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Cinema 4D Tutorial – Create a Futuristic City Using Octane Scatter and Volumetrics


  1. Deelan Sital Author

    Hi David,

    this had some cool processes for getting the sci-fi look that i've always wanted.

    Could you achieve the same results in renders using Physical or standard render from c4D?

    How could we fix issues when rendering moving shots with camera, without getting those annoying aliasing problems.

  2. Straticus77 Author

    Loved the tutorial especially the environment fog portion since I've been searching for months for an answer! One question I have though is if any of these systems can be found in the 3DS Max plugin of octane or are these exclusive to C4D such as the scatter objects and an environment fog solution? Thanks!

  3. 69indigoblue Author

    Nice overall look of the beginning scene, but too many similar objects, that do not look like buildings just because lights in fake windows are flickering…but a very good look inside Octane

  4. Andreas Holmberg Author

    When I try to use the noise shader on Scatters' scale, it doesn't come up with the same results = those "islands" of buildings. instead I get stripes of buildings across the plane . This happens with every noise type or what ever I do. Any suggestions?

  5. Jeffrey Hass Author

    David, your Octane tutorials are amazing! Your artistry, depth of knowledge, and most of all teaching ability make these really special. I particularly like seeing how you share your workflow and tweak out problems that would have me bailing on the first step, whereas you fix and refine with another 2 or 3 steps to get the results you want. Very instructive, very inspiring. I have an Octane subscription now just to learn/try, but with my puny 1 GPU iMac, you have me seriously considering bailing on Apple (been there since 1978) and moving to PC just to incorporate Octane…and thanks so much EJ for hosting David's stuff.

    Quick question: do you know where one can download the Beeple supergreeb now? Maybe it is part of one of Mike's downloadable projects? Can't seem to find a link to it, though I have the excellent French Monkey Techkit.

    Future tutorial request: Convincingly incorporating live video (people, etc.) with alpha into Octane scenes.

  6. Romeo Meier Author

    can you please also make a tut how to do the samething but with Vray I do not have the option to make octane work on my PC I do not have a Nvida Card yet

  7. FluxedEdge Author

    I wish I would've seen this tutorial yesterday, working on a scene with a large amount of clones and it just takes so much longer within cinema 4D to handle all of the polygons. Thank you for this tutorial!

  8. David Legnon Author

    Thank you so much for this tut. Every time I dismiss a feature in Octane because it's too heavy or crash prone, something comes along that completely challenges that theory.

  9. Mikael Almkvist Author

    I just love the way you're teaching, it's so professional and easy to follow along and your knowledge is so impressive. Thank you so much. 🖒🖒

  10. Rushe Author

    Hi there, really loved this tutorial. Just wondering about where to find the tinydots texture, looked everywhere but couldn't find any. Thanks.

  11. Doctor Disco Author

    Hey, i am having a bit of a problem with that scale noise. No matter what noise i put there, it always results in the same shape. So there's always a diagonal space between the houses and not the islands as he has in the video. Can anybody help?
    I am using the free octane version

  12. Epic J Creations Author

    Man, thanks so much for the shout out David! I really appreciate it! I just saw your tutorial today, and dang is it good! Turned out really well! Keep up the good work!

  13. Glyn Dyer Author

    David where can I see more of your Octane work and when are you next posting another tutorial as I can't wait ? I've learnt more from watching this than anything else I've seen recently.

  14. 3dmonkeybizz Author

    Hi there guys. Thanks for the great tutorials. What I cannot find anywhere on the web is an in depth live footage motion track in C4D with the installation of an Octane rendered object, lit, and magic dusted by Octane. Any plans on your end to do something like this?……………………………….. Please!!!!!!!

  15. Thanos Kagkalos Author

    thanks alot! for some reason fog medium never works in my scenes. I wonder if its the scene scale but then again if i want fog in 1 meters or 10 cm is impossible?
    Brings me to my question: what is ur city scale here? thank u!

  16. Luey Author

    At 12:19, how can your light have that beautiful blurry image? Mine is a clearly sharp rectangle light source, I can't find the setting from the light or render setting to have the light that you have. Anw, very appreciate your tutorial and supporting!

  17. Steven Jackson Author

    Gday from Tasmania! Would my 14 year old son be able to use this clip in a home movie he's making please? It's a Judge Dredd world movie he's making with his iPhone and iMovie.He can credit you!

  18. Victor Clausson Author

    During 1:04 the space background is super crisp. Did you created that in post or is that an HDRI?
    My HDRI's background is always so blurry.

  19. Philip Pappas Author

    hey great tutorial! Is it possible to use Vertex Maps with Octane Scatter? Are there any tutorials available on this topic?

  20. 4D3 DESIGNS Author

    Had a quick question, I just recently bought the newest version of Octane I noticed under the environment tag when I go to add fog there's no "thickness tab" seems like they replaced it with a "medium radius tab" not sure where to find the thickness tab I've looked everywhere.

  21. Steve Mason Author

    Really awesome tutorial man! Just wondering how you created the surfaces/craters on your IG space colony renders? Did you use a bend deformer on a plane and then comp in the raised valleys in AE? Cheers

  22. sid spills muralidhar Author

    At 00:34 when you create the "blank" signal tags, I believe you can just drag a new parameter onto the new tag and it automatically unlinks and relinks.

  23. Matthew Wells Author

    These tutorials are the best.

    question. I'm using octane 3.05 that i bought around march of this 2018 but the bokeh feature is not available under thinlens. any idea why?

  24. GvR Designs Author

    Great Tutorial. At 24:17, where can we get the tiny dot material you use and any chance you could send link for tutorial to make in Illustrator. Thanks again, your work is reallly inspiring!!

  25. vudielen Author

    hey Dave, hey EJ!
    how come my buildings are stacked on eachother? I did exactly the same as u did (I think), but my buildings are pushed together and they aren't lookin as neat as yours so far (11:55). I love the that big dome sticking out, but my domes are put together with the tall buildings.
    does anyone know a workaround for this?
    thanks guys!

  26. vudielen Author

    someone commented that the windows do not look like windows, just because they're flickering, but you can adjust the flicker customly to your needs, and of course assign seperate mix materials and emmitters to the buildings.
    my question is: dave, EJ, or anyone! how can I achieve only parts of the lights texture to flicker? like perhaps the top row of dots would flicker but the rest would not.
    thanks in advance!


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