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Bullet Police – Cinema Police Review | Put Chutney

Go die off da. Whatay shot Sir. Honest, One more round bullets. Go. OK Sir. I am arriving Sir. YOV! What is this? You only asked for rounded bullet. Yov! Shooting is happening! In which shooting has the bullet hit the hero? Spring up the bike. Sprain Samurai! Saar. Shoot him Saar. You are trolling Captain itself a? *AAAARRGG* You got shot? How… Maybe, he isn’t the hero in this one. HONEST! Why is that? How many ever people shoot, the bullet should miss the hero eh? Your wound is only a bruise. You can brush it off. What Bullshit. I need a complete documentation with cross referencing analysis of all the bullets in the Indian infotainment Industry With histrionics (WUT?) Thank you Sir. Yov! Bring the bullet file man! Ok Sir! Sir! Bouncing Bullet. BOUNCING bullet eh? Not that type of bounce sir. This bounce. ai! not ‘ey’ sir. ‘AI!’ Some say Sanath Jayasuriya used similar technology to beat the crap out of bowlers in the 1996 World Cup! Also, Our Mars mission apparently hopefully used this technology. You are very tensed. To cool you, to entertain you, I have caught one amazing enjoyment bullet. ↑↑↑↑ ↑↑↑↑ Honest… Bullet is also harmful to health! How did you diagnose this? You die if I shoot you no? I won’t Sir. Then? The bullet will save your life a? It’ll save sir. Save? The hero has been shot! Kamal is dead. That you can’t decide. Dr. Mathrubootham can only decide. You tell ma… You have escaped. It is a miracle. That bullet has bypassed your throat and taken the cancer away. Sir This is miracle bullet. It won’t touch the hero. Go man! Which bullet has even touched the hero till now. That is special masala bullet. Father of the nation. It’ll hit the hero’s father! Yes man. It has hit the father. But he won’t die. Why? He also has cancer? No Sir. Dengue?…AIDS?…NO…EBOLA?…NO Then what? the father has DIED! “a big bullet, has hit the chest” “holding his chest, Vijayakumar says… Manickam.. educate your brother… Huh… Sister, brother, the other sister, mother, the aunt who was left.. I’ll take care of them all. But before that, you have to DIE!!! Justice shouldn’t die… Piglet shouldn’t die… Neighbor chick shouldn’t die… Has he died yet? Manickum… I’ve kept milk on the stove… please switch it off Eh.. Manickum.. I’ve put some clothes on the terrace… bring them down YAAY! Finally someone is dead due to a bullet… Did you notice something… The guy who died was the HERO’s father… not the hero. Seen the video right? Liked it? Please… Ask your brother to like… Ask your sister to… Aai. No. Like. Comment. Share. and… Please subscribe too. MANICKUM!!! DAI…


  1. Venkatesh rm Author

    ena pa upcoming hero's seen lam poota theva ilatha controversy nu podalaiya……vijay ajith surya nu naeriya paera aethir pathen….. 🙁

  2. Shravya Desai Author

    I love the videos but I have to learn Tamil to understand the videos. it is impossible for non tamil speaking to understand. some subtitles may be for us?

  3. SamJuneKJ Author


    dear team, you have
    good video clarity
    good voice clarity
    good artist and you have everything
    but try to add some humour

    i believe this is a comedy show. correct me if i am wrong


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