branded clothes. Everyone has seen enough.
Let’s go in. It’s okay with dad. My social media group
is making fun of me. A common man.
That too a poor person. Did so much in one night. He didn’t do anything.
Your dad did it. He spoke nonsense thinking
they are poor. If the common man loses his mind.
You are doomed sir. The notes are new. You may have not seen
so many at one shot. Enjoy as much as you want. Spend each and every
note from this. I don’t want it. Hey! It’s money. It’s 10 lakhs. Not 10 but I want 20 lakhs. I want 20 lakhs. Wow! That’s good. Or my respect would
have grown for you. Wow God! What a change of heart! I knew he would change after
seeing the money. If I refused to give him money. I would have to do what he tells. And I don’t know what more. Pick it up. Pick all of it. But don’t shock me
with your refusal. You remain greedy.
We will give it to you. And get our work done. That is how it is. Remove all the posters.
Apologize on TV. And get a new job for the girl. I am leaving. He wants 20 not 10 lakhs. No. No. That’s great. You entertained at the wedding
right? -Yes. -Do you even sing? Radha! Come here. How can you smile despite
what happened? What to do? Should I cry? No. I am very angry with what he did. He fell in love with you.
You’ll were going to marry. After that he says sorry.
I didn’t love you. How will you feel if
someone says this? I will be happy. I must be happy that a wealthy
man said sorry. Has something happened to you?
-Nothing. I was telling my sister
not to dream. But I was living in my dreams. I know my status now. Radha, wait. Why are you still talking to him? They dislike you’ll. But I don’t dislike them right? They are very upset
because of me. I won’t leave them until
they are normal. Take tea.
-Wait! What are you doing? Are we having a bad time? You will personally serve
tea and breakfast.. ..and show your humbleness. Wasn’t it enough with
what he did? He fell in love with
a cook by mistake. But I didn’t do any
mistake right? Don’t make me feel
I married a maid. If there are no servants in the
house. -Order food from the hotel. Two boys will come to serve food. Go in. Who got the music band here? They are not musicians. Maybe he’s Radha’s uncle. What? Take this and leave.
Thank you very much for coming. Hello! We gave you the money so
that you don’t meet us again. I didn’t pay you for
your new clothes. Son-in-law, calm down. Hello relative. You dislike us as we don’t wear
branded clothes right? That is why you rejected
the match. You buy from the showroom.
We buy from the streets. That’s the difference. -Stand up. Get up you fool! Get up! Is your brand and mine same. Yes sir. Allen Sally. How
is the Nike shoes? You are ruining the name of my
favourite brand? -Listen. I will take care of them.
-Look at his guts. If anyone speaks against
my brand. My blood pressure shots up. -I
will handle it. -Sorry brother. Hey! Who is your brother? I am not your brother. -Daddy,
come here. -I’ll take care of them. I’ll talk to them.
What do you want? Radha! Kalanjali sari.
I bought it in seconds. Our daughter will be the
daughter-in-law of this family. What? -Our daughter will be the.. ..daughter-in-law of this family. Is it so easy?
-I’ll be right back. Radha, what is this? I clearly told you. You still came here in this sari. You are doing it purposely right? That night you pretended
to be a good person. Just a moment come with me. Radha, what is it? Lovers talk about many things. Come here. -Sir. What is it? -I didn’t know
they would get me here. They asked me to wear a sari
and brought me here. My uncle is a stubborn man. He does what he plans. What is this? Are you scaring me? Do you plan to get married to me? I vow on my mother.
I have no such desire. I am not even thinking about it.
-Hey! What are you talking? As a girl and a boy
talk in another.. when you go
to see a match. Does wearing branded clothes
change your status? If a maid comes to the bedroom
does she become a wife? No one can change a brand
when it’s manufactured. Your lifestyle is different
so is ours. If you try to mix it
I will shoot you. Get out of here. Hello sir! Did you order food?
Here it is. You are banned by society. Yes. What is your problem? You are the same guy. So what? Give the parcel
and take the money. No. You have hurt the feelings
of our community. So what? What will you do? What will I do? Listen. Get a glass of water. What? -Hey! If you hurt my feelings
you won’t get food. If you touch me.
I will break your hand. Cold or hot water?
-I am fine with cold water. You want water. -Sir. Sir. Go away. -Cool! Mom, what is this? I don’t know. -If I switch on
the gas. I will be divorced. If there’s anything I will
eat or stay hungry. The problem is because of you.
Get it solved. Listen. What is it? -Look there. Okay. Greetings sir. -You are here..
Just a second sir. -What happened? Sir, listen to me. -What is it? If you feed them here.
We won’t work here. Hail G.M! -Hail G.M! If you don’t mind if any
of you know to cook. I will arrange the kitchen. We have a kitchen in our
house too. Idiot. Let’s go. Tell me what we should do next. Why did you keep the card
on the dinning.. ..table instead of
throwing it away? Dad! If the tyre of a Jaguar
car burst. -Yes. Do we leave that expensive
car on the road? In the same way our brand
image has been ruined. We have to set it right. Hey, I am hungry.
Don’t preach now. Listen, if our employees
don’t work for a day.. ..our systematic life
is getting disturbed. Now I understand we were
so dependent on them. Dad! If we the enemy
of Radha’s family. Not of all the poor and
middle class people. Their brand is punching
us everywhere. If you go to fill petrol you
need to do it on your own. In the supermarket
you have to pay.. ..your bill at the cash counter. When you go to the hotel
they tell you.. cook for yourself
in their kitchen. They are playing a game with us.
-Is it? We will get food if
we spend money. But we don’t like to
eat at the place.. ..where the food is available. And we try to eat at a place
where we don’t get it. Tell me what should we do? We will tell the poor
middle class.. ..people that we are
their friends. We will go to Venkaiya’s
daughter’s wedding. Sit with them and have food.
-No! I will die of hunger. But won’t eat at a poor man’s
house to earn respect. I build my brand empire
in 40 years. Should I give up my lifestyle
to earn some false respect. Dad! Diamond group since 1995. 22 years old brand value company. One day. Just one day. Some
one bought our brand. Will the company close? Will the brand value fall down? I am hungry.
What is your final take? We will go for the wedding. Sir! You and here? No sir. Go away. Go away. Venkaiya,
we didn’t come here to leave. Dad came here to give the
bridegroom his blessings. Alright. He’s here. Don’t come
further in. -You are rich people. You cannot come to our house. Even if you come he said
to turn you out. Venkaiya, he just said it. As he wanted to surprise you. Even then don’t come in.
-What are you doing? Leave me. Give me the leaf. Sir, wait. Just a moment! Sir, I have prepared branded
Basmati rice for you. OMG. I can’t stop my tears. O God!
Will he waste time in his tears. Take him away. -Okay. Venkaiya, where is the buffet?
-For the boss. Will he eat at our house? It’s enough that he
came to our house. You can go to your car now. Venkaiya, try to understand us. We are very hungry. Arrange something quickly. I understand now. If you are
hungry go and eat food. Don’t tell the boss to eat here. Sir, go to your car.
-Hell with you! Sir, will you..
Please! -Yes Venkaiya. We are here to eat with you’ll.
Let’s go. Sir! You came so far for us? No. He is still at home.
Can’t you see? No sir. Go to your car. Sir.
You need to tell him something. Or we will die of hungry.
-Please dad. Venkaia, I am hungry. Feed me. Venkaia, a little water please. Not tears. He wants water
to drink. Get it quickly. Oh! -Himalayan water bottles. I thought it would be handy
if the boss comes. So I purchased one box of it. Son,
take this tiffin box to ma’am. Tell her to forgive me if there
is any issue. -Also water. I will take this too. Our boss nurtured our junior
boss with brands. You are not a brand of his level. Even after falling
in love with you.. ..he can’t say it to you. Oh no. Honestly I don’t want
his love or anything. The reputation of
such a wealthy.. is ruined because of me.
-They are upset because of me. So I want to help him. Help us too. If you can arrange lunch
for the afternoon.. Food. Food. Give it here. Food.
Really you have a large heart. You are giving food for the
family who hates you. Hey! What are you doing? It’s the cover of Park Hyatt. -We
will transfer the food in this. We will tell them we got it from
this hotel. They are fools. They want a branded
box not the food. It doesn’t matter if the pant
falls. Brand shouldn’t slip. Do you understand or not? -Hey! Sorry. -Brother, don’t tell
I am in touch with you. Who is this woman? You know her? Who is she? Ah!
Wow! This is a mind blowing food. I am very happy. We had bitter gourd
snacks at night. Bottle gourd. Ash gourd. We know the stuff by touching it. Afteralll a brand is a brand.
-You are right brother. They are ready to eat anything
in the name of brand. Okay. Enjoy. By the way the G.M group
hasn’t come right? No sir. They have calmed down. What else will they do? They are like ‘Papad’. They are crispy from outside. In some time they cool down. After that they are like rubber. In some time they are in the
dustbin. That’s their story. Actually life is useless
without a brand. Is it? Such angry people are
sending lunch for us? The food must be from
a home not a hotel. No ma’am. Didn’t you see
the cover? -Don’t lie. Don’t I know the taste
of home made food? Can’t I differentiate a home
made food with hotel food? Hey! Tell me the truth. Isn’t
what mother is saying correct? Who prepared it? Radha cooked it. Yes ma’am. Your reputation
is ruined because of her. She is worried about
you as you are sad. She keeps asking about
you on the phone. Why? -Helping nature. Which helping nature? My foot! Seeing us in trouble that night. She gave me the idea of going
to Venkaiya’s house. Take them for the
wedding somehow. If anyone helps these days they
preach lot more than helping. But she asked us not
to tell you’ll. She is not a trouble. I want to meet that girl. Wait! Keep your right foot
inside and enter. You are like a goddess. Come to our house. Mom?
Dad will kill us if he finds out. My mom has gone crazy. Go away. -Wait! What is this? -You are holding
her as if she is your future wife. Will you stay with us? Why? -You are sending
food from your house. Stay here and prepare it. I have no daughter. If you come here I will treat
you as a daughter. Mom, this is against dad’s brand.
You know that. Don’t talk about him. He doesn’t even know how many
members are there in the family. How long will you manage things? Until the problem is not solved. She will help us. Let her be
here. -She is not getting married. Hey!
Why are you giving new hints? Please, listen to me. Alright aunt. It’s your wish. Aunt, please! Would you refuse it if your
mother gave it to you? Aunt! Shut up! God does good to good people. Don’t cry. Let’s go. Listen.
She is called for a job right? Seeing their emotions I feel
they have mother-in-law.. ..and daughter-in-law
relatonship. Radha is a maid from
mom’s point of view. Or mom is a mother-in-law from
Radha’s point of view. I don’t understand. Sir, some brands can’t be
understood in the beginning. You know it’s quality
after it’s used. And we come to know
the brand value. After knowing it everyone likes
it and falls in love. Forget it. He understands late. Chill sir.
Everything will be fine. -Right. Excuse me.
You? -I am Radha’s dance master. Here? -Yes. I thought she will
make a name in dancing. But because of you she is
psychologically disturbed. There’s a programme in
Delhi next month. She is refusing to take part
in that competition. You are the reason behind it. Sir, they are important for me. I don’t want to lose any chance
of working for them. That’s why I am staying
with them. I am satisfied with
their happiness. I don’t know where I will
be in the future. But every moment I spend with
them will be memorable for me. I don’t want to lose
these memories. If she finds out I
told you about.. ..this she won’t talk
about dance. Bye sir. Just a moment! Now it’s set. How do you know these things?
-What is there to know about it? There is no relationship
in your place and taste. It is not necessary to have it. The taste shouldn’t
be in the place.. should be in the person. Happy birthday! I don’t have the status of giving
expensive gift like you. But I am not so poor that
I don’t give you a gift. This is my own brand. Hand made. I worked on it. It’s fine if you don’t keep
it in the cupboard. But don’t throw it away. Please! Aren’t you angry on me? How will I be angry? Unknowingly such a wealthy
man fell in love with me. Sir. -Yes. -The boss is here. He comes home daily. -But he
is going towards that side. If he comes he will
surely go there. Radha is staying in the hall. Yes. So what? What? O God! Let’s go. What happened?
What are you seeing at? What are you doing here? Where else will I be? Where is that girl? Which girl? I opened the door.
-You didn’t open the door. I saw her. -Hold my hand. I held it. -Dad, that’s my hand. Hey, when did you come here? -I
am standing here since so long. I saw that girl here. Who is that? Hey! Who is here? You held my hand thinking I am
your wife. -You are naughty sir. What are you doing here? I stay here. Sir, I can’t see anything.
My leg is slipping. Sir, you are hugging me again.
You are out of control sir. It’s me. -Oh it’s you. Hey! Who are you? Tell me clearly. You are the
daughter of the tea vendor right? Hey,
I told you that girl is here. I am asking you. -What are you
doing here? -Uncle, what happened? Hell! What are you doing here? There was no electricity so.. If there is no electricity
sit in one place. Why are you strolling around? Why is the boss roaming in this
manner? -Everyone is worried. What do you want? -I want a
matchstick. Will you give it? Why will he have a matchstick? The matchstick is in my pocket. Sir, take this. Oh no. Rascal, you gave this cheap
matchstick to the boss. What cheap? Sorry. I told you many times not
to get cheap brands home. Hey! What happened? Someone fell down.
Walk carefully. You also walk slowly sir. Why? -It is dark.
You may fall down too. I am not like you. What happened?
What are you searching? Maybe the metre has tripped.
Let me check. Are you clicking a picture?
-Dad! That.. Which brand is this?
Get it changed tomorrow. It keeps tripping.
-It should be change by tomorrow. Alright dad. -Yes. I wish you were born in
a place like mine. Or I was born in a rich family. No. I don’t have that desire. Will you love me in
our next life? I want to apologize to all
those people who hate me. The girl who I was unjust to. The girl who was upset
because of us. You made us sad as you
were sad for her. That girl.. just a moment. Listen Radha, get coffee. Thank you. Yes. The same girl cooks
for us happily. And works. Her uncle who is an auto driver
felt that by playing a trick.. ..he will make her our
daughter-in-law. Oh no. It’s a grave sin. But after all that happened
I have a large heart. That I will marry her grandly
to our driver Sonu. Only if she likes him. No force. There’s no compulsion. So my dear G.M people.
Let’s end everything here. We haven’t done any injustice to
her. Let’s forget everything. Do your work happily. I say it in front of
the television. Do you want to be the
daughter-in-law.. ..of this family by
pleasing them? Aren’t you ashamed to
work in his house? You ruined the reputation
of our community. You want to work for them.
-Leave her. Why are you doing this?
-Leave me. Hello! -I am Radha’s sister. My sister is sad for
the mistake I did. To trouble her I sent those
messages to you. She never sent any messages. My sister never lies. ‘I cook at the Home
Minister’s house.’ ‘I am very poor.’ ‘My father has a tea stall.’ It’s a severe blood loss.
-AB negative blood group is rare. It doesn’t match with anyone
from your family. The hospital is trying
at the blood banks. If possible you can
try from your end. I have informed all the
hospitals I know. We don’t have time.
Try to understand. -Make it fast. Whoever donated blood for me.. ..give some money to that
person and send him away. If he finds out hid blood
is given for me. He will always keep asking money. This middle class always
show their favours. What is this? Such a big incident took place.
And no one told me about it. You should have told me right?
-Slowly! If anything happens to you.
What would happen? Grandma, what is it?
Why are you crying? Like some low class people. We are high class people. We express our emotions
by seeing. Not openly. Isn’t it dad? There are visiting
hours for crying. You have to come in
silently then. Without showing anyone.
You cry quietly. And leave. Am I right dad? Look at me.
Without showing any emotion. I look so happy. Babu, what are you saying? Don’t interfere. I want to talk. Please! It is your husband’s upbringing. Let me enjoy it a bit. The other person is showing
me his love. But I stand like a stone. And can’t appreciate that love. You are reason for it dad. Radha. My love. After all that happened she came
to our house to change us. She is nothing less
than a goddess. His blood group and mine is same. Test it.
And take how much you need. Save him, doctor. Please! God must have given us
the same blood group.. that I help him. That girl saved your dad’s
life by giving blood. She said not to tell anyone.. ..that she donated
blood and left. If you still can’t understand
her then it’s a sin. According to you human
beings have a brand. You have no value of
love and affection. You set a time to share love. Brand. Brand. Brand.
You chant it always. If Radha hadn’t donated blood.. wouldn’t have been here. Your brand would have been
in some cemetery. The work we do when
we are alive.. remembered after our death
that is the real brand. I am telling you for the
last time. Remember it. By keeping away people
who love you. You love these false brands. How long will you be happy
with them? Ask yourself. I am leaving now. She forgot her sorrow. Love doesn’t mean just give and
take. It’s much more than that. Radha taught me this. Leaving these brands. I loved her as a human being. I am leaving now. Goodbye. Babu. Don’t return the blood
as it is not branded. You will die. ‘I wanted to give you a gift.
Take it.’ ‘I bought it from town.’ ‘I purchased two shirts
worth 400 for you.’ Brother, look who is coming here. Kill him. I didn’t come here to fight. I came to speak to Radha. Uncle! Hey, come on. -Leave me. Why have you come here?
We are not branded people. Go away. Radha. This is my brand from now on. ‘In the end the shirt which
was thrown away.. ..helped him eventually win
Radha’s love.’ ‘He started living like
a human being.’ I am sorry. Radha has a Europe
trip. -The schedule is fixed. Who are you to tell this? I am Radha’s husband. ‘Look, our Brand Babu
who was going to..’ ‘..marry the Home Minister’s
daughter.’ ‘He is proudly telling everyone
that he is Radha’s husband.’ ‘Radha is now a celebrity.’ ‘As he supported Radha’s dance.’ ‘Her dance shows are organised
in the whole world.’ ‘She is famous in
many countries.’ ‘That’s why he is called
a good husband.’ ‘The villain of our
story is here.’ ‘After what his son did
at the hospital.. ..has he changed after that.
Let’s watch it.’ How are you? I have got a top branded
underwear for my grandson. I mean four for Rs.100. I got it from the
wholesale market. Dad, such brands are not
good for the child. We don’t want it. Let’s go. Come my darling. Come to me. Dad. -Yes. -We are trying
to do what they want. And they are doing what we want. Yes? -Brand. ‘Yes.
If there’s money there’s brand.’ ‘The more you spend the better
brand you can buy.’ ‘But don’t forget your brand
for these brands.’ ‘And that is your family.’ ‘No money can give you
that happiness.’ ‘Which your family can give you.’


  1. iiser tvm sports amit kumar Author

    Best dubbed movie , u may not like the hero but script is something much different from bollywood which u have to like . This movie is based on brande , comedy and lovestory. U will not feel bore at any pt .

  2. Md Sumon sumon Author

    বাংলার কে কে দেখছো এই মুভি,,,,, ১২ -৯-২০১৯,,,,সাড়া পিল্জ।।।।

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    Kya wakbas hero hai yaar sale south wale kisi ko bhi hero bana dete hai na sakal na personality kam se kam looking wise banda acha to lage dekhne main tabhi to movie delkne main maza ata hai agar esmain allu arjun hota to movie bina dekhe hi super duper hit ho jati jab hero acha ma ho movie dekhne main maza hi nahi


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