1. Rxldhdm 123 Author

    Now I appreciate this more not in his 24k magic tour coz all are screaming. Amazing… beautiful. Thanks Bruno for your wonderful music. God bless you.

  2. Showoff Swagga Author

    I’m mad at myself that I’m JUST NOW seeing this.
    I’ve never seen such a perfect performance 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Bruno Mars is officially my favorite singer 🤙🤙🤙🤙

  3. Steven allan Zavaleta martell Author

    It seems like his songs can’t get any better but then this man goes and does his thing, the new king of pop man!

  4. nurse major Author

    I love that he let the hooligans sing a song. It shows he respects them and they're not just backup singers. And him playing the guitar made me melt!!!!

  5. Samisoni Tonga Author

    I’m just in “awe” at everything Bruno Mars has done on this 24k album!! I love especially when he performs it live!!! Everything here, from the music arrangement, singing harmonies and breaks to the stage presence he has just gives me an old school feel! 💯 Well Done Bruno Mars!

  6. Luca Ernst Author

    The best ouf our generation!
    I mean he doesn't sound mainstream at all and still is on number one everywhere. This shows that he's just talanted and the best right now!

  7. miaeba Author

    when i watched this on tv… i did not realize he was playing the guitar solo… i think that went over the audiences head… we are used to Bruno with a piano and maybe drums but electric geeeetaar!!!

  8. Kevin Eduardo Author

    A ver pinches millenials. Escuchen una cancion que llama Midnigth Lovers del grupo Passion, de ahi deriva esta canción (que es muy buena) de Bruno.


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