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Carnaval en Hollywood

Activate subtitles for your language You can find them in YouTube settings How are you friend? Raul here again Do you like to watch the parades? No. Well, I love them Today we are in one of the most famous streets In Los Angeles County The walk of fame. Hollywood What are we going to see today? A multicultural parade Representations of different countries Mainly representations of the American continent Most Latinos What is the theme of this parade? The theme of this parade is Carnival Representations of different countries in the Carnival style The parade is over The walk of fame. In Hollywood See you in another video You want to see more videos that I recorded at this carnival YouTube considers them restricted Down here in the video description There are some internet links For you to watch these videos On my secondary YouTube channel Thanks for watching the video First person videos Exploring Los Angeles


  1. Purpledragonfly Author

    Muy bonito desfile pero el tema del mismo debería llevar por título: (Tolerancia y Amor a todos los país es de América Latina) mensaje para Trump. Muy buen video Raúl! Saludos!!

  2. พี่สพล ฅนโลภน้อย Author



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