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Bring Out the Gimp – Pulp Fiction (9/12) Movie CLIP (1994) HD

Well… Bring out the gimp. Think the gimp sleepin’. Well I guess you just have to
go wake ‘im up now, won’t you? [Maynard] Zed. Get down. – Which one of ’em you wanna do first?
– (Nasal exhalation) I ain’t for sure yet. Eeny, [whispers] meeny, miny, moe… Catch a, nigger, by, toe… If, holler, let, go… Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. My, mother, said, pick, a, per, fect, one, and, you, are… …it. [normal] Guess that means you, big boy. (Muffled refusal) (Muffled refusal)


  1. Augustine Coronado Author

    I was a gimp in a German town a few years back and they finally let me go. It wasn't that bad guys don't let this movie fool you! Tarantino spreading bullshit about gimps, we live waaaaaaay better than this!

  2. Creeperzøne 1808 Author

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  3. Oliver Berner Author


    "E-KNEE-MY-KNEE, MO'," a callous GUILTY, NOT GUILTY METAPHOR, OR NOT COULD HAVE BEEN. You know you say "he/she always runs me over…"And 1000 upon 1000's of various, method examples when appliction is used in "different" ways. But to hit a little closer to home and make sure we're on the same page. SOME SAY SUPERHEROES such as x-men are quote: "a strong metaphor for gayness" (as if that was the subliminal source for which the intent and symbolism was made) another quote reads out that "mutants/mutant gene is… Well again something in the likes of synonymous with homosexuality you know how they are. "Blood of Christ" and all of that."

    – Yes yes, the gimp can be the representative for our servitude/inferiority to life living on it's terms. Settling for or enjoying the humilation mortality bring as the psychological dissonance as stockholm syndrome surrenders a conditioned pup, and pethaps as the others are the newcomers not yet broken… (yaddi yaddi yadda…) Maybe its about global warming. Nature held hostage… later saying only Ms.Wallace…" As it butchers…" -well in the 1994 version of the crow red is seen as a "revenge color", purple has often in other circles been implied to represent power, controll, dominance (…)
    How about these… – – > 🤛👋🤚🤝👀
    Whar are the real empirical (inter-comparative) associations by nature, sure as a noodle is not A or B See A random symbol given alternate suggestive value/meaning even as sound, but the soundwave does not spell out an A. But you still say that value is true as if it comes from nature and you may use such misleading dumb indoctrination-templates set as control questions, your name isnt Bob.. not really… is it(?) Where were are all the bobs before, imagine bob-saurus tyrrannicus 85 million years ago with all of its ancestors thinking "hey your jimme right…" thats how our animals do..Right. and could fool a lie detector but it is made up. A social construct. "Fiction", (of/for, to engineer the augmented reality) and not an absolute.

    So yeah FOR ANY hasty ney-sayer "this/a" scene could have been based on a true story, yet assumed another shape than the events that played out even though the unfinished random examples mentioned was not what the writer or director had in mind. But such techniques MAY emphasize the roles one might have STARRED in DURING WHAT unfolded."

    Read history books and try telling yourself they didnt "gimp-scene up" a few chapters, biographies and what not… "(…)"

  4. heinz heinz Author

    What is Purpose of the gimp, what is he meant to do if had not been knocked out later?
    What is his occupation to make his living and what does he do in his free time?

  5. John Murdock Author

    Finally an accurate depiction of homosexuals by Hollywood. Disgusting degenerate perverts who will force their perversions on others. Most gay people are very violent and very mentally Disturbed. Their death style is not to be celebrated.

  6. MrGriff305 Author

    The world is no more crazy today than it was in prior decades. The difference is that we're more outraged and sensitive today due to a constant stream of internet content and 24hr news. In previous decades, it was easier to stay in our blissfully ignorant bubble.

  7. Richard Kyle Author

    The thing is you must watch it without knowing whats coming to truly appreciate this masterpiece of a movie these days thats impossible I watched this the year it came out nuff said.

  8. J Miles Author

    When I was younger I was thinking bring out the Gimp. Lol it seemed so weird. Lol im thinking wtf are they going to do to them😂

  9. Rabbit Snare Author

    SPOILER ALERT: Look away if you don't want to know.

    Chronologically, this was the last scene in the movie. Notice that Butch – like all of the others – was given a moment to choose to do good or evil. They all chose good (except Vincent – and look what happened to him). Anyway, we all know that. Just thought it was cool that Butch found God's grace – the name of the poor, late, very dead Zed's chopper was Grace.

  10. luis Vasquez Author

    At that time I would have thought that it is impossible for a slave guy like the one in the black suit to exist, but thanks to NatGeo, I realized that there are people like that in real life and even more rare.


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