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Corey Feldman Claims Hollywood Has Another Dirty Secret: Pedophilia | Access Hollywood

There’s protections for animals in filming. I think there need to be protections legally
put in place to protect people when they’re filming, human beings. Jennifer Lawrence hopes legislation will be
enacted in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Weinstein’s decades long chain of alleged
harassment was a dirty Hollywood secret. As far as we know though, all of Weinstein’s
accusers were of legal age when the alleged incidents occurred But there is Hollywood’s other dirty secret
that victimizes the most vulnerable: children. And someone who has spoken out about this is
and is painfully aware, is former child star Corey Feldman. You freeze, you’re in shock, children aren’t supposed
to handle that kind of stuff I can tell you the number one problem in Hollywood
was and is and will always be pedophilia. Nobody talks about pedophilia. It’s the big secret. And it’s widespread? Oh yeah. I was surrounded by them. For years now, as evidenced on Nightline in
2011, Corey Feldman has been claiming that he and his good friend, the late Corey Haim,
were victims of molestation when they were young actors. Last year he opened up to Alex Hudgens. Why didn’t you come forward then? Kids are scared. You know kids don’t think ‘oh I’m going to
go– first of all for me the person that was doing
it to me the most you know- well I mean I could say that the two people that did it
to me were both close friends of mine. Or so I thought. Feldman claims Haim endured more than him. In his book “Coreyography” he alleges that
Haim was raped on the set of the 1986 film “Lucas.” The following year, 1987, their film ‘The
Lost Boys’ came out. It was when we were both on the set of “The
Lost Boys” that things were happening to both of us. Not from anyone on set but outside elements How did people not know when these are two
young- or did they know and they just weren’t doing anything about it? I know he told a lot of people, that’s the
thing that’s so upsetting to me. It’s not like it’s just me that knows this
story. Other people know. A lot of people know. They’re still working they’re still out there
and they’re some of the richest most powerful people in this business. Back in 2013 on ‘The View’, Feldman was insistent
that perpetrators are still out there, but says he won’t name names due to statute of
limitation laws in California. He also has another reason that echoes something
we’ve heard regarding Harvey Weinstein. From what I’ve seen every time somebody tries
to bring up a public name and they have a lot of money and power and publicity machine
behind them, the person who does the accusing is the one that ends up looking bad. They would pull away the better looking younger
kids and keep them for their own after party and there would be rules no swimsuits in the
pool. In the wake of the Weinstein scandal, the
producers of “An Open Secret,” about teen sex abuse in Hollywood, released the film
for free on Vimeo for nine days. Much of the film focuses on an organized system
within Hollywood for grooming and then abusing children. At the end of the day it’s gotta change there
are so many people that have been affected by this.


  1. J.London Author

    See i believe Corey but at the same time i think he is being stupid by trying to make a film and raise 10 million dollars to make it. If anything he should raise money for security and all that but the price tag for his information while kids are still getting hurt feels like he’s trying to milk it. I mean it makes sense though at the same time if he did come out and couldn’t work again that’s more than enough money to live on but it is just the fact he’s withholding while these people are still out there that has me feeling funny

  2. Katie Cremin Author

    why everyone is focused on weinstein, everyone is avoiding the actual criminal deception against the public – men being raised as women to steal womens work/employment in showbusiness …never noticed old spices throat before – she has an adams apple.Its gross not because she is male but because they are all dishonest

  3. Intel-Pick Author

    Isnt it a crime to know of someone committing sex crimes and not report it ???? I mean if i know Mr. X is molesting little sally down the street and i dont say anything for 5 years !!! thats a crime. Feldman needs to be interrogated by the police, this shit is a joke, people chasing bill cosby while mofos telling you there are sexual predators active right now !!! smdh

  4. Haze Lady Author

    I believe him and I wish I had the 10 million to give him it’s sad that this is happening but listen to what he’s saying he’s saying the truth

  5. Super Bruce Author

    He has had the worst haircuts known to mankind.He looks like an extra from planet of the apes with that Jacko Barnet going on…i do believe him though.. filthy bummers!!!

  6. spiceyfood52 Author

    So why isn't there news anywhere about CPS they are the biggest child raping organization there is. So is the foster case business . Why isn't any thing being done.

  7. Jack Thomas Author

    Lol nobody will talk about Pedophilia, keep it that way, nothing needs to be heard about and this lying sack of shit Corey Feldman ain't rich anymore because he spoke out!, good for him, even if he was molested, good for HIM!

  8. XxMyLameUserNamexX Author

    Corey’s story has always been consistent but the only person the police ever went after was Michael Jackson. And I honestly believe Michael was innocent.

  9. Aligned Kingdom Author

    Please watch, share and view! For the sake of true awareness, exposing evil and standing up for the children!

  10. Jon Smith Author

    The person under my review is right I saw this two years ago on YouTube real news. Not the fake slow news called Mind Control television. Charlie Shane was molested when he was young that's why he did it to others when he got older. Pizzagate is real they have one in the UK. and pizzagate was busted in the UK it's coming here and going to fall out of the closet soon. This pizzagate Play-Doh stuff is so big 85 – 95% of Hollywood and politics is involved in this. They're involved in human trafficking pedophilia Satanism cannibalism and more. It's so big in America we won't have a government when they bust them. I guess they will put have to put the government on hold until they can hire some new straight people. But if you join a gang like the pedogate society in Hollywood, politics or secret societies they're going to break you down. They're all sick and need lifelong mental help.

  11. Melanie Padua Soto Author

    Ever wondered why Jonathan Brandis REALLY committed suicide???? This is a huge rabbit hole and the media isn't covering this enough. They're protecting Pedowood.

  12. No manches Author

    I hope all these disgusting pigs get caught why do they get away with this whatever happened to justice in this country for these inocente children I can’t believe all these grown ass assholes get away with it

  13. Mark Mendoza Author

    well navy seal craig sawyer offered protection to corey feldman because feldman is going after the higher ups in Hollywood I'm not talking about Spielberg or lucas higher ups that are a part of the pedophile ring in Hollywood and if he goes after them with no protection than it'll be the "suicide" bullshit

  14. Chief Ryback Author

    All these dumb bitches like Meg Ryan, Ashley Judd, & Gwenith Paltrow spread their legs and took it in the ass for movie roles. The sad thing is when they mess with kids. Horrible. Just disgusting!

  15. Wayne Joseph Author

    He smiles while discussing being abused , hes full of shit!! Lying asshole!! If he was abused he wouldnt be smiling no way!! Hes a bum a drug addict and complete scum!

  16. whatwouldjeebusdo Author

    the Weinstein thing is taking up all the mainstream medias attention,.. ON PURPOSE, in order to avoid the focus on PEDOWOOD . mainstream media literally defends and condones pedophilia. it avoids serious journalism into it, and marginalizes its level of seriousness, and even vilifies or ignores and blames its victims. wake up

  17. Bavarian Wench Author

    Until he stops with the nose jobs and looking like a Michael Jackson look alike and not answering any direct questions I say…go fuck yourself you coward

  18. The Shed Author

    All these people sucking Feldman’s dick should know that he’s just money grabbing. The story always changes and there’s never proof and now he wants you to crowd fund 10 million dollars so he can tell all.

  19. Carolina Gonzalez S. Author

    American women and kids prefer sell their butts for money than send their "abusers" to jail. Don't blame them, it's their nature.

  20. David Hughes Author

    Take your story to mr. Trump I'm sure he'll do something he'll clean up Hollywood little devil mother f**** child trafficking f**** molesting son of a b****

  21. MusicMan197 ! Author

    child molesters any evil actually, all deserve death. Hollywood has horrifying shit going on behind the curtains. They deserve judgement and punishment severely.

  22. Jenni Author

    Here you go parents, if you prostitute your child in Hollywood to make what? a buck $$$ or fame? You need to be locked up in prison for endangering your child! Linsey Lohan’s Mother is a good example!

  23. Energy Magic Author

    Pedophila is the “SEX CAVIAR” for the elite. Even if ur as an elite not in it. But u will do it because its luxury 👎🏻

  24. kevcom82 Author

    I would still publicly reveal their identities. They are still molesting kids and using their position as a tool to manipulate kids just lie the two Corys’.

  25. John Ortega Author

    Stupid females coming about against Weinstein why didn’t they say anything then ? Oh yeah they want to get on their knees and get the leading role, dont they ? Then 10 years later after Hollywood spits them out they want to be back in the limelight? is that the way it works ?

  26. Juan martin Jimenez Author

    Man this what i hate bro name names bro dont sya u wont name names come on bro we beliave u homie name ther ass if u dont they wont stop bro jesus got u homie just tell us who they are u gone let them keep guetting paid

  27. ronnie toots Author

    if the Libtards would stop their comical haterd of trump and notice there are important things to get right….nah you libs wont even defend women and children.

  28. Edcellent ED Author

    Just look at the “IT” reboot when they were all in their underwear jumping off the cliff to swim that scene disturbed me as well but also made me think of Corey Feldman interview also the incident with the Jeepers creepers director

  29. Jonas Ark Author

    God is a pedophile propagandist. For Jews it was 13 years old the Vatican hold the original Bible and stand accused Muslims its three months after first menstruation. Religion is that way.

  30. Ron Spain Author

    Corey Feldman is turning into Michael Jackson lol. I truly feel sorry for anyone who "molested" him. A sexual orientation is not a dirty secret problem unless you're a bigot. Get something besides one-sided propaganda at – and don't forget to bookmark!

  31. Jonas Ark Author

    God is a pedophile propagandist. For Jews it was 13 years old the Vatican hold the original Bible and stand accused Muslims its three months after first menstruation. Religion is that way.

  32. Just Me Author

    Corey's been saying this for years and people ridiculed him for it, making him "crazy" to the public. After the Weinstein scandal came out I hope people see how much power those men in Hollywood have. They can pick and choose what stories to bury. They cam make whistleblowers seem "crazy" so people wont believe them. I don't blame Corey for being afraid. But I have all the respect in the world for him for continuing to expose the industry.

  33. Magneticitist Author

    The craziest shit about victims like Corey is that they are groomed into this life by being told they are special and allow these sickos to molest them because they think they are special friends. Then one day they look around and see it's not just them, these people are passing little boys around like flyers, and it sickens them with perspective. They realize they were just getting used the entire time and lied to about how special they were etc. I think that's where the shame comes in and the inability for many of these people to come forward. While they may realize some time later they were victims of a crime, some of them were probably all on board with it at the time and weren't feeling coerced into anything.. It maybe wasn't til later they decided they were victims of actual crimes but were too embarrassed or ashamed to come forward because they couldn't prove any sexual relations they had were actually forced on them.


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