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Charlie’s Angels Director Elizabeth Banks: Men Need to Go See Movies Starring Women | Fast Company

– [Stephanie] So what was the spin you wanted to put on it for 2019? – [Elizabeth] You know– – [Stephanie] Well obviously
there was the core, the roots of it–
– [Elizabeth] Yeah – [Stephanie] The sort of feminine– – [Elizabeth] The DNA as
I like to call it, yeah. – Right, but what was the 2019’s spin and what’s the Elizabeth Banks spin? – You know, I felt like there was a way to do an action movie from a, to do an action movie from a, from a different lens,
from my perspective, for the very simple for instance. Women do not typically walk into the room and immediately start fighting (laughs). We don’t walk into
rooms with our fists up. We need to use strategies in our lives to avoid violence for the most part and so my angels, who are
not trained assassins, this is not, they’re not John Wicks, they’re not Jason Bournes,
they’re not James Bonds. They have a team for a reason and being underestimated
becomes their superpower. The mantra the entire time
I was making the movie was that the women fight
smarter, not harder. was that the women fight
smarter, not harder. And so, it’s really interesting
when you’re putting together an action set piece, when
you’re trying to avoid violence because you, you end up using
all kinds of different things to get through the scene that you probably don’t see all the time in action movies because most action movies
like a guy comes in, you know, in Mission
Impossible, a guy walks into the bathroom, pushes his sleeves up or takes his jacket off, flexes his thing, and like comes at the
camera! (laughs) you know? We do that too, by the way. But, only after we’ve exhausted some other really interesting shenanigans. – How did you go about
getting ready to shoot a movie that would obviously
have a lot of complexity in setting up these
incredible action scenes? – Yeah, I had a great
lesson in making a musical. – Yeah, I had a great
lesson in making a musical. Because musical numbers
and action set pieces are actually designed
in a very similar way. And the thing about musical numbers is you do everything in prep. So you have to choose
the song, you have to, especially in Pitch Perfect,
we rearranged everything, we assigned parts, we do
all the choreographies. So for me, working with
the stunt coordinator is like working with the choreographer. I need to understand where all the actors are gonna be in the space and time so that I can make a camera meet them and you have your bars
and you have to also plan for like, what can I take out of this? If it’s too long, like what
16 bars, 24 bars et cetera, 8 bars, can I remove in
case at the end of the day I don’t like how long this went. And the fact of the matter is that making an action set piece is a little bit easier than doing a musical. (audience laughs) – That– – ‘Cause I only had one car to explode. You put seven cameras on it, you explode it one time, the car’s toast. You move on. There’s nothing else you can do. I wanted to direct feature
films and I was sort of, working towards doing that, I took every opportunity
that will come my way and the very first thing
I directed actually was a short film for Funny or
Die starring Adam Scott. And then I directed other shorts, I directed something for
the Farrelly Brothers and I ended up directing a PSA called ‘Just a Little Heart Attack’ for the American Heart Association. I have been doing this for 17 years and I consider my career my film school. I’ve been on a lot of
movie sets and worked with a lot of incredible directors. I’ve also worked with a
lot of, some directors that I don’t consider as extraordinary and you learn as much
in those experiences, if not more, about what
you know, what actors sort of need and what’s required in terms of leadership on a set. When you think about what
has been put out in media When you think about what
has been put out in media throughout history, it’s mostly from a cisgendered, white, male perspective. And so everything that’s not that feels a little bit fresher, so it feels like pretty good business. My real plea is for men
to have enough empathy My real plea is for men
to have enough empathy to go see movies starring women. Because I’ve been asked to
go see movies starring men my entire life and happily have done so. And I don’t know why men don’t
return the fucking favor. (audience cheers)


  1. Misteriosi81 Author

    3:40 yep… Definitely not seeing this garbage.. not like I was going to anyways but here's some sign language if you can read it Elizabeth 🖕🖕

  2. iLawfGaming Author

    Unlucky that recent movies with a female cast have been so politically charged it has crippled all movies with a female cast. It could be a good movie, but I will never know because all I think about when I see there is a heavily dominant woman cast movie coming out is, "what feminist bs is going to be pushed on me now when I just want to enjoy a movie?" Get past the stage of showing everyone women are equal and can do what men can do, and just naturally let it show. From ghost busters, to oceans, to Marvel's woman empowerment, maybe Charlie's angels, it all feels forced and not organic. Then men get chewed out and called sexist when we legitimately did not enjoy the movie. Have feminist saying if it was a male cast you would think differently. It's very hard to reboot an original with a positive response, attach an agenda to it, and it becomes more difficult. Has nothing to do with the gender of the cast. Again I want to be entertained when watching movies, not dragged in to some gender war bs.

  3. John Smith Author

    I watched the earlier Charlie's Angels movie, but I won't watch this one. Fuck this one. Elizabeth Banks is an idiot. I've no desire to watch anything she writes.

  4. John Smith Author

    3:38 Seems like pretty big business? Your movie bombed, Liz! That's not good business! That's the opposite of good business! You lost millions of dollars. You failed.

  5. Chick Bait Author

    "Men need to go see movies starring women"


  6. J I Author

    How about first you stop erasing men & making a female version of all all-men lead movies & second make an interesting plot then men can actually enjoy a female-lead movie smh these feminists act like wonder woman 2017 at the box office was nothing.

  7. Robert Maxwell Author

    GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU CUNT. 😂 return the favor?? How about you and hollywood stop putting identity politics in our movies and maybe we will go see them! We dont give a fuck about gender or feminism. We care about good story and good characters. I hope there's more people who are starting to see through the bullshit hollywood is trying to feed us! Do not go pay for this and support it. Its not movie making its forced politics and sexism. Period.

  8. Juan Lopez Author

    It's funny this movie is labelled "Woke" and female empowerment but she casted someone that cheated on her twilight co star with her Snow White director who was married with kids at the time. Yeah that's female empowerment alright.

  9. D W Author

    People like Elizabeth Banks have an incredibly entitled attitude. She thinks everybody should just hand over money for her movie, because of her vision of the way things ought to be. News flash – you have to earn people's patronage. Create an appealing, great movie and people will buy tickets. You can't try and shame and guilt people into giving you automatic success, you have to earn it via the merits of what you create.

  10. Scorpio808 Author

    Men will watch almost anything that is well written, developed and has good intellectual characterization. Nothing in the trailer showed me that these ladies, and I say that loosely, have chemistry, appeal and direction. I saw none of that so therefore,I did not spend my hard earned money at the movies this weekend.

  11. Scrypher Author

    Lol… Looking through Blu'Rays. … Underworld series, Hunger Games series, Charmed original series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie and tv series, Divergent, Host, Ghost in the Shell tv and movies, Resident Evil movie anthology, Star Wars: Force Awakens, Gothika, Supergirl 80s movie, The Craft, Xena tv series, Cat Woman, Birds of Prey tv series, Star Trek: Voyager, Them Bones, Flighplan, Scream, and Alien movies. Yep, I have been woke since the late 70s (when I was born – before woke was hijacked by political posars and activists). I hate these fake woke Hollywood types. Charlie's Angels is just a horrible franchise. She can kiss my asterisks.

  12. Lone Wolf Author

    Well then don't make such as shitty ass movie with the purpose of shoving feminist female empowerment down men's throats making males look bad. Isn't kinda' ironic to preach about avoiding violence when you're directing a movie about females beating the living shit out of guys? So glad I didn't pay full price for opening weekend and feel bad for those who did, miss the old days where there wasn't a war on men.

  13. Atomus Castle Author

    Wow, the end of the interview is so fucking cringey, I used to like her and respect her as an actress, but now I know shes a batshit crazy feminist I will watch other movies, total turnoff

  14. fusionaut23 Author

    What is she talking about, Is she living in her head like Brie Larson? Perhaps this was her way of bringing attention to herself and her film, in other words it was a scam. Well it certainly didn't work in her favor.

    As for appreciating woman in film: I have went and saw films with woman in the lead role all of my life. If someone is talented they get my attention including child actors. If you are good people want to see you. plain and simple.

    My guess is that Elizabeth Banks jumped on the identity politics bandwagon and made a fool of herself not to mention tarnished her credibility to be taken seriously in the industry.

  15. el060248 Author

    Can't be bothered to watch, but men don't need to do shit. People are free to use their time as they wish and if your sorry excuse of a movie is not interesting enough then it's on you.


  16. Leeroy Author

    I thought feminists didn't need no man.

    Just our money right, girls?. Make something as good as Kill Bill or John Wick and I'll pay for it. Cos Daddy issue Eminempathy and sulky pronouns playing dress-up ain't got nothin on double tapping Halle Berry and 2 stab vest Alsations keeping stride with Keanu Reeves' cinematographer.

    Why weren't the sisters out in paying force for this? Blame them before your uninspired, joyless, commitee meeting, 90s TV movie quality cash-grab, too perhaps. Then Russians and Trump.

  17. David Davidsonn Author

    I love to watch movies with women in it.
    I always stay tuned for the latest lesbian movie I can find. Wait this isn't one…
    oh well…better skip it then

  18. Northstar Kole Author

    Wonder Woman, Alita and Captain Marvel (For the most Part.) Are good movies with female leads that men went to see. Wanna know why? Might have something to with actual action being in the movie instead of two hours where every other sentence is "Men Suck." No self respecting man wants to watch that crap. Also how the fuck are you gonna say "Fuck off this isn't for you." To Men and then get mad when Men Do Just That? All this entitlement ain't gonna fix the shitty movie you produced.

  19. doogieAfro Author

    They won't return the favour because no one knowingly goes into a cinema to be degraded, insulted and force fed political agenda… not even women.

    Simple question: when these 'empowered' characters decided to kick ass.. did they kick female asses… or was the violence reserved for men? The answer to that, alone, says a lot about the agenda'd approach Banks took. It reflects the same agenda in her interview, and really, doesn't help her pull in the crowds. Action is a genre that suits men. Romcoms draw women.. that is by preference which splits them by gender … While not 100% men only (actions) or 1005 female only (romcoms) the fact of the matter is the genres mean something to the demographics that enjoy them, guys like to see crazy stunts, explosions…adrenalin-driven entertainment. Women, lacking the same tastes prefer romance and stuff that appeals to them.

    The reason these movies are tanking is because directors and feminists think they can social engineer men into being pussies by replacing them in their own genres. Never gonna happen.

  20. James Germain Author

    $8 million dollars opening and more than half the population here are women…that means even women did not want to waste their money to go see this rubbish….fuck you banks, go fuck off somewhere and suck start a flamethrower

    Btw Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself

  21. abhyudaya .manipal Author

    Men didn't go to watch the film is her excuse….lol…. after this behavior of yours , i dont think any man needs to go watch a lame women only movie… happy that ur film didn't do well….

  22. Chad Gold Author

    Listen to this dumb, seething twat. Still salty about fuckin' Spider-Man… Hello, that part wasn't yours to lose.

    Jesus, what a boring cunt. Waaaahh White men!!!! Make a good movie and some people will go see it. I won't. Hollywood is simply a vehicle for money laundering and attacking Western values. Sorry, Elizabeth. You may be a Jew convert, but you get none of my shekels, especially for this piece of shit retread.

  23. SongJiangShiJin Author

    No worries, I watch movies with strong female leads all the time, like three billboards in ebbing missouri. Don't need to see a waste of time like this though. And especially not after a weak strawman like this.

  24. The Postal Gril Author

    why? why do men need to see movies starring women?

    i dont even go see movies just because they're starring women. i wanna go see good movies, not movies ticking diversity quota boxes or full with political agenda. they're boring!!

    so if women dont even wanna see this crap why should men?

  25. Doctornomore 8 Author

    She is sooo out of touch. I remember when she went after speilberg and was wrong and now saying men don't support women movies. That's crap, if its a good movie with a good story then of course men will watch it. Look at terminator 1 and 2, the first one Sarah Connor is weak and scared and you feel for her, and then in the second one she's a badass with a burden. And those two movies are one of my favourite movies.

  26. Imlaor25 Author

    Movies starring women? Oh yes, I see those, no problem.
    Feminist movies where I’m told I suck because I’m a man? Hell no, why should I do that? And this was that kind of movie according to your own marketing.

  27. iFeel zzzZz Author

    It flopped because of "wahmen." Trying too hard feminists. Im just glad it flopped pretty much a candy in my eyes putting feminists in their place.

    Blaming it on men fuck you feminist you all just burn and die. If you whores are not useful for procreation, i honestly couldn't care less if your all dead.

    #abrarmorghulis 😠🔪👧


  28. Eric Dean Author

    Maybe you shouldn't make a shitty remake of a shitty remake of a shitty, outdated TV show that no one even misses and then blame the audience for not giving a shit.

  29. Bill Murray from The Man Who Knew Too Little Author

    Mad Max: Fury Road, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Hunger Games Trilogy.
    All films with female protagonists or supporting protagonists, all smashed the box office. Never mind those, though.

  30. Flexgado24 Author

    Get woke go broke lmfao I’m a straight guy and I fucking love Charlie’s angels from 2000 & 2003 people go to the movies to get away from reality why the fuck do we want to watch politics BS in Action movies?

  31. Bill Murray from The Man Who Knew Too Little Author

    Marge Gunderson, Wednesday Addams, Lisbeth Salander, Ellen Ripley, Clarice Starling, Catherine Tramell, Gale Weathers, Mia Wallace, The Bride, Leia Organa, Cruella De Ville, Sarah Connor… the list goes on. All iconic.

  32. sxfghsdgf asdfgadsf Author

    "Cis-gendered white male gaze is bad"
    "I'm aiming this movie squarely at women"
    "But men plz come watch the movie, I need your ticket sales ;_;"

  33. Bryce Long Author

    I'd be interested to see someone pull this shit off with a bunch of women in the leading roles just give them an actual good movie without a blatant agenda. Stop remaking shit we've seen before and actually make your own story

  34. Robertson Tirado Author

    Ford v Ferrari first place Charlie’s Angels failure but feminist its men movie wins v women movie fails. Me its just great movie v bad movie.

  35. Vaughan Author

    I did see a movie with a female lead, Liz. When Jolie was Lara Croft in 2001 in Tomb Raider….or….lately, Charlize Theron in Mad Max or Atomic Blonde as examples. There are quite a few flicks with female leads in them. WTF do you think that Wonder WOMAN was, asshat? Your movie reboot of a '70's TV show with an SJW feminist theme was a flop and you're blaming….men? I used to like you, Liz. You should've stuck to making funny movies 'cuz your politics suck.

  36. plasticweapon Author

    elizabeth banks is a horror. she's what happens when the stuck up bitch from high school actually makes a go of her showbiz dreams (in other words, she still doesn't go very far).

  37. meerkat1954 Author

    When she says "what's put out in the media throughout history is mostly from a CIS gendered white male perspective" – well that would depend entirely on which earth culture you grew up in. For over two thousand years, there have been more Islamic people and Chinese people on earth than white people, and in their advanced civilizations you certainly wouldn't be hearing a white person's perspective. As for CIS gendered, well gays are a tiny percentage of the actual population but they control half of Hollywood and have been using it to force their views on society for decades now. Lastly, I wonder if she considers Jews to be white or not, because they dominate in Hollywood as well.

  38. Joey Stray Author

    I bet any money men didnt ask you to go see a movie cuz "men". You're asking men to see a movie cuz "women" and if thats all you can use to sell it then its no wonder nobody is bothering. Could make a daquiri out of all that sourness btw.

  39. Kim Chi Author

    Elizabeth Banks pre-movie release: "This movie wasn't made for men!!!"
    Elizabeth Banks after her movie bombs: "Its all the men's fault from not watching this movie!!!"
    Women of the World: "We didn't see it either jackass!"

  40. 4 Horsemen Productions Author

    Well maybe if “ movies staring women “ would be more like wonder women who’s actions screamed bad ass instead of saying it 15+ times maybe “men would return the fucking favor” stop the stupidity.

  41. DoubleUpOnBob Author

    So she wants to shame me into seeing a movie that I have absolutely no interest in? How about making an original project instead of rehashing a tired franchise from 1976. Get some better ideas, Banks.

  42. Jeffro Rox Author

    G.I. Jane, Alien, 9 to 5, resident evil, kill bill, salt, tomb raider, wonder woman, erin brochovich, hunger games, heathers, and underworld. Movies i bought tickets for with a strong female lead. Banks you crazy.


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