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CINEMOOD: The First Mini Cinema for families (full version)

These days we spend up to 10 times more with our devices than we do with our children Which memories will last a
lifetime for your child? Memorable gifts that get the heart racing.. Happy moments with his loved ones.. Those special times when playing with
friends.. Unforgettable journeys to distant lands Encounters with incredible animals and
birds and how these amazing things came to life He will remember as one game
ends.. Another one begins! Cherished the evenings with the family Magical voyages throughout an imaginary
universe As the little kids drift away.. The big kids come out to play Being a father of two wonderful kids
I’ve come to realize that children grow up fast so I’ve made it my mission for
them to have the best childhood ever that’s why we created Cinemood. This tiny
portable projector creates a special atmosphere that unites families. Become part of Cinemood world and cast
more magical moments into our lives Please support us on


  1. karayuschij Author

    To avoid your children to stay in front of the computer or to play with video games you put them watching a movie…… 😀
    What the hell! Send them to play in the park!!


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