Dance Moms: ABBY FILES A POLICE REPORT (Season 8) | Extended Scene | Lifetime

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys. Where’s the rest of your team? They’ll be coming soon. Oh, OK. Are you dancing today, Sarah? Sarah’s not dancing today. She’s benched again. And why is that? Because you guys talked to
another studio last week? No, we’re not hopping
to another studio. I heard you quit. No, we didn’t quit. Sarah’s just not
dancing this week. You know, after all the debacle
at the last competition, I’m just asking that
you don’t barge in, you don’t heckle Abby. Did Abby ask you
to tell us this? No, nobody asked–
nobody asked. They’re just
coming on their own because they’re grasping at
straws to stay on the team. OK. They’re desperate. This is what desperate–
– Sarah’s off– –looks like. It’s not that
she’s off the team. She’s not dancing this
week because of the chaos. And whose fault is that? It’s not my fault. Yeah, it is.
Because– – No, it’s not–
– –all you had to do was– – –my fault.
– –say, thank you, Michelle. And we wouldn’t even be here. No, it has nothing
to do with thank you. You’re after a 12-year-old girl. No, I’m not after her.
I’m after– We’re after you– You’re after a
12-year-old girl. –because you lied
to a group of women. You lied to a group– Get your fingers
out of my face. No, you’re not going
to tell me what to do. – Take your–
– You lied. I’d actually say– You lied to a group of women. Get your fingers
out of my face. I’ll do what I
want with my finger. I– get out of my face. You’re a liar. So– You’re a liar.
You’re such– – You’re not getting in my face.
– –a liar. Get out of my face. So stay away from Abby. Sarah wants to dance with–
– Why? – –Abby.
– Why? She got ninth overall
at the last competition. She was awful. You’re going to
call her awful? She was awful. She’s standing right here, and
you’re going to call her awful. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Bravo. Let’s call a child awful. Bravo. [CHEERING] (CHANTING) Abby! Abby! Abby! Listen, my issues with Abby
related to dance are one issue. When she involves my child,
that’s a whole nother issue. So whatever I have
to say to Abby, I’m definitely going to say. [CHEERING] But because it’s Nationals,
I think it’s best if you stay in your dressing room– OK, well– –they stay in
their dressing room. –we’ll see what
they have to say. Yeah, we’ll see how they other
moms treat us for being here. [CHEERING] There goes your team again. Is she not with
you again today? Don’t talk to them. You guys go. I’m dealing with this. I came and I told them
to stay away from Abby, to stay out of
the dressing room. That’s the only reason I came.
[INTERPOSING VOICES] – I’m not staying.
– Which– I’m leaving. She’s not our boss. She is not our boss. So she’s not telling
us what to do. You know what? You’re mad because
they beat you. I’m not mad. That last dance
that won didn’t even showcase half of their talent. You should really
take the high road and not come after our kids. We don’t go after your
kids or your studio. You’re doing it too! I’m– I’m not doing anything. You’re doing it too. I’m not doing anything. Don’t act like
holier-than-thou. You’re doing it too.
– I’m not doing anything. Go.
Go. I’m dealing with them. Go.
I’m dealing with them. Go. I’m glad you’re
dealing with them. Go. She’s just asking us nicely to
stay out of your dressing room to benefit her because she’s
so desperate because Sarah’s not dancing today. I said, stay away from Abby. We’re here to dance. It’s Nationals. We have a few groups. We’re going to have fun with it. We hope you guys
dance amazing too. (CHANTING) Abby! Abby! Abby! You guys go get ready. I’m not coming.
– [INAUDIBLE]. Good luck. Have a great day. Thank you. Thank you, Michelle. (CHANTING) Abby! Abby! They’re leaving Michelle
and Sarah once again. So– Michelle, take the high road. I am. I’m leaving. Good luck, guys. Thank you. Thank you. It sucks that Sarah
didn’t get to dance. She went through
all kinds of valleys and tried to climb
up many hills. And here we are, on the
sidelines and just watching. And it’s hard. But I believe that every
season has a reason. And Sarah will be
a better dancer and stronger because
of everything that she has endured. No matter, I think,
what life throws at her, she’s going to be able
to grab onto those things and remember
moments at the ALDC. And she’ll be able to save
those tears for her pillows. Good morning, Miss Abby. Good morning. Abby, did you see Studio 19? Let it go. Ignore it. We have teams coming after
us, especially at Nationals. This is not the
place to cause chaos. I am here to make stars. I don’t want the kids worrying
about that other dance studio or any of this nonsense. Focus on your routine. And dance like winners. This is it. This is Nationals. There’s a lot of
people gunning for us. But we’ve worked
hard all season long towards a victory at Nationals. And today, that’s
what we’re doing. [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] ABBY: (WHISPERING) Hi. [SIRENS WAILING] Yeah. Nobody is going
to verbally assault me at a dance competition. My only choice
was to remove myself from a situation that could
escalate to something more. I’m putting a stop to this. [CHEERING] Yay! Woohoo! Oh, it’s so good! I think you guys
went out there and did a fantastic job today. But the moms had to cheer
extra hard because Abby left. Abby missed all the solos. I don’t know. Right now, she’s
filing a police report. So maybe, when she’s done filing
that, maybe she’ll come back. Hey, guys. Hey, guys. Oh, look who’s back. I will not be screamed at. I will not be yelled at. She got in my face,
spit in my face. I said, that’s it. I’m not doing this anymore. This is crossing a line. I had to go to
the police station and fill out a report
to keep that other dance studio away from my team. I will do whatever it
takes to help the ALDC win that national title.

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