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Cinema 4D -How to Quick Subsurface Scattering Tutorial (Sss) 6 Menit

Welcome to my VFX Illusion Tutorial with me Yahya Aminullah Here , Were gonna learn how to apply subsurface scattering in CInema 4D What is Subsurface Scattering? Subsurface Scattering just like this ,looks if the light penetrates the skin of the hand and we can see the blood inside the hand And this without SSS and this with sss, and it looks more natural ok lets get started, how do we achieve this effect? So basically sss activated in luminance tab in material editor this is luminance tab and use sss effects first you need to import 3d model I’ve already had here So I just delete and reset luminance tab and when i activate this its just pure white without sss Its just basic light setup, its blue light 210% Intensity standart light, 300% intensity , so its very bright here i’m using physical render double click on material Here is Normal Map make it more ralistic well, activate luminance This part of luminance will not affects by light, shadow. so shadow etc wil not accept by luminance So when I render this There is no Shading at all even i turn off the light there is no shadow and also you can create mesh light using full luminance material create new layer double click on it add shader bitmap and choose image just like in color tab add Subsurface Scattering Effects and let change the color of subsurface scattering just like a blood this is path length comparison from low to high value so more value of path lenght it will look more transculent so now lets decrease value of path length we need smaller value now it looks cool you thats it pretty easy if you want to to the next level you can play arround with all of theese thing so the scalling of the object is very important my object here its very small so i used very low value of the path length this technique can also be used in fluid like milk tea etc to get more realistic result ok that’s it for tutorial today it’s very easy thanks for watching


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