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Cross-Posting Content on Social Media | Quick Social Media Tips for Actors

Hey actors, its Lenka here from Social
Media for Actors and I help you to thrive online. In this quick tips video you are going to learn, why sharing the same piece of content on all platforms might not serve you as well as you think.
Here’s an example of what I mean: You share a photo on Instagram and when you are about to post it you tick to share it automatically to your Facebook and your Twitter. It’s convenient, you feel great that you are updating all of your profiles at once and it’s comfortable.
But it’s not really serving you well and here’s why: if you share a post from
Instagram to Twitter, it’s not gonna be shared as a photo. It’s gonna be shared
as a link and a cut off portion of the text. So that tweet doesn’t look well and doesn’t prompt people to click on the link. People would actually prefer to see the photo so consider taking that photo and uploading it directly to Twitter with a text that’s the length of a tweet. When you are sharing a photo from Instagram to Facebook, it’s a little bit better, because Facebook owns Instagram, so it’s optimized better. However, it shares your photo including all your description. So if you are putting hashtags in your photo description on Instagram, it gets shared with all of the hashtags and that doesn’t look good on Facebook. Facebook tried to make hashtags
work but people don’t like them, people don’t use them so if you have them on Facebook it kind of looks messy and lazy so consider either deleting that. Or
there’s this trick that you can use… On Instagram, don’t put the hashtags in the photo description put them in the first comment below the photo. Last piece of advice, if you’re
sharing the same kind of content, the same photo, the same text on all social media platforms, but your goal is to build a following on all social media
platforms, which is why you’re active on them, you’re not going to achieve that
this way because when you teach people that they can find the same thing on
each platform they have no reason to follow you on all of those platforms
they will follow you on one that’s most convenient for them and they know that
they are not missing anything. So in your strategy you want to put on social media
think of that. Always adjust it a little bit or have a purpose for each social
media platform. Did you like these tips? Come back every Thursday for more social media tips for actors. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell, so you get notified every time I post a new video.
See you next Thursday?

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  1. Julia Buis Author

    Fantastic tips Lenka…I was sharing pics across all platforms from IG and these tips you've shared will allow me to control my content and represent my brand in a better light! ninja


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