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CINEMA 4D tutorial: Manipulating keyframes in the timeline |


  1. Phu Dao Author

    thanks alot, i was having a hard time figuring out how to make and object appear and disappear in and animation for 3 hours. Then i find this video ^^

  2. Sam Leonard Author

    Looking for, removing the softening of keyframes in a animation, they were in the Key Mode, and i toggled the pins fromt eh key frames selected. bingo!

  3. MAGA MAN Author

    These guys get a thumbs down for all the click-bait videos that pop up in a google sears that won't actually play without an account. These guys will never get any of my money.

  4. Thanos Kagkalos Author

    wow how bad tutoring. u do realise that u actually compress the key timing when u pull only the first key right? and u do not move the entire animation as u describe. I pitty young ppl that see this and get confused from the getgo…

  5. Venom Animation Author

    Help me, I was trying to put down camera into summary and then suddenly all keys are gone but the animation still there. I kept changing it to key mode but nothing happened



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