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Dangal | Official Trailer | Aamir Khan | In Cinemas Dec 23, 2016

Mahavir Singh has just flipped
his opponent and pinned him down. With that he’s secured
five points for himself. And Mahavir Singh Phogat has won
the wrestling championship! Medalists don’t grow on trees. You have to nurture them. With love, with hard work,
with passion. The performance of the Indian team
has been extremely poor. Like every athlete,
I too had a dream. To win a gold for my country. What I couldn’t do,
our son will. He will win gold
for our country. Our flag will fly the highest. Another defeat for India
in the wrestling championship. Congratulations, brother. Your fourth child
is also a girl. I couldn’t give you a son… Don’t get me wrong. Both, Geeta and Babita
are very dear to me. But, only a boy
can fulfil my dream. India will have to wait longer
for international glory. Look how badly
they’ve been thrashed. They’re all swollen and bruised. Why did you beat them? I didn’t, uncle. Geeta and Babita beat them up. They started it. He called me a loser
and Babita a witch. So, we gave it to them. All along, I was
desperate for a son so he could win a gold
in wrestling for India. But, what didn’t occur to me
was that gold is gold. Whether a boy wins it, or a girl. Anything that shifts
their focus from wrestling, I will get rid of! Enough of wrestling, now, it’s time for a real fight! Always remember… if you win silver, sooner or later
people will forget you. But if you win gold,
you will become an example. And examples are given not forgotten. One roar of the lion silences
The bleating of a thousand sheep So, wrestle, O Wrestler! Wrestle, O Wrestler! Your glory may rise and fall Cause up in the sky
Your stars are wrestling, too So, wrestle, O Wrestler! Wrestle, O Wrestler! Wrestling is for boys. You think our girls are
any lesser than boys?


  1. Piyush Dongare Author

    This is movie is good…but he shouldn't have pressurized his daughters for fulfilling his dream of getting gold medal…

  2. Dilawer Khan Author

    Aamir Hussain Khan wah dil se kiya movie bhanae app ne main Pakistani Meri Zindagi is trilar ne tabdeel ki Wah aamr Khan wah

  3. Sohan Dhande Author

    Inspirational. But the problem with Indians when compared to others is they fight between themselves more than with others (coach scene). The father was the light from them. Superb movie.

  4. Nagihan YAĞICI Author

    Hi! I'm a Turk.
    unfortunately ı watched dangal on Turkish tv channel ı was shocked. there was almost no spirit no enthusiasm cause ı had my students watched the movie Dangal in classes originaly . Indıan movie producers shouldn't send the Dangallike movies to state owned channels
    mr shanver ( an english teacher from Turkey)

  5. shriya achari Author

    Well no Salman and Shahrukh could have done what Aamir did! Not only Aamir Khan but even Zaira, Fatima, Sanya, Aparshakti, Sakshi, Suhani and Ritvik did!
    This a benchmark they've put!!!
    Everytime I watch this movie and trailer I get goosebumps man!!!
    Srk and Salman are just jealous of The scripts Aamir Khan chooses, they can never act the way this man does! The previous movies also left the audience speechless! Srk and Salman need to learn acting from Aamir Khan even from the kids!!!! Nitesh Tiwari has done an excellent job!!! I feel bad for them who say Salman or srk are their favorite actors! I mean srk and Salman khan are not even 5% of Aamir and not even those kids! They always choose scripts in which they get paid the most, in which they get to dance with girls, in which only they are the lead actors and in which they need not do any acting. Qki jabse woh iss industry mein aaye hai tabse acting toh ki nahi hai. Fukat paisa kamate hai…They're called celebrities because of they're stardom and not acting but Aamir Khan is called Mr. Perfectionist because of his acting skills and the kind of scripts he takes up!

  6. ab devillier Author

    Ye movie me chutiya milk ko Kyu barbaad Kar raha hai..zameen me fek kar.. message Kya de raha hai desh ko..wahi gareeb ko dega to kitno ki jaan bachayega aur Dua lega

  7. Krutiga Ramachandran Author

    I cried throughout the film.. so touching… when I narrate to my mom via handphone.. she cried too.. beautiful storyline 😊😊

  8. Hamza Ham Author

    😘😍😍فيلم روعة والأداء الاروع تمثيل كان في القمة وقصتهم مدهشة جدا جدااااااااا😍😍😍😍

  9. Nachannachle Author

    Aamir Khan always stuns me with how versatile he is with his face and body. He can grown thin like a skeleton, big like a buffalo, muscular like a tiger or scrawny like a meerkat.
    His sense of discipline is incredible.

  10. Nazrah Sheikh Author

    It is refreshing to see such a movie where girls /women are not treated as second class citizens Also, one gets sick of watching bollywood movies where there is utter rubbish. for example love triangle and women get attacked and raped. I have stopped watching bollywood movies. They have lost their culture and values. It is such a shame. Is it fashionable to be partly covered in movies. After all our cultural is different from the west. So stick to our culture which is so rich and decent.

  11. That മലയാളി kid Author

    Came here after Zaira said she's done doing movies. Such a same, she was such a good actress. Zaira ♥️

  12. purpandorange Author

    I was expecting the real life daughters to be muscular behemoths who barely resemble women but they actually aren't that bad looking. One's a little butch but has a nice face and the other one is gorgeous. I assumed their portrayal in Dangal was more flattering than reality but I would say they looked better than the actors portraying them.

  13. Kim Inteligando Author

    I feel so blessed to have watched this movie in Netflix. Better late than never. Worth watching! Well done! Congratulations Dangal!


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