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Can Marvel Fans Guess Marvel Movies Described By Kids? (React)

– (FBE) Hey Marvel fans.
– Yeah. – Hi. – (FBE) We’ll be showing you
some videos of kids explaining Marvel movies
and you have to guess what movie they are
talking about. – Ooh, okay. – Oh, I love this game
so much. – (FBE) Whoever can guess
correctly gets a point. The person with the most
points at the end of the game wins.
The kids weren’t allowed to state the super hero’s name,
what weapon or power they use or what their costume’s like.
Also if it’s a sequel, I need specifics.
– Super cute. – She’s like, “super cute.”
I’m like, “Okay, so I’m not gonna know any of it then.” – But I’m also so excited
about how excited she is. – I love this game so much.
– I don’t even wanna win at this point.
– Well that’s probably good. – We’ll see. – I’m actually a larger DC fan,
so I hope I won’t get the two confused
because then I think both DC and Marvel people
will hate me. – You put yourself
in the hot seat. – I did. – So in the beginning
of the movie, I remember the superhero, he’s a dad
and he was playing with his daughter.
It was an obstacle course kind of thing.
– Oh, I know exactly what she’s talking about. – (Tida) There was an
obstacle course kind of thing and when they’re done,
they built a slide and he’s not allowed
outside of his house or outside of his gate,
so he slips down and it goes near the thing.
It ends there, so he accidentally got his leg out–
so he slips down and it goes near the thing.
It ends there, – How you feeling?
– (Tida) Accidentally got his leg out that had
the sensor and the police can’t check him.
– She’s cute. – (Tida) He tricked them
by using magic tricks and a magician.
He tricked them by using magic tricks and a magician.
– Do you need a hint? Okay, if you’re that confident. – I wish I could just have
one whiteboard. I want this to be a team thing,
’cause I’m really needing to brainstorm this.
– (FBE) You guys can show me your boards
in three, two, one. – Honestly, what’d you guess?
– Incredible Hulk? – (FBE) This was Antman
and the Wasp. – Oh my God.
– Oh my God. – I’m very confident.
– I’m definitely ain’t confident at all.
Antman and the Wasp, God. – As soon as she said
the beginning, I was thinking about movies and then I was like,
oh, Antman and the Wasp and I just saw it,
so I love the Antman series, too. – Antman and the Wasp.
– Wassup? – All right, she came to play.
At first, I didn’t know what it was, but then
she was describing the scene perfectly.
I thought it was gonna be much broader.
– Right. – That’s the intro of the movie. – (FBE) Yes, you both got it.
It was Antman and the Wasp. – She did a great job
explaining it. Even the details like
the magic trick part, obviously that’s a really
big meaty punch in the movie. – If they’re all as coherent
as her, we should be good. – Right, but we have a very
different kind of kids on our show, so it’s gonna vary. – So the movie is about
this kind of really jerky, really rich guy.
He fights a bunch of people. Really jerky, really rich guy.
– Oh yeah. – (Max) He fights a bunch
of people. He fights this weird
group of people with some weird thing
above their heads. They’re like, “I’m really mad.”
Weird group of people with some weird thing
above their heads. They’re like, “I’m really mad.
I want the world to be forever.”
Something like that. Then the guy’s finally
so annoyed, he gives up and then they win.
The end. – That was a stretch. – He thinks he did a great job.
– He did, but unfortunately he did kinda screw this one up. – I’m so torn.
– I’m guessing, pretty much. – I’m so torn. – (FBE) Show me your boards
in three, two, one. Iron Man and Iron Man 2,
both solid guesses. This one is Dr. Strange.
– Oh no. – So many rich guys in Marvel. – Right, okay, ’cause when he–
– What? – Wrong rich guy with a goatee.
– Yeah, wrong rich guy, wrong rich guy.
– That’s actually the basic plot of half of the Marvel movie.
– Right. – Rich guy annoys people. – Seriously?
– It’s Dr. Strange? – I was feeling like
really confident. Now my confidence
is sort of dwindling, ’cause these descriptions–
– No, her confidence should be at 100 right now. – He thinks doctors make
a lot of money. – They do.
– More than Iron Man? That was a fluke.
All right, moving on. I think I got this. – So this movie is about
this guy who looks like a raisin and he’s trying to–
– Okay, well I already got it. – (Dominick) This guy who
looks like a raisin. He’s trying to destroy
half of the universe. – Oh.
– Oh, okay. – (Dominick) Destroy
half of the universe. – Oh, I get that. – I’ve never heard him
being described as a raisin before. – (Dominick) A whole bunch
of super heroes have to try and stop this man
so that he doesn’t destroy half of the universe.
– I would love to see the inside of a child’s brain
where they legitimately think like, “Yeah, the bad guy
was a raisin.” – This can be so many movies,
though. – No, I think I know
which one it is. Although, I’m scared now. – (FBE) You can show me
your whiteboards in three, two, one.
So, this one is Avengers: Infinity War.
– That’s the second one, right? – (FBE) It’s the third.
– It’s the third. – That’s the third one? – I put Infinity War.
– That’s what I put, too. Whoo.
Honestly, the raisin thing kinda gave it away.
It was like, he’s big, he’s purple, he’s trying to take over
half the universe. Sounds like that. – That was pretty good.
The raisin was really on point. – Infinity War.
They’ve been doing a good job.
– They’ve been doing great. I’ve been doing great.
– I’ve been doing amazing. – Yeah, whatever you wanna
tell yourself. – I think he looks like
Ron Perlman, not a raisin. Or maybe a raisin
and Ron Perlman’s love child. Am I right? – So basically, he transforms
into this super hero person who defends people.
He used to be really short. He went into this chamber thing.
– Oh yeah. – (Sophie) It got connected to–
He went into this chamber thing. – Oh, I know what this is.
– (Sophie) It got connected to this electronic thing
and the whole room went black and the chamber thing opened
and then the lights went back on and he came out
as this buff man with a six pack. And he came out as this
buff man with a six pack. – Hell yeah he did.
– That’s not that descriptive. They literally all have
six packs. That’s a prerequisite
to be in any super hero movie, even the girls. – I originally thought it
was one thing, but what she said
at the end… – (FBE) Go ahead and show
me your boards in three, two, one.
– Captain America. – Oh, I put Venom.
– (FBE) Captain America is correct.
– ‘Cause he was short. That’s the only reason I got it. – If it ain’t Incredible Hulk,
I don’t know what it is. – (FBE) It’s Captain America.
– Captain America? What the heck is going on? – Captain America:
The First Avenger. – Oh, I put number one.
– Yeah. – I actually thought it was
the Hulk because she just kind of talked about going
into a room and it just got dark and I was like, “oh that’s when
the nuclear reactor went off.” – You should have put the Hulk.
He’s got a six pack. – I’m kinda nervous,
’cause I almost got that one wrong and I would have lost my lead. – Incredible Hulk the man,
he was a short man and then became boom,
(yells) They got me.
They tricked me. Set me up.
It set me up. – I think somebody tried
to set me up. – So this movie is about
this girl who’s a super hero, but she keeps having
these flashbacks to a normal life so she doesn’t know,
“Am I only a super hero or did I have a life before that?”
So she doesn’t know, “Am I only a super hero
or did I have a life before that? Or am I just seeing things?”
And so in this movie, she has to fight off
all these bad guys that can make themselves look like humans
but they’re not. – This movie hasn’t even
come out yet. – (Sydney) Make themselves
look like humans but they’re not
and so it’s all about her trying to figure out,
“Am I a human? Am I a super hero?”
And still trying to fight off all these bad guys.
– I think I know this and I know I haven’t
seen this movie. – That was a pretty good
description, honestly. That’s like Rotten Tomato’s review. – Maybe I just never watched
this movie before. – I can tell you why
you haven’t watched it. – Is it already been released
on DVD or not? You can’t even give me
that hint? – (FBE) Okay, you can show me
your boards please. It’s Captain Marvel.
– It’s Captain Marvel? Captain Marvel ain’t
even came out yet. I thought it was Black Widow,
Scarlett Johansson, Black Widow. – She hasn’t had her own
movie yet. – But she’s been in
the movies, the Avengers. You don’t set me up
on trailers. Y’all going on trailers now.
– I’m the biggest Marvel fan, so I would have been
really disappointed in myself if I didn’t do well. – Yeah, that’s why you haven’t
watched it ’cause it hasn’t come out yet.
– Well that’s not fair. – Well she’s talking about
the Kree. That’s how I knew it was
when she’s like– – No!
I actually have no idea what Captain Marvel’s about.
– It just kind of gives me a sense of validity
for my strong love of Marvel. – Whoa.
– I was just like, I feel like I remember
there being some part of the trailer where she was
not sure if she was a super hero or not.
That stood out to me. – Captain Marvel,
the major bad [bleep] best hero ever, way better
than the dudes. Am I right?
– I drew a smiley face. I knew that watching
every single Marvel movie in a row before Infinity War
would come in handy. – I had fun.
I feel like sometimes that’s how I explain movies, too.
You know how you’re just trying to explain something
to someone and it’s almost too complicated so it’s easier
to just be like, “you know, the thing above their heads.” – I thought they did great.
– Yeah, no. They’re all very eloquent.
I couldn’t say words at their age.
It’s great, ’cause I’m a huge Marvel fan
and I’ve seen every movie at least twice, even the bad ones. – I really like this challenge.
The kids did a great job of explaining the movies.
Shoutout to the kids. They’re probably the only reason
why I won this one. – Thanks for watching us
guess Marvel movies on the React Channel. – Don’t forget to Subscribe
for new shows every day. – If you like this episode,
then hit that Like button. – How well did you do
in this challenge? Let us know in the comments. – Bye, guys. – Hey, I’m Katie,
a React Channel producer. Thank you so much for watching
this episode. Be sure to Subscribe
to the React Channel so you can see your favorite
reactors every week. Bye.


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  2. Dark099 Gaming Author

    LOL description is not really my strength. 0/5 Disney. 1/5 Marvel. I was sure to at least got one when she said Magic trick, Dr.Strange and finally see Ant Man and The Wisp. What? Magic trick is something we hear in Dr.Strange and is related to entire movie about magic. I don't see the link with Magic in Ant Man. Their description are horrible to be honest. Finally the boy who describe Avengers Infinity Wars was very clear I got it.Congratulation to all who found them. to be honest you can describe my house and I will never found it. that why in video game I need Point A to go point B or I am lost.

  3. Pancake Overload Author

    at first i was like what movie is she talking about and then once she said that hes not allowed out of the gate i was like ohhhhhhh

  4. Ñîghtmårē Ärt & Gāčhã Author

    *I’m not a marvel fan but i watched this anyway and the Captin Marvel one i thought if it weren’t marvel, Clary from Shadowhunters fit that xD

  5. matt152007 Author

    The last one was the easiest one any marvel fan or just someone whose watched all the movies should know there has been no movie with a female lead except captain marvel even though it hadn't came out yet.

  6. Christian Uncle Author

    I'm not into, witches and warlocks, wizards, idols, and paganisms which the Marvels and DC is full of. Its all sin as a Christian there is Only one God.

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    Omg the part where they used the clip from Flavor Of Love: Girls Charm School “I Think Somebody Is Trying To Set Me Up” had me dying😂💀


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