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Camila Morrone Went to the Al Pacino School of Acting


  1. Julia Baldwin Author

    Wow! She complains about having spend two (only 2!!) hours READING the SCRIPT for the film she is being paid to work on?! So entitled. Does she not realize how many HARD WORKING & TALENTED & TRAINED actors were past over in order to hire a stupid Insta model.

  2. elchatodeoro1 Author

    I wish I could say that, she gets the role because her step dad is Al Pacino or because she is Di'Caprio's girlfriend… but the truth is, that she got that role only because she is absolutly hot, amazing… one of the most beautiful women in thw world… fuck she is so hot.

  3. Beth B Author

    Robert Plant's expression is priceless the entire time. He's thinking, "Who is this annoying, vacuous, little girl trying so hard to be funny and pretending to have a personality?" And the fact 45 year old DiCaprio is dating her is beyond disturbing. He needs to grow up already and date women AT LEAST in their late 20's. It becomes more clear to me with every super young, typically blonde (this girl being the ONE exception), skinny model that he dates that Leonardo has the depth of a puddle and sees women/barely women as beautiful objects or possessions that he discards when he naturally grows tired of them. I mean what on earth does he talk about with these girls??? I try to hang out with 20 year olds and develop a headache within the first 30 minutes.

  4. Emily Sierra Author

    I can’t take leo serious if he’s gonna be dating kids. I mean Camilla is beautiful but she’s too young for him. Come on Leo you can do better.

  5. Doctor Medkit Author

    Camila was born a year after Leonardo made Romeo Plus Juliet, the hip-hop remake. What if 22 year old Leo fathered Camila during filming of the movie, and now he's dating his own daughter. He's living a real life Shakespeare play. Somehow.

  6. danii mohobi Author

    I dont like the way she talks like sounds like she swallowed a microphone. But hey maybe it's my bitterness that is on top. I badly want kate and leo.

  7. danii mohobi Author

    I'm sorry leo but I can't help but to point my fingers at ur gf I think she doesn't reach ur standards like she's way too different from kate oh hey i'm being bitter😏

  8. Sofia Renee Author

    That’s how Hollywood works folks! I went out on a date (kept it pg as I had no intention to date them) with a 53 year old d-list celeb when I was 23 and he said he’d max out at age 40 dating wise. Prior, I applied for a role by the “worst director in Hollywood”…(aka very non-competitive) and it went to Jack Nicholson’s granddaughter. Hollywood is the epi center of vain, creepy men and power players—my takeaway LOL

  9. Julie Anderson Author

    I am still wishing for Kate and Leo to be together. They are so close and clearly adore one another. Wonder if Leo would drop this gal in a heartbeat if Kate was single.

  10. Alisa 03 Author

    Look at the difference between two generations sitting in one couch!!! One simply is hot and doesn't have talent but still got the part where as another has to work his ass off to become one of the greatest singer in the history!! Clearly Robert wasn't impressed with her story!! ( I mean she even mentioned she didn't prepare or knew how to act)

  11. Khamankar Khan Author

    People upset with her for getting the role because of nepotism fail to remember majority of the people in Hollywood owe their success to nepotism.

  12. bill cosby Author

    This is the guy who popped her first at BHHS – @davidfguetta
    Then this guy – @josephxperez . Joe was friends with David and Cami was banging both of them at the same time for a while. Zack Bia also nailed her a few times – @zackbia

    Cami only had Jewish cock during her time at BHHS; word around campus was that David got her preggo and she terminated their child. This is her old ask fm if you want to read it – @camimorronelol.

    She was born in Los Angeles, and is a fake Argentinian; she did not speak Spanish until she started trying to be an actress; she learned at BHHS.

    We now know Leo pimped out Miranda Kerr to Jho Low as a thank you for financing TWOWS, and it is alleged that Leo is passing Camila around on these yachts to his friends and patrons. Russian businessman Vladislav Doronin paid for their trip to Thaliand in 2018, and you can search his name to find out about his relationship with Leo going back to the Toni Garrn days.

    Leo is with her because non of the blonde models he was interested wanted to be his real/fake GF, or they wanted too much money and media time, namely couple IG posts. The best he could do is Camila Morrone. Having seen them in public I doubt he is sleeping with her, maybe hand/oral but he does not look to have any interest in her. She needs him to pay the bills for her and her mother post-Pacino. Cami has the least potential post-Leo in comparison to the others.

  13. Nur Sadiqah Author

    Why are you making yourself looked like an idiot and brag proudly about it?


    Are these what they called, “dumb blondes” ?

  14. Chaywatchesvideos Author

    0:49 she’s soooo smug “I DIDNT SAY IT” when James says her stepdad is al Pacino. Like bitch was so excited it was brought up without her having to overtly brag about it

  15. The Sufi M.D Author

    Yeah I’m actually really disappointed in Leo. Not because he is with her, because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see he is not serious with this one, which paints a very bad picture of him from what we see.

  16. Xid RK Author

    Maybe you guys are right in the comment section…
    Maybe she get a role, because of Leo, her stepfather, or IG page.
    Or maybe you just want to be an actor yourself and after to acting degrees, many many auditions, so much money spend, sleepless nights, hard work, you only have is your McDonalds job near Beverly Hills. That's why you mad.

    Maybe being a famous actor is not the best thing in the world, but rather being a good person who brings value, loves his/het family, brings value to the community. And then maybe one day people will love you back and respect you.

    But honestly…

    You should not pursue the people's attention and glorifying. For they are forgetful and unthankful. Rather do it, because it is the right thing to do. Do it for yourself. Have a meaningful life. God bless. I'm out! Watch some Jordan Peterson.


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