1. evshrug Author

    I would ask "How to?" something, but I know I'm a little late to the party. Looks like the receivers are equipped with great DACs though!

  2. evshrug Author

    Well, I got the RX-V367, and really like it hooked up to my Polk Audio M40 speakers and AKG Q701 headphones, in fact the virtual surround feature for headphones is great for movies and videogames (Drama and Action Game are my favorite DSPs to give a 3D soundstage effect in "Silent Cinema" mode after some experimentation, originally I was going to ask how to enable this feature). The only thing is, in moving out of my apartment I think I lost my remote. Is there another one I could get?

  3. evshrug Author

    Also, the 192kHz 24-bit DAC in this beast is way better than the one in my PC, I'm going to try and figure out how to hook them together digitally. I would just use HDMI, but unfortunately I don't think HDMI is an option for sound with my graphics card's HDMI-out.

  4. evshrug Author

    (graphics card doesn't have any sound channels, it's an older NVIDIA GTS 250 from like 3-4 years ago). My motherboard does have an S/PIDF out, I wonder if my computer could connect through that and recognize the receiver as a sound device in place of a sound card?

  5. OneCall Author

    @evshrug We do sell several external DACs that connect directly to your computer's USB connector, allowing you to get better audio to the receiver. Otherwise, you can buy a new sound card with an optical output to use the receiver's DAC.

  6. OneCall Author

    @evshrug Unfortunately we don't have the original remotes for that receiver, but we do sell universal remote controls that would work the majority of your receiver functions (for example, the URC MX450). If you are looking for the original factory remote, you can go through a company like remotes.com. they deal in original factory remotes.
    Call: 1-800-Remotes Factory original replacement remote controls remotes.com

  7. OneCall Author

    @evshrug If your computer has a S/PDIF connecton (otherwise known as digital coax), then this would work. Your receiver does have 2 digital coax inputs. This would keep the signal digital all the way to the receiver. I don't know if your computer will automatically detect if you plug in there or not, but I suppose it's worth a shot.

  8. Luke Mastrocola Author

    I have had the RX-V467 for 6 months and I love it, but to run 3D signals, I need to install the F018 firmware update (I have E017) but I live in Australia and there is no Australian version of the firmware, so I went to the US site and sure enough the firmware update is available. In the title it says (US version) which made me not want to do it, but went to download anyway and it wanted a US post code which I obviously don't have. How can I upgrade my unit firmware?

  9. OneCall Author

    Thank you for your inquiry! I am sorry, we only carry the US version of this item. We recommend contacting the dealer where you purchased it in Australia or contacting Yamaha in Australia


    Main Switchboard
    Phone: +61 3 9693 5111
    Fax: +61 3 9699 2332

    Technical Support
    Phone: 1300 739 390
    Fax: 1800 333 128

    I truly hope this helps!

  10. shadlad91 Author

    Own the RX-V467 and it is a great receiver.running Paradigm speakers and subs( x2) matched surround system. The only gripe i have is i find this receiver sub level has to be set high ( +2 out of +5 ) with a maxed sub level in order to get good solid volume from the subs.

  11. evshrug Author

    I have compared with output from my Macbook Pro, iPod's headphone jack, iPod Line-Out via L11 adapter to a FiiO E5, Panasonic HTIB integrated amp, Creative Recon3D USB processor (DAC, amp, & headphone surround processor), and this Yamaha receiver is my favorite pairing with the AKG Q701 headphone.

  12. evshrug Author

    The 1/4" headphone jack provides a clean signal till about -12dB volume… too loud to play anything. Noticeable boost to sound presence all around at listening volume, but especially in the bass. The ability to adjust treble and bass is a nice boon too. Resolution of sound files fed to the Yamaha via HDMI or Optical are very crisp with high resolution. Silent Cinema does a decent job of headphone surround, but I prefer hp surround from my Recon3D fed into the Yamaha for amping.

  13. Cedric Verlinden Author

    How can i connect this to my electric guitar? I'm new to these stuff… I've got the RX-V367 and i don't know either what cables i need to use.


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