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I’m hitting bed straight
after work everday. What about you? I go home and watch Hollywood flicks.
– What is this fascination with Hollywood flicks? Hollywood is the best. I love Hollywood.
Anyway, where is your friend? He must be here anytime now. Hey! Stop there! That phone is too costly!
My dad would kick me out if I lose this phone! Stop! Shit! Why isn’t the call getting through? ‘Please check the number
and dial again.’ What are you doing?
– I’m trying to call the cops. Are they on their way here?
– I’m not getting through to them. What is the number you’re dialing?
– I’m dialing 911. You, dimwit.
In India, you should dial 100 for cops. Hello, boss. Mission accomplished.
Over! Cut your theatricals.
You only stole a phone, not some diamond. Screw your fascination
with Hollywood flicks. ‘Lakshmi Ganapathi Films,
proudly presents..’ Hey, Shobhan, what’s up?
– I’m trying to find a good movie to watch. Last night, I went to the movies.
I saw ‘Oldie in a Veil’. It was amazing.
– ‘Oldie in a Veil’! Never heard of it. It is a movie about a white oldie
who wears a black veil. A white oldie
who wears a black veil? Never seen it. You should.
It was amazing. Anyways, I saw ‘The Nun’ last night.
It was amazing. I don’t want to watch nuns, guns and buns.
I only watch movies like ‘Oldie in a Veil’ What in the world is that? Never heard of it.
You better watch the trailer of ‘The Nun’. I’m sure it won’t be
as good as ‘Oldie in a Veil’. This is ‘The Nun’.
– This is the movie I’m talking about. A white oldie who wears a black veil.
– A white oldie who wears a black veil? This is the movie I saw last!
– The name of this movie is ‘The Nun’! It’s my buddy calling.
– Cool. Yeah, bro, what’s up?
– ‘Shall we go to the movies today?’ What shall we watch?
– Let’s watch ‘The Fish Man’. ‘The Fish Man’? It is a weird name for a movie.
– ‘All the more reason to watch the movie.’ Alright. Let’s go.
– ‘Which show shall we go?’ Let’s go to the noon show.
Shobhan, I’m going to a movie with my friend. The name is ‘The Fish Man’.
I’m too excited! I better go. Hell with all these Telugu dubbed films
presented by Lakshmi Ganapathi Films. Mr Nikhil..
– Holy fuck! I’m really sorry. I’m out of my fucking mind.
I was listening to this fucking amazing song.. Stop it! Watch your tongue.
Did you complete the fucki- project? I’ve finished it, sir.
– Then get back to work. Fucking employees.
– What the fuck is wrong with him? Today, I’ll propose to her. How do I look?
– You look great. ‘I love you!’.
– That was great. All the best. Who does he think he is to stop me.
– Are you going to confess your love to her? How many languages do you speak?
– Telugu, English and a little bit of Hindi. So, you say, you can speak 3 languages?
– That’s right. Do you think knowing
only 3 languages would impress her? What does that got to do
with anything? Girls like multitaskers
and multilinguals. Have you seen the movie ‘Teen-Maar’?
– Of course.. “Open the doors and head for..”
– Shut up, you cheap local singer! Did he call me cheap?
– No. He just said it. He didn’t mean it. In that movie, Pawan Kalyan
impressed Trisha by speaking in Italian. Yes, you are right.
– That’s the epicness of foreign languages. Now, check me out. He’s going for her. What?
– You don’t understand Japanese, is it? You don’t even know French? What!
– You can’t understand Japanese, right? What!
– Bro, he is nailing it. I love you. Perks of speaking many languages, bro.
– But, too bad, she knows only one language. And that is? The news doing rounds is that
‘Infinity War’ would break all records again. Wait for ‘Aquaman’.
– You said the same about Justice League too. Show me someone as cool as Superman.
– Ironman. There you go. Show me someone as cool as Wonder Woman.
– Black Widow. There you go. Forget it. You tell me which is better.
Marvel or DC? Tell him that you love the Marvel party.
– I love Boyapati! Anitha, turn on the subtitles.
– Why do you need subtitles for this? Because my English
isn’t as good as yours. I need subtitles. Are you happy now? Watch the movie.
Don’t just read the subtitles. I first read the subtitles
and I then watch the visuals. Who does that?
You should watch both at once. It is child’s play for me to watch
the sun and the moon simultaneously. But it is impossible for me
to watch subtitles and visuals at once. But that is how you should watch.
– Alright. I will. Are you doing some sort
of exercise with your neck? Cut this nonsense! I’ll watch
the movie however I want to. Bro, I was looking for you.
– What for? Let’s watch a movie.
– Which movie? A hollywood flick.
– Are there any good scenes in it? I heard the whole movie is good.
– No. I’m talking about such scenes. Which scenes?
– Didn’t you still get it? No, there are no such scenes.
– I’m not interested then. Why not?
– Biryani with no leg pieces and English flicks with no scenes are pointless.
– What shall we watch then. Make a list of these films.
– Sure. Tell me. Poison Ivy, 50 Shades of Grey,
50 Shades Darker, 50 Shades of Freed. Download all these.
– Sure. Shall we begin?
– Sure. Cut all this. Go to 15 minutes and 32 seconds.
– What for? Do as I say. How do you know the exact time stamp?
– I know it all. Now go to 31 minutes and 23 seconds. I told you, didn’t I? I’ll leave now.
– But the movie isn’t done. – But I am. Bye. See you later.
– Yeah, bye. I’ve to watch it
from the start again. You have this movie with you?
Where did you get it from? Any Hollywood movie you need?
There is only one man who’d help. Who is he?
– If you need a Charlie Chaplin’s movie or a Christopher Nolan’s movie,
there is only one man who’d help. Who is he?
– Be it an action flick or a romantic flick be it comedy flick or a tragedy flick,
be it a Sci-fi or a fantasy flick be it a war flick or a crime flick,
that man has it all. Now tell me. Who is that guy?
– It’s me. That is me. So, you’ve got a collection
of Hollywood flicks? You call a couple of hundred films
together as a collection. But what do you call a set
of thousands of films? What do you call it?
– Well, I guess it is still called a collection. You really have thousands of films?
– Don’t you believe me? Come with me. Look here. This is my collection of movies.
– Is it? Here are the flicks from the 80s.
Here are the flicks from the 90s. These flicks
are from 1960s and 1950s. You’ve seen all these movies?
– Did I see all these movies? I know every scene by heart.
– By heart? Let me show you my laptop. Are these all movies?
– Yes. Even the ‘My Computer’ icon
is lost in this. Take any movie you want.
– Have you seen this movie? No, I didn’t.
– This one? No, I didn’t.
– This one? I said no!
– Atleast this one? No, I didn’t.
– Give me a list of 10 films you saw. Now, that is tough. Fast and Furious 1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7, 8. Mummy 1 and Mummy 2.
There you are. I’ll take your leave now.
– Don’t you want any movies from me? No, I don’t.
– Cool.

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