Dangal | On Set With Sakshi Tanwar | In Cinemas December 23

All I could hear was your voice God knows what was
happening in there! In the gym. This is my daughter. Yo, mother!
What’s up, mother? Yo, daughter… yo! I got a call one day for Dangal. Initially, I thought it was
some sort of a prank. It had never crossed my mind
to cast Sakshi-ji, till Aamir sir suggested her. Honestly… I’ll be very frank. I didn’t know how to
react to that because, I never saw Sakshi-ji
in this kind of role. This idea came to me…
from my mother. She watches a lot of television and she loves Sakshi. In a couple of days,
they called me over. “You come over… and we’ll do a proper audition.” And then, when we auditioned her and saw her take. I still had no idea what it would be like
working with Sakshi on the sets. She does such a wonderful job! Once she understood
what was expected out of that role she didn’t falter even once. Bang on! Such honesty… such sincerity in her acting! She loses herself in that moment
and plays her part. My character is called Daya Kaur. Sometimes she supports her husband, sometimes, her daughters; sometimes she’s holding peace, sometimes she’s interceding
to bring them all together. She’s always involved with her family. I’m from Alwar. Alwar is on the border of
Rajasthan and Haryana. I’ve heard people speak Haryanvi… It’s such a cool language. I feel this sense of belonging,
this love. Some languages sound melodious, but this language is quite different. Even when you are being sweet,
there’s this attitude… I remember once, I was
getting on to a public bus, my best friend was still at the bus stop. She was waiting for her bus and I was on the stairs and waving out
to her like a star. And the driver was like,
“get on to the bus, will you?” I loved the styling… At each age, it was a different look. For my older character,
Maxima had chosen duller colours. And there is this little part
where we are younger. I had a blast then. I got to wear bright
and lovely clothes. I’m very excited!
– But why? Because finally I’m getting to wear
nice, colourful clothes. So if I was to sum up my experience, Superb! I would repeat myself and say that, you know, one day the Universe
decided to be generous, and I became a part of Dangal.

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