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  1. m m Author

    I would like to hear this fucking Trumpist about people who are barred or expelled by the fucking wall of USA or killed in El-Passo because they looked like him!

  2. X Author

    i think he is wrong . he supports beating kids what if a kid die does it worth it . and lets suppose that military helps you to create wealth shouldn't all of this guys in militayr should be wealthy

  3. Dan Robinson Author

    So sad that he calls himself the 50billion dollar man when his networth is below 1 billion. Not saying im rich but why lie about money like this?

  4. Frankie B Author

    People love you more when your broke!!!! That's fucked up. Once you become successful they will say: you forgot me or you didn't call me. 😉

  5. totadol Author

    I love Dan, not necessarily that I agree with all his philosophy , but because we need this kind of people to push us beyond our limits ( i e limiting beliefs)

  6. Stuart P Author

    He couldn’t have started London Real or had the freedom to live how he wanted (“Without money”) without first having amassed enough to see him through comfortably…
    Most people could not just ‘turn their backs’ on their means of income to do whatever they like. You can’t live a life of freedom without money.

  7. makes kers Author

    with all the respect all that money that guy have he is not going to take it in to his grave thats a fact and usually those people if you look inside there hart you wil see that they unhappy because they continuously seeking after happeniss in material things (whats is temporarily) i could be wrong of course.

  8. Lime Films Author

    Your man lives alone in a mouselium, shoots endangered animals and no one like him cuz he is a horrible cunt… What a excellent human being…. What a loos of 1h…I can watch David Attenborough for hours

  9. Hugo Business Author

    add value to the world by donating the toxic money you made on wall st. A hippy? Doubt it. you are still loaded with wall st money. DO NOT CALL YOURSELF A HIPPY!!!!!

  10. Kevster 100 Author

    Some Wealth is good but Dan thinks excessive wealth buys more happiness and eternity whereas it buys insecurity and madness as evidenced here. Otherwise agree with his snowflake society and good production video

  11. Zion-pikin Author

    Using fowl language to motivate. What's here to love. There will always be poor people who work hard to make you a billion. No need to be egocentric and insult this'd poorer than you. You are not God because your wallet full of money. You still die and probably go to hellfire if you refuse to repent and embrace Christ Jesus as Lord and saviour. No you not the greatest who ever lived. You are a coward hiding behind financial wealth.

  12. chironapolonio Author

    You are pathetic, masochistic, conformist and CRIMINAL ASSHOLE WORTHLESS FUCKING SHITTY LITTLE LOSERS, you shitty little pathetic IDIOTS! who worship, admire, and want to emulate this sick, pathetic, ghetto, disgusting and obnoxious WORTHLESS FUCK PIECE OF SHIT CUNT ASSHOLE!

  13. chironapolonio Author

    What a DISGUSTING story. I only watch it out of sheer morbid curiosity and to compare his biography with my lovely, beautiful life. What an UGLY ASSHOLE

  14. Josep Rius Author

    Interesting to see Mr Dan Peña work way… I don't see a problem on his ways, but the main thing if you accept to do a training from him and you already know how is him, just think before, but if you have value for you onw word, just stay till the end. But is so funny I love people that tell the true with out blink an eye. At least they don't lie.
    Thank you to all team LondonReal, this video get me the interest.

  15. M S Author

    All this People never had to struggle with money. I had to watch my mother starve to fucking feed us as childs.
    My dad threw us out on the street, me and my little Brother on the night of christmas 2 years in a row, because we asked for christmas presents.

    So dont sit there on your fucking chair and tell me money isnt everything since you never been without it.

    Today I’am studying law at age of 25, starting my own business and bought my first appartment at age of 22.
    And renovated it this year.
    I fucking love money. Money gives power. And with power you can Give back.

  16. Khoa Le Author

    Money CAN NOT!! buy true happiness, if he's really happy then he wouldn't be swearing that much. Truly happy people don't swear like that. But then again money makes the world go round. Money rules the world these days.

  17. Sean Kalley Author

    Great work again, & yes money does pay bills, afford your mother’s dementia care, & buy you things. Or you can also call it that it allows an intelligent manipulator to gather wealth & resources from others at any cost while lying to themselves that money is an illusion out of this brain like any thing else. A tool that can be used a lot of different ways. You’re creative Brian & that’s what he needed.

  18. NOAH T-S Author

    My problem is that I don’t see what is wrong with wanting great wealth. The fact is he’s right the world revolves around money not just in material, but there has to be some balance.

  19. gaijin geisha Author

    Wow, this is the world we are building? What happened to strength through Christ. The ability to be hard but kind? You will literally destroy yourself if you buy this philosophy as completely practical.

  20. Mohawk Steel Author

    Dan is one hell of a prick and has made a fortune being one. He is mostly right on about what he says but what profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul . …… Jesus the Christ said this.

  21. Ramsés F. Author

    My mother language is Spanish, and I see this movie don't have Spanish subtitles, so I'm gonna make it for my brothers who don't speak English because Dan is a great man and I'm learning a lot of him.

  22. ghtybn56 Author

    The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.
    For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil.


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