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Cinema 4D Tutorial – How to Attach & Detach Objects to Characters Using Constraint Tags


  1. Miguel Eduardo Author

    Happy new year EJ.
    I hope it's a year of many successes and many tutorials.

    I would like to see your recommendations for hard surface modeling. Also, more 2d tutorials with sketch and toon.

  2. Dean Mellis Author

    Thanks for the new tutorial. Constraints are the new thing in the last year. The keyframing is a little tricky with the Record Optimize button because sometimes it becomes a drop down. I think that happens if there is more than one Target involved. I would recommend opening the Local Offset folder to make sure all those keyframes get set.

  3. DFilCardoso Author

    Another amazing tutorial, could you explain emittion and glow in Arnold Renderer i canot find a tutorial regarding that issue, keep the good work and good energy fan from Portugal

  4. Laissez - faire Author

    Hi EJ I'm having trouble with mograph clone…When I use the grid clone mograph and put 0 on the y axis cause I want my object (spheres) to lay on the ground, then I use the random effector for scale but then the object (sphere) ends up no longer being on the ground anymore the smaller ones and up hovering and the bigger ones go through the ground… How do u did it so my scaled spheres are on the ground…pls help

  5. Pushpender jeet lal Author

    you can not give a look of water stimulation from soft dynamic with made of clone, please help. Please make a water flowing from water faucet with using any plugin because their no good tutorial on the youtube.

  6. Adept. Author

    I am attempting to have a character holding a rifle. I want their right hand to control the position/rotation of the gun, but I want the left hand to stay stationary holding the end of the barrel… what is the best way to go about this? Can I somehow use this tag with IK to make it so wherever the gun goes, the left hand follows with the arm stretching/bending?

  7. Alex Nguyen Author

    Thanks for your tutorial videos, I can use C4d for modeling and creating simulation objects. Next time, I hope you can make a tutorial about rigging human or sth with skin.

  8. Amos Atwell Author

    Hey EJ, so i imported an alembic from DAZ3d, and i am trying to parent an object to the avatar but this isnt working, can you help please?

  9. Ritesh Varma Author

    Hi EJ, very nice tutorial man !!! I was looking for something like this from a very long time . I struggle a bit in modelling, and wants to model these kind of characters, just wanted to know if you've extruded the limbs from the body itself or they are separate geometries (capsules/cylinders) ? Also would it be possible for you to share the project file for this ? That would be so helpful .
    Thanks 🙂

  10. Andrew Kartashev Author

    I'm having an awful time animating a weightlifter doing the clean and jerk. I'm using PC constraints and making the bar the child. How would you do it?

  11. Mohamed Asik Author

    Hi. I'm using constraint tag for my project but its soo buggy. Object jumping issues with constrain tag parent option. Can you help me to any other way pickup and rotate animation without constrain tag. It's very helpful for my upcoming projects.


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