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Charlamagne & Trevor Noah Ch3: The Future of Representation in Hollywood | Emerging Hollywood

(Hip Hop intro) – Hollywood is being rebuilt by artists not afraid to disrupt the status
quo, telling fresh stories, and bringing to life characters who until now have been
confined to the margins. This is “Emerging Hollywood.” – What is the future of people of color and African American
representation in media. – I think you have to break
it down into different levels. When looking at black people
being represented on screen, black American being
represented on screen, black people being represented on screen. You have to break it down into what’s happening behind the camera, what’s happening in front of the camera, what’s happening in the boardrooms that control the world of cameras. Because those are all the pieces that define the world that we live in, and I think you can operate with a bit of nuance in this world which people often do not enjoy because
it is more difficult. I think we have to say that as black creatives and as black creators, we have an obligation to our
own to create our stories, and again it’s not about saying hey white people you are
excluded, it’s about saying no hey let’s take pride in telling
our stories the same way for so long Hollywood and it’s original creators took pride in telling their stories. Just tell a story. The other part of it
though has to acknowledge that there is a gate and
there are gatekeepers, and those people have to
give you the opportunity, so in many ways you can create as much as you want to create, you can work with the perimeters
that you can work within. But I think Hollywood as a
whole from the boardrooms, to the directors, to the filmmakers, and the writers, etc. They also have to realize that there is an opportunity to grow. For so long people have made
it seem like it’s charity why don’t you put black
people in your TV show? Wouldn’t that be nice? It’s not about nice. Think about the opportunity to grow. There is a saturation point at
some point people have seen.. – Every white story. [Trevor]- Every single
white story out there. Every white story, they’ve seen it. Now when a movie like
Black Panther comes out people are like, there is something
different about this movie I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something different about it. I don’t know what it is, it is the freshest Marvel
movie in a long time, and you really can’t
put your finger on it. Really? And I think that’s all it is it’s like finding original stories. It’s the same thing that is happening in Hollywood with regards to women. Women rights stories. That women tell their stories
doesn’t just have to be some guy who is writing a story about oh she was beautiful but she
didn’t know it until a guy discovered it for her. Why don’t just have a women
tell an authentic story. You see it with beautiful
films like Lady Bird, and you see it with beautiful black films written by guys like Ryan Coogler. You see people like Ava DuVernay pushing storytelling in
a different direction. What you realize is,
it’s not a black movie, it’s not a black story. It’s a story. It’s a movie, and there are black people
who are the characters in it, and that appeals to anyone. – What story are you
hoping to convey with your “Born a Crime” film based on your book. Well the hardest thing is to trying to find a way to distill
a book into a movie. Cause we all know the
phrase the book was better. So how do I distill 20 audios
into less than two hours? That’s going to be the biggest challenge. The main thing I think I what
to convey in the movie though is a story so the cue will be figuring out how do I tell the story of a
mother and son who’s love exist in a world where it shouldn’t, and how do I tell the story of a country that is existing even though it shouldn’t? In many ways South Africa is
a story of impossibilities, a nation where a minority
oppressed a majority, and once that majority achieved power there wasn’t a backlash, there wasn’t a revolution
where people were killed. In many ways it was termed
the “Bloodless Revolution.” So how do you tell that story, and how do you tell the story
on a macro level as well? When you look at these
people, their family, and the community and the
country that they grew up in, and how it all combined into
this guy that you are speaking to right now, and many people
like me living in the world. – Is it harder really because
controlled to the writers being that this is your real
and they might want to just spice it up a little bit. – I don’t know if you
could spice up my life I’ll be honest with you. I’ll be interested to see how
you would try to spice it up I only realize how crazy my life was when I wrote the book about my life. Because I always had thought
I had just lived my life, and maybe because I grew up
in a place where many people had crazy stories. Maybe you are similar. Personally, I remember reading your book and the things and the people
you’ve met are so crazy. But there are people out there who have lived really sanitized lives. So to them your life is crazy, but then many people will be
like Charlemagne what are you talking about you lived a crazy life? Man I lived a block away from you and my life was much crazier, and then you are like yeah but my life is crazy to other
people, and so I don’t think they need to spice it up. Likely I’ll probably be working
with them, not against them, so I am excited. – All right Trev, thank you
for sitting with me my brother. – Thank you my dude. Thank
you very much for your time. (Hip Hop outro)


  1. H BLUEBELL Author

    CTG was born to do this!!! Excellent interviewer–cognitively and emotionally intelligent. Spiritually evolving. He has that magic. Great job sir! Great interview. This is a great look Hollywood reporter. Subx tick

  2. Ramal Brown Author

    I never really got to understand Trevor Noah until this interview. He gained a lot of respect from me through this interview.

  3. Lizzie Liz Author

    Will definitely look forward to more of this content and interviews. Trevor Noah is one of my most favorite people to watch so intelligent and eloquent. Charlamagne tha God is always fun to watch host, the questions were great! Quality content. Most enjoyed. Keep up the good work!

  4. Ambri brown Author

    I've been waited so long for this pairing Trevor Noah & Charlemagne the God It's almost like Nelson Mandela/Martin Luther king and Malcolm X new generation👏🏾✊🏾 thank you!!

  5. Elyshia Cross Author

    this was so amazing, I can't wait for more episodes. I just wish it was one long episode. I was so caught up in the conversation, then the credits popped up lol

  6. Kono Dutch Author

    Well i like trevor but what can charlamagne the gimp do???? Trevor can engage in conversation. The gimp is just good looking but not like hot enough to be eye candy…. Why is he successful???

  7. NashJulie9 Author

    It always fascinates me when people are surprised to find that Africans (immigrants) can be well spoken. On the other hand, Charlamagne. I love the direction you are taking your work into. Really refreshing format. Watching from UK via France & Cameroon.

  8. Nancy Deis Author

    Trevor Trevor Trevor I cannot put into words what I think of this man. The world is blessed to have him. I wish more would shut their brains off and hear what he says. Take the defense mechanisms we all have out and listen. That is one sexy mind that is part of the whole sexy package of Trevor Noah. And the dimple…

  9. phard2345 Author

    I hold literally no hope for any of this…. Sorry. And let me just tell you the real problem in just two words…. White sensibility! We as a planet, just cannot upset that sensibility of the white male. If he is not the centre of every story, not the protagonist, not the saviour, not the hero.. then it is simple an up hill battle to get any movie made. As we have all keep saying…. Blacks, (not only in America) need their own media platforms. Its just that simple. We suggested a sister-branch of Hollywood.. A New Black Hollywood if you will, but the idea was shot down before it could get any traction. Well we still are seeking are seeking that and much more… it really is a disservice to not tell the 100 blockbuster stories that we have. Let alone the new genre's of media production that we hjave in the works…

  10. Erica Ashley Author

    Real Good work,I'm an on the road truck driver,an I see so many rights n wrongs in all walks of life,I'm more than excited,these two men are the smartest leaders in media,an I want more,thanks God n Trevor,I'm here for it all.

  11. L Beatrice Batz Author

    Regardless of how many 'white stories' have or have not been told, we as viewers are interested in seeing a variety of stories shown. Full stop.

  12. Bruce Martin Author

    Charlamegne is truly prophetic. He’s grown as a person. I remember him back when. Trevor’s perspective on the US is such a fresh multifaceted nuanced one. Not the binary thinking the corporate media has been pushing. Great series.

  13. MFUNDO MPINGA Author

    Well that was fulfilling ..Trevor Noah represents south Africa so well ..He's not racially biased and he's most of the time honest about the state of the nation..I'm inspired really .CTG keep creating good educational content Sir ,we need it

  14. CCS Z Author

    Watching this from Germany, i am so glad to see that there are American talkshows, that actually let people TALK and have a conversation over more than just a few minutes. Trevor does that in his show too and it makes the huge difference to most other late night shows. Fighting the (extremely)short attention span of Americans would do the social and political climate a good deed!

  15. Annet Nankinga Author

    wat I lov abt trevor is truth, he is not afraid to speak abt realty, en as u know sometyms realty is bitter, en I think dats y some pipo hate him, I mean he hides nothing, data why you see he is happy, cute en anti aging, I'm so proud of him en da world shud be proud too

  16. Mindless Shoppers Author

    Trevor is awesome, a leader towards an equal and better world, apart from at the end when he said "Thank you my dude" … If he didn't want to be categorized, he could have said "Thank you my man" or "Thank you for having me" anyways great vid!

  17. Keith Turner Author

    Charlamagne I have mad respect for you my brotha. I have followed you and supported you for years. I am sooooo proud of you. Keep up the fantastic work and keep growing and taking us with you on your journeys.

  18. Antwan Frasier Author

    This man Charlemagne was convicted for DRUGGING and RAPING 15 year old black teenager name Jessica Reid and the democrats and the war on women people are SILENT.

  19. big one Author

    You've got to love the thought process put in before any answer. Trevor is really smart and could school a whole lot of celebs on how to answer smart.

  20. Karabo ManneZA Author

    Black people on screen is good, black people owning distribution companies is GREAT!
    Tyler Perry still using a white distro (Lions Gate), stop creating production companies, n start distro’s

  21. Shivonne Adams Author

    As a South African watching and listening to Trevor, makes me proud. Always so articulate, smart and well informed. I have a better understanding of some things from listening to him break it down. Way to go Trevor!!!

  22. Palesa Ndokweni Author

    All due to respect to you Trevor but there was Nothing bloodless about our revolution…. June 16, Sharpeville massacre etc- many African lives lost in the name of Democracy.

  23. Welshieeeeee Author

    I hope this somehow gets through, but Trevor shouldn't feel like he has to balance, convey, and represent the larger shifting dynamic of SA at the time in his movie.

    It's a personal story, and what happened to the country is something that personally and meaningfully effected the characters that the story centers around.

    Trying to take on too much, submitting to a pressure to tell SA's story juxtaposed to the characters isn't the way to go. Tell the story of a changing SA through the changes that moment in history caused the characters to notice, experience and live.

  24. Daryl St Jean Author

    Hey Trevor,

    Opening scene: flash backs of South African news surrounding Apartheid. (focus on ads that display where it says that blacks and whites are not allowed to couple.)

    Flash to moment when mom is in labor giving birth. Or a scene where they have just smacked baby Trevor on the butt and he starts crying. You should then monologue the first few encounters where he hears bursts of his mother doing the things you mentioned like acting like she was your nanny or where her friend had to claim you as hers.

    You can then have the story begin around the time you really started to understand who and what was going on with you….

  25. T K Author

    Cant wait to see more of these … if this is what char has in store … we are in for a treat of realism , progress … I'm truly excited

  26. Independent Thinker Author

    I totally disagree with Noah that Black South Africans now hold sociopolitical power over whites. The only change that South Africa has experienced in the past 30 years is that Racial discrimination against Black South Africans is no longer done DeJure ( via laws) – it is now mostly done DeFacto ( via practices in reality as opposed to laws), similar to how racial discrimination in America went from DeJure to DeFacto. As long as whites possess a disproportionate portion of the wealth in both America and South Africa they will always collectively control the sociopolitical direction of both countries, hence South Africa never had a revolution, bloodless or otherwise.

  27. Renee Pulliam Author

    Thank you Emerging Hollywood for having a plethora of women on your production staff. I read the credits. Im very Impressed.

  28. carla charrier Author

    Charlemagne And trever both highly intellectual people I’m glad that the both of you put your heads together as men and put this out keep moving it foward

  29. carla charrier Author

    Trevor just tell it write it put it out there.I can only imagine your are a young black go wright it and tell it.

  30. KAY FAL-JNR Author

    I like the conversation both of you hold anywhere, I follow them and the knowledge you guys share gave way for me to chase after reading a lot to empower my mind and I hope that you never stop pushing such content, good job guys!!

  31. B. Colwell Author

    I have loved all three parts, this is a great conversation. Trevor Noah, educating me for sure. Charlamagne is a good listener.
    But here I think they are showing their age. Because I don't think millenial creatives are going to be limited by Hollywood gatekeepers. People are sharing their stories on platforms like YT and building their own audience, finding their tribe, without the permission of old white guys with money. Obviously, with financial backers, who can put you through their marketing machine and on screens , etc you get more eyes on you.
    But I think it is more valuable to be authentic and connected to a smaller audience who is loyal. Hollywood is nothing to emulate. It can disappear and we will not have suffered any great loss as a culture.

  32. Van Author

    ONE CORRECTION TREVOR: It was a bloodless revolution for the white people, but many many black people paid with their lives since the struggle began.

  33. Johann Y Author

    There's a proposed SXSW panel addressing this very topic ("HOW IS BLOCKCHAIN MAKING HOLLYWOOD MORE INCLUSIVE?"):

  34. T Author

    Everyone should read Trevor’s book “ Born A Crime”. He has an exceptional life story that will having laughing as well as in tears. This is where I fell I began to truly admire this man’s brilliance.


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