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“Coming to the Theater” Social Story for Virginia Film Festival

Welcome to Virginia Film Festival’s sensory-friendly
performance of Disney’s Animated Shorts at UVA Drama Building. We are so excited that you and your family
are coming to see the show. When we arrive at the theater, we will park
in the Culbreth garage And enter through the doors at the front of the building. Next, we will wait in line to check in. The person at the table will look up your
family’s last name and check that you have reserved tickets. After we sign in, a volunteer will hand us
programs and help us find our seats. In the theatre, the chairs will be set up
in different rows. We will all sit together as a family. Other families will sit in the rows around
us. Then we will wait for the show to start. When the show starts, some of the lights in
the theatre will go off, but a few lights will stay on during the whole show so it won’t
be too dark in the audience. If we need a break during the show, we can
quietly get up from our seats and exit the theatre. The bathrooms are in the hallway. You can also take a break in the break room
that is located in the lobby. There will be coloring sheets, fidget toys,
a live stream of the performance, and volunteers to help keep us company. After the show is over, the lights will come
up and we will stand up from our seats. Some of the actors might come out in their
costumes to talk to the audience. A volunteer will come up to our parents and
us and ask us how we liked the show. When we are ready to leave we will head out
to the parking garage. On the way home, we might talk about what
we liked and didn’t like about the show with our family. Thank you for coming to see a Virginia Film
Festival production. We hope you come again!

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