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– (FBE) We’re gonna be showing
you guys some videos of kids explaining movies
and you have to guess what movie they are talking about.
Whoever can guess correctly gets a point.
The person with the most points at the end of the challenge wins. – Okay, great.
– Yay. – I like that one. – Ah, this sounds so much fun. – It was a tie last time.
– This is my first time, so I’m looking forward to this. – If it’s movies this year,
I’m golden. – I love how cute you are.
You’re like, “If it’s movies this year.”
That has nothing to do with it. This is like, can you understand
what the kids are trying to say. – (FBE) So, they kids did have
some limitations. They couldn’t say any character
names and they couldn’t use any words from the movies
that would give it away too much, so are you ready for the challenge?
– Yes, we are. – I’m ready. – (FBE) Here is your first kid
explaining their movie. – This movie is about a nanny. – So stinking cute. – They are like, very magical
of some sort. – Magic?
– Love it. – They can do really crazy things,
but they act… – Got it.
– …like they’re totally normal. – Ooh. – And it’s really weird and so
this nanny, has to go and babysit these two kids
and their dad is super rich.
– I am not getting this. – Super, kinda greedy.
– She’s really good at explaining it,
but I have no idea what she’s talking about. – And so, she takes them
on magical adventures. – Oh, I got it.
– Yeah. – I got it, yeah, I got it. – I think I’m talking myself
out of what this is. – I am so lost. – It’s just an overall great ending.
– She’s a great one. She’s good.
– That was awesome. – She’s very good at describing
things and I’m sure having words that she can’t say
makes it ten times more difficult,
so excellent job, Sydney. – Yes. – (FBE) Show me your answer
in three, two, one. So, this was–
Sydney was talking about Mary Poppins. – Ah, crap.
– Ah, seriously? We didn’t get that? – Hey Jessie.
– (FBE) You’re correct, this is Mary Poppins. – Yay!
– Oh my God. – (FBE) Yes, you both got it. – Whoo, all right.
– Yeah. That’s right, baby.
Mary Poppins. – (FBE) Yes, you guys both got it. – Hey.
– Yay, Mary Poppins. – Sydney did a really good job
explaining that whole thing. It just was not registering.
I feel so bad. – The movie is about two brothers
with superpowers? – Question?
– They live on a planet and then they come to Earth
and the go to this one place near the beach and then
they get sent into another planet, – Oh, God.
– Where they meet one of their past friends and it turns out
that he fights everybody in a ring and then he goes to fight him
and he gets beat? – Wow, this–
– This sounds fascinating. – A lot of fighting. – They have all these people
fighting on a planet. – Oh my God, they’re fighting
on a planet. – Against these people
and they end up winning. – What? – I felt like it was descriptive
of many movies nowadays from certain universes. – There’s only one thing
he said that triggered and other than that,
I would have no idea. – (FBE) You can show me
your boards. Jason, you got it. – What, I got it?
– Whoa, seriously? Thor: Ragnarok.
– Aw. – (FBE) It is Thor: Ragnarok.
– Oh, wow. – (FBE) Jim gets the point.
– All right. – (FBE) Yeah, Thor’s close enough.
– Then I feel really good. – God dang it.
– I was worried it was some kind of Ragnarok.
I didn’t know that part. – (FBE) It actually was Thor:
Ragnarok, but I’m accepting Thor. – Thank you, thank you.
Some form of Thor and Loki. – (FBE) Technically Ragnarok,
but I’ll give it to you. – Wow.
– Kindred spirits, sister friend. – Nicely done.
– Kindred spirits. – I’m not feeling good.
– Well, I feel better. – Of course you do. – The princess, she wasn’t
a princess at first. – I like princesses.
– Okay. – But she didn’t like him. – Well, that’s the story
of all times. – She just spent all her time
reading books. – Oh yeah. – She noticed that her father
was captured and then, so she went to the monster’s
creepy mansion and then she told the
monster that she will swap with him so he can be free.
– I think I got this one. – Once the monster’s been nice
to her, the monster showed her the library
that they had. – Monsters, reading princesses. – No one ever had to go in there,
so the princess went in there.
– She’s doing a good job. – She read books for
like a whole hour. – For a whole hour? – I’m terrible at anything
that might be Disney. – (FBE) You guys can show me
your whiteboards. It is Beauty and the Beast.
Jim, you get the point. – All right. – (FBE) So Jason, you got it.
It was Beauty and the Beast. – Beauty and the Beast.
– Oh, yeah. It’s not a good day today. – Beauty and the Beast?
– (FBE) Yes, you both got a point. It’s Beauty and the Beast.
– Yes. – (FBE) Yes, you both got it.
– Whoo! Beauty and the Beast.
– We are killing it. – I’m so nervous from
understanding what children have to say.
It’s like a cryptogram with an enigma wrapped
in a paradox. – Yeah. – It’s about this boy
who thinks his father is a very famous musician.
He goes to play his guitar and he gets sent basically
to the underworld. – Uh oh.
– Oh. – Where everyone is just
skeletons and then he has to try and find his father.
– I hate that. – The whole entire dead family
actually able to visit. – Oh, creepy.
– I think I know it. – Oh, God.
– I’m really bad at the cartoon movies. – I love it and I know
exactly what it is because it made me cry twice. – (FBE) You guys can show me
your boards. So yes, this was Coco.
– Who? – Coco, oh.
– (FBE) Yes, Jason. – Oh my God. – That young man did a great job.
It gave it away a little bit with the skeletons,
in my opinion, but that was a great clue. – (FBE) Yes, you guys both
get a point. This was Coco.
– I’m in love with the Coco. – Directed by Adrian Molina,
my brother in law. – Wow.
– (FBE) Wow. – That’s why I knew right away,
so I’m gonna give Adrian a little shoutout. – Not too bad.
– (FBE) Yes, you both got it. – I’m taking pictures of all
my family members now, so that they can be displayed
once they eventually pass on, so they can come back
and visit me. – That’s amazing and creepy. – So, the storyline is basically
a girl from a far away, far, far away place.
– Far, far away. – That’s in a humongous dome.
– What? – That nobody can see and then
what happens is there’s this little girl who lived there
and basically she grew up being a warrior, kind of.
– Got it. – And then one day,
humans came on boats. – Not the humans.
They ruin everything. – She is very confusing
and she has a special outfit and it looks like a bathing suit,
but it’s not. – (laughs) – Battle versus…
– Ladies fighting in their bathing suits.
– I don’t know if that’s okay. – Evil lord.
It was very epic. – Oh, bathing suit?
– I know it. – Wait, wait, bathing suit?
– But I can not think of it. I can’t think of the title. – Sounds super epic
and I loved how she described that.
– She’s an amazing storyteller. She got the highs and the lows
and the suspense. – Okay, you got it right.
– No, I did not. – Yeah, it is.
– No, I did not. – (FBE) So, neither of you got it.
This was Wonder Woman. – Are you serious?
– Oh my God. – It popped into my head
that it might be Wonder Woman, but the bathing suit thing
totally threw me. – Yeah.
– (FBE) Yes, this was Wonder Woman. – Awesome.
– Girl power. Good job, man.
– I got lucky on a couple of key words.
That was amazing. – (FBE) This was Wonder Woman, yes.
– (both) Yay. – I love Jay, so I feel
a little bit sad, but I feel really good
about winning ’cause I like winning. – (FBE) Yes, you both won.
– Wonder Woman. Whoo.
– Thank God she said girls fighting in their
bathing suits. – I know, the dome–
if she stopped at the dome, I would have been like, uh.
Look at us. What is happening?
– (laughs) – That was just a total
mom high five right there. – This is my second time doing it
and I absolutely love it. – This is a great game,
not because I won. – Yeah, because you won.
– How trying to figure out what movie you guys are having them
explain, it’s great. I loved it. – Thanks for watching us guess
movies on the React Channel. – New shows every day,
so Subscribe. – Did you what the kids
were talking about? Let us know in the comments. – Bye guys. – Hey guys, I’m Katie,
a react channel producer. This is the second episode
of this new series. Because of your guys’
support of the first episode, we got to make this second one,
and I loved making it, so thank you so much guys
for your support. Love you, bye.


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  2. Kraftykat1975 Author

    I got them all. The kids are getting good. I love it. I haven't yet got to see Thor or Coco but from the description it makes me want to see them even more. I think Sharon was right on the last one the kids should write the descriptions for the movies so people will come see them.😂😉

  3. MrRedacto Author

    The FBE logo is always on top of the right person's score, covering it up. It would be great if you could take that into account and move it over. (Watching on iPhone, if matters)

  4. Mitch Burns Author

    I got all of them except Coco because I have never even heard of that movie. I haven't seen Wonder Woman either, but I still figured it out.

  5. Freshyx Author

    I've got some good news that React may not know. In August 2014 (I think this is the right month and year) React was the most subscribed channel on YouTube.

  6. Night Owl Reader Author

    I didn't guess the Thor one because I'm not the biggest fan of the superhero movies, I like Spider-Man, but that's it. The rest were really easy to guess.


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