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[CINEMA 4D] SUBSTANCE PAINTER Live Link Installation and Use Guide

Hello guys, today’s video will be about “How to Install” and “How to Use” the Substance Painter Live Link with Cinema 4D, so let’s get started! Once you download the .ZIP file and extract it, you’ll find a folder like this one, To install the plugin, you need to open the Substance Painter Folder and copy the hhconnect folder to the Allegorithmic’s plugins path that is usually located in: now, when you open Substance Painter, the plugin will be available as you can see here Inside the folder you downloaded you will find a folder called c4d open it and copy the folder called hhconnect let’s Open Cinema 4D, go to:
Edit>Preferences and click Open Preferences Folder, open plugins and paste the hhconnect folder DON’T FORGET TO COPY THIS PATH, because we are going to use it in just a moment Now to finish the installation we need to go to the plugins folder of Substance Painter and open the hhconnect folder we pasted in the step one here we’ll find a configuration file , called hhconnect.env in which you need to set a variable called c4d_path with the path we just copied as I’m doing here don’t forget to include the “hh_connect” folder at the end of the path and to remove the pound key (#) at the beginning of the text line now if you re-open C4D and click plugins, you’ll find the hhconnect plugin installed and ready to use To use the plugin in Cinema 4d all you need to do is open the plugin and click Start Listening now Substance Painter will be able to communicate with Cinema 4D. next, in Substance painter we need to set up the plugin to work with Cinema4d, so let’s do it First, we have a Pin button, that if clicked, will make the plugin window to remain over the ui at all times Then, we have Select Path, here we can define the output path for the texture file exports, in the software dropdown, select Cinema4D and in renderer dropdown choose the renderer, the plugin currently works with Arnold and Redshift now we can select the output resolution, the file format, and the normal format. both Redshift and Arnold work with OpenGL so if you need to export as DirectX for any specific reason, the necessary configuration will be added to keep the right normal format when rendering After that, you can either select if you want to use one texture per material map, or if you want to optimize them by packing the ambient occlusion, metal and roughness in one single map Finally, you can independently choose the bit depth of the normal and height maps, as well as the bit depth of the rest of the maps once it is all configured, you have two options, send all the texture sets to Cinema 4D or only the currently active texture set. since I only have ONE material it makes no difference to send all or send current Back in Cinema, a new material is created but not yet assigned, I wanted to assign it automatically, but since there are so many workflow possibilities, for flexibility’s sake I thought it would be better to create a new material, that needs to be assigned only the first time. so we assign the newly created material, and we should be able to see the results. now that the material is assigned, if we update the textures in Substance Painter and send them again, we’ll be able to see the updated results this time we don’t need to reassign anything since everything is properly connected. We’ll that’s all for now! If you have any doubts or requests let me know in the comments or via our discord server


  1. pixeltrain - 3D & VFX Trainings Author

    I have only installed Arnold and not redshift. The plugin throws an error, that it can't import Redshift. The file seems compiled, so I can't comment it out:
    File "'hhconnect.pypv'", line 18, in <module>

  2. Motionworks Author

    Great looking product! I did find the tutorial a little difficult to understand… you speak very fast and the volume is too low.

  3. Vince Russell Author

    Fantastic looking plugin. I got it to work for Modo but I have tried following these steps about a dozen times and still the hhconnect plugin will not show up in C4D. Anybody else having trouble?

  4. AYMERS Author

    [C4D + Octane] Sneak Peek! SUBSTANCE PAINTER Live Link for Octane in Cinema 4D

  5. B E N B O B B Y ᵝ Author

    Looks amazing! If you could possibly add support for Corona renderer too (free to download for C4D as still in beta) that would be great 🙂

  6. B E N B O B B Y ᵝ Author

    Dont know if its technically possible, but for your next project if you could somehow allow Cinema 4D to open .spsm files (smart materials) natively with the C4D plugin that would be great! Or make a spsm to sbsar converter. At the moment it only allows you to import .sbsar files (regular materials), which is a bit frustrating as theres tons of good looking smart materials on Substance Share but are unable to download and use them directly. Know its not a major issue, but if anyone could find a solution it surely it would be you haha

  7. Patchwork Author

    Godtier plugin man, bought it! I'm impressed (thanks to Ryan Talbot for showing me this). It was such a hassle to utilize substance painter in Octane workflow earlier on (had a model with 5 different parts, essentially 5 x 5 UV-maps and had to manually first process the maps from substance, then drag and drop one by one to Octane node editor).

    Hopefully this gets more recognition, I'll definitely be using this in my workflow from now on (hopefully at some point it'd be possible to have some indicator on the live link activity (on = green, off = red, I have no experience in plugin-development so I don't know if this is doable).

  8. iTRY Edits Author

    my c4d folder doesn't have "hhconnect"folder, but four different files inside it. 1.hharnold 2. hhconnect 3, hharnold, hhoctane.

  9. Super Simple Tuts Author

    can you please do an updated version to match the newer versions of the plugin, because it doesn't work properly, as well as explain the entire setup instead of skipping the code section

  10. WINBUSH Author

    So glad I found out about this is the Redshift forums this thing is saving me a ton of time. I can't believe this wasn't already a thing.

  11. Sergio Lugo Author

    Hi, ive tried to use this in production. i had some troubles, exr files are set to sRGB instead of linear, and there's some funky stuff with the normal maps. Using Arnold.

  12. Ryan Lohman Author

    Great indispensable software The HHConnect Bridge works with Redshift amazingly well. Listen to the video during install. STAY OUT OF PROGRAM FILES, this is not your mothers install! No more messing around with Nodes unless you need to. It reminds me of the days I used Lightwave- only this is for texturing instead of modeling.

  13. QI JEU Author

    I use c4d and Octane. It works well. but I have a recurring problem. When I transfer to c4d and Octane some textures appear transparent while opacity does not use and alpha blending. Have you ever noticed this problem ?

  14. Cocothinks Author

    Amazing work, thanks!…. but i have an error. IN SUBSTANCE,WHEN I TRIED TO EXPORT FOR CINEMA 4D-REDSHIFT, hitting the blue icon: "[plugin- hhconnect] Unexpected error -class`FileNotFoundError´ Can you help me? . Thanks 🙂

  15. Angelica Cresswell Author

    This seems like such a great plugin.
    The textures are exported to the designated folder for me too, and the discord link seems to be expired. Could you tell me what I've done wrong please?
    I've been looking for a solution to my problems with sp to c4d workflow for so long and now I've found the solution I'm desperate to finally get it working

  16. aryan rai Author

    Is it work with cinema 4d native renderer. I mean Physical renderer or Pro render because in you article there is only telling about cinema 4d for arnold and redshift renderer only. If it is then please update it to for Physical and pro render for cinema 4d?

  17. Francisco Seixas Author

    Anyone with problems with C4D 19 and substance painter 2018.3.2? Isn't importing the the material into C4D.. Help needed pleaseeeeee 🙂

  18. Niclas Lundmark Author

    We have a guy working in substance painter. I work in Cinema 4D with Octane. Will this work over a local network between us two

  19. Mirko Mancini Author

    Could you please update this video? I'm having this error:
    [MapExporter] Nothing could have been exported on the DefaultMaterial stack:
    [MapExporter] The channel Anisotropy angle is not available in the DefaultMaterial stack.
    [StacksExporter] Map export ended
    [Plugin – xolsplink] ERROR: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'C:/Users/mirko/AppData/Roaming/MAXON/Cinema 4D R20_4FA5020E/plugins\temp\data.json'

    [EDIT] It seems working now, I just forgot to add "/xolsplink" at the end of the path in .json file

  20. Harry Pikes Author

    now you have made substances much easier to use in C4d, could you turn your skills into integrating substance materials into Daz Studio? its such a pain in the ass at the moment 🙂

  21. chan Shine Author

    Error: [ hhconnect] Exception SubprocessError: Program './send_to "/Users/shinechan/Desktop" "DefaultMaterial" "NONE" 0 "Cinema 4D" 8080 ARNOLD bmp 0 1' failed to start (:/js/subprocess.js line 21)

  22. chan Shine Author

    Mac ox Error:[ hhconnect] Exception SubprocessError: Program './send_to "/Users/shinechan/Desktop" "DefaultMaterial" "NONE" 0 "Cinema 4D" 8080 ARNOLD bmp 0 1' failed to start (:/js/subprocess.js line 21) ,how do we solve this problem??? help…..

  23. Dan 7Kidz Author

    I wish I could make it work, but it doesn't work. The file I downloaded is all messed up with a lot of folders and files, the installation video is outdated.

  24. 360Rabbit Author

    Thank you, the plugin is good, but it doesn't connect to Cinema4D. It can export the textures with one click, but nothing shows in Cinema. I followed instructions, it seems that the video is outdated or maybe my versions are too new?


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