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CoD WW2: No Theater Mode??

yo what is going on YouTube, I’m
blitz5 and this is my first video since Call of duty was released on November
3rd 2017 and in the background here we have some war gameplay this isn’t a
particular amazing gameplay I just haven’t recorded a lot of my
gameplay so far in Call of Duty World War 2 and that’s what I’m here to talk
about so after I had some amazing gameplays I actually got went 28 and won
in my first game so my very first game I see it seems like it made me play team
deathmatch I’m not sure if that’s an experience that everybody else had some
of my friends said that they didn’t know about that but I couldn’t do anything
until I played a team deathmatch game and I started off my first match of Call
of Duty World War 223 in oh and I thought that was awesome I was super
excited I was freaking out like is there a nuke in this game I still have not
determined whether there is a nuke in this game I’m sure I could google it but
I haven’t done that yet I made a video to saying that there could be a nuke in
this game because it was invented in World War 2 but no news on that yet so I
will be figuring that out later but something that I noticed that’s not in
the game that I thought would be in the game my friends actually told me it is
is theater mode so after I had these awesome gameplays and I kept playing I’m
like oh I should record some of these games so I had something for you to all
my friends assured me that there is a theater mode
in the game so when I was walking around in headquarters if you don’t know
they’ve made Call of Duty into almost like destiny where you have this base
which they called the headquarters where you can get mail and contracts like
bounty stuff to get more XP all that stuff there is a section called theater
mode but when you go there all they have is videos about Call of Duty they have
to right now about like the making of Call of Duty in World War 2 and all this
stuff and it looks like they’re setting that up to be a platform well though
where they’ll put like MLG competitive Call of Duty content and maybe some more
update stuff maybe they do an update video DLC stuff whatever who knows
pretty much just Call of Duty made content and there’s no User Content so I
couldn’t find any of my games and I was super disappointed because I spent like
the better half of Sunday playing Call of Duty because I couldn’t play on
Friday or Saturday so it was my first time playing on Sunday and I couldn’t
get back any of my games or the game that I went 28 on 1 I might just post a
picture here just to brag a little bit it’s not even that crazy the gameplay
I’ve had better ones but 28 and one on Team
Deathmatch first match I was super stoked about that and I couldn’t let it
go and I kept just talking about it because I’m annoying but it’s just super
excited because I didn’t know if I was gonna still be good at call of duty I’ve
haven’t been playing call of duty as much as I used to since probably
2012-2013 I feel like the games have just kind of changed like everybody else
has and now it’s back it’s awesome but there’s no theater mode so a couple of
things here I did some research while I was at work and you know I was just
googling it to confirm that there is no theater mode because I was bummed out
and it looks like sledgehammer came out and said that confirmed there is no
theater mode and it looks like this has been a trend kind of started by Treyarch
but there have been some articles and I’ve read some comments about people
debating the fact that I guess theater mode changes the coding over the game
because it’s like it’s pretty much recording everything that we’re doing
and it creates extra lag onto the game and I remember going back into like an
old try art game or one of the call duties where I had a lot of lag and
there would be issues where some of the games would be missing and it just
seemed like it caused a lot of problems so I think that’s part of the reason why
they might have done it it could be an excuse who knows maybe sledgehammer just
doesn’t have the systems to do that and that’s more of a trailer thing because
they have different Studios doing this that creates this whole question like
how are they creating the same game with three different studios now before it
was just Infinity Ward and trailer him outs sledgehammer games is like in this
I’m sure they work together and share employees and I’m sure they’re using
some base coding from the previous games but it’s just interesting to me how
they’re doing that but to not go too far off topic this game they just weren’t
able to put theater mode into whether they were lazy they didn’t have the time
or the resources I’m not really sure but it’s just unfortunate because that’s a
really nice feature to have and now the only way to record stuff is by saying
xbox record that which only does like 30 seconds and then I think playstation ps4
has a better recording system like ps4 share I don’t know I don’t have a
Playstation and then obviously if you have an elgato or game capture card like
I do you’re fine but most people don’t have that unless you’re making YouTube
videos or recording it for some personal reason and these devices can cost
upwards of like one hundred two hundred dollars so I’ve had one for like years I
forget how much I paid for it but so now I can at least record
the games I think it’s a major bummer that people can’t and I don’t know maybe
it’s not a huge tool maybe you know people are like who cares there’s so
much Call of Duty gameplay online I feel like 10 years ago it was awesome to post
your Call of Duty videos it was like a new thing and when you saw a gameplay of
someone going like 28 and one people thought that was cool and now it’s been
done so many times on YouTube that I don’t think people care as much but I
was still excited because it’s my first game so I guess that’s basically I’m
just going through my notes here that I wrote down I was googling a bunch of
stuff and I wanted to make this video as soon as I got home from work so just so
you know there that theater mode in the back of headquarters is not for you not
for us we can’t record our gameplay so if you’re gonna want anything make sure
you share it save it you get an Elgato Game Capture card whatever find some
other way I’m sure there’s probably some hack that people do to like get content
online but if you’re playing on console you’re pretty much beat and you know
what if it does improve lag enos game lag that much then I’m okay with it and
selfishly since I have a game capture card that’s okay but it is annoying
having to record each game and go back and delete them it was nice when Call of
Duty just saved them and kind of filed them because you never know people do
crazy shit it’s fun to go back and see like those cross map grenades or knife
kills and stuff like that so anyways I hope you guys are enjoying call of duty
World War 2 I am very much I just got home from work day two of me having the
game so I want to go in place I’m going to end this video here if you have
anything interesting that you’d like to hear about call duty World War 2 any
topics that I should cover I’m gonna be posting a ton of call duty content for
you know the foreseeable future was call duty so as always thank you for watching
I’m blitz 5 and peace out


  1. Red Ventus Author

    I just got a bad ass throwing knife kill and I wanted to see how it happened but I could not do it cuz there was no fking theater mode! 😡😡😡😢 it was one of those throwing knife kills that bounce of things and kill people u can’t even see

  2. Flames Author

    That sucks! I make Ninja Montages and theater mode really helps, it shows the planters point of view. It can show cross map kills, and overviews of maps. I really bummed because of this.

  3. Stefano Armero Author

    Bruh I went 28-0 against my friend with only sniper and final killcam landed a trickshot. This boi been playing since it released. I was so mad when I thought I had saved it. Wish theater mode was there to save that.

  4. _agua_de_horchata_ _ Author

    Bro I hit a fuckin 6 on(six kills after another)fam and on the last one I turned on somebody,they were shooting me from the back and I scoped in and turned on him fam it was on the kill cam for the end and I wanted to show my friends but no theater. I swear If ww2 did had theater i would tweet it so it could be in a montage compilation.

  5. Andrew Grabner Author

    I’ve gotten a 15 and above killstreak with a few weapons, combat shotgun, double barrel (not the sawed off, I forget the name) with a stationary turret without getting off it, and I went an entire game of war without dying, and I couldn’t save any of it because no theater mode

  6. José Sigala Author

    Man this sucked cause i dont know if im gonna do good or not. Last time i played got 29-4 on HTDM like man wtf i wanna see that again but alas nevermore…


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