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Corey Feldman Opens Up About His Plan To Expose Hollywood Pedophiles | TODAY


  1. M K Author

    While many things he says may be factual, his actions say he is doing it for fame and money. He defended MJ until Neverland document came out. Now he will not defend him anymore. He seems a little wishy washy. I guess he had to stay in good with the "me movement ".

  2. Charlie Amy Author

    I understand your questioning him on a basis of just trying to understand and get a better look at what he’s doing and why but in my opinion, you were quite rude. I believe he has a vision and he knows he needs to stick to his guns and do it the way he feels will be most effective. I support you Corey.

  3. wilmer nicolas Author

    It's all true I auditioned 14 years ago for the wizards of weberly pleasure and one of the Disney producers told me that to get the role of the younger brother I had to let him play my private parts and well I did not let him so I did not they gave me the paper I told my mother what happened and she told me that we could not do anything because she is a powerful man and nobody would believe a child of immigrants and so far I have not performed again and I went back to my native country Ecuador and I can not make a cast in the most mediocre television in my country, I do not say it to discredit the famed production company or to gain "fame" with this comment: pedophilia should be punished both for the poor class and for the industry elite of both acting and music

  4. PROD: TeRd FeRgUson Author

    Cory is using his " name list" as extortion for profit.
    He wants $10,ooo,000 to 'make a movie " …
    He's waiting n drooling to stay relevant.
    Those are his motivations if he had integrity or any ❤️ or true desire to help stop abuse he'd just expose the names

  5. Peter Glen Author

    Whoever put this together, seems to not take Corey Feldman seriously. The movie clip choice and when they were put into the segment, just seem out of place.

  6. Brianna Gordy Author

    As the years go by, I lose a lot of respect for Corey. If he knows specific people are victimizing children and he continues to say nothing, he's apart of the problem. If I knew anyone by name and knew they were pedophiles, I'd be shouting their names out. Regardless of if that would make me a threat. Regardless of the consequences. The longer he stays silent the worse it gets. The more children are victimized. And he's letting it happen.

  7. Connor Phebus Author

    Children dissappear in large numbers from government ran foster care system. Ship them to all the rich businessmen, politicians, and celebrities. The bible said this world is run by Satan, i think that sounds about right.

  8. skinpro2000 Author

    I think that if he was molested he should have dropped names right then and there. He didn’t in his book. I think he is just looking for attention. People came after Bill Cosby decades after the abuse, why can’t he?

  9. pepperVenge Author

    So he's basically saying I'll give the names of these people, but you have to give me $10 million. He's just asking for a handout.

  10. Jonas Ark Author

    God is a pedophile propagandist. For Jews it was 13 years old the Vatican hold the original Bible and stand accused Muslims its three months after first menstruation. Religion is that way.

  11. Orbital DickBeacon Author

    The best lack all conviction and the worst fight with passionate intensity. Which one is Corey which one is Matt? Want to see how far the rabbit hole goes do you want to see through the looking Glass all the way to the end of the 🌈 is there a pot of gold there or 🍕 these are the symbols they use iconic seemingly innocent but diplorable in conentation. Principalities and powers spiritual wickedness in high places.

  12. Jeremy Baker Author

    Why would he go out of his way to make all this up. How would it help his career. I believe him. Dude wants to put it on him whats goin on today in hollywood. The interviewer said shouldn’t you be out there getting help. Come on bro that is why he is there in the first place.

  13. Matthew Twentyfour Author

    Crowdfunding? Just ask Oprah for the money. She cares… she can afford it, right? Matt Lauer; from the first time he appeared on TV I knew he was off, somehow. And I'll be he's off way more than will be revealed.

  14. Brit & Patrick & Son Haven & Mullen & Mullen Author

    Matt, you pos scum bag….you deserve nothing more than death. I am glad Feldman didn't put up with his B.S.!!!!

  15. Marshall Applewhite Author

    and now he believes the reality of the MJ case. glad he came out of his box or thinking the cover represents the person

  16. Erich Lingenfelter Author

    This guy didn't and hasn't said anything about anyone…
    Just desperate to make money and stay relevant…
    "Just 10 million dollars and I'll expose ten people.."
    Drop the names and stories for free as public service to protect and vindicate the victums…
    Name the names..!!
    This guy is full of crap…

  17. Master Author

    Has Feldman dropped any names yet? And why is he still alive? If I'm going to expose child abuse for the purpose of preventing future child abuse, I'm doing it free of charge.

  18. Hermaphrodite Doro Author

    the U,S police are corrupt and protect pedophiles and all hollywood, thats why the justice can,t get in jail the bad guys,

  19. Kevin Mccann Author

    So you need ten million dollars to make a B film, and bodyguards to protect you while making the film? My question is this, once you blew away ten million dollars to make this film, like you blew away your earnings with Your careed, what do you hope to gain from all of this?because right now it seems to me you're looking for an excuse to fill your pockets by using other people's tragedy. If these thing did happen to you why wait so long to mention it? Could it be that you got paid to keep your mouth shut; had a good time spending the money, and now that the money is gone and you need a new cash machine the easy way to obtain this is by calling out the same people who made you famous the first time to get rich all over by crying molestation? I feel sorry for the victims who've undergone this, but this guy seems desperate for money for himself and not the victims!

  20. Negan Author

    This was a month before Matt got fired for sexual misconduct

    So what you're seeing is Corey expose the truth to plain evidence sitting in a chair right in front of him

  21. De B Author

    Stay safe Corey. The irony of ML interviewing him is almost too much to look at. Epstein's death legitimizes everything Corey is saying in this interview.

  22. Christina henderson Author

    I hope he just comes out with names and admits Michael Jackson was one who he's vehemently denied….
    He DOESN'T need to make a movie to do it….

  23. Peach Glow Reyah Author

    it's so insidious the movie and music industry because all the entities that protect it are diseased with the evil too so corey is right in getting his own team
    please support corey and go to

  24. Alfonso Contreras Author

    I would imagine it must be very difficult to out your molester. With that said, I do believe he's telling the truth but at the same time is trying to make some money from this. So where is this movie and where are the names?

  25. Karen Bates Author

    I feel for Corey! This is so rude! He's simply trying to protect children from these monsters. He was a victim ! Anyone can see that. I'm so upset with these people for not backing him up.

  26. Ron Spain Author

    I feel sorry for anyone who "molested" him. Folks, get something besides the hate of the mainstream media at – and don't forget to bookmark!

  27. Slarkel Author

    Don't know if Corey is meaning this or not, but know this, Hollywood is satanic and dark. You all can come to Christ Romans 10:9 "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is lord, and believe in your heart that he was raised, you shall be saved"


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