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Jess: Mi mi you can’t be in this. Maddie: it’s ok he can be in this. He’s a star. Jess: He wants to play Maddie: Oh, I just started something didn’t I? Maddie: Hi, everyone welcome back to my channel. Today I am here with the beautiful Jess Conte. Jess: Hii. Maddie: I’m so happy you’re on my channel. Jess: I’m excited. Maddie: So today we’re gonna be recreating each other’s Instagram photos. On her channel she recreated my photos, and we rated them and now we’re doing the same on my channel she’s gonna rate my photos, and I’m really nervous cuz I’m so bad. Jess: I’m a little nervous too. No you didn’t. Maddie: She thought she was like oh mine weren’t that good And then I saw them when they were all better than my my best photo. Jess: I’m really excited. They’re gonna be perfect. Maddie: I wouldn’t call it that everyone will see. After you watch this or if you’re coming from Jess’s channel. Thank you for being here, and if you are – // Jess: And subscribed to her. Maddie: Aww Thank you. I was gonna say subscribe to Jess because she’s an amazing person, and she has the best videos and you should watch them Jess: Thank you. Maddie: So with out further do, let’s just get on to the Jess: video. Maddie: Everyone does that. // Jess: I know [Music] Maddie: Okay, okay, so here’s the first picture So jess looks pretty freakin perfect in every photo especially this one So I don’t know how I’m gonna master this photo, but I’m gonna try my hardest background She has a little side table with a plant on it And I almost have the exact side table as her with the plant so it actually works out perfect And then she’s like these little blinds, and I also have those So it’s off to a pretty good start So I have my hair done kind of like hers got the glasses on they’re not black, but they’re brown so it’s close enough I’m gonna have This beautiful human being do my photo tilt your head more Maddie: Okay guys I Think I got it was so hard like all of you guys watching like you probably think that this is easy Jack: like yeah it’s just– // Maddie: it’s like, and I’m a perfectionist too, so it was so Hard like so hard. // Jack: I think you yelled a lot in this one. Maddie: Yeah, I yelled at my mom and Jack a lot just because it was really hard. Jess: My heart’s beating a little bit. // Maddie: Okay. This was the first one I did Maddie: I think this one is my favorite one. // Jess: Really? // Maddie: The first one turned out the best. // Jess: You wanna start it off strong. Maddie : This is like such a cute photo. It’s really good. So this is the one I did a few. // Jess: oh Maddie: Okay, are you ready? // Jess: Okay. // Maddie: This is mine. Jess: No way, the plant. // Maddie: Yeah, I got like my side table of my plant back I tried my hardest. Jess: That’s really good. // Maddie: It was the hardest pose. I was so bossy like the whole time while taking this // Jess: What // Maddie: I had to lock him out of my room because I got so stressed because like the need and the thing it was so Hard. // Jess: So wait this is your best you think. // Maddie: Um, it’s just I think it’s one of my favorites I-i think they’re all bad, but this is like. Jess: It’s my favorite so far I’m gonna rate this. // Maddie: Be honest. Jess: I Feel like I just want a great ten Okay, I’m gonna rate it You know what I’m gonna rate it a nine and a half. // Maddie: No you’re not. // Jess: Yeah. Maddie: No you’re not. // Jess: The only thing would be like the filters like I think mine’s a little more like– // Maddie: Dark Jess: Yeah, and like I don’t know orangey or like yellow. // Maddie: Yeah for some reason. I couldn’t get that right. Maddie: Are you sure you’re gonna rate it that high? // Jess: Yeah! What would you rate it? // Maddie: I would say probably like an eight. Maddie: Maybe like a seven. // Jess: Huh! Maddie: No, an eight. // Jess: Let’s go with eight. // Maddie: Okay. Okay. Here’s the next photo. Now I’m getting ready for the second photo. I’ll show you my outfit It’s just this skirt this sweater, and she had a watch on her left wrist Officially Jack and my mom hate me because I was really demanding but that’s because I want to get the picture right I think you’re gonna know why I wanted to this photo, okay, so Is the one you did because we have the same car Okay, it’s not that exact, but I like here’s mine The filters are off I Love this I actually think I like this more than that really Besant getting on the car was a struggle same I remember that was a struggle to take with it really yeah It is really good dang it like you even having an outfit like I wouldn’t actually rate this Don’t Know read into ten This is really spot-on like this is pack up your 290 has the palm trees and everything like They give it a night and night. That’s a good. That’s good. I gave it a 10 Here’s the next photo We’re just gonna take the Polaroid and then The hard part is after getting the photo of him like that’ll be easy I think this is a good one I think he does it. Yeah, okay, let’s try it See there that may have been the one We got the photo it wasn’t easy hey I’m a perfectionist, and I want to get it right, but I think we really did get it right yeah I think this one was actually one of the worst ones This is what we did this me and Jack if you engage okay? We thought we’re gonna be super like creative cuz this is like a cool photo. It’s like really cool Okay, so here’s the one of the YouTube okay um Love it yeah Here’s that. It’s so bad. It’s just like the coloring is off and like He didn’t have the light back colors hoodie Just really good, I like all of thee I see what you saying right it’s like off And it was it was so hard to take like the placement like I could have tilted the photo like the Polaroid more But it’s still really good. I’m gonna read it in a That’s like That’s still pretty good, I’m gonna get rid of it half This is the cutest dog here’s the next one Like presenters, okay, okay, I’m in my mom’s bathroom and this photo she has her hair curled It looks perfect. She’s perfect like the most perfect human being if I haven’t said it already So I’m just gonna improvise. I’m just gonna curl like the first three bits in my hair Cuz I really can’t be bothered to curl my whole head let’s try this Ahead a lot more a lot more nope maybe jawline They try and lighten it up. It was really hard one That was really hard, and I thought that would be like the easiest one because it’s just like a car selfie I’m sweating good girl. This is so hard this one. Okay? Oh, I actually I had to redo this one the next day, and it still turned out worse than it should It’s so bad like it’s just really awful. Okay. That’s not actually that bad The angle is off like you have like a fluffy carried on of the eyeliner, yeah Yeah Jack I’m saying you have to show where you draw, but I Yeah American just always sounds stupid. No. I really show your jaw like I’m gonna give this I don’t know don’t I’m gonna give it a Second huh well, that’s actually Really, yeah, I think it’s like that bad. I just think the main thing is the angle all right. Let me give it Here is the last photo Okay guys, so now we are doing the last Pose you like this photo was taking kind of in The nighttime I put a little more makeup on because it looked like Jess had more makeup in the photo like wing liner Stuff like that really tell what our hair was, but I just know that it was back with like pieces down So that’s right it I don’t have snapchat, but he does so we’re gonna take it on his phone with the filter cuz it’s a doggy filter Which is so cute? I don’t even use snapchat, but we’re gonna whip this one out. Yeah I Think we got the photo um I Don’t know it’s not as exact, but like what can you do? Here’s the photo? It’s just a really cute photo his arse Like it’s not that off. He got like the bracelet The Hat sir just wait that’s really good. Oh, this is cute. I like it if you’re supposed to be zoomed anymore Yeah, I think it would just be cropped a little bit look at this one like an A. Oh What would you rate it, I would say like this like maybe a seven yeah, this is good. It’s not that bad Just like if it was oom didn’t work mm-hmm You guys have to go on her Channel and check out the video cuz hers are so spot-on It’s crazy in the comments you guys should rate. How you think these photos did Yeah, thank you so much for being on my channel. Thanks for having me. I’m so happy I Know it’s there, but yeah It was really fun in my life – yeah look how cute he is forget to subscribe to Jess So you can check out all her videos other than that. Thank you so much for watching You think when we said bye, you looked up at the camera Oh


  1. alexander geofrey Author

    I'm coming from Jess channel and now subscribe to yours channel as well
    u both really pretty btw… 🙂 are u girl's closes friends or neighbor ?

  2. M101 Author

    Love them both but Jesse is that girl who gets really self conscious over her 85 but tells another girl that her 60 is good cuz she don’t wanna hurt her feelings.


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