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Calles de Hollywood antes de los premios Oscar

Something happened around here There is a patrol there There they arrested a guy Activate subtitles for your language Sammy Davis Jr What’s up folks Raul here again Let’s walk the streets of Hollywood Here in Los Angeles What are we going to look around here? The good and bad Hey, what’s up? Talking about the bad Each person as you want to see it What is the good? Well, we are in Hollywood The streets of Hollywood Or the streets of Los Angeles Why Los Angeles? or why of
Hollywood? This is easy to explain. Hollywood is in Los Angeles County Easy to understand without much explanation Very nice outfit has that girl A very striking blonde Okay, but Will we look at the stars? Not today. Okay yes, but only in passing. Why am I on the streets of Hollywood? This street is Hollywood Boulevard This is one of the most famous streets of
all the world. Here it is known as the Walk of Fame What is here at night? Today is the day before the event the Oscars. What’s up here? Right now I crossed the street Well we’re here Let’s walk for a while It smells a lot like weed What will we look around here? The good and bad Without much editing the video I’m going to show you things as they are And if you ask me. What are you doing
here? I’m just a curious guy. Just curious As I said a while ago Tomorrow is the Oscar Awards event Supposedly since Wednesday some
streets are closed We are going to go to those streets How are the preparations? What are
doing? What’s around How is the security? I have seen many comments in my videos Why ambulances are always heard
in Los Angeles? Why are they always heard in the videos? Those are the firemen This is a huge city There are always accidents here To be honest right now it’s not very night These bars that are closed open them
more at night It’s early now We are in cold season At this time it gets very dark It’s not very night More night the atmosphere gets very good The atmosphere gets very crazy Sometimes there are many fights at night Ronald reagan Former actor and former president. I’m a little far from the Dolby theater We will continue walking The Oscars is tomorrow I wonder if I could go there today. What preparations will they be making? One of the most famous streets in the world Hollywood Boulevard The walk of fame This place is more fun more night. We will arrive at the Dolby theater. As I said We will arrive at the place where the event will be held. We’re just going to browse around For now we will look at this street. This is how this street really is. Viva México ca — Many businesses are already closed A little more night the other businesses open The business of the night Bars and canteens All the people who come to Los Angeles This is one of the first recommendations
what do we give you Go to the walk of fame Find the star of your favorite artist. And you take a picture with that star What was I talking about? There are many entertainment businesses here. You can take a tour to see the homes of celebrities. Very close to here is Beverly Hills and Bel
Air At night you can come to bars and night
clubs If you are curious to see which artists
they have stars Frank Sinatra Many celebrities have stars You can know where the star is
of your favorite artist. Down here in the video description I will leave a link You can go to the official page of the Walk of Fame On that website there is a search engine In that search engine you put the name of some
artist You will find the story of that artist In that search engine you will find the address
exact star that this artist has I’m going to leave the link in the video description If you walk looking at the stars
on the floor. You are going to get very dizzy Where I am? I am very far from the Dolby theater Why do I ask this question? What’s up
near the Dolby theater? Simply. Hollywood and the news only
They show you beautiful things. The Red carpet A lot of actresses and actors Expensive designer suits An event where ordinary people cannot occur
the luxury of entering People like you or me probably never
let’s get into that event. Inside the Dolby Theater at the Oscar Awards. What we always see in the news and in
Hollywood are the beautiful things. The red carpet and designer suits I already walked many blocks Stars, stars, and more stars. I wonder how many stars there will be here. You have to check the website of the Walk of Fame The official page of the Walk of Fame I have not checked that page very well You wonder how many stars are here What artists have stars here? The story of that artist Below I leave the link The official website link Let’s continue on the other side of the street. Nice camera That group looks very self-centered A very striking group This is my camera with zoom People like her you find here She is making her music video It seems that Hollywood has a lot of action today. Actually this happens every day You always hear something in Los Angeles. Telemundo 52 They are preparing for tomorrow Also food vendors The news is preparing for tomorrow We arrived Here is the area of ​​the closed streets What will we look around here? That area is closed There is the red carpet The Dolby theater is on the other side Well, no way At least you can walk around here They did not close the entire area Can you imagine how crowded it will be tomorrow? I am on the right side There the Oscar Awards event will take place The 91st Oscar Awards There are people inside reporting Let’s keep walking There is the famous Dolby Theater I will use my camera with zoom There is the Dolby theater That kid was already crossed Who is there doing reportage? You recognize her. That security person goes through Tom cruise I expected to see more security I thought it wouldn’t even happen
here. There are many people around here Only one block is closed. The main area is in front of the theater
Dolby For this place is the Chinese theater There is the Chinese theater That is the area where the hands are and the
Famous concrete stamped feet Do you want to see that area? I have some videos of that area I’m going to leave you a link of that video below Let’s go to that place Michael Jackson It is a very trampled star. It seems that this is as far as I could
arrive Here is the great Bruce Lee Let’s continue our way As I had already told you The good and bad Very close to the Oscar awards event. For that place there are attractive blondes. Here is the other side of the coin. Well this is around One night before the awards event
Oscar The walk of fame That girl is doing her show with him
puppy A very stubborn and stubborn puppy. Here he is very lonely We come to see how the streets look Walt Disney This is how the streets look around the Dolby theater It depends who you come with It depends on your mentality I think it’s a fun place and in general
sure. It is a safe place if we compare it with others
Los Angeles locations Of course that depends on you This depends on what you want to see. The good or the bad Inside the bad thing is that there are many people
homeless It also smells like weed for smoking
of happiness I know it’s legal Here is legal Everyone has their likes What is the good part Tomorrow will be full of artists Something happened around here There is a patrol there There they arrested a guy This is only part of the show here at
Hollywood This is it folks This is an everyday thing. This is what is in the streets of Los Angeles In the streets of Hollywood It’s a little longer at night The atmosphere is already starting to get good This is a Night Club Thanks for watching the video First person videos around Los
Angels Exploring Los Angeles


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