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CONTEST ALERT – #allcastingSB for actors, singers, dancers & more!

Hey everybody, Will hear and it’s time
once again for the season, not the Holiday Season,
and I’m not talking about the cold and flu season either. Yuck, germs. Nope I’m
talking about the football season and the Super Bowl. But I’ll be honest with you, I’m not that interested this year in the Super Bowl
because my team didn’t win. But as an actor it’s one of the most exciting
places to get a commercial on the Super Bowl because everybody around the world
watches it. “Go, bears!” Hey we call that exposure. No, not that
kind of exposure! But the kind of exposure that might get your acting
career launched. “To be or not to be? That is the question.” Was that really a
question or a statement? You see, we’re gonna get one lucky winner
in front of our audience of maybe 500,000 people, maybe industry people, who
knows. It could help boost your career. So I know you’re asking how do you enter,
here’s how. Here’s how to apply: publish a 30 to 60 second video on your Facebook
showing your talents. Don’t forget to write the hashtag #allcastingSB to be
considered. Application deadline: Monday January 28th 11:59 Pacific Standard Time. Get busy! Hey you can win a year subscription or maybe even a private
coaching lesson from me. Come on, keep working through that line, again! So
get busy and show us your talent. Hey maybe a little dan. Or singing “gotta
dance”. So get busy and create that video and get the audience you deserve! Join our Facebook live broadcast with me
actor and coach will Roberts on Wednesday January 30th 9 AM Pacific
Standard Time to see if you’re one of the five lucky winners who received the
following prizes. Here are the prizes for the first four runners-ups: 1 year allcasting subscription, coaching with professional actor Will Roberts,
featured in articles and videos. Top winner gets a professional photoshoot gift card from Snappr )value $300), one year allcasting subscription, coaching with
actor and comedian will Roberts, featured in articles and videos. Apply now and get
the audience you deserve! Oh remember hashtag #allcastingSB. Come on what are
you waiting for?!

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