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Christina Applegate Geeks Out Over Hollywood WOF Star at 2019 Emmys | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Ah, Christina Applegate, who I love… -Hi, baby girl. -…has arrived to the carpet. -Thank you. Thank you. -How are you this evening? -I´m good. I´m good. How are you? -You look gorgeous. -Thank you very much. -Who are you wearing this evening? -The lovely Vera Wang made a custom special dress, which is
never — I never had that done. So it´s been a process, but here we are! -So, a custom dress? -Yes, a custom dress. -It´s beautiful. -Yeah. -It looks gorgeous on you. -So I´m going to wear this to drop-off every day for the
rest of my child´s life. -Speaking of, uh, Sadie… -Yeah, Sadie. Hi, Sadie Grace. Are you watching right now? I don´t know if she´s watching E!, you know? -She´s watching E! we hope. -But I love you, honey. -We love you, Sadie. Sadie was so excited, right? She screamed when she heard you were nominated. -She went, “Oh, my God! That´s so cool!” -[ Laughs ] -And, like, went back to what she was doing. So it was like — She didn´t understand what it was, but I
got a call — Like, I had all my — my phone was off, TV was off. Like, I didn´t think I was gonna be nominated. -Really? -No. Not at all. So, I wasn´t, like, in the thing, and then I saw, like,
someone — like, the sound was off and I saw someone calling me, and
I´m like, “Who the heck calls someone at 8:45 in the morning?” I was so upset, and then I called, and they were, like, screaming, and I was like, “Why are you
screaming at — Ohh, crap!” -That´s awesome. -So… -And something else super exciting, you are getting a star
on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. -That´s — To me, that´s the end-all. -That´s pretty amazing. -Like, I was a little girl, like, walking up and down those
streets, alone, destitute. No, I wasn´t. Um… [ Chuckles ] -But you were walking down the street, yeah. -Like, walking down the streets and always though, like, as
a little girl, like, I would love to have that. And, like, it happened, and, so, like, to me, that´s like my
giddy little kid moment inside my little heart. -I´m so happy for you. I love and adore you. -Thank you. I love and adore you, too. -We love “Dead to Me.” -Thank you. -We are so excited for season two. -Ooh! -Tell us one little thing — Is it — -Compare it to season one. -It´s insane. -Insane. Even more insane? -It´s even more insane. -Okay. I´ll take it. I can´t wait. -Like, we start work tomorrow. -It´s so good. -And it´s cray town. -I love “Dead to Me.” Thank you. -Thank you. -Have fun tonight.


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