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Carl’s Big Adventure! | Carl’s Car Wash Mini-Movie | Cartoon for Kids

(gentle music) (upbeat music) – Ooo wee, huh, there’s so much dust
and dirt today (grunts). Hey, I wonder what’s going on over there. That must be where all
the dirt’s coming from. (lively music)
(trucks rumbling) Hmm, seems like they’re
building something big. (gentle music) (trucks rumbling)
(lively music) (dramatic music) Whoa, that’s a big surprise. – What’s up, bub? (lighthearted music) – Welcome to Carl’s Car Wash. I’m Carl. – I’m Dusty. – (giggles) Yeah, I can see that. (Dusty laughs) (Carl coughs) – Yeah, well, uh, me, Bolton, and Dharma
(lighthearted music) we’ve been down at the construction site working awful hard. – Pleased to make your acquaintance. – Howdy, Carl. – We’re in dire need of cleaning. – My digger has never been dirtier. – Of course I can clean you up (chuckles). That’s no problem at all. (upbeat music) Let me just get the car wash ready and… Whoa, wait a second, you
can’t fit inside my car wash. All your vehicles are way too big. – What are we gonna do? We promised our boss
we’d come back sparkling. – That’s right. I can’t take my digger back
to the construction site covered in dirt. – Yes, we will be the laughing stock of the entire construction crew. – Hmm. (gasps) I have a big idea. I’ve wanted to upgrade
the car wash for awhile. Now’s my chance. I need three parts to finish the upgrade. This triangular part,
this rectangular part, and this circular part. But, this car wash was
built a long time ago. And, they don’t make the
parts I need anymore. Hmm. There are three old machines
that I know still have them, but they won’t be easy to find. Luckily, I have a map. Uh, can you wait until I get back? – Yep, we’ll sit tight, Carl. (adventurous music) – Oh, it’s a long walk to the
Bermuda Triangle (grunts). (upbeat country music) – Hey, Carl, need a ride? – Hey, Betty. Yes, please. – Well, hop on in the truck. – Whoops (grunts). (sighs) I’m on my way
to the Bermuda Triangle to pick up a part for my car wash. – The Bermuda Triangle! Well, it’s a little out of my way. – Oh. – But, you did help me out
of a tomatoey mess one time, so I guess you could say
I tomate-owe you one. (both laughing) – Well… (adventurous music) Let us go! – Well, this is as far as I can go. The Bermuda Triangle is out that a-way. (birds squawking) – Thanks for the ride, Betty. You’re the best. – You got it, Carl. (Carl grunts) – Oh. – So long. (upbeat music) – Hmm. The Bermuda Triangle is all the way at the bottom of the ocean. Well, there’s only one way
I can think of to get there. Whoa oh oh oh! (Froggy chirps)
Whoa! – Ahoy there, my favorite landlubber. – Ribbit. – Captain Mary! Funny meeting you here. – Are you lost? You look a little out of
your depth (chuckles). – I’m on my way to the Bermuda Triangle. – The Bermuda Triangle?
(upbeat music) You’re not going to get
there by splashing around like a fish out of water. Let me take you down in my submarine. – Ribbit. – Froggy says hop in. (Froggy chirps) (Carl grunting) (gentle music) (sonar beeping) Wow! What an underwater wonderland! – We’re nearing the triangle.
(lively music) – Already? – Wait, what shape do
you see out there, hmm? (magical music) – [Carl] Whoa, that’s
the triangle all right. (lively music) – It’s time for you to suit
up and get out there, Carl. Hmm, not this one. Oh no, not this one either. Definitely not this one. – [Froggy] Ribbit. (upbeat music) – [Mary] Ah ha! Here it is! (gentle music) (mystical music) – Here I go into the deep, darkest, spooky Bermuda Triangle. (spooky music) (gasps) That’s the ship I’m looking for. (adventurous music) (door creaking) (gentle music) (water whooshing) Huh? What was that? Oh, the part I need must be in there. (bell dinging) (dramatic music) Come on. (grunts) Come on. Come off! Oh. Oh, hello there (laughs). You scared me. Say, can you help me get this open? (tinkling music) Ready? One, two, three!
(dramatic music) Huh, we did it! (laughs) Whoa. Hey now. (mysterious music) Thanks for the hand, uh, hands. Huh, all right,
(upbeat music) this is the first part for my
car wash, the triangle part. Now, I just need the rectangle
part and the circle part. (adventurous music) Whoa! – Good luck with the rest
of your adventure, Carl. – Thanks again, Captain Mary.
(lively music) – [Froggy] Ribbit, ribbit. (whistles) Look at those
magnificent mountains! I’d better bundle up. (upbeat music) There, now this should be an easy climb. (upbeat music) Hey, this is an easy climb. (wind whistling)
(moving to dramatic music) So (grunts) easy. (grunting and panting) (wind howling) Just a little further. (grunting) Whoa, oh. (dramatic music) Whoa, whoa, whoa! (grunting) – Wa? Whoa oh oh oh!
(dramatic music) Whoa oh oh! Whoa! (helicopter whirring) (upbeat music) – It’s Hector and his helicopter. – [Hector] Carl, buddy,
let me give you a lift. – [Carl] Amazing! Thanks, Hector! – Glad to be of service, Carl. – Oh, inside that old weather
station is the part I need for the car wash. (upbeat music) (grunts) Oh, come on. (grunts) Okay, now where is it? Whoa oh oh oh! Uh! (gasps) There it is! (upbeat music) Got it! Brrr, hoo, time to head
back to the car wash. (dramatic music) Still icy! (shouting) (helicopter whirring) – (laughs) Ice moves, Carl. – (laughs) Yeah, thanks. (adventurous music) – Thanks for the ride, Hector. – Any time. (gentle music) – Hey, Carl, you’re back. Did you get everything you
need to upgrade your car wash? – Well, I got the triangle
part and the rectangle part. I just need to get the circle part. – Well, then hop back in. I’ll take you anywhere you need to go. – Hmm, I appreciate the offer, but I don’t think your
helicopter can make it to the moon!
(dramatic music) – Hmm, well I don’t know
anyone with a vehicle that could fly that far. – Oh. – [Billy] That’s where I come in, Carl. – Huh? (lighthearted music) Billy? How on Earth can you get me to the moon? – Well, not exactly me. But, I believe you remember my dad. – Mr. Patterson? – It’s Commander Patterson actually. (dynamic music) – [Carl] Whoa! You’re an astronaut. Whoa! Look at that rocket ship! (adventurous music) (controls beeping) – Mission Control, this
is Pilot Andromeda. Countdown has been initiated. – Buckle up and let’s count down. – [All] 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. – Blast off! (rock roaring) (upbeat music) Out of this world! Jumpin’ Jupiter! – We’re almost at our destination. – The part I need is inside that crater. (engine puffing) (eerie music) (dramatic music)
(metal clanking) Whoa, be careful!
(alarms beeping) (metal clattering) (spaceship thudding) Whoo, we made it. – But, I don’t think we’ll
be able to make it back. The ship is too damaged.
(ominous music) – We’ll stay behind and fix the ship. Carl, you go ahead and look for that part. (adventurous music) – Yahoo! (laughs) Amazing! (magical music) Oh, here it is! (drill whirring)
(adventurous music) Cool! Commander Patterson, I have the part. – [Commander Patterson]
Glad to hear it, Carl, but we have some bad news. (ominous music) – [Carl] What’s going on? – The ship is too damaged to fly. – I’m sending an SOS
ASAP to Mission Control. (radio waves beeping) – Is there any way we can fix it? – We’ve done everything we can. We just don’t have the right parts. (somber music) – If we can’t fix the ship, we’re going to be stuck here forever. – Forever? But, I need to get back to my car wash so Dusty, Bolton, and
Dharma can get cleaned up. Maybe this part will fit. – But, that part is for your car wash. – I won’t be able to upgrade my car wash if I’m stuck on the moon. (ominous music) – Now what? – Probably a moon storm. – Or maybe it’s… (spaceship whirring) – Greetings Earthlings. – Sparky!
(dramatic music) – I picked up your SOS. I can’t let you stay here forever, Carl. The cleanliness of your planet’s
vehicles depends on you. Everyone, please, get inside my spaceship. I’ll fly you back to Earth. (adventurous music) I hope you don’t mind if
we take the scenic route. Oh, by the way, mind if we
stop at Quasar’s Market? – Thank you, Sparky. Thanks, Commander Patterson
and Pilot Andromeda. I couldn’t have got the
last part without you. (dynamic music) – [Dharma] Hello, welcome back. – Dusty, Bolton, Dharma,
prepare to sparkle. Here we go. Carl’s Car Wash is
about to get supersized. (dynamic music) The triangle part. – [Drivers] Ooo. – [Dharma] I see. (beeping music) – Look at that. – The rectangle part. – [Drivers] Whoa. – [Bolton] Oh yeah! (ground rumbling) – And, the circle part. (machine beeping) (building clattering) (dramatic music) Carl’s Car Wash, now bigger and better, is open for business. (crowd cheering) – [Dusty] Bravo! – Now, if you’ll excuse me, I believe we have some
very big, dirty vehicles that need a good cleaning. (upbeat music) – [All] Carl’s Car Wash. Carl’s Car Wash, Carl’s Car Wash, Carl’s Car Wash. Yay!
(lighthearted music) (rollers whirring) (sprayers spritzing) (dryers whirring) – Thanks, Carl. My truck’s never been so clean (chuckles). I might have to change my name. – So long, Dusty. (chuckles) Or should I say, Shiny? (truck honking) (upbeat music) – Woo.
(children laughing)


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    "Can you guys wait until I get back with the parts?"
    "Sure! Can do!"
    gone for weeks driving clear across the country and flying to the moon

    We love Carl! 😁🤣👏

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    Qqwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeee is the day I get to go home this eeeeeee was a eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee has been an amazing night eeeeeee now we have our own dreams eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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