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David Lynch – The Elusive Subconscious | CRISWELL | Cinema Cartography


  1. Obscured Satellites In Flight Author

    This was so wonderful and brilliant, it's almost as if you completely crystallized a vague dream for me. Well done.

  2. BloodylocksBathory Author

    SPOILERS – Some other things I've noticed about Lynch's work:
    1. You may not always understand the plot points, but you understand the emotions.
    2. Much like Dickens' stories had coincidences because life itself has them, so does Lynch's.
    3. Similarly there are strange people in his stories because sometimes in real life there just ARE strange people. We see them as we go through life, might wonder about them, and often never discover more than what we briefly see.
    4. Though many ominous and frightening characters populate themselves in Lynch's work, not all of them are evil. Some really are evil like BOB and Frank Booth, but others are frightening because they represent things humanity is afraid of, like truth or inner self, like the Hobo behind Winky's and the Mystery Man.

  3. marl boonyer Author

    Lynch has had a profound impact on me. Eraserhead and ,most of Lynch's work isn't concerned with rational meaning or at least there is no 'answer' or there are infinitude of 'answers', it is about connecting to the fathomless beauty of mystery. the answer IS mystery. and that is thrilling.

  4. Duan Torruellas Author

    yes , introducing unfamiliarity into something thats not familiar. To me that was the narrators phrase that best describes lynch. ~ Duan T.

  5. Toyman Blood Author

    David Lynch interprets his pictures as creating an original nightmare based on the emotions of an individual. The secret behind the nightmares is metamodernism we can't quite comprehend, even if we discuss all day, or on a daily basis focusing on one topic. He comes by like a yo-yo to smile in every expression possible; as euphoria accompanies the scenarios clearly created to disturb and molest the mindsets of audiences wherever we like it or not.

  6. Jana Vaught Author

    The first time I was exposed to Lynch was from a recommendation from a kid who worked at Blockbuster. He said he had a movie he wanted me to see, at his expense, and if I could tell him what it was about he'd give me ten free rentals. Naturally, I was sure I could come up with something about damn near anything, so I took home Eraserhead.

    I was never so angry in my life, I had just wasted a few hours of my life, and there would be no free rentals in my future. I hated him for a few years. Then I picked up the movie Twin Peaks, a girlfriend and I watched it, and we become obsessed. I started digging in, and discovered the one who lacked insight had been me- I wasn't ready for what he was dishing out yet.

    Lynch is a master of illusion, a passionate archaeologist into the human psyche. He's unafraid to go there, wherever that may be. Now I think of him as a treasure, and this is one of the better videos I've seen dissecting his work. Well done.

  7. Sora Bringer Author

    You have earned a subscription! I've been a fan of Lynch's for about 10 years now, and I'm still discovering things. Many of the details and trends of Lynch you point out here are ones I've never seen before.

  8. Brian Seymour Author

    How about a video on Scorsese's psychological masterpiece, Taxi Driver. It could centered on the film's portrayal of mental illness and the pathology of loneliness. Just a suggestion.

  9. photondance Author

    I thought the blue box, was the realization of a different world, that you thought you wanted; but if Lynch doesn't know…

  10. sclogse1 Author

    That mist behind his head. (Eraserhead, of course) Now that's intuitive film making. Knowing that kind of move in your first film is very impressive.

  11. Radical Esoteric Gloomer Author

    my dreams and nightmares have a lot of similarities to his films. Many things in his films I can really make no sense of, but I feel myself very drawn to them because it's like watching one of my own dreams

  12. R. M Author

    Every analyst describes Lynch's films as taking place in pleasant environments which reveal hidden dangers under what they refer to as "a facade"…but in my opinion this is not exactly correct. It's not a "facade" …it's just that these elements can also be present there, that doesn't mean that the whole environment is fake. Lynch describes the places he grew up as Idyllic, the way life should be lived, positive in every way etc.. but he shows that there can be more lurking beneath this. But to me, people insert their own cynical meaning into this analysis and paint Lynch films as expressing some kind of satire about middle American life and it's simply not true. The influence and love of that atmosphere of Americana is present throughout most of his work and it's a major part of what defines him.

  13. zaxapitsa Author


    so I was watching Lost Highway with my girlfriend and halfway thru it she goes "oh, I get it, it's gonna end up at the beginning". To this day I haven't got the slightest idea how does her or anybody else "understand" a Lynch film, or get so much out of it, and I guess I'll never will. Just saying so maybe someone throws some light into it.

  14. RoboJules Author

    I like to look at everything Lynch creates in the same way that I look at Carl Jung's Red Book. They are profound looks into the subconscious mind with which the contextual meaning extracted can be used to find truly profound concepts and ideas not yet conscious to us.

  15. Alex Leiva Author

    Lynch claiming that he has no idea what the box in Mulholland Drive means is actually a reaffirmation of its purpose, the box means mystery, that unknown force that drives us to act maybe because it's just part of our nature. It's not about what's inside of it, it's about what it could be and he is the master of uncertainty. Great video, I really enjoined it!

  16. Scum Fuck Flower Boy Author

    Wtf. I assumed David Lynch was more of a Kubrick-type director but this is something else entirely. I think I'll skip this director. I don't feel like sitting through disturbing arthouse films.

  17. Filmflicker Cinema Author

    This was an absolutely beautifully made Video Essay, very informative. David Lynch is one of my favourite filmmakers. May I ask you, what is your opinion on Alejandro Jodorowsky's work, and would you ever create a video essay for his films?

  18. Rob Van Gessel Author

    Lynch is the cinematic equivalent of stream-of-consciousness literature in the tradition of Proust, Virginia Woolf, and James Joyce. Can't think of any other American filmmaker who wears that distinction. Pure abstraction with mainstream appeal. Lynch is a master of a genre he alone owns.

  19. Fuzzy Dunlop Author

    Oh shit, I forgot Modest Mouse made a song referencing Eraserhead. Holy shit, did I block that from my memory or something? How could I forget.

  20. Reneromero08 Author

    Wow! This is amazing work! Some people would consider 20 minutes to be too much, but you nailed it man: not too long and not too short! perfect analysis of David Lynch, his style, and his work! Two thumbs up :3

  21. derTangram Author

    thank you, this was really satisfying after watching screenprism trying to "explain" the unexplainable in their mulholland drive explained video.

    Edit: I personally get kinda disgusted by videos "explaining" lynch's work since the word "explained" implies an absolute meaning, which is something that is in my opinion something that showcases a fundamental misunderstanding of art, espeacially in lynch's case

  22. Craig Morgan Author

    First time I seen fire walk with me I was extremely unsettled for days but my favourite line off all time is in lost highway when Fred says he hates videos as he likes to remember things how he remembers them not necessarily the way they actually happened!
    By the way this is an awesome vid most people miss the mark when they talk about Lynch this couldn't be more spot on 🙂

  23. mark heyne Author

    The BOX is taken from Bunuel. Its 'the Unknown' or whatever. definitely a worrying mystery. Never mind. This is a very good analysis of typical David Lynch themes.

  24. transmission GGB Author

    Nothing is like David lynch, as was the case with Kubrick, he is out there with people trying to do what he does but nobody does it like him. as every movie he does and TV show, you can't guess or know what will happen and I don't care if Tarintino thinks lynch has his head up his arse, he is original and like nothing else in cinema and what he did for American TV can't be denied he changed that and made for great TV shows like the X files and the list goes on and on so what he has done is stayed true to his art with film and changed TV shows in America with twin peaks. He is a true Artist that can say he stayed true to his ideas and art except the odd problems from TV bosses and the odd sensor . Can't say enough about lynch or your video on him great stuff.

  25. transmission GGB Author

    Also the helium voice that man used in wild at heart was what lynch wanted Dennis Hopper to do instead of the gas he used in blue velvet, which did work better.


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