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Christian Bale Shares His Thoughts On Joaquin’s Joker

The Dark Knight has spoken, and he apparently
can’t wait to get a look at the latest incarnation of his most iconic foe. At this year’s Toronto International Film
Festival, both Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Christian Bale’s upcoming car racing biopic
Ford v Ferrari were screened. Bale’s latest film premiered mere hours before
Joker was shown at TIFF 2019, and Entertainment Tonight took the chance to get the former
Batman actor’s take on Phoenix’s Joker when he walked the red carpet. Like most of the world, Bale himself hadn’t
yet seen Phoenix’s work in Joker. He did, however, take the opportunity to throw
some love in Phoenix’s general direction, and note he finds it admirable that Phoenix
is following in the footsteps of the late Heath Ledger. “Joaquin is one of the best actors around,
you know, and obviously I worked with Heath, and, you know, it’s a brave thing to follow
up that performance.” Bale went on to say he thinks Phoenix “always
makes interesting choices” and he wished the filmmakers the best with it. The world is also dying to see what maniacal
delights Phoenix and director Todd Phillips have conjured with their standalone Joker
flick. According to most critics who caught the film
at TIFF, Phoenix and Phillips have redefined the character for a new generation of Bat-fans,
delivering a gritty, wickedly insightful version of the Joker the world didn’t know it needed. Many also agree that Joker could change audiences’
perception of what comic book movies can be when it hits theaters this October. As for Bale’s kind words for Phoenix, they’re
certainly high praise from an actor of his stature. Given Bale’s past experience with the Clown
Prince of Crime, that praise is perhaps the most meaningful kind Phoenix can receive for
playing the Joker. Ledger’s work with Bale in The Dark Knight
as the bullet-, gasoline-, and anarchy-loving Joker truly is the stuff of legend; the brave
actor pushed the character beyond the frames of any comic book, film, or television version
of the Joker we’d seen before. “If you’re good at something, never do it
for free.” Purely from a legacy standpoint, most fans
believed the Joker would remain off-limits indefinitely, with Ledger’s performance continuing
to cast a long, dark shadow over the role. But eight years passed before the Joker made
his big-screen return. The Clown Prince of Crime came back with Jared
Leto’s wildly over-the-top take in the 2016 comic book misfire Suicide Squad. While that movie does have its fans, Leto’s
turn as the twisted gangster clown of Gotham City ended up not exactly being what fans
were looking for in a big-screen Joker. In the wake of the Suicide Squad debacle – and
with Cameron Monaghan delivering an equally divisive version of the Joker on Fox’s series
Gotham – many believed it would be an even longer wait to see Joker in a feature film
again. But then it was announced that Martin Scorsese
was helping to produce a standalone Joker movie to be directed by Todd Phillips, who’s
probably best known for The Hangover. To most people, it was unexpected news. “This isn’t the real Caesar’s Palace, is it?” “What do you mean?” “Did um…did Caesar live here?” Scorsese left Joker during production to focus
on other projects, but his movies certainly left their mark on the film Joker would become. As news about the movie trickled out, it became
clear that Joker would spin an original take on the character not beholden to any version
that came before. After months of speculation about who would
claim the coveted role, Phoenix officially boarded the project, an unexpected casting
choice leaving reason to believe that Joker might actually turn into something special. As Bale noted in his remarks to ET, it was
indeed “a brave thing” to follow in Ledger’s clown-shoe-sized footsteps and bring Joker
back to the big screen. Notably, Bale seemingly ignored Leto’s take
on the character entirely. “I don’t want no beef.” “You don’t want no beeeef? You don’t want no beef? You don’t want no beef…?” If the largely positive early reviews are
any indication, Phoenix’s bravery is more than paying off. In fact, many are tapping Joker to be a major
player come awards season. Though Bale may soon be facing off against
the Joker for an Oscar instead of, you know, the soul of Gotham, it appears Phoenix’s Joker
already has a fan in the former Batman actor. Phoenix’s Joker is set to bring some chaos
to moviegoers on October 4, and Bale’s Ford v Ferrari will race into theaters on November
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  1. Hank Moodkiller Author

    Blah,blah,blah and further more & I will not blah blah.There I just wasted 10 seconds of your life see above…🃏"WHY SO SERIOUS?" HAHAHAHAHAHA 😜

  2. Alexey Baal Author

    the joker movie does not seem to have anything in common with the batman universe. I think it would have been better if it was not related with Gotham at all and just be its own movie.

  3. Grunty 98 Author

    Thats what i fear,, I've seen the leaked footage and damn it was scary AF.. It looks so real like its not even a movie it is sick and disturbing but its a great movie

  4. Enzo Cabrera Author

    Good. Im glad people understand that Jared Leto's Joker was horrible and "over the top" Not to bash on him, I'm sure he is a good guy. But that portrayal of the Joker was terrible. I hope to never see one like that again.

  5. Malibu Stacy Author

    What happened to the window in the corner of the screen that was showing the beauty pageant contestants dancing in edible lingerie and high heels.

  6. Thud Thud Author

    With Nicholson, Ledger and Phoenix's performances, EVERYONE will now expect that whoever plays the Joker has to do a "brave, new and Oscar worthy performance".
    I hope Jared Leto moves on to other projects…

  7. your god will be cut Author

    It seems like this Joker movie is a low-hanging fruit type: Joker dancing with his mom, giving his mom a bath, mom gets sick, mom on a hospital bed, mom dies, and the Joker goes wild. I don't think there's anything new here.

  8. mgeorgejags Author

    Was Cameron’s portrayal bad as Joker? I’ve literally never heard anything bad about it until they randomly made it up here. I thought he did a great job

  9. Youri Carma Author

    Bale is is right because it's obvious that Joaquin Phoenix is one of those unique actors next to himself and Jake Gyllenhaal. Very much enjoyed Phoenix's Inherent Vice (2014) for instance.

    Of course there are others but this is what came into my mind first.

  10. FATAL FORCE Author

    If Bale can act in movies like Ford vs Ferrari, I don't see a reason why WB can't afford to bring him back. He's still in his mid 40s. Just make an injustice saga, end it up with flashpoint and restart DCEU fresh

  11. Zachary Manning Author

    Will never forgot Heath's performance and neither will Bake that's why bale said it was brave to continue his work. Best performance an actor has ever made

  12. Adrenaline4P Author

    I do not understand how actors have foreign accents but speak with a PERFECT American accent in movies. Bale, Tom Holland, John Boyega, dude who plays Dr. Strange

  13. agriperma Author

    Joaquin Phoneix's joker movie I think will be the one that gets me to the theater, now days a movie is lucky to get me to spend money at a cinema to watch it. this is one that looks like it will be a classic. not about a super hero, , but how society can create these characters. it looks like it will show that the Joker was not always a villain, that transition, and how that story is told will be great imo.

  14. fritz lakritz Author

    The Joker must be the dream Role for every good actor. So much to Play arround. Being mad, controlling chaos, being funny, being scary, beeing mean or sadistic. He does what he wants to do, almost like child. You almost like him for living in his own world, with his own twisted logic. The Joker is such a playground for an actor. You could do all the bad stuff mum told you not to do and take a look into a mad brain. After seeing the Master I am absolutly sure Phönix will shine and bring new interessting parts to the Joker.

  15. Jason Valerio Author

    Younger Generations need to watch movies of Martin scorsese Style movies from 70s/80/90s. (This new joker movies inspiration)
    Most of this stuff is before my time. But this is absolute art and breath of fresh air away from how most movies are nowadays.
    I have a hard time wanting to watch any movies. But this movie I want to see. I crave that gritty, dark, and 70/80s Martin scorsese type films.
    Robert De Niro looked like an absolute badass in Taxi Driver with that mohawk.

  16. Jason Valerio Author

    I don't hate Jared Leto's Joker. But I think its annoying that they cut a lot of stuff he wanted out there on the film.
    It was a fresh pop teen style type. Which is fine. I think his version looked cool and interesting as well. I think just director was part of the problem a little bit.
    Jared Leto is an insanely good actor as well.

    But Ledger's was shockingly amazing completely embodying a crazy joker. Glad they made another one and best style movie type, Martin Scorsese style…

    Mark Hamill is the absolute king with the Voice.

  17. Keyser Soze Author

    This nonsense might get an Oscar nod because of band wagon.
    Meanwhile Keanu is better than everyone while using horses to nicely kill useless humans. Where is his Oscar??? Cowards

  18. Alan Q. Wake Author

    Joaquin's gonna kill this role but at the same time its so different from Heath Ledger's version I can't be mad at it. Leto's was just too soon.

  19. Luis Author

    Personally I believe Jared Leto’s performance was pretty good, they said that so many of the joker scenes were cut out the film leaving us with almost no joker at all. :/

  20. Aut Qast Author

    This film makes me nervous, like few films do, this is one of those films that has me feeling, a foreboding and ominous sense of both intrigue & a wavering caution. I have a feeling this role for Phoenix will unhinge your understanding of the mind, and have you leaving this film without it leaving you… for a while.


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