mr. Tucker we’re through here get out of
my house Benji well fine if you’re gonna be that way about it maybe I’ll do this
yeah look at this oh yeah you don’t like this ya know you’re our boy that feels
so don’t but stop it you’re so good you got a dog yeah I rescued him from the
pound well hey there buddy Wow his nose is super wet he must be healthy yup and
somebody’s been rooting in a sardine can well I’m gonna grab a shower feeling
well Stewie I’ve been standing here the whole time
but you know what that’s fine I’ll just go have a dog style celebration by
myself yeah awesome time this is very fun for me and me too now all I have is
this dumb whistle doesn’t even work what the hell oh it’s a dog whistle I’ve
always wondered what that sounds like to you dog Rachel dog whistle where are you
dog ugh eating well my my mr. Hovis come to visits I
don’t want to see mr. Hoover I wonder if mr. Hoover has anything to say about all
this Louis this is not funny I really don’t want to see mr. cool you know what I’m gonna go down there
and give that bastard Limbaugh a piece of my mind but first I’m gonna sit here
and stare at this brown paper bag I’m pretty sure has food in it No giggity giggity giggity goo stick

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