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City Girls – Act Up


  1. May Tate Author

    Congregation Smyrna Website click on Videos and Learn the Truth and Proof at this Site This can Change not only your lives but this is going to effect the Whole World in a Matter of a Few Years Time is almost up with love people!!!

  2. Tamendak1 Author

    Read Laney Moreno's comment if you want to see a prime example of what "they" say behind your back when they are jealous& afraid. Tasteless, pathetic, & miserable 😢

  3. Joe surfer Author

    After watching the video about 20 more times, I have to say this video is a real work of art. Also, that dude in the red hair and pink shirt wrote this song so he is the mastermind behind it.

  4. She Took The Kids rip my boy HR tho Author

    Big W. On the last day of school we got to stay overnight and this video came out, and we started playing this. Never forget🙏🙏

  5. Chenia tv Author

    🤢🤮 this who tryna dis Nicki tf 🗑️🗑️ illuminati all y'all brain washed I just lost many brain cells you're under Illuminati influence how do you guys see the good in this song spread awareness of this issue

  6. Truth is love Lies are hate Author

    .. Is this a mating ritual for the classless & self-respect depleted beings to flock to? As a melanin woman, please stop calling trashy behavior Queen behavior, it's the exact opposite actually. 😒😔 My concern for the morals, values, and Growth of Melanin woman is actually Queen behavior. Delete this comment if you like, either way you know I'm right.


    My friend accidentally played this on school's speakers because bluetooth and then everyone in class (also from different class) started rapping and then the teacher was like, "wHat tHe fUcK iS hAppEninG."


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