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Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii (2007) | Full Hindi Movie | Rahul Bose, Zain Khan

”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Thank you! Thanks! Thanks!
Love you! Love you! Thank you very much! Thank you!
Love you! Love you! Thank you! Love you too! He won’t reform! No! No! No! Get up! Couldn’t you have waited
for 5 minutes more? l was going to receive the
Man of the Match award! Get lost! Pick up
the towel! Quickly! lt’s almost 8 o’clock! Hitler
is about to come! The water supply is about
to be turned off! And you have to pee! Yes! l want to pee!
– Go quickly! Come on! Breakfast time! Come on! Come on! The bell has rung! Come on!
– Move! l am hungry! Come on! Move! What is this? Don’t you
know that l am young? And l am hungrier than the others. Quickly give me more! l am
about to raise my hands! And you are about
to be beaten by me! Got it, Raghav? Boss! Say Raghav boss! Who is the strongest here? Raghav boss! But why so less for me? Because where were you found? Where? ln the trash! So what is his name? Dabbu! Hey, Dabbu! So Dabbu will get only this much! Don’t ask! Don’t think! Just
give a tight slap! Move! Why did you beat Dabbu? Shall l beat you? Move! Otherwise, you will also get a spoonful! Why? Because you are
Hitler’s stooge? You can do as you please? Look! Otherwise..
– Otherwise? Shall l beat you?
– Try to touch me! l see!
– Come on! What will you do?
– What will you do? Get lost! You only bark like a dog! You are a dog! l am warning you! ls that so?
– Get lost! You touched me! Wait!
l will show you! Hitler is coming! Run! Run! Run! Hitler is coming! You stupid boy! ldiot! This is not your aunt’s house! No! This is John Kakkar’s orphanage! Copying me!
– Oh my God! l will thrash you black and blue! Who dropped it?
– Sir, Karan! Sir, not me! Raghav dropped it! Raghav, don’t lie! Sir,
Raghav dropped it! Sir.. Basket Karan! Show your hand! Show! Sir, Raghav was playing the prank! Shut up, you fool! And you.. go to office.
And sit like a rooster! After that.. you will clean the whole floor
of the orphanage! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! And you my dear child.. give
breakfast to everybody! Okay! My good boy! This Hitler always
catches hold of me! l won’t spare Raghav! l
will teach him a lesson! He acts too smart! Again you are a rooster? Take this! After this l have to clean all
the rooms too! Like always. Uncle Bholu, switch on the TV too! Yesterday was lndia’s first match! Why do you want to watch
that match? lndia lost! What? lndia lost? l don’t know what these
cricketers eat! They don’t perform
well on the ground! But uncle Bholu, captain Varun! He must have played well! What can the captain do alone? Uncle Bholu, narrate
Kapil’s story to me. please! lt’s not a story! lt’s true! Today too l can’t believe
it that there were.. ..such guys in our cricket team! But Kapil was too good! Tell me! How did lndia
win ’83 world cup? How did they win? They courageously
defeated the enemy! On the British land! Zimbabwe’s team was
in front of them. 1 7 runs for 5 wickets. And then Kapil came. And
he showed his magic. Wow! 4s and 6s! Kapil
dazed everybody! 1 75 for not out! Not 1 75 for not out!
lts 1 75 not out! Shut up! And they.. how
they played yesterday! 1 75 for all out! Sohail, the captain
is very angry today. l think this leftie will
break the ball today! Watch out! Relax, Varun! l have heard the newspapers had record sales today! Okay! So according to them you all
should stop playing cricket! And that too when we lost
yesterday’s match by just 5 runs! And you made 62 of 78 balls! Sohail took 4 for 42! Maddy scored 46 not out! And Sonty took two great catches. And just 9 extras! We played well, Malini! We played really, really well! We lost! That’s why
all this rubbish! lgnore them! Win the next match! When is the next match? Sunday! Basket! Sunday is the cleaning day! The entire orphanage should shine! There should be only
6 days in a week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.. ..Thursday, Friday, Saturday. No Sunday! l think Hitler only has made Sunday. To make us work! l will just come! Move! Move! ”My back is aching.” ”Now where to go?” ”Why do we have Sunday?” ”We have to clean on this day.” ”We have to sweep properly.” ”Sunday makes us mad.” ”Why has Sunday again come?” ”When will Sunday get over?” ”After Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.. ..Thursday, Friday, Saturday.” ”Again Sunday will arrive.” ”You stupid basket!” ”You fool.” ”This is not your aunt’s house.” ”This is John Kakkar’s orphanage.” ”Go and do your work.” Oh my God! You stupid basket! ”Why has Sunday come again?” ”When will Sunday get over?” ”After Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.. ..Thursday, Friday, Saturday.” ”Again Sunday will arrive.” ”What problem is this?” ”My speech is slurred.” ”Why this hiccup doesn’t stop?” ”How to make it stop?” ”l think about this.” ”lf l drink water, l
feel like peeing.” He is in my team! Come
in my team! Come! Come! Chandu, come! Pakiya, come!
Munna, come! Come, Bablu! Come on! Get lost! ”Who is the strongest here?” ”Raghav boss! Raghav boss!
Raghav boss!” ”Raghav boss, calm down.” ”Otherwise we will be beaten.” ”Then Sunday will be spoiled.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Somebody come today.” ”And become my mummy and daddy.” ”And take me to their home.” Oh my God! No problem! l have an idea! Take it! You can use it! l will use this! lt
will be fine for me! l will wear it as a belt. Did you have water? l had just one glass. lf l
drink too much, l will pee. But look, l didn’t get…hiccups. l am telling you. You
won’t get hiccups. Look, take a deep breathe. Don’t exhale. Hold it. Now slowly exhale. Now you won’t get hiccups. lf l get hiccups, nobody
will choose me. l will look sick. And who will
take a sick child home? You don’t look sick, Dabbu.
You look the smartest. Did you reserve a place for me?
– Yes. Has anybody come?
– No. Nobody has yet come.
There is still time. Move! l will be in the front! Mummy and daddy will see me first. Do you know? My parents will
come in a luxurious car! Maruti?
– Honda City. My parents’ car might be small.
But their house will be big. My parents will have a bungalow. How? Like the one shown on T.V.? l will just come! My parents will give me a computer. l don’t want anything. l just
want mummy and daddy. Hi!
– Hi! Hi!
– Hi! Hi!
– Hi! Hello! There are the children!
– Yes! Come! Are we not children? This is what happens every Sunday. Everybody wants babies.
We are no longer babies. Let it be, Raghav boss. They all had come in auto,
not in cars. Who will go with them? Forget it! Let’s go and play! Who
will take unnecessarily tension? Karan, hurry up! Boxes of toys are about
to be opened! The stuff is about to be stolen. And if we didn’t reach there fast,
we won’t get anything. Hurry up!
– Come on! This is my ball!
– Give it to me! Give me the gun! lts mine! Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulli. Give it to me! Give it to me! Give me the bat! Give me the bat! lts mine! lts mine! lts mine! ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” Now its mine! Raghav boss’ bat! Raghav, give me the bat! -Why? l found it! l took it out! For me! For Raghav boss!
Who is the.. Hey, you! l will not spare
you! Give me the bat! What will you do?
– You! Hey! Hey! Hey, wrestler! lt’s enough! Listen! Everybody leave! Now the
boxes are going to be shut. Freshen up and have your lunch! Bholu! Hitler is not there so
you are acting like a boss! l see! Shall l call sir! Shall
l tell him how you address him? You will be in a bad state! No, Bholu. l was justjoking! Dear, take your bat! Everybody
go for lunch! Come on! Karan.. you are my best friend. Now l won’t spare you.
– Get lost! Who is the strongest? KD 83.. KD 83.. 83.. 1983! KD! Kapil Dev 1983! 1983 world cup! This is Kapil’s bat! The one
used in the world cup! Dabbu! Dabbu! Look! Uncle Bholu always says..
if not for Kapil Dev.. ..then lndia wouldn’t
have won ’83 world cup! Look! l have heard it, Karan! Uncle Bholu
has only one boring story! Mad! Boring! This is that
boring story’s bat! Kapil had scored 4s
and 6s with this bat! This is my bat! My magic bat! l won’t give this bat to anybody! This is my lucky bat!
My special bat! Karan, be careful! Karan! Raghav, leave the bat!
Raghav, no! No! Raghav, don’t do that!
– You won’t get the bat! Please! Please!
– Raghav, please! Don’t do that! Give me the bat! Raghav, please!
Don’t do that! Raghav, it’s my bat! Basket! Making noise at night! l will teach them a lesson! Don’t touch it!
– Hitler is coming! Hitler is coming! Run! Run! Go to sleep! Go to sleep!
Hitler is coming! Give me the bat! lt’s enough!
Hitler is coming! Give me the bat!
– You want the bat! Come on! Raghav, no! Raghav, no! Raghav, no! Raghav! Karan, let’s go! Karan,
Hitler is coming! Come, Karan! Come on! Hurry up! Basket! Stupid basket!
Who was making a noise! l will remove your voice
and lock it in the well! l will cut your throat and
hang it on the tree! Everybody go to sleep now! Tomorrow no food for
you all! No food! Don’t forget that this is
not your aunt’s house! lts John Kakkar’s orphanage! Basket! ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” What are you doing?
Aren’t you sleeping? Let it be, Karan. lt must
have got damaged. No, Dabbu. lt is Kapil’s bat. He had won the world
cup with that bat. lt is my special bat. l am going! What are you doing? Basket! l can’t sleep peacefully
at night too! Always playing mischief! ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii. Yeah! Yeah! ‘Greetings. l am Shikha Chaudhary.’ ‘You all are welcomed
in Cricket show.’ ‘But l think now the show
is about to end.’ ‘Because in the second one
day international match.. ..Pakistan has made
lndian team’s state.. ..from bad to worst.’ ‘ln the first match 1 75 all out.’ ‘And in the second
match 130 all out.’ ‘Captain Varun Roy scored 62
not out in today’s match.’ ‘But a sole player can’t
win the match.’ ‘Coach Ranjit Lal’s experiment
might have placed Sri Lanka’s team.. world ranking two for one day
international in just 2 years.’ ‘But l think his experiment
doesn’t suit lndian team.’ ‘And if their state remains
like this then.. ..we can only say that
Lala’s boys are fools.’ l have coached school children. Your captain is one of them. And l got a satisfaction
in coaching them. Because when children play,
their toil can be seen. They play with their hearts. When l got this job,
l was delighted. After all l was going to
coach my country’s team. My 2 years in Sri Lanka
were very successful. They made me proud. Shut that phone! But now l was going
to coach that team.. ..that has the capability to be
the best team in the world. But unfortunately.. there
is no dedication. We have the best with us. But.. seeing your performance
l feel that.. ..children playing on the streets
are better than you all! At least they play each
shot with their hearts! Stop! Stop! Out! Out! Out! Out! Come on! No, out! l am going home! And l am
taking the bat with me! Hey! Hey! What is this! Oh no!
– Now there is no bat! Spoiled the game! Listen!
– Yes! Let’s call Karan.
– What, Raghu boss? Fool! He has a bat! Do one thing! Bowl so fast.. that he
gets out in the first ball itself! Then we will have the bat! Come on! l will call him! Karan! Will you play?
– l? Yes, you! Come on! But what will l do?
– Batting! Batting? Fine! Come on!
– Come on! Come on! l will do fielding there! Wait! From the back! Fast ball! Oh my God! lt’s a fast ball! Kapil, help me! Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii. ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” Hey! He is short! But what a shot! Hey! Come on! Now don’t act smugly! lf we don’t find the ball.. then
l will take the money from you! Got it! Come on! Who hit this shot? Hello! Will somebody tell
me? Whose shot it was? Uncle, it was him!
– No, uncle, not me! Why are you lying! Uncle,
it was him! l told him not to hit it hard! What if some window breaks? Uncle, not l.. l was..
– What’s your name? Karan! He lives here only! Uncle,
l will complain about him. You hit this shot? So hard! Above the building. Terrific!
– Sorry, uncle! Why are you saying sorry?
Come on! Do it again! No, uncle! l won’t ever do it
again! Never, uncle! Sorry! Come on! l want to see it!
l liked your shot! Come on! Ready! Come on! Come on! Come on! Do fielding! Come on! Come on! Go there! Do fielding! Come on! ‘How’s that?’ Will you please get the ball?
– Me? Yes, you! ‘Check out!’ Where do you live, Karan?
– John.. We all live in this
orphanage, uncle. This orphanage…nearby! ‘Come on! Come on!’ Get the ball!
– Me? Very sunshine! All the children are like
sun! Very sunflower! Not my orphanage! Of my orchid!
And l am the gardener. Gardener cum mummy cum
daddy. Am l right? One day Karan told me that
l want to bat. l told him that l am
your bat! Spin me! Am l right? People give me their babies. And l raise them up. He has grown up so much
that now he hits 6s. They are God’s children.
l just look after them. How can l.. how can l let
him go away from my sight? Rules are rules, you see. They can’t venture out
of the orphanage. Actually you don’t understand. You are so understanding. l am really impressed with
this boy’s cricket. And l want to try an experiment. Yes! l understand everything!
You can take him! That is enough for me! l mean
its enough for the orphanage. Karan.. come.
– Go! Go! Go! Take this. Keep it. Let’s go, Karan. Stupid basket! No, no, no! l didn’t expect
this from the team. Good evening, gentlemen.
– Hi, Varun! Come! – Good evening! Sohail! What’s up? No idea, Varun!- The coach called and
said tobe here within 20 minutes. Someone has to be bowl. l thought Ranjeet must
have told you, Varun! Nope! He didn’t tell me anything! Thank you, guys! l called you all suddenly at night. ln this series.. we have
lost two matches. lf we lose the next one
too then we are finished. This is the time to prove ourselves. And l have a plan. We
can win the next match. And maybe the series too. What’s the plan? There is a new player. Karan. Who? From which team? For which state does he play? Well, he is absolutely raw. l found him in Mumbai’s playground. Ranjeet, are you joking? l know, Gore. l know. Right
now l can’t afford to joke. Sir.. where is Karan?
Let’s meet him. Karan! Come, Karan! Meet them. lndian team’s selectors. Varun. lndian team’s captain. Aren’t you Varun? Can
l get your autograph? l will take it later. Sohail. Warm up with Karan. Okay! Come on! You will make this kid face
Pakistan’s fast bowlers? l don’t know what to say, Ranjeet! Varun, what plan is this! Sir.. are you sure? Varun, just once watch that
child play. l am not mad. That l will pick up anybody
from the street. l only selected you. Was l wrong? Okay, sir! Let’s see him play! Hail Kapil! Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii. ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” Oh! That’s interesting! Nobody has hit Sohail’s ball so hard, till today! Solid shot! What’s his name?
– Karan. What must be his age? ln lndia talent’s age is declining. ls there any minimum age
in the team’s selection? Not at all! Don’t worry! Now this lies in all of yours hand. Till date the youngest player
was Pakistan’s Hussan Raza. 14 years old. Played
against Zimbabwe. lf you all want then Karan..
who is 13 years old.. ..could become the youngest player. Varun.. what do you say? l.. want to see some
more of his shots. You all are welcome
to this lovely day.. ..lovely like me meaning Nadira. Welcome to the third one day
between lndia and Pakistan. And for today l have worn
my lucky sari too. So let’s get ready for
some excitement, Maru! Gone! lndia is gone! l think today again lndian
team’s clothes.. ..are going to be ripped
apart on the pitch. l knew it!
– You don’t know it! There is a change in lndian team.
There is a new batsman. Some Karan.
– Karan? lndia is gone! Karan Shetty, of course!
The player from Mumbai! Handsome Karan! l tell you!
Tall! Muscular! Fit! l had met him at Varun’s party! Oh my God! Does he handle
the bat well! Finally some excitement for me! For her excitement, l
too will tolerate him. l know what you had done in
the last match! – l know! Hey, you! How did you come here? You are not allowed
in the dressing room! No, l am Karan! What difference does that
make? Glad to meet you. You want an autograph, don’t
you? l will give you. Sonty, he is with us.
He is in the team. Hi, brother Varun. Guys! Meet Karan! He is
the coach’s new find! Wow! Great! Congrats! All the best! Thank you! – Okay! The team is
meeting in 5 minutes. Yeah! Karan, get changed. Hi! Such a small child! Are you ready, Karan?
– Yes. Your shoelaces are undone. l don’t know how to tie them. Okay! You are my lucky star! Will you play.. the
way you always play? Don’t worry! l have my magic bat! Okay, guys! We won the toss! We will bat! Come on! Hurry up! Okay, boys! lts crunch time. The batting order remains the same! There is a change in
the opening pair! Karan will open with me. Okay! lf we make 75 in the first 15..
one down Maddy. – Okay. Two down Sunny.
– Okay. Three down Sheru.
– Fine. Okay! Okay! Okay! Very good! lf this opening batting’s
experiment fails then.. down Sheru.
– Okay. Two down Sunny
– Okay. Three down Maddy.
– Okay. Brilliant! Very good! Karan, please! lt’s a batting track. 250 plus
is very achievable! Okay! We can do it!
– Okay! Okay! All right, boys! 1 .. 2.. 3.. lndia! lndia! The good news is that
lndia has won the toss. And now they will bat. The match is going to be
opened by Varun and.. Who is that? Oh! He is your 6 ft, muscular
Karan Shetty! No, no, no! He is not
Karan! He is a kid! Now only he is left! Oh my God! Have they gone mad!
How will we win the match! lf he is on Pakistan’s side..
then we will surely win! l knew it! So many people! On the
TV it looks so small! Hi! Yeah! Aslam, last time we had
beaten him severely. What is this? They are street cricketers. Let it be, Aslam. They are kids. Okay, boys! Get your positions! Come on, boys! Let’s do it! Come on! Come on everybody! Waseem!
– Brother Varun! Let me bat! Please! Okay.
– Thank you. Are you sure?
– Yes! Don’t be tense! lmraan! Back! Back! How shall l bowl for the kid? Let’s see. Not slow ball. Who knows what he can do! Come on! Anwar! Greetings! After the match, l will come
to take your autograph! Come on! Come on! Rafiq! Well bowled! Well bowled! How can this child play?
You tell me! Who.. who brings them here? Who is he? From where has he come? Maru.. in lndian cricketing
history.. is an historical moment. Yes! There was an era when
lndia had discovered zero. And today.. again zero. What will he play! l had told you! He doesn’t
know how to play! Karan! Pay attention! Sorry, brother Varun!
– Focus, Karan! Just focus! Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii. ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” Yeah! l knew it! l knew it! Karan scored 6! Yeah! Yeah!
– Shut up! You fools! Everybody out! This is not your aunt’s house!
lts John Kakkar’s orphanage! lt was just a lucky shot! Oh my God! This boy is so talented! When l saw him for the first
time, l knew that.. ..this is the future of cricket. Oh! He is so cute! l love
this boy! My sweet child! Yes, her sweet child looks small!
But he is a great player! Great! Just stay calm! Bowl well!
– l am doing it well! ”Hit it! Hit lt!” ”Hit it! Hit lt!” ”Hit it! Hit lt!” ”Hit it! Hit lt!” ”Hit it! Hit lt!” ”Nobody can face your shots.” ”Whoever comes in front of you.” ”Nobody can face your shots.” ”Whoever comes in front of you.” ”You show your magic.” ”Today everybody will
watch the show.” ”You show your magic.” ”Give a good shot for each ball.” ”Hit 4s and 6s.” ”Today make it thrilling.” ”Hit 4s and 6s.” ”Today make it thrilling.” ”Hit 4s and 6s.” ”Today make it thrilling.” ”Hit 4s and 6s.” ”Today make it thrilling.” ”Hit it! Hit lt!” ”Hit 4s.” ”Hit it! Hit lt!” ”Hit 6s.” ”Hit it! Hit lt!” ”Thrilling.” ”Hit it! Hit lt!” l knew it! That lndia is
going to win this match! Because to achieve 356
runs at no loss.. impossible for Pakistan. Gone! Pakistan is gone! From Pakistan’s team the
opening batsmen are.. ..captain Rafiz Mohammed
and Salim Sheikh. They have a target of 356 runs. And you all can see
that lndian captain.. ..Varun is placing the fielders. And the young new batting sensation
Karan is with him. By scoring 1 70 not out in his
career’s maiden inning.. ..Karan has already made
this match historical. What a spirit innings he played! Now Sohail will begin with the
bowling. Looking all set for the kill! Come on, guys! Come on! A fine shot by Rafiz! Great fielding! Yeah! Out! Salim is out!
– Yeah! A superb shot by Rafiz! And with this he completed
his 100 runs! What is this? Karan is
congratulating him! This is a lovely sentiment
to be seen on screen! But it’s still not easy for
Pakistan to win this match. Sohail is a nice bowler! How’s that! Yes! Yeah! Catch! Catch! l knew it! l knew it! lndia
has won the match! My sari and my Karan have
shown their magic! And we can say that this
match was Karantastic! l knew it! What fun! Where is water? Here comes our hero!
– Karan! Well done! Come on! Brother Varun! lsn’t this your first
international match? Who is your inspiration? lt’s the wonder of my magic bat.
– Magic bat? Yes. You see.. Karan, there is a team meeting
after 10 minutes. Excuse me, sir!
– Sorry! Team meeting! Please!
– Please! Later! One question! Please, sir!
– One more question! Thank you. What is this magic bat, Karan? Brother Varun, there is
magic in my bat! – Hello! Very good. lf you believe in this,
then it’s very good. But don’t tell anybody.
Okay. Thank you. What has happened to everybody? Nobody believes in magic! Come on! What a room! From today you will
live here, Karan. You will live where the lndian
team lives. Come on. Such a big room! lf Dabbu had been here, he would
have said let’s play cricket. lf you want then you can
play football here. What about Hitler?
– Don’t worry about him. l have handled him. He
won’t say anything. Hitler won’t say anything! Such a big room! lt must be
so difficult to clean it! Don’t worry, Karan! You
don’t have to clean it. Let’s just have dinner. Tomorrow
we will go shopping. All right. Bye. See you. Sorry, coach. l thought.. No, Varun. This is your room. Hi! But.. Karan will live with you. Coach, just one minute. Coach, with the child..
– What’s the problem, Varun? Don’t make me baby-sit, sir. You had stayed in my room at
the time of your first match. Do you remember? He is 13 years
old. You were 14 years old. For me.. you too were a child.
– Yes, coach. And as it is.. Karan is your fan. Do you know, Karan? – Once even
Varun had stayed with me in a hotel. Do you know what he had done? Coach.. its fine. Now you go. l.. On second thoughts. Why don’t
you take another room? No, no, no! Karan is young.
He needs someone. – Sure? l’ll.. yes.
– Absolutely? Yes. You go.
– Okay. See you tomorrow. Okay.
– Bye. Good that you have come in my room. First give me your autograph. Later. Later. Okay. Oh my God! Bathroom in the bedroom! Where is the door?
– There is no door. Do you want to go in? No. l was just asking casually. Can l change?
– Yes. What’s the tension? l am going. What are the timings
of water supply? Timing? Yes. ln the orphanage we get
waterjust for 2 hours. Here you get water for 24 hours. Thanks, coach. ‘Cool!’ Are we going out? l am going out.
– Can l also come? No, you can’t come. Why? Children can’t
go there? Tell me! Yes, Babu. l am just coming.
– Who is Babu? ls he in our team? She is my friend. Bye.
– Girlfriend? Fine. Bye. You.. what will you
do alone in the room? Are you hungry? l see! You will eat the bat! l am going to tell
you a secret. Okay. Like your magic bat..
this is a magic phone. l am serious. Look, dial 12. And you can order anything
that you want to eat. Room service. Good evening, Mr. Roy. Hello.
– Yes, sir. God of room service! l.. what do you want? lce-cream! l want ice-cream!
– What flavour would you like, sir? Strawberry. – Sure, sir.
– No, no, no! Chocolate! Chocolate!
– Right, sir. Will that be all? Thank you, God of room service!
– Thank you, Mr. Roy! Count to 10. 1 .. 2..
– 3.. Come on!
– 4.. – 4. lce-cream! 5..
– lce-cream! 6..
– 6. 7..
– 7! lce-cream! 8..
– 8! lce-cream! 9..
– lce-cream! 10!
– lce-cream! Oh my God!
– Thank you, sir! So quick! ”How’s that?”
– Enjoy! ”Check this out!” ”Come on!” ”Now put you hands in the
air. Hands in the air.” ”Hands in the air.
Hands in the air.” ”Up in the air.” Hello. One Tandoori chicken please! ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” 7, 8. Tandoori chicken!
Tandoori chicken! ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” One pizza please. Sorry.
2 pizzas please. One burger please. Your burger, sir. Noodles, sir. ”Now put you hands in the
air. Hands in the air.” ”Hands in the air.
Hands in the air.” ”Up in the air.” What is all this, Karan?
What a mess! Sorry, brother Varun!
l will clean it up! l see! So you will clean all this? Yes, brother Varun. And l will
clean all the rooms on this floor. l only used to clean
in the orphanage. Do you know how many rooms
are there on each floor? At least 50!
– Oh my God! Exactly! Go to sleep! Do you know, brother Varun?
Today after ice-cream l had chicken
burger, chicken biryani. Then pizza, hakka noodles. There were two flavours
of ice-cream. One was strawberry. And the
other was chocolate. Then l.. No matter what you eat! l shouldn’t get its whiff
at night! Okay! – Okay! Karan, you dare not fart!
All right! – All right! Sorry, Karan! Excuse me! No! How can l let
him leave the city? Karan is the apple of my eyes. So what if Karan is not my child? l have raised him
up as my own child. l only am his mummy, his daddy and.. Yes! l heard it! l am
giving you money! This is not enough, sir. l am not asking for myself. l
am asking for the orphanage. Mr. Kakkar, enough! That’s
it! Don’t force me! This child has talent! Today the entire country is
appreciating him! And you.. lts okay! Did l say anything? You can take Karan.
lt’s okay. lt’s okay. l think l will have
to teach cricket.. everybody in the orphanage. Otherwise l will have to get more.. ..magic bats from somewhere. lt’s all because of the magic bat! Magic bat? What magic bat! l will show Karan and his magic bat! Hello.
– Hello. Who? Karan? Yes, Karan. Who are you?
– ls Varun there? Yes, brother Varun is there. He is
there. We always stay together.
– l see! l see! Who are you?
– Varun’s papa. You are brother Varun’s papa?
– Yes. Hang on! Hang on! Brother Varun! Brother Varun! lt’s your papa’s call.
Get up. Get up. Tell him that l am not in
the room. To call later. But you are in the room! Get up!
lt’s your papa’s call! Do what l tell you to do! Hello! Brother Varun is saying that
he is not in the room. To call later. What has happened to
you? Are you mad? Your papa had called! Couldn’t
you have talked to him? You don’t know how lucky you are! You have a papa. And
he calls you too. What is so lucky about this?
Everybody has a father. Why don’t you keep the bat
in the kit bag? – No. Your laces are open.
– l don’t know how to tie it. l will show you. lt’s quite simple. Look..
you make a simple knot. One circle.. another circle.
Put them together. Pass it through. l see! l see! lt’s very simple!
l will do it now! One simple knot. One egg..
another egg. Put them together.
– Put them together. Pass it through.
– Pass it through. lt’s done! lt’s so simple! lt was so easy!
l was trying since so long! Come on, guys!
– Had your breakfast? – Yes. Omelette bread. What else. Yes! Morning, Varun!
– Hi, Kartik. How are you? l am good. How are you?
– Hello, sir. – Hi. Remember that bike we had
talked about? – Yes! Shall we talk after the match?
– Yes. That’s okay. The client wanted to know.. Hello, Karan. Can l get
your autograph? – Mine? Yes! Yours! You are the new batting
sensation of lndian team! The entire country’s favourite.
– But who are you? Forget? We spoke just
a short while ago. l see! You are brother Varun’s papa. Hadn’t you called in the
morning? One second! Brother Varun! Brother Varun!
Brother Varun! Your papa has come! Come quickly!
Come quickly. Now he will come. Brother
Varun, do you know? Today l spoke with him on the phone. And l couldn’t recognise him. Karan.. the bus is waiting. Go with
the team. l will just come. Carry on. So you.. are in this city. Actually l had come here for
a meeting.. in this hotel. l came to know that
you are here. So.. l thought.. ‘lndia and Pakistan’s first
game of fourth one day.’ ‘Karan is ready.’ ‘Waseem is coming from
Delhi gate end..’ You! Karan has scored 6!
Karan, well done! ”Hit it! Hit lt!” ”Hit it! Hit lt!” ”Break and twist them.” ”You don’t spare anybody.” ”Don’t weigh or measure.” ”Everybody is dazed.” ”Lock horns with everybody.” ”Enthral everybody.” ”Today let there be a riot.” ”Hit 4s and 6s.” ”Today make it thrilling.” ”Hit 4s and 6s.” ”Today make it thrilling.” ”Hit 4s and 6s.” ”Today make it thrilling.” ”Hit 4s and 6s.” ”Today make it thrilling.” ”Hit it! Hit lt!” ”Hit 4s.” ”Hit it! Hit lt!” ”Hit 6s.” ”Hit it! Hit lt!” ”Thrilling.” ”Hit it! Hit lt!” Right now l am standing outside.. ..Mumbai’s John Kakkar orphanage. And you all will be shocked to
know that our great batsman.. ..Karan’s life had begun
from this orphanage. l.. l raised Karan!
l taught him cricket! l am his daddy cum mummy cum coach. l am the principal too. Karan was very small when
somebody gave him to me. l raised him. And made him capable. Today he scores 4s and 6s.
– Thank a lot. Thanks. As you all heard Karan
was 3 months old.. ..when somebody left him here. Who were they? What was
their helplessness? Why couldn’t his parents accept.. ..such a talented child,
this great batsman? Maybe his parents are
watching this program. And may this program wake them up.. ..and make them realise
their mistake. l am Ashok Sharma. For DAT sports. Where are we going? Varun is taking you out for
shopping. He is waiting for you. Kapil! Hey you! How are you, Karan?
– Good. How are you, Kapil? ls he playing well?
Well done! Keep up! Can l get an autograph please? On my.. sorry on your bat! lts
your ’83 world cup’s bat! Hey! How did you get it? l found it. lt’s my lucky bat. You are so naughty! How
can l sign without a pen? Sorry! Sorry!
– Where is the pen? – Here. Okay! Good luck! Good morning, sir! Do you know, brother Varun?
Whom l met today? Kapil.. Oh my God! Lady driver! Yes! What to do, Karan?
Just like that. But she is not a bad driver. Shall l start, sir?
– Yes.. driver. Brother Varun, why are you
not sitting at the back? Back.. just like that. Why? No. You are sitting besides a girl.
– So? What if your Babu saw?
– Sir, who is he? Okay! Fine! Karan, this is Malini.
Malini, this is Karan. Karan, she is.. Babu. She
is my girlfriend. – Hi! Girlfriend?
– Why? You didn’t like me? No.. l mean, you are good! Brother Varun, marry her!
She is very beautiful! Fine! Later! Later! Thank you for your approval! Brother Varun, can l please stay
at the orphanage for 2-3 days. l will be back before
the next match. l am missing my friends a lot.
– Okay. Sure. Thank you, brother Varun. Why don’t you take something
for your friends? Hey! How about if l do some
shopping for them also? Fine. – Very good! Then specs for Dabbu!
Pants for Pakiya! Then T-shirt for Munna!
A new tumbler for Lola! And a new T-shirt for Bablu! Karan has come! Karan has come! Karan has come! Hurry up! Hurry up! Karan has come! Karan has come! Karan has come! Look!
Look! Hurry up! Hi, Karan!
– Hi, Dabbu! What is in this?
– l have got gifts for everybody! Our young Kapil has come! Uncle Bholu, do you know
whom l had met? – Who? Kapil!
– What are you saying? Yes! He has even signed on my bat! That’s great! New clothes!
– Yes! Do you know where l was living?
– Where? ln a 5 star hotel!
– Really! Do you know wherever l go,
l travel by plane? What are you saying? Yes! Do you know people
hover around me? They say, Karan autograph!
Karan autograph! Do you know how to sign? Of course! Do you know l
am going to do an ad too? Hey, smarty! Whom are
you showing all this? We don’t want your toys! Says who? l want new
clothes and toys! My friend has got it for me! Raghav, l have got something
for you too. Why? Do you think you
are smarter than me? Who is the strongest here? Karan boss! Karan boss! Karan boss! Karan boss! Shut up!
– Karan boss! Karan boss! You shut up! Basket! Who
will clean my room? Your aunt? Go! Go! Go!
Clean my room! Karan! Karan, my boy! Come to
uncle John! Come! Come! You have made uncle
John Kakkar proud! You scored 6s! You scored 4s! l have a surprise for you.
– You cooked? l am serious! Mother has come, hasn’t she? Mother! l was just thinking of coming
to Pune to meet you. Wow! You are in a good mood! Hi, dear!
– Hi! – Why not? We are winning! And its all because of
a boy called Karan! That guy is just 13 years old, mom!
But he plays so well! Amazing! He opens the batting with me! You
must have watched him on TV! Of course! Of course! And he continuously talks!
He is full of life! We share the same room in the hotel. Mom, the state of the room! Brother Varun, l didn’t do
anything. He calls me brother Varun. Brother Varun, this!
Brother Varun, that! He is.. he is just a happy kid! He doesn’t look like an orphan!
Am l right, Malini? Yes.
– ln fact we went for shopping. Varun! Varun, l was
going to tell you. He has come with me. So.. this is the surprise.
Thank you, Malini. l had forbidden her
from telling you. l had told you! Don’t
come to meet us! Why.. why are you here? ln my house? Varun! Will you please listen to me? Listen what, mom? We don’t need him! Don’t say that!
– l will say it! l will say it! Varun, l have..
– We don’t need this man! Varun, l have forgiven him.
– So? So now they are together.
– What? Your parents are back together. You know, Malini?
l was 16 years old. l was only 16 years old..
when he.. left home. l still remember. Mother used to cry so much.
Day and night. For months. Remember, mother? And.. in the school.. you
know how friends are. Kids would ask me.. you know..
where is your dad. On the sports day.. dramatics..
P&T meetings. So l.. what could l say? That dad.. got bored and he left. Dad has gone abroad to make..
to make millions. l would say.. no.. my..
l don’t have a dad. My dad is dead. Now.. 15.. after 15 years..
my dad is back. And they are back together. That’s great! New specs for you!
– New specs! And new car!
– New car! Nobody has given me this before. l won’t give it to anybody! Fine. But do share the chocolates.
Otherwise your stomach.. No! My stomach is fine! Karan boss! Karan boss!
– What happened? Hitler is calling you!
Your parents have come! Really! My parents! Karan! My son! Come to your mama!
– Leave him! Leave him! What are you doing? First
show me the proof! What do you mean, Mr. Kakkar! When l am saying that l am his
mama, it means l am his mama! You try to fool Kakkar! At this age you claim
to be Karan’s mummy! Hold your tongue, Mr. Kakkar! l gave birth to him in old age! Old age.. or in merriment! You see, Mr. Kakkar! l made
a mistake at that time! My character was loose. So l
couldn’t accept him at that time. But now l have bungalow, car,
money! Everything! Karan, l am your mother! l
will buy a cycle for you! l will give you a car! l will buy a computer for you! l
will give you whatever you want! Basket! Out! Out! Out! Out! Get lost! Everybody
get out! Cheaters! Basket! Frauds! Karan, you go! None of
them are your parents! Get out! Everybody is a fraud!
Everybody is a fraud! Cheaters! Out! Out! Master blaster! This is your stature! You
too are an orphan like us! They are not your parents!
You don’t have any parents! You will do an ad! You will live in a 5 star hotel!
You will earn money! Hey! What are you doing? Why
are you beating him? No, brother Varun. We
were just playing. l saw everything. So you
are the boss here. No, brother Varun. l
was praising Varun. lf l see you bullying any
children in the orphanage.. ..or if l see you beating them.. Varun! Captain! Hurry up! Captain! Come on! Come on! Come on! How do you do? l am Dabbu.
l am Karan’s best friend. What is your name?
– My name is Varun. One autograph please.
– l don’t have a pen. Captain! Captain! Me too! Me too! Me too! Okay! Form a queue! Autograph please! Not on the hand! l sign on T-shirt. Brother Varun.. when l asked
you for an autograph.. either get angry
or you say later. Come here! Brother Varun! You were
supposed to go home. How come you are here? l was thinking.. after all..
we are opening partners.. we.. will go out. To have fun! Yes! To have fun! ”Snatch and steal.” ”Today experience happiness.” ”Touch desires.” ”Today live to your fullest.” ”Time has shown mercy.” ”Now do as you please with life.” ”Live to your fullest.” ”Open sky.” ”Careless ambience.” ”We want to fly. We want to fly.” ”Open sky.” ”Careless ambience.” ”We want to fly. We want to fly.” ”Open sky.” ”Careless ambience.” ”We want to fly. We want to fly.” ”Open sky.” Salad. Bon appetite. Excuse me!
– ”We want to fly. We want to fly.” So.. do you have a girlfriend?
– No. Why? Are you afraid of girls?
– No. Autograph please!
– Sure. Oh! Karan! Brother Varun, today
l had so much fun! l didn’t feel as if
l don’t have parents! Karan.. if in the future you find
your parents.. how will you feel? l will be angry. But later
on l will forgive them. ls that so? You will forgive
them so easily? Then what! Am l mad? l will meet
them after so many years. l will be a bit angry. But
l will forgive them later. Then l will become luckier
than my lucky bat. l will get my parents. Brother Varun, do you know? lt’s
so lucky to have parents. Parents send you to a good school. They buy good clothes for you.
They buy new toys for you. They take you out during holidays. lt’s so lucky to have parents. Do you know, brother Varun?
What Dabbu says? Dabbu says that when we
will get our parents.. ..we will tie them with a rope.
And we won’t let them go anywhere. lf we have parents, then
what else do we want? Am l right, brother Varun? When you were a kid, didn’t
your papa take you out? Yes. He even took you out for
cricket match. – Yes. Did he teach you how to
play cricket? – Yes. Did he play with you? Brother Varun, do you know?
When l was very small, l considered
Hitler as my father. Then uncle Bholu. Then one day Raghav told me
that l don’t have parents. They had left me there. lt’s so lucky to have parents.
You are so lucky. You have your mother
as well as father. Let’s go, Karan.
– Now where? Have some more.
– No. A bit more. Here.. – Let me finish
this first. Thank you. Varun! Come! Come! Have dinner! No! Thank you! You.. what were you saying, Karan? What will happen, if
you have parents? Not now, brother Varun. Later. Don’t be scared, Karan. Just
repeat what you just told me. Everything will be nice. Nobody can scold you. And.. Parents send you to good school. Karan, you said something else too. They buy books. They buy toys. They take you out. They
take you to school. What else, Karan? l don’t know. Mummy.. loves you a lot. And daddy.. at times he scolds. But.. he too loves you a lot. lf we have parents, then
what else do we want? They.. complete your world. And when they take you out..
they hold your fingers. So you feel secured.
You feel.. protected. All these years.. how l wished.. Mummy was with me. She supported me. But you have made me realise, Karan. That no matter how old you are.. always need your dad. Hi! This is Nadira! Welcome back! Today you all can also
say with me, l knew it. Because lndia is going to
win notjust this match.. ..but also this series. Pakistan all out! And now lndia needs
just 150 runs to win. My dear sweet cute Karan
can alone score it. We will win this match! We will win this match! Very good mood today!
– Yes, sir. Look at the boy! Amazing boy! He has changed the atmosphere..
..of the entire dressing room! Yes, sir! Karan.. and his magic bat! l don’t believe in all this! Don’t tell me that you believe this? Why not, sir? l mean most of
the players have some belief. Look at Sonty! He wears
the same socks! – Okay! And Sohail.. just notice.. when
Sohail wants a wicket.. ..he lifts his collar. He thinks this is lucky. So if Karan believes that
there is magic in his bat.. ..then what’s the harm? Karan! Pad up!
– One minute! No! Pad up! Everybody listen to me! When Karan will come to bat,
everybody has to cheer him! Okay! Cheer! Listen! Listen! Nobody listens to me! One simple knot. One
egg, another egg. lt’s done! Come on, guys! One second! Please! Please! Okay, guys! That was great!
That was fantastic! – Yeah! 150 to win! That’s easy! Let’s win the match! We will
take the cup in our hand! And then..
– We will party! Fine! Later. Later. And then we will party! Yeah! 3, 2, 1 . lndia! My bat! My bat! Where is my magic bat? What happened, Karan? What
are you searching for? You! Aren’t you Karan’s friend? Raghav! Sonty, leave! Please, Sonty! Leave!
– What’s the matter? Don’t you want to bat? Raghav! Come on, Karan. Karan! Karan! Sir, did you see Karan? What? Where did Karan go? Sir, he ran after his friend.
l tried to stop him. But sir, he ran away. Umpires have reached the field.
We have to open now. Sohail! You will open with me.
– Okay. Boys, find him.
– Okay. Sir, you send him one down.
– Okay. Karan! Karan! Karan! Yes! Please! Later! Later! Yes! What is this, Maru? Where is Karan? Why isn’t he opening with Varun? l think it’s a new strategy. Leg stump please. What happened, Varun? Where
is your young player? Raghav! Yeah! You think you are very smart! Because you have this bat! lf l had got this bat, then today
l would have been at your place. Everybody would have been chanting
my name in the stadium! lf you didn’t have this bat.. you
would have been like me only. Now l won’t give you this bat. Waseem’s next ball! And he has lifted the ball. But the fielder is present
and a superb catch! Good shot, boy! Good shot! Who is the strongest here? Raghav boss! Not Karan boss! l didn’t get this bat!
You too won’t get it! l will break this bat! Then let’s see.. who
says Karan boss. Raghav, please don’t do this.
The match is going on. Please. No! l will do this! Why
didn’t l get this bat? l too want fame and money! l too want people to love me! lf this bat is not there,
nobody will love you. This bat is unlucky. Raghav, don’t..
– l will.. Raghav! Raghav! Raghav! And he is cleaned bowled! Waseem has taken another wicket! lndia’s position is bad. And this is an appeal for LBW. The umpire is pressurised.
And umpire said out. Another loss for lndia. Yes! Yes! Yeah! lndia is at 75 for 4.
A brilliant shot! And a good catch! lndia
has lost 5 wickets! Now l think the entire pressure
is on lndian captain Varun. Varun is alone going ahead. Yeah! That was a bad shot! He
deserves to be out! lndia lost another wicket! ‘My magic bat is broken.’ ‘Now l can’t play cricket. l
should run away from here.’ ‘l will run away. l will run away.’ Karan! Where had you gone! Do you have any sense
of responsibility? Come on! Come on! Pad up! Quickly! You have to bat next! No, sir! l can’t play.
– Why? Sir, my magic bat has broken. What rubbish! There was
no magic in your bat. We have so many good bats here. You can make century with
any one of them. Come on. You will bat with this.
The team needs you. And Varun too needs you. And with this Varun completed
his century. A brilliant.. by the
lndian captain under pressure. And Varun has again shown
that he is dependable. A superb inning!
– Thank you, sir. But we still have to see whether.. ..lndian wins this match or not. Hail Kapil. What a shot! He is trying
to score a run. And.. he is out! Karan is back! He has come! Karan! Karan! Karan! Friends, Karan is back! Mother
tried to keep the son away. But son can’t live without
his mother. l knew it! Yes. But now lndia has to
score 16 runs in 7 balls. Come on, guys! Come on, guys! Buck up! Hamid! Hamid! Back! Back! Aslam! Ready!
– Okay! Be careful! Okay! Come on! ‘This is the last ball of the over.’ ‘lf l don’t score any runs, then l
will have to face the next over.’ ‘l will have to score runs.’ Brother Varun! Run! Run! There! There! And that was very close. There was no need for this run. l don’t know why lndia is taking
such a risk at this stage. What are you doing?
lt’s the last wicket. Sorry, brother Varun. Last over. 6 balls. And 15 runs. lt’s a 4! The match is at an exciting stage. A brilliant shot! Great fielding! The right decision
not to score runs. l think now there is equal
pressure on both the teams. Now this final match between
lndia and Pakistan series.. ..has reached a crucial point. Let’s proceed. Beautiful stroke! Straight for 4 runs! Complete
control on that ball! They need 7 runs. He has played it towards the fine
leg! The ball racing to the boundary. Look for 2! Look for 2! Salim! Salim! The second run is also complete! One more! One more! One more! Varun coming for the third run. And this brilliant fielding. No! No! – Karan is in double
mind! He is racing ahead! Nice throw! Straight
to the wicket keeper! But Karan has already
reached the crease. That was a close shave. And now finally Karan
will face the ball. Come on! Come on! Move! Move! Come on! Very dangerous ball of Waseem. l hope Karan is not
seriously injured. And umpire is warning Waseem. Waseem! Waseem! We will see whether we win
or lose. We play fair. Are you okay? Brother Varun, l can’t
play. l can’t play. l want to leave. l can’t stay here. l am a 13 years old orphan. l can’t face the fast bowlers. What are you saying? What
has happened to you? l am sorry, brother Varun. Raghav broke my magic bat. l am
nothing without my magic bat. Listen to me! Listen to me, Karan! There was no magic in this bat. The magic is in you. Without your faith,
that bat was nothing. Believe in yourself, Karan. Believe in the magic in you. l have seen that magic!
We all have seen it! Come on, Karan. Come on. You can do it. Come on, son.
You can do it. Come on. ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” Yeah! Yeah! l knew it! l knew it! Yes! Damn it!
– Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! So have you left the team?
You won’t play for lndia? Not now, Dabbu. Later. Why? Because your magic
bat has broken? That is true. But do you know, Dabbu.. Varun said that
the magic is in us? lt’s in our faith. So from today l will study.
l will learn. l will practice cricket too. l
will bring that magic in me. Only then will l play for
lndian cricket team. But Dabbu, l had great
fun in those 3 weeks! l lived with brother Varun. l ate with him. l
even swam with him. And even cycling. l even went
to his house. Do you know? Karan boss! Karan boss! What happened?
– Hitler is calling you. Hitler calls anytime! He
doesn’t have any work! He just keeps calling us! Why don’t they understand? Now l am
not in the lndian cricket team. Brother Varun! Aunt Malini! How come you are here today? Just like that. Varun! We.. we were thinking that
if you don’t mind.. know.. we want
your permission.. ..that you come home.. and.. Varun, just get to the point.
– Yes! Oh God, Malini! This is much harder than
proposing to you! Please! Okay! We.. want to adopt you
forever, Malini. Malini?
– Varun! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan, please! Fine. But l have some conditions. You won’t scold me.
– Done. l will sleep whenever l want.
– Okay. TV for 24 hours.
– Okay. Yes. Latest video games.
– Latest video games. lce-cream.
– lce-cream. Burger.
– Burger. Pizza.
– Pizza. Cycle.
– Cycle? Computer. And AC. ln my room. l don’t want all this. l just
want mummy and daddy. Basket! Come on! You stupid hero! l want all the floors shinning!
Okay! Come on! Quick! Quick! ‘l was luckier than my lucky bat.’ ‘l got my mummy and daddy.’ ‘But brother Varun was right.
We all have magic in us.’ ‘We just have to believe
in ourselves.’ ”How’s that?” ”Come on.” ”Now put you hands in the
air. Hands in the air.” ”Hands in the air.
Hands in the air.” ”Up in the air.” ”Don’t do this.” ”Lift your eyes and
spin in the ground.” ”You are the guard of the stumps.” ”Do some setting and stop.” ”Look at the bowler and tease him.” ”Then take care of the
fielding around.” ”Fix the ball. And run
down the pitch.” ”Use your strength and give a 6.” ”Chain Kulii Ki. Chain Kulii Ki.” ”Main Kulii. Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki. Chain Kulii Ki.” ”Main Kulii. Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Hit it!” ”Think beforehand.” ”Grab the opportunity.” ”Set the fielding.’ ”Look at him in such a way that
it scares the batsman.” ”And throw a Yorker.” ”And confuse him with in-swing
and out-swing.” ”That’s what it’s all about.” ”But bowl in such a way
that everybody is dazed.” ”Chain Kulii Ki. Chain Kulii Ki.” ”Main Kulii. Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki. Chain Kulii Ki.” ”Main Kulii. Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.” ”Now put you hands in the
air. Hands in the air.” ”Hands in the air.
Hands in the air.” ”Up in the air.”


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