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Clinton Street Theater Portland – Outlier Jump Cuts

I’m Lani Jo Leigh and this is the
Clinton Street Theater. it’s been here for over 100 years now
and I’ve been the owner with my husband Roger for three years Yes it’s a little piece of Portland
history the building went up in nineteen
thirteen we have an article from an Oregonian
that talked about it being a moving picture house it actually started up they are out were
who you know these were popping up everywhere to cash in on the popularity of this new medium The original theater sat about 350 people but that’s because the seat’s were much narrower Right, because in scale people have changed, haha! For us to be a single-screen theater in the same
location has not been altered that match is really unusual. No, there’s
nothing on the coast in the same age range When we got the theater, it was a wreck. it was filthy it stank we had one working
speaker there was possums that lived in the
theater so the theater has now bought itself a new
sound processor 11 new speakers brand new screen there is a rip in the
screen brand new digital projector new lamps put into the 35. We have
all new seating in here I want people to walk in and feel like oh my gosh, this is like this little magic hidden away gem! Can you believe this even exists? Rocky started in April 1978 Rocky’s a really wonderful
environment at rocky you to are who you are and you
accepted and and doesn’t matter. So I would never
ever ever stop rocky you know as long as I’m here. As long as we can do it. And it’s fun to run it on 35. We had a really Print. In fact they even had callback lines to some bad splices. Of course it’s offically owned by Fox. They could pull it at any time. We were away from vacation kind of off the cell phone range. When we got back there were several calls from Fox. We thought… This is it! They’re gonna…get the hook for the print They’re gonna say DCP or die! But no they said before the labs close we thought we’d run a few clean prints… Since you’re one of the classic Rocky houses, we’ll give you a new print. It’s only been here about a year and a half now. It still looks pristine. We’re not interested in 2nd run because we’re not that interested in Hollywood. But we have really cool stuff come through here. yeah unusual characters and storylines great documentaries. Live music, live theatre it’s about giving a voice to for groups
that wouldn’t normally get that should be heard so maybe you know a
there might only be 30 people in the theater but you know
the generally those 30 will walk out very grateful for having seen it and go out and change something in the world


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