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BTS Reveal Their Favorite Movie, Guilty Pleasure & More | Billboard

Hi, we are BTS! You’re watching Billboard. Okay, one more take? Why did you laugh? Don’t be shy. “Oh, you look so awesome!” We like being sarcastic to each other As a joke, we try to be like sarcastic so like, when we look at something like he did some ridiculous thing, we’re like, “Oh, that’s nice!” “Oh, you look so awesome!” That rhyme was so dope! Looking so fresh in green, wow He looks like snake! I like meat. I like every meat. Do you know Samgyeopsal? You have to come to Korea and definitely eat Samgyeopsal, OK? I bet you’ve heard about bulgogi, but you’ve never heard about Samgyeopsal. Samgyeopsal is way better than bulgogi. Three steak. It’s medium, and sirloin… I don’t like blood. Always three steak, every day, eat. My favorite color is green. Why? Just hope. Hope. So green is the color of hope? Yeah. So there’s an autograph of him, it’s a tree. My autograph is also shaped like a tree. I like vivid color, so my favorite color is green. All time number one, this is, ‘Tazza.’ The best movie in Korea. How do you translate “Tazza”? Faker?


  1. Steph Silva Author

    Soooo cute lmao hobi was just trying to make sure to finish his sentence off right and thats why he let off that exhale at the end hehe

  2. Monika Kašparova Author

    Im not an expert But Every asian food is called a dish od something I Thought that the subs are Bad But I Guess its not ….I just heard it so many times and I Dont know why But IT botherts me

  3. Max Ling Author

    Am i the only one who literally cares only about the intro music also anyone care to tell me the name of the intrusmental music if there even is one?


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