1. Amanda Lin Author

    I grew up watching dubbed in Naruto and I honestly don’t think it’s really that bad. My favorite dub voices in Naruto is Naruto and Gai Sensei though hehe. Although I do like the subbed version for Sakura more

  2. gamercatgirl 4004 Author

    Yeah i know if male character but the real actors are female

    Wtf who dislike my comment wait all the comments have dislike mmmmmm….but who did this

  3. RonaldoLegend78 Author

    That moment when you realise the father and son are acted by the same person
    Just imagine how much she has to voice act if they both use multi shadow clone at the same time

  4. WestDragon Author

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  5. esther tuikolo Author

    I honestly love to hear the Japanese version of the anime than the English version, it’s also because I can just read the subtitles. It’s way better as the original 😌👌🏽

  6. Brian Ward Author

    Why is there so much hate In The comments? Like, the people who like the English dubs are getting hated on and the ones that like the sub says that the subs are sooooo much better. Its just our opinion, people don't have to get so worked up. One comment even said fuck u if you like the dub better, another said the people who like dub are racist cuz the dubs cast are white.

  7. Bradsan2006 Author

    I can't believe the same woman plays boruto too come on her playing naruto was enough now boruto I swear they could've found another actor for his voice

  8. Zac Rogers Author

    It really takes the awesomeness away knowing that Naruto and Boruto is voiced by an old white lady. I bet a lot of teenage girls just died lol.

  9. Julian Rubio Author

    Japanese will always be better lmao.. the English voice acting is just cringey and ruins the characters in that they don’t match at all (some are okay) like.. it was so hard listening to Kakashi in English because it totally changes his vibe imo. the Japanese voice acting will always be more lively, less forced and the pronunciations will be better too.. if you listen to dub, that’s a yikes from me dawg


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