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Cinema-rise Standard Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story 4) | Gunpla TV

okay so here we have another Gunpla TV
review and this time it’s Buzz Lightyear he is one of the main characters of
Disney Pixar’s Toy Story series he is a spaceman action figure
he originally belonged to the character Andy but now as a Toy Story 4 figure
not that there is any difference he belongs to Bonnie which we see Bandai
plays he to don’t talk about that later but Buzz was created during a time where
astronauts were especially popular amongst children and his rival in the
original Toy Story actually created the conflict between Sheriff Woody and to
Andy’s favorite toy and through this rivalry they would eventually become
best friends hence the reason why you saw Scott do the woody kit the other
week because it was tough like you know the friends pair release now to the
figure the runners came in lovely vibrant colors that really do justice to
Buzz the way we see him in the movies and there’s a lovely gloss on all the
pieces it’s really really phenomenal there are also stickers for certain
parts of his suit and hands and unlike other kids who would actually have been
wrong for them to do it any other way because even the Buzz in the movie has
stickers me not being a toy however unlike in the movie he does not have any
noises or laser beam but he does have functional wings that really spring out
when his red button is pushed to achieve this Bandai cleverly uses a set of
springs that are released when pushed on as you can see hearing the instructions
it’s really rather a clever piece of engineering further to this the wings do
extend and you can take the helmet on and off but I will get to that in a bit
the assembly was really very straightforward and even though you must
use nippers you know it was really quite easy to build as you can see it’s all
well explained and things popped together well though you may need to
sometimes put the springs in again or jig it around so that both wings
functioned simultaneously I sometimes found that one would only pop up and and
and the other one wouldn’t and so you’ve got to really make sure you put them in
exactly how it says so let’s start from the head down bus has this classic
helmet in clear plastic it can be taken on and off but not
slided you have to take the front clear part off to have the effect of it being
halfway open his head has a good range of motion given that it’s inside the
suit as you can see here and what’s more his eyes are fully poseable they are
however stickers but a reason to apply with you know scalpel some tweezers you
can move them with your fingers but you gotta move them both exactly the same
otherwise he’s gonna look a bit goofy his arms have a nice range of motion at
the top it’s a ball joint which can go 360 it’s rather small but this one
attaches to one of those two-part sandwich ball joints that gives the
ability to pose on another axis these are the same type of joints seen all
over the kit and as we move down we have another and then the hand at the bottom
is a small ball joint which gives it a good range of motion his left arm does
actually have a really cool feature which is the hinge that reveals this
communication device underneath which is a nice touch
the laser button however on the other hand is just static you know you can’t
press it in it doesn’t do anything his waist is just a simple ball joint
however it’s slightly limited moving around due to the armor but as you can
see it’s not too bad in this rubber bit here is not actually rubber but it’s
hard plastic but it does a good job I think it looks convincing the hip joints
are rather the same limited in motion but can go around like so and still do
allow for iconic poses as seen on the box which are really spectacular the
twisting motion for the legs come from this part right here by the hip which is
just a peg and this means the knees don’t actually have to move around and
they can’t they only go back and forward the toes are also limited but I don’t
think that’s too different from the original toy so the best bits that
massive red button it’s pushed like this and the wings pop out really well they
can go in and out and have really nice clear bits on the end his back has some
nice screw indentations which you could just paint silver if you wanted to and
it would make it look even better and also there is a nice contrast between
the green and the glossy white I love it down here are a few more stickers under
the foot now this is referring back to it it’s Toy Story 4 remember
so there is a sticker where you can put Andy’s or Bonnie’s name and I chose Andy
because I’m a real fan of the you know original movies overall it’s an
amazingly fun kids and its really well thought out they balances well due to
its rigidity and so you compose it pretty damn good I really don’t think
the lack of certain areas range-of-motion takes anything away from
this kit I must stress that he doesn’t move like that in reality so it doesn’t
matter he composed the way he does in the movies it looks great as you can see
here there are a few stickers too and he comes with three phases which pop on to
the purple part of his helmet cheesy normal and shocked and they have it that
is Buzz Lightyear a star 10 out of 10 thank you very much


  1. Quang Cao Author

    I can see the decals on the wings are easily scratched, but overall I really like this kit, already had mine waiting to be assembled.

  2. Mr Suzukid Author

    Awesome figure, love the wings gimmick but my only complain is that he can't crossed his arms because it doesn't have that papillon articulation like the revoltech or chogokin version.. even the new bandai buzz real posing can do it 🙁

  3. Jakfan1 Author

    Just started the kit, major gripes with it so far is the small piece of transparent plastic that goes in the laser for the right arm and the lack of polycaps in favor of hard plastic joints.


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