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Could You Survive The Movies? MAD MAX

(droning music) (engine approaching) (percussion-heavy music) (indistinct yelling) – My name’s Jake, and, as you might have noticed,
my world is fire and blood.But before it was
fire and blood,
it was all about my two loves:movies and science.And I wanted to find out
if what you see in movies
could be real. So, for my first experiment,
I decided to put myself in
one of my favourite films… (screaming)Mad Max: Fury Road,to see if scientifically,
you could survive it.
Could you survive
being strapped to
the front of a car,
a lack of water,War Boys,and increasing
global temperatures?
A massive explosion
blowing you into the air?
Could you survive Fury Road?(screaming) (car engine roaring) First things first.
How did we get here? How did we get to
the end of the world? I mean, not actually
the end of the world, ’cause physically,
as a celestial body, it still exists.But how did we end
up in a Mad Max
apocalyptic wasteland?
There are a few scenarios
they mention in the movie,
and we’ll get to those later,
but one of the ones
they do mention in Fury Road,
the quickest and most likely
in our lifetime,
is due to the aftermath
of nuclear war.
It happened so fast. The fear, the panic,
the anger, it all led to…And… cue flashback.– (man’s voice on radio):
…to impress him,
takes on its multi-armed form,and says: “Now, I
am becoming death.”
(siren wailing in the distance)
The despair…
– Well… we should be out of
the blast radius. – How do you know?
I can’t get anything
on my phone. – Yeah, well, uh,
before the radio cut out,
they talked about it. (loud explosion) (dramatic classical music) When it comes to nuclear war, the point of a nuclear bomb
is to not only take life, but to make life unlivable
for those that remain. You don’t even need
a full-scale global nuclear war for it to be devastating.A 2007 study showed that
even a small nuclear war
between two countries using
50 nukes the same size as
the one used in Hiroshima…
…would put five million
tons of dust and soot
into the atmosphere.
And it would stay there
for more than six years.
Something of that scale
would kill an estimated
two billion people.
Chemical reactions in
the atmosphere would eat away
the ozone layer,
increasing UV exposure,
skin cancer,
reduce plant growth,
and damage plant DNA.And then, there are those
affected by radiation
and fallout.
Which it looks like the War
Boys in particular… are.
To combat radiation
poisoning, they use human
beings as blood bags.
– I’m gonna get you! Isn’t that right, Blood Bag?
(groaning) – That doesn’t make sense! – What doesn’t make sense? – The whole blood bag thing
just doesn’t make s–
Hold on! I can’t even hear myself talk. (tires screeching)
(loud crash) Ooh! Sorry for your door!In Fury Road,
the human blood bags are used
for blood transfusions.
Blood transfusions
are usually given for
two reasons: one, you’ve lost a lot of blood
and you… need more, or two, because you have anemia:
a low red-blood-cell count. In the case of the War Boys,
they most likely have leukemia which
blood transfusions
can help with. And leukemia can be caused by
radiation exposure or just general
radiation poisoning.A blood transfusion
would help alleviate
some of those symptoms,
but not totally cure you.You’d have to do it
constantly, which is why
War Boys have such a
need for blood bags.
The issue is that
even if blood types match,
plasma, which makes up
55% of blood, might not.
In general, when you get
a blood transfusion,
and especially for treating
leukemia, you are just getting
red blood cells.
The plasma and white
blood cells have been
separated from it.
Here, in this world,
not so much.
The incompatibility would
lead to side-effects like
jaundice, sepsis, muscle aches,
difficulty breathing,
circulatory overload, and
a fear of impending doom.
Using blood bags could work,
but it wouldn’t cure you.
But why are we here,
you and… I? Well, good question! We’re after what is now
the most precious resource.
And it’s not… “guzzolene”. It’s something
that used to cover 71% of
all of Earth’s surface. Water. Something I promised that
I’d get… a long time ago. – Jake? (squeaking) (slow-tempo percussive beat) (bird of prey screeching) (gasping for air) Ah! Oh no! They’re coming! (engine humming) (uptempo suspenseful music) – Faster!
We need to go faster! Yes! Yes!! Yes!! – That looks… awesome.And you see the War Boys
spitting gasoline
into the engines
throughout Fury Road.But does it really do anything? Does spitting gasoline
directly into an engine
make it go… faster?The best overall
engine performance is
a balance of air and fuel.
It’s the stoichiometric
fuel ratio.
14.7 parts air to one part
fuel for gasoline.
Spitting gas into the engine
can, in theory, give you
a slight performance boost,
but it will also
cool the engine,
waste fuel, because
not all of it will be used,
degrade engine parts,
and clog the air intake.
It’s not working! Stop wasting gasoline! (engine roaring) (suspenseful music) (groaning) – Oh! Oh, well that sucks!
But I’m alive, so I guess,
that’s good. So, in the movie Mad Max,
there are a lot of people
strapped to the front of cars. And while that would be
uncomfortable, it wouldn’t really do
that much damage, because the acceleration
and g-force you would be
experiencing isn’t different from
what you would be experiencing
if you were actually in the car. But you do not have a windshield
or a helmet on, so there is something dangerous
that you would be experiencing: debris.If you’re strapped to the
front of a car travelling
96.5 km/h,
and the car in front of you
throwing back debris,
like rocks,
is travelling at the same speedthose rocks shot back
would have a velocity
of 193 km/h.
The good news is, since
they’re thrown,
rather than propelled –
that is, there’s no thrust –the rocks would slow down
after leaving the tire,
travelling around 117.5 km/h.Which includes
a speed reduction
due to clothing lessening
the force of impact.
Here, we can see all of
the kinetic energy from
the rocks being absorbed by
the ballistic dummy.And ballistic gel dummies
are a great way to see
the effects of projectiles
on a human body.
And using the average
weight of those rocks,
we can calculate that
each one hitting you
would essentially be the same
as being hit by a 63 km/h
And while that
might not sound bad,
that blunt trauma can
cause damage to
your hollow organs like
the liver, spleen, stomach,
and intestine.
The force from the impact
can deform them,
increasing the
internal pressure,
which can lead to
ruptured organs.
Pretty damaging, but
luckily for us,
and for those in movies, scenes like this
are generally filmed with
the car… not actually moving. Movie magic, my friend!
A kind of world gestalt, where you infer the
characteristics of the world not only from
the information given, but from past experiences
and knowledge. Okay, back to the action. Whoa! Oh man! Oh! Hey, MKBHD!
– Oh, hey, what is up, Jake? MKBHD here. – Yeah, I-I know you’re here,
I’m… on the hood of your car. – Right. That-that makes sense. – What’re you doing here?
How’d you get caught up in
this whole thing? – Man, it is a long story! It actually started
a couple months ago. It was back when
I was doing a review of– – No! No!! You do not get
a flashback! He does not get a flashback.
We only have enough budget
for you for one day. That does not include
character-arc flashbacks,
I’m sorry. – Hey, uh… I see
you’re shooting in 8K. It’s gonna be crispy. – Yes, I’m very excited
we’re shooting in 8K resolution, and we’re going to be
downscaling to 4K to get
that extra crispiness. I should, uh…
I should probably
get inside the car. Alright, take it steady,
Marques! Okay… (grunting) (grunting) Hey. – Hey! So, okay, you said you were
shooting this in 8K, but then, you’re finishing
and uploading in 4K, right? – Yes, so by downscaling
the video, we are basically
oversampling the image. Since 8K video has four times
as many pixels as 4K… – Which means you get
four times as much data
per pixel, which means you might get,
you know, actually a bit of
sharper video, little more colour depth,
and possibly less noise. – Yes, yes, and yes!
By shooting at
a higher resolution, we can also do cool things
like a digital camera… (beeping) – Whoo! Shiny and chrome? Dude, I am awaited
in Valhalla. Uh, I should probably
drop you off real quick. – I mean, but, right,
can we just keep going a bit? – I mean, I could let you out.
I could let you out. You could just get out, yeah.
– Oh… O-Okay, well thanks for
the ride, I guess. For a bit.
– Yeah, no problem. – See you, dude. Whoa!
– Alright. Peace! Witness me! – Oh! Okay! Wow! I’m gonna need to find
another car. (sighing loudly) Alright, let’s go! – Let me ask you a question. Does YouTube really think that
just by stacking a couple of top creators
into one video, that an entirely new
audience is gonna come
to that channel, to see this new show
just for those creators? – Hey, Casey, listen, I–
– Here’s the thing that
YouTube doesn’t get. (overlapping conversation) – Okay.
– …it’s about the demographic. You gotta get the kids.
It’s about getting the ones
with the younger audience, the younger demographic. – Thanks. Okay.
– You sure? – See you… See you later! – I’m going to pick up
Jake and Logan! – Casey! Look out!
(honking)Ah! A fiery explosion
blowing our protagonist
into the air.
In the world of Mad Max,
in the world of movies,
these kinds of explosions
happen all the time.
But in reality, this would
do a lot more damage
to the human body
than what you see in films.How much more? Well,
let’s do an experiment
to find out.
I just have to get out of
slow motion.
Hey, editor, could you
speed this up?
Wow! Wow! Okay! Wait, actually…
Hey! Can we-can we stop
for a second? (tires screeching to a halt)
Just one second! – Did you just kill
Casey Neistat? – I mean, I don’t know, really!
Who knows? Hey! You know what?
Let’s do some explosions! Here we have almost
1.4 kilograms of high explosive. Moving a metre forward,
we have an unused pig carcass
from the butcher. So, we can see
what happens to skin when exposed to
an incredibly high temperature. Now, 3 metres forward, we have the ballistics dummy. And this is to
capture the shockwave that
will travel through the body, and more importantly,
through the organs, which can cause damage like
ruptured lungs, and that is not good. Lastly, we have
our shrapnel dummy. And this, as the name suggests,
is to capture the shrapnel that will hit you from
the explosion. The shrapnel can travel
at speeds over the speed of sound. Now, it’s very important to
let you know to never ever ever do this at home.
We have professionals here. This is an isolated and
closed-off set. So, with that in mind,
we are gonna go over… here. Over 122 metres away,
behind bullet-resistant glass. Alright,
let’s blow some stuff up. Ready? Fire in the hole!Now, here it is in slow motion.That looks incredible, but
what has happened?
Well, there are three main ways
an explosion can kill you
depending on proximity.First, the fireball.Using thermal imaging,
we can calculate that
it reaches around
560 degrees Celsius
at its hottest point.
If you were
in the same place as
that pig,
you would almost
instantly receive
second-degree burns on
any part of your skin
exposed to it.
The skin would be destroyed,burning and blistering
wherever it makes contact
with the fireball.
Even worse, that fire
causes damage to
the dermis,
the tissue below the skin.Plus, your hair would ignite,
as would the clothing
you were wearing.
Even if you didn’t
come in contact with
the fireball,
you’d feel the effects of
the shockwave,
which is travelling at
an insane 1,270 km/h.
That’s 35 km/h faster than
the speed of sound.
In a close-up,
we can not only see
the shockwave,
but also the overpressure
from it,
demonstrated by
the pants being blown back.
The pressure from the shockwave
would be around 42,340 Pascals.
More than enough to
completely destroy
your eardrums.
But something
really interesting happens
after the overpressure.
Something you rarely see
on film.
The underpressure.Which is when the shockwave
collapses and
the air rushes back
towards the explosion.
Again, look at the pant legs.Now, they’re pulled forward.Overpressure and underpressure
can be equally deadly.
They damage your
internal organs
through barotrauma,
damage caused by
changes in air pressure.
And besides your eardrums,
another organ affected
by this is the lungs.
The lungs are made up of
more than 500 million alveoli:
tiny air sacks that are
ruptured by the sudden
change in pressure.
And if your lungs survive
the overpressure,
you’d still have
the underpressure.
Besides that, the shockwave
can also cause hemorrhaging
in your other internal organs.
Oh, and if the shockwave
were big enough,
it could also rupture…
your eyes.
And lastly, we
get to shrapnel.
For safety’s sake,
we did this test isolated
and controlled from
the main explosion because
we didn’t want pieces of metal
flying through the air
in random directions.
This 4-ounce ball bearing
nearly the weight of
a D battery,
is travelling at 1,094 km/h.141 km/h less than
the speed of sound,
but with about 2.5 times
the kinetic energy
as a bullet fired from
an AK-47.
And the damage… would be
In this test, the ball bearing
penetrated the skin,
piercing the liver, and
travelling all the way through
the rest of the body…
and going out the back.In another test, it went
through the body, but then,
got lodged in the spine.
Potentially paralyzing you.And here’s the crazy thing.Our explosion wasn’t
even large enough to
throw you back
like you see in movies.So if you found yourself
flying backwards from
a real-life
cinematic explosion,
your chance of survival
would be really… low,
and if you did survive,the likelihood of
walking away
without serious injury,
would be even lower.So, an explosion like
you see in the movies
is incredibly cool, but also, incredibly… deadly. Okay! Let’s get back to
the story. I’m gonna need a car, though. Another one. Oh! Perfect timing! Ah, thanks,
production assistant,
it looks good as new. Hey! Thank you so much!
Uh, we can go again! Yeah, let’s go!
On my “Action!” – Alright everybody!
Back to work! (indistinct comments) (engine rumbling) (tires squealing) Let’s go!– In the world of Mad Max,
you not only have to worry
about explosions,
debris,War Boys,and nuclear war,
but also something else.
Extreme temperature.Heat can be deadly.In the European
heatwave of 2003,
high temperatures,
averaging 39.4 degrees Celcius,
killed around
2000 people a day.
In the world of Mad Max,
we estimate that
the temperatures
would be around the same.If the world were to be
6.1 to 6.7 degrees hotter
than it is today,
an estimated half of
the population would die
from heat exhaustion.
And it’s important to remember
that it wouldn’t just be
a few hours or days that we would be experiencing
these kinds of temperatures. It would be endless, which also affects
a very necessary part of
being alive. Food.For every degree
the temperature increases,
cereal crop production,
things like wheat,
barley, and corn,
decrease by 10%.And that’s per degree.This leads to deforestation,overgrazing, and
poor irrigation,
in the pursuit of
growing more food.
That, in turn, creates
when land becomes so dry
it can no longer really grow…
anything.But that is happening,
regardless of
agricultural influence.
For example, the Sahara
has gotten 10% larger
since 1923.
And, according to a 1995 study,desertification has affected
42% of all of Australia.
And outside of food,
there’s another kind of
resource depletion. One that is referenced
in the Mad Max movies. The gasoline wars.
And… according to a study
by BP, they state that if gasoline consumption and
use rates continue as they have, we would run out of it
by 2067. In this world,
like it would be in real life,
all of these factors happened. Like dominos.
It all leads to disease,
famine, fighting for what people –
what countries – want more than
what their neighbours need. At least 40% of all civil wars
were over… resources. And so… was this one.Now, a nuclear explosion
wouldn’t directly make
fresh water radioactive;
the two atoms
that make up water,
hydrogen and oxygen,
can absorb an extra neutron,becoming deuterium and
oxygen 17.
Both of which are
stable isotopes,
which means
it’s still safe to drink.
The issue is fallout
from those bombs.
The radioactive dust
and debris that’s blown
into the air,
and carried by the wind,
would land in those
bodies of water,
irradiating it, and making it
deadly to drink for
hundreds or thousands of years.
So, ground water won’t be
an option, but there is another one.Because fallout makes
the water radioactive,
any water that is underground,
and completely covered,
and deep enough to avoid
should be safe
in the short-term.
And by “short-term”,
I mean an average of
1,400 years.
Because that’s how long
it generally takes
for that water to be recharged
from the surface.
Of course, it’s going to take
some serious effort to
get it out of the ground, unless, of course,
you can find a pump
already set up. And there’s a good chance that
you’d die of dehydration
before then, because the human body
can typically go four days to a week
without water
in ideal conditions. But we… are not in…
ideal conditions.The hotter it is,
the more water your body uses,
and the more water you need.
And you just don’t lose water
from sweating or… relieving yourself,
you also lose it…
(exhaling) by breathing. On average, about
28% of your water is lost
through breathing and evaporation through
your skin. In the conditions we are in,
you would lose about a pound of water weight a day
just by breathing.You would literally dry out.(droning, dark music) It feels like
I’ve been out here forever,
driving through this… wasteland, looking for water. Looking for anything. Must be getting dark soon. Well, look at that! Side note: day for night is
a film technique used in
countless movies like… Mad Max. Instead of shooting
at night, they will use
certain techniques, like colour-correcting
the footage, to make it look more blue,
and with darker shadows. So even though it is filmed
like this, with the power of
we can make it look… like this. And there are many reasons
to do this, not the least of which is that
it gives the filmmakers
latitude with their footage. You know, I kind of like it
like this. Let’s keep it night. Okay. If we want to
get out of here alive, we need to focus on the road. (girlfriend): Don’t go.
I can’t lose you. Jake, please! – Hey. Hey, it’s okay, alright? We just gotta get supplies.
I’m gonna go get water.
I’ll be back. – Just stay!
– I’ll be right back, okay? It’ll only just take a second,
I promise you, I’ll be back. But hey, listen,
when I do come back, I’ll knock three times.
(knocking three times) Yeah? (engine rumbling)
(metallic rattling) No. No, come on! Come on!! No! Come on. Come on! (revving engine) (car stopping) Well… this is
the end of the road. Looks like…
I’m gonna be walking. Surviving Fury Road would be hard, not just physically,
but mentally. And how far
are you willing to go to
change yourself to fit this new… world?
And what are you changing for? I mean, what’s the point of
going on when you’ve lost
everything, lost the one thing…
that mattered to you most.Oh no! Another flashback!We’re running low
on water again. I’m gonna go get more.
– I can do it. – But it’s my turn.
– You can’t do everything
for me. It’ll be okay.
– Are you sure? Come here.
Okay. I love you.
– I love you too. Don’t forget to lock up.
– Don’t forget to knock! (girlfriend screaming):
No!! – Ro! (sobbing) I should’ve been the one
who died! Finally. I found water. (pebbles creaking) (engine revving) (exhaling loudly) (engine revving) (yelling in the distance) (percussion-heavy music) (indistinct yelling) (growling) (softly): Come on. Come on. (War Boys chanting
and clapping) Come on!! Come on… Ro? But I s-saw–
– I have been looking for you
for so long, Jake! The cannibals
that attacked me actually turned out to
be pretty cool. I gave them some good tips
for cooking human flesh,
and we just… kind of… meshed. But you were trying…
to kill me. (gasping): Oh, no! Wait,
no! We were trying to
catch up with you. I have been trying to find
you ever since that night. I see you found water. It was your turn after all. So do we just need
to pull that lever
to release it? – What? Oh yeah, yeah, that.
We just… we’ve got to
pull the lever. No! Not all at once! The amount of water in there
would crush us.In Mad Max, they
let out the water from
pipes similar to this one,
creating a giant waterfall.Which would flow around
7,079 litres… a second,
which would weigh
8,435 kilograms
and would hit with
an estimated total force of 49,591,920 Newtons. But good news!
Not all that water is
falling directly on you. If we take the width of
an average person, you’d only be getting around
991,838 Newtons. So, it’d be like
eight helicopters
falling on you… every… second. So, if you want to
continue doing that
whole living thing, probably not a great idea.
– Aw! You still stare off
into the distance and
go on science tangents! I missed you.
– I missed you. I love happy endings. (clinking)
(Ro gasping) (dramatic music) And as always,
thanks for watching! Oh… that wasn’t too bad. (water thundering) Hello, again! While the credits roll,
I’m going to continue talking. In the film Fury Road,
director George Miller
demanded that the entire movie be shot
with the main talent
in the centre of the frame. What makes this interesting
is that normally, in movies on TV,
as well as in photographs, the subject of the frame
is either on one side,
like this, or on the other. And this is because of
the rule of thirds, where the focal point of
the frame should be in
one third of the frame, usually on either
the left or right side. And studies have shown that
people rate the esthetics
of a painting higher if the rule of thirds
is followed. Now, George Miller decided
to keep the focal point
in the centre, or central framing,
for Fury Road, so the audience wouldn’t
waste their time deciding
where to look. They can give their
full attention to
the action. And this was doubly important
because the average shot length
in Fury Road was 3.2 seconds, barely long enough for
the human brain to process
what was going on, let alone decide
where to look. And studies have shown that
the eye wants to focus on
the centre. So, centre framing saves
the eye and the brain
from trying to reacquire the focal point. And at the end of the day,
it is an artistic decision. But with 2,700 edits
in the film, it definitely was a benefit
for keeping the viewer literally
focused on the action. And as always,
thanks for watching.


  1. Vsauce3 Author

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