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Connect 2 English For Teachers: Teach vocabulary with a Picture Dictionary

Hello teachers! How are you? So, clock or watch? The difference can be confusing. Especially if there is one word
in your native language for two different things. Try teaching the correct vocabulary
using illustrations and practicing a lot Because a clock is very different
from a watch. ‘Can I help you?’
‘Yes!’ ‘I like one clock’ So I did this:
‘Clock, you understand clock?’ He said: ‘Yes’. Just like in Marta’s case. Some words can be translated
to two different words in English with different meanings. Here are some more: Aniversário Escada Estação Ganhar Perder See how these words can
make our life difficult? So it is important to
learn the correct usage. Encourage your students
to create a Picture Dictionary. It will help them understand
the different meanings. They can cut out pictures
from magazines, print them or even draw. By using their creativity,
we can engage students and make the learning process
more interesting. We can even extend this
Picture Dictionary by adding sentences. ‘I want to win the race.’ ‘She earns a good salary.’ Before you know it, your students
will have a rich vocabulary and be communicating with ease. With tips like this,
it’s a slam dunk! Did you enjoy this lesson? So go to our website and download
some cool materials for the classroom.

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