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Cutting it as an Editor in Hollywood | Film Jobs with Lawrence Jordan ACE


  1. Brandon Redmond Author

    Can he answer why quick camera switches are so endemic now especially in action? What ever happened to the long take?

    EDIT: looks like you kind of covered that. but why in action movies is there just so very many cuts?

    EDIT 2: I would like to hear about writing.

  2. alan Author

    I really enjoyed that. I've always wondered how directors/DP's/Producers/Editors etc interact during the film making process. Especially the editor and director. I'm not sure editors get enough credit for the movies we love. I could name the directors of all my favorite movies but I don't think, to my shame, I could name their editors. I need to change that. …. It was a great interview any an exciting idea for a series. Can't wait for the next installment.

  3. Karl Shaharudin Author

    great interview and really informative as I'm about to edit episode 2 of a new gothic genre web series (webisode?)
    really enjoy the editing role, but there again I enjoy the color correcting and grading, the screenplay writing, the directing and the cinematography. still, it's hard to break out of the low, micro budget productions into the next tier and sadly I'm occasionally forced to do commercial work when really I aspire to features. drive and passion keep me focused.
    thanks again. look forward to the next film job.
    I'm curious though. while I was on set for the recent Assassin's Creed AND Murder on the Orient express I was surprised how much of the footage taken DIDN'T make into the final cut. less than 1% if I hazard a guess. I guess then the editor has a field day with so much footage to play with.

  4. ClashBerry Author

    Really digging the show, looking forward to future episodes! By the way, are you planning on dedicating an episode to people in the film restoration field? Would be soo interesting to see!

  5. Explicit Author

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  6. Mike Whitehouse Author

    I really enjoyed this and found it informative. The sign-up and download hung up for me so I didn't get to "join the waitlist". Looking forward to your next interview.

  7. Michael Xantos Author

    One question I had in mind that, I was wondering if it would be asked. Do editors look at storyboards or have them in front of them as they are looking through the edits. My question mainly stems from "one man show" perspective but in "Hollywood" feature films . Does an editor look to see how the original concept of the shot visually was presented.

    The other thing, networking is great, and all and we should all be doing it, but it just said so much more simpler then done.. To have a relationship with another person(s), I think it should go beyond the we have your job in common lets become buddies.. A person at his job, does not want to be best friends with someone because they can "bond" over that persons job. I think that networking is always thrown out there, like you can become best friends with someone like its nothing. I don't know, I figured i'd mention that because it seems like "networking" is the easy go to thing to do.. Just go and do it and it feels like your pushing yourself on people because the idea that their job is your common ground is like would drive me crazy.

  8. Vital Butinar Author

    Really nice interview. Thanks John! I just wanted to say I really agree with what Larry said about being good to people… on my last couple of projects that I directed we did everyning for no money… the whole team… so we could learn the craft… but what really helped was that I was prepared and knew what I wanted and was able to explain to everybody from the begining what we were doing and what they had to do. So everybody knew their role in it and whenever I needed something all I had to do is ask. I never was nore I want to be a jerk to people… So thanks for that.
    The second thing is while me and my partner are just starting out it seems that we are able to better our craft but have to do that on multiple areas… I love film making but if I want to be a filmmaker I have to get the idea… then write a script… then break it down… then find the location… do the lighting… shoot the scean… direct the action… clean and lock up… and the do the editing… is this normal at this stage? 🙂
    Last time a new person on the team asked a friend… if I was angry and frustrated because I was everywhere doing everything and overheard him explaining… that I was just in the zone and really focused on what I was doing… and that thats the only way why we get the projects done but from my point of view I was just working… 🙂

  9. Red Truck Travels Author

    Excellent interview, John! I look forward to the rest of this series. 👍
    If you or anyone else in the community has a moment, and would be willing to give me some advice on greenscreens, I'd appreciate it! My students and I created a YouTube channel recently called Sock Puppet City, and I'm not quite sure what else I can do to make my chromakeying (is that a word?) better. I use a simple lighting setup, a cheap camera, and FCPX to edit. If you have any tips, I'd be very grateful! 😀

  10. screw Google Author

    This new format… EPIC. More of this. I think as soon as people in the industry or who want to get into the industry learn about it, you're going to explode. Good luck!

  11. Patinovsky Author

    Awesome new series!. encellent questions, and precise information!. Really looking forward to more episodes!. Suggestion for a next episode's guest: A sound designer. Best regards!

  12. Danny Taddei Author

    I lived and worked in LA for decades. He never mentioned the 2 most important things that kill a career in film. The first is being a flake and that means more than just not showing up. It means not working like you love what you're doing. The second thing is complaining about something not being right.
    The successful people were the ones that had passion and when something went wrong, they brought it to the attention of those who made the decisions as either "this is wrong and I have an idea how to fix it" or "this is wrong and I need some ideas how to fix it.
    Film is art. If you don't love what you're doing you will never be able to make art. If you love what you're doing it will show.

  13. Fucked Gplus Author

    I feel a new generation of film maker are comming. One that isnt wossy like art school neo-liberal and are ready to get hand dirty into the job

  14. Magnusson Productions Author

    If we can suggest what you do next, I'd like to hear from a VFX supervisor. I'm working on VFX in student films, and I'm curious on the perspective for professional-scale movie VFX.

  15. Orai Baiki Author

    Greetings from norway! Thank you for a wonderful video. Networking is ridiculously important, especially in my country since the professional community is relatively small. Also really hard get a hold on any sound crew. I think it is a really underrated job for most people involved in sound production. Would love if you could do an episode on any roles from the sound department. Thanks!


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