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Dayaalu (HD) New Hindi Dubbed Movie | Nagarjuna Akkineni, Naga Chaitanya, Samantha Akkineni

Radha, did it turn on?
– No. What happened?
– Krishna, I’m checking it. Hurry up. Bittu will wake up.
– Yes, I am on it. Hurry up. Did you insert the batteries?
– Yes, I did. It turned on. It is Bittu’s birthday today. Did you set the date in the camera?
– Yes, I’m doing it. 13th Feb, 1983. I wanted to tell you something
after we got married. So, I’ve bought a gift for you. I am not interested in
your unnecessary talks. You have to give the gift to Bittu,
not me. We’ll do as we’d planned.
Everyone is waiting downstairs. What are you doing? A very happy birthday, Bittu. You’ve grown up now. I’ve never seen
a sweet kid like you. If you want to be strong like me, wake up and kiss your parents. Only then I’ll get new gifts for you. Enough, turn the camera here. A very happy birthday, Bittu. I couldn’t even know how these
six years passed by. From your birth to till date
we’ve spent a good time. Since you’ve come in our lives, our lives have changed. You’re the best boy
in the whole world. Thank you for choosing me
as your mother. When you grow big,
love and help everyone. Everyone should say,
‘Bittu is a good boy’. Only then you’ll make us proud. I love you. Come on, let’s wake him up. Ladies first. Wow! Bittu. Wake up, son.
Bittu, wake up. Bittu, wake up. Bittu, wake up. My dear baby, wake up. Bittu, wake up. I’m telling you, wake up. Wake up.
– Wake up. Happy birthday.
– Happy birthday. Happy birthday, Bittu. Thank you, Mom.
Dad, where’s my gift? It’s in the hall downstairs. Wow! Surprise! “Happy birthday to you.” “Happy birthday to you.” “Happy birthday to dear Bittu.” Bittu,
make a wish. ‘I pray that my parents
never fight.’ ‘They both should always be happy.’ “Happy birthday to you.” Son, cut the cake. Did you make a wish? Yes, Dad.
– Cut the cake. Come on, hurry up. I don’t want anyone to run
a knife over Bittu’s name. Bittu, cut the cake. Feed it to Bittu.
Bittu, open your mouth. Eat the entire piece. Krishna, feed the cake to Bittu.
– Very good. Happy birthday, Son. Happy birthday, Bittu.
– Happy birthday. Look here. I will take two plates. Sure, please take. Run! Bittu, why aren’t you playing? Mom, how can I play without you? Where were you? I was right here. Call out to me whenever you need me,
I’ll be in front of you. Okay? Let’s go and play. Come on. Yes, let’s go. She keeps fighting
on petty matters. I still don’t stop
apologising to her. I always apologise to her. I understood that
you apologise to her, but have you ever told her
that you love her? At least once in a week? Once in a month? Since you’re married, you didn’t
tell her ‘I love you’ even once. Ours is an arranged marriage,
she is my wife. Oh, she’s your wife,
how can you tell her ‘I love you’? Why are you saying so? You very well know
how much I love her. I know how much you love your wife, but what’s the use? Tell this to your wife. If you don’t share your feelings
with her, how will she know? Take a gift for her. She shouldn’t know that you know
what she likes. She will be happy if she sees
a gift that she likes. ‘Jawaharlal Nehru was
born on November 14th.’ Mom, what’s written here? Read it for me again. ‘FOUGHT, what is this?’ Sir, let’s go. Krishna, this happened by mistake. It’s not mistake,
but your carelessness. It’s not the thing,
believe me, Krishna… How many times did I tell you not to
write Bittu’s name on the birthday cake? Krishna, I’d instructed the baker, but still he wrote the name. Did he write it
though you’d instructed him? Not that, everyone writes names
on the cake. So, he wrote it.
Please calm down. It is not the baker’s fault, stop blaming others for your mistake.
Please. Krishna, I agree I made a mistake. I’ve been trying to explain
it to you since morning. I’ve even bought a gift
for you and you… Don’t pretend that you love me. Have you brought a gift
to fool me? Krishna, you’re talking rubbish. No matter how hard I try to explain
you end up with a fight. What did you say? Instead of being together
and fighting all the time, let’s separate. I’m tired of you. What did you say? This tension… What did you say before that? You said you want to separate. Krishna, I didn’t mean that. How could you say that?
– I didn’t say so. Do you want to separate from me?
– Listen to me, I didn’t say that.
– You said that. You finally spoke your heart out. Krishna, believe me,
I didn’t mean to say that. You could’ve told me directly,
why are you torturing me? Krishna, am I torturing you? You stay happily. What are you saying?
– I will never come between you both. What do you mean? Let’s meet the lawyer tomorrow and apply for the divorce. ’14-02-1983′ Mom? Mom! Bittu, your parents have gone out,
they’ll be back in an hour. I’ve kept the milk on the table,
drink it. Hello?
– ‘Ma’am, greetings. I’m Sharma speaking.’ ‘I’ve got the veneration done
as per your instructions.’ ‘When should I get the oblation?’ Sir, mom is not at home. ‘Okay, you’re Bittu speaking?’
– Yes. ‘Okay, I’ll call later.’
– Okay. Are you happy now? What did you say? Your path is clear now. You won’t have a wife and son. You’ll be happy
with that girl, right? Which girl are you talking about? We can fight and hate each other, but Bittu… Didn’t you think about him? How could you become so selfish? I made a mistake by falling in
love with such a man. I have to be punished for it.
– Don’t say that. Radha! ‘Accident prone zone’ Krishna? Krishna, get up. Open your eyes. Krishna, come on. Please. Krishna, please. Come on, Krishna. Please. I can’t live without you. Please I can’t live
without you and Bittu. Krishna, no! ‘Mumbai, Maharashtra’ ‘Like always,
even this year in Mumbai’ ‘we’re going to give away our
successful businessmen awards.’ ‘We’re happy to inform you that’ ‘the person who’s getting this award’ ‘is the chairman and MD of
Radha Group of Companies,’ ‘Mr Nageshwar Rao.’ ‘Let’s know more about him.’ ‘He lost his parents
when he was six years old.’ ‘He engrossed himself in studies.’ ‘He completed his MBA from Mumbai’ ‘and started climbing
the ladder of success.’ ‘He started his own company’ ‘and business.’ ‘Business flourished so much that’ ‘he hired 55,000 people
in just five months.’ ‘His company’s annual
turnover is 15,000 crore.’ ‘This is not an easy.’ On a lighter note when asked about
his personal life at an event, where he was declared one of the most
eligible bachelors in the country, he remarked that
he was already married and that his company was his wife
and one true love. Please welcome the Businessman
of the Year, Mr Nageshwar Rao. Our country needs more people
like you. – Thank you, sir. Congratulations.
– It’s an honour. ‘Mom, dad,’ ‘missing you guys so much today.’ ‘Wherever you are,
you must be proud of me.’ ‘Mom, the dreams that you had on me’ ‘I am fulfilling all.’ ‘It was not possible
without your blessings.’ ‘All these years,
you were away from me,’ ‘but I’ve always felt you near me.’ ‘But I don’t know why’ ‘while receiving the best award
today, I felt,’ ‘it would’ve been nice
had you been with me.’ Excuse me.
– Ladies first. It’s okay.
– No, I always insist. Ladies first, please.
– Thank you. Thank you. Excuse me, hello. You’re disturbing me. Dad? May I help you, sir. – Can I have
a glass of water, please? Sure. Do you know why all the men say,
‘Ladies first’? Because it is fun to watch
a hot wheel going ahead. Excuse me.
– Yes. Are you going to Hyderabad?
– No. Then? I’m going to Junagadh.
– Oh. Oh no, does this flight
go to Junagadh? Excuse me, I think
I’m on the wrong flight. Excuse me, wrong flight, hello.
– Listen, you’re on the correct flight. You said yes when I asked you if
it goes to Junagadh. This flight is going to Hyderabad,
right? – Yes. Excuse me, where in Hyderabad do you stay? I stay in a hostel. Which college do you study in? St. Xavier’s.
– Oh, St. Xavier’s. Which year? Don’t tell anyone. I’m in the junior KG. Excuse me,
I am Nageshwar Rao. Hi, I am Nagarjun. I am happy that
you told me your name. Please don’t irritate me. You enjoy the flight. Hello? What are you doing?
Who do you think I am? Were you making an MMS
by clinging to me? No, casually…
– What casually? Were you going to kiss me casually? No, you’re misunderstanding me. Is this misunderstanding
or you’re hitting on me? This is not done. I feel something fishy. I click pictures for memories. Memories?
– Yes. Have you gone mad? I thought only girls were not safe in
India, but even the guys are not safe. A man is eyeing on another man. The flight has taken off and you’re
hitting on me. You shameless man. Excuse me, ma’am,
I want to change my seat. No, actually I want to change the
flight, please. – Listen, I’m sorry. I’ll sit away. It’s okay. A little farther.
Keep your hands there. Go in the corner. Maintain this distance. He’s a crazy guy. I think he’s mad. I got saved. ‘Ladies and gentlemen,
your attention please.’ Where did he go? Nagarjun sir, excuse me! It is me.
– No, I remember you. No, you stay there, I’ll be there. I’ll give you a lift.
– No, I have a car. One minute, please. He’s not leaving me. Mr Nagarjun, please stop.
Listen to me. ‘Bittu’s 6th birthday’ ‘A very happy birthday, Bittu.’ ‘I’ve never seen
a sweet kid like you.’ ‘If you want to be strong like me,’ ‘wake up and kiss your parents.’ ‘Only then I’ll get
new gifts for you.’ ‘Enough, turn the camera here.’ ‘A very happy birthday, Bittu.’ ‘I couldn’t even know how these
six years passed by.’ ‘From your birth to till date’ ‘we’ve spent a good time.’ ‘Since you’ve come in our lives,’ ‘our lives have changed.’ ‘You’re the best boy
in the whole world.’ ‘When you grow big,’ ‘love and help everyone.’ ‘Everyone should say, ‘Bittu is a good boy’.’ ‘Only then you’ll make us proud.’ ‘Thank you for choosing me
as your mother.’ Hey, Buddy. Had someone told me about rebirth,
I wouldn’t have believed it. But I saw my dad today. He was with me on the flight. I even spoke to him. It was a wonderful moment. It was just fantastic, Buddy. Okay, dude, if father is reborn,
even mom would’ve been reborn. We both will find them. Yes, we’ll surely find them. No matter where mom is, we will surely find her. Mom. ‘Call out to me
whenever you need me,’ ‘I’ll be in front of you. Okay?’ It must be here. It is there. Come on, let’s go.
– Yes, let’s go. ‘World’s greatest mum’ Excuse me, have we met before?
– Sorry? We’ve met earlier, right? Seeing you I feel like I know you from very before. Maybe some connection. No.
– No? Are you sure we’re meeting
for the first time? Haven’t you seen me earlier? Why do I feel I’ve seen you? Don’t you feel you’ve seen me? I don’t remember. Think. Some link… Think. Priya, you were looking
for this book, right? – Yes. Chhotu must be six years old, right?
– Yes. Then this will be the
perfect gift for him. Will he like this?
Shall we buy this? I can confidently say that
he will surely like this book. Do you know about this book?
– Yes. My mother used to read out
stories to me from this book. Or I wouldn’t go to sleep. Even today if I am unable to sleep,
I read this book and go to sleep. I feel my mother is with me. Even now your mother is with you. How? I’m telling about this book. Looks like you love
your mother very much. She’s the most wonderful person
I’ve ever known in my life. My dad was sitting with me
for two hours, but I couldn’t recognise him. But look at my mother,
she came looking for me. I mean, this is the connection
between a mother and a son. It’s a magical connection, you know.
– True. What are you doing? I do business in the Cyber City. I mean, what’s your plan after this? Are you free?
– Yes, absolutely. I am starving, would you like to
join us for lunch? – Me? Come here.
– One moment. What’s the matter?
– Are you out of your mind? You’re inviting a stranger
for lunch? Hi. I’m sorry, I didn’t
introduce myself. I’m Priya. I’m Nageshwar Rao. This is Divya. Hi. – Hello. – Now,
we’re formally introduced, right? Now Divya, would you like to
join us for lunch, please? My mother is the most beautiful
woman of this world. I’ve heard many guys
talk about girls, but you’re the first guy I’ve met
who’s talking about his mother. First time, you know. I feel at peace when I talk
about mother. Am I right? Well said. Priya, shall we leave?
We’re getting late. What’s the hurry? Did you forget that we have
our exams tomorrow? No matter how hard I study,
I can’t understand anything. Why are you tense? Priya, which exams do you have?
– Economics. Which topic? Theory of diminishing… Marginal utility?
– Yes. Do you know about it?
– Yes, it’s a very easy topic. Hello, excuse me,
may I borrow your pen? I’ll explain it to you.
It’s so easy. ‘commodity’ ‘Daddy’ Is that all?
– Yes. Did you understand? I can explain it to you again
if you didn’t understand. I understood it very nicely. I’ll straight go and give my exams. Oh, my God, I’ll pass in economics
for the first time. Priya, let’s go. We’re getting late. Oh, my God. I must leave now. If I delay, my warden will turn
into a beast. – Okay. Okay Priya, take this with you. Won’t you take my phone number?
– Sure. You taught me now, won’t you ask me
how did I do my exams? Note down my number, 9949012233. Okay.
– Okay? My exams will get over
by 12:30 p.m. If you don’t call me by 12:31… No, I will call you. Okay, bye.
– Bye. Bye-bye.
– Okay, bye. Bye.
– Bye, Priya. ‘Amma.
Contact saved’ ‘School bus’ ‘Principal’ What do you think you’re doing? All the three of you are useless. Only ten days are left for our
college annual day function. You still haven’t been
able to find a sponsorship. You stupid! O Lord. We’re engrossed so much
in studies that we are studying even while sleeping. Had a brilliant student told this to me,
I would’ve believed it, but, you’re useless. You’ve defamed the college. Praise the Lord, Father. May the Lord be praised.
Come in, Child. Sorry Father, you’re in a meeting.
I’ll come later. No problem, we’ll wait.
Ladies first, please. Thank you. This is the list of the students who
have attendance below 30 percent. All departments?
– Yes, Father. Thank you, my child. I have a class.
Praise the Lord, Father. May the Lord be praised, my child. Idiots, even your name
is in the list. O Lord. My son… My dear sunflower. Stop your nonsense and get
a sponsorship for the festival or I’ll rusticate all the three
of you. Do you get it? Praise the Lord, Father. May the Lord be praised. Get out from my office. I don’t know what they do with
the donation and fees that we pay. Why don’t they use that money
for the festival? They say they don’t have money.
– Yes. May the Lord be praised. They would be saving black money.
– Yes. Boys, silence. I don’t understand what to do. How can we find sponsorship
for the festival? ‘Forbes’ I know him.
– Who? He’s the same man who was
with me in the flight. The one who was trying to
click pictures with you? His photograph is on the front page. He’s the chairman of
Radha Krishna Group of Companies. He’s the number one
businessman of India. Look at his projects.
He’s famous in the entire world. He runs charitable trusts too. He’s the one
who will give us sponsorship. We look like beggars. Will he even talk to us?
– Sure. Beggars can’t be choosers. Somehow we have to get at least
sponsorship of Rs 50,000. We have to pay for the lighting,
sound, invitation. Rs 50,000? Why don’t you ask for his property? He won’t even talk to you,
forget about helping us. Stop blabbering and come with me. All your hard work
and the cash you paid, everything paid off. At least take some money from him. I will handle it, you stay quiet.
– Okay. Excuse me. Can we meet Nageshwar Rao? Sir is in a meeting with
the foreign delegates. No problem, we just need to
meet him for two minutes. We’ll just meet him and leave. Not two minutes,
we need at least 1.5 hours. We have to tell him
the entire story. Shut up. We can sit with him
for two hours by saying two minutes. I will handle it. You relax. Where can we find him? Have you taken an appointment? Appointment?
– Is it necessary? How will we take an appointment? We can take it from his PA. His PA will be busy. He must be somewhere around. Excuse me, who is his PA? I am his PA. He is the PA. After listening to us he says
he’s the PA. Talk to him. Sir, are you his PA?
– Yes, I am. Answer to my question first. Who let you inside? Security!
– Sir… We should start the work and… Please, sir…
– Get out! You don’t have manners to talk. Sir, we’re from
St. Xavier’s College. There’s youth festival
in the college. Do you think he’ll attend
your youth festival? Do you think he is sitting idle? We don’t need him.
– What? We just want sponsorship.
– Yes. Sponsorship?
How much do you want? Rs 50,000.
– Yes, that would be enough. You move aside and you come here. How much do you want?
– Rs 50,000. Is that enough or you need more? Shall I write this entire building
in your name? Yes, that will do. We can give you
2 percent commission. You’ll be benefited.
– I see. Will you give me
2 percent commission? – Yes. You! Get going! It’s going to be the… It’s going…
– We’re leaving. Just excuse me.
– Listen to me, sir. No sir, please leave us. Dad? You!
– Sir, we’re sorry. I don’t want to hear anything. I don’t want to hear anything.
– Sir, please… Sir, please.
– Stop, I’m talking to him. He’s done for. When did you come here? Just five minutes ago. You’ve been here from
past five minutes? He said you were
in an important meeting. Forget the meeting.
That’s rubbish. I’m sorry as you were troubled
because of such idiots. Let it be, sir.
– Forgive me. Sir, I was here to apologise to you
for being rude to you on the flight. You’re elder to me,
you shouldn’t be saying sorry. Please come inside.
– Okay, sir. Is he such an important man? Mr Nagarjun,
consider this as your office. Please come.
– Yes, sir. Don’t sit here, sit on that chair.
– Sir, how can I… You’ve come to my office
for the first time. That’s chairman’s seat. Please you have to sit there. Chairman’s chair. Are you okay?
– Yes. Nagarjun, what will you have?
Coffee or tea? No thanks, sir.
We’re fine. We don’t want anything. Please don’t address me sir. You can call me as Bittu.
– What? Yes, you can call me Bittu,
I like it. Call me Bittu. No sir, Bittu will be very casual. It won’t be, you call me Bittu. Say it. Okay, Bittu sir. Not Bittu sir, only Bittu. Okay, say it. Okay, Bittu. Thank you.
Tell me, what brings you here? That day on the flight, I… How can I forget that day? That was the best day of my life.
– Thank you, sir. Sir, I told you about
my college that day… St. Xavier’s College?
– Yes, sir. I am the president of the
student union in the college. President?
– Yes, sir. Yes, sir. You’re president.
– Yes, sir. I am so proud of you.
– Thank you. Proud? Our friend is the
president of the college, I think he is mistaking him to be
the president of America. – Maybe. Actually, we’ve organised
youth festival in the college, we tried to talk to many people
for the sponsorship, but in vain. Did you go to many people to talk
about the sponsorship? – Yes. Were you roaming in the heat
and pollution? – Yes, but no money. You should’ve called me once. How much money do you want? Rs 50,000. 50…
– 50 lakh? Is it less?
I can give you 10 million. Tell me. Shall I make it 15 million?
– No, sir. 20 million?
– 50 will be enough. No, it’s not enough. I will make it 75, okay? That’s okay, no problem, right? You went to so many places
for such a small amount. The function should be extraordinary. There shouldn’t be anything lacking.
– Not at all. 75,00,000. 75 lakhs. Okay.
– Would that much be enough for you? Okay.
– 75 lakhs? Let’s leave. Bittu, actually I will leave as
I have to attend my class. Sure, you shouldn’t miss the class.
– Okay. Thank you so much, Bittu.
– Anytime. Nagarjun, one moment. I’ll call you sometimes. If you could give me your number.
– Sure. No problem.
– No problem. 9949012497…
– The phone is slow. ‘Nanna’ Yes! Okay, bye. One moment. I didn’t give you my number. This is my card. Here. You too take it.
– Okay. Call me if you have any work. Sure. Okay.
– Thank you. You came to my office
for the first time and you’re leaving without
drinking anything. Bittu, why tea or coffee,
we’ll party some day. – Party? Will we both party together?
– Yes. Will we?
You have my card. Don’t worry, I have your card. I’ll call you. We have to party. Please don’t forget.
– Okay. See you, bye.
– Bye. Bye, Bittu.
– Bye. 12:30. I’ll call mom. Hello? I called you exactly at 12:30. Hello, Ms Nageshwar,
I’m Divya speaking. Hello, where’s mom, I mean, Priya. I’ve brought her to the hospital.
– What? Hospital? Where’s the emergency ward? Divya, what emergency? Mr Nageshwar, I’ll call you later. Which hospital?
– KM. Don’t worry, I am coming. Hello, Mr Pratap, this is Nageshwar. Good morning, Nageshwar.
How are you? Look, before anything else, many congratulations on being chosen
as the businessman of the year. When is the party? Thank you, Mr Pratap. I need a big favour from you.
– What happened? One my closest friends is admitted
in your hospital. It’s an emergency. Pratap, nothing should happen to her. I’m quite worried, Mr Pratap. Oh, okay. Which branch? It’s Jubilee Hills. Jubilee Hills branch, okay. Don’t worry, Nageshwar,
I’ll put the best doctors on this job. And worst case scenario, I’ll fly in
some specialist on a charted, alright? You just relax. Leave it to me. She’s in fine hands,
everything will be good. Thank you, sir.
– Alright. Nageshwar, what is the patient’s name? Patient’s name is Priya. Priya. Okay. Mr Pratap, I’ll never forget this. Thank you so much.
– Alright. Thank you. Jubilee Hills branch,
this is Pratap Reddy here. Are you Mr Nageshwar?
– Yes, it is me. Chairman sir said that you… What happened to Priya? Where’s she? How is she?
– Follow me, sir. I am asking you how she is
and you’re asking me to follow you. You tell me, how is she? I don’t understand what to tell you. What don’t you understand?
Tell me. All the top doctors
of the city are here. We performed all the tests
that chairman asked us to do. Who do you think Nageshwar is?
He’s my best friend. If you don’t believe me,
he’ll come right away. Blood test.
– I’ll pass without cheating. X-ray.
– Nageshwar is a very nice man. He talks very nicely about his mother. He’s a very nice man.
– ECG. There’s no need to attend the class. He explained everything to me
on a tissue paper. Okay.
– MRI. Nageshwar…
– Who is Nageshwar? I don’t know, doctor. Since the girl has come here she’s
been singing praises about Nageshwar. I think it’s a clear case of
psychological disorder. – Okay. Call the psychiatrist. Since I’ve met Nageshwar, I’ve been
wondering what’s different about him. If you have to ask anything
about the job,
you can ask Nageshwar. What are you saying?
I don’t understand anything. Is she alright?
– Sir, I think she’s eaten something. Is she suffering from food poison? Yes sir, but nothing to worry. We’ve performed all the tests
and given medicines to her. She’s out of danger. Please do something because the
chairman has kept us on our toes. Sir.
– Yes. Only you can save us.
– Okay. All the doctors are standing
since morning. Call him and tell him
that the problem has been solved. Doctor, the problem has solved. You’ll surely get promotion.
– Thank you, sir. You’ll become
the head of the department. Nageshwar! Hi.
– I did my exams well. Even we.
– What? So, are you Mr Nageshwar? Sir, I’ve heard this name
hundred times since morning. Is this prescription for Priya? Sir, I’m not writing this for ma’am.
– Okay. This headache medicine is for
all the doctors present here. – Okay. Baburao, hope you didn’t forget
to write my name. Sir, your name tops the list. Nageshwar, how did you know
I was here? You had asked me to call you
at 12:30. – Oh. Did Divya tell you?
– Yes. I don’t know where she went.
You sit here. I’ll tell you how I answered the law
of diminishing marginal utility. Priya, I have a small request. Don’t call me as Nageshwar. Call me Bittu. Bittu? That’s so cute. Let me guess,
your mother named you, right? It was you… Yes, my mom. Perfect. Priya, it’s not good to eat
outside food. Don’t eat street food. The quality is not good. If something happens to you again. Bittu, this didn’t happen because
of street food. It’s because of the hostel food. Neither the drinking water is good
nor there’s cleanliness. There are so many mosquitoes. We fall sick. Excuse me, sir. I have to
inject saline to her. – Sure, why not? Priya, I’ll be back. No, don’t go.
– I’ll be back in a minute. Boss is calling. ‘Sharma, listen to me.’
– Sir. Do you have any information about
St. Teresa Women’s Hostel? Sir, I know that place. Buy that hostel. I should own it by evening. Sure, sir. You don’t worry. Not just that,
call the best interior designer, best landscape artist,
decorate it. Okay, sir.
– One more thing, Indian, Chinese, continental,
Japanese, any kind of cuisine, appoint the top chefs of the city. You mean, we have to turn this
hostel into a hotel, right? Yes, this hostel shouldn’t be
less than a five star hotel. St. Teresa’s Women’s College. Our youth festival was amazing. Yes and the credit goes to Bittu.
– Yes. You should’ve invited Bittu
to the party. – Yes, you should’ve. Shiva.
– Yes, sir. Let’s wind up for the day. Sir, we haven’t earned anything yet. We’ll wait for some more time. What difference will it make? There’s police here. Police? Let’s leave. The bar is ahead
why will we leave? You don’t worry. Let’s go. The police is here, if we get caught,
they’ll put us behind the bars. Take me close to their vehicle.
I will handle it. Are you out of your mind?
– Come on, let’s go. If we try to leave stealthily,
they will catch us. If we pass before them,
they’ll let us go. I trust you.
– I’ll handle it. Come on. I’ll go, let’s see what happens.
– Okay, come on. Come on. Sir, some bikers
are coming this way. What’s wrong with you? We’ll get money if we catch
people who own cars. What will we get from the bikers? They look like beggars.
You’re too much. Get going. Come on. Sir, is there any hospital around?
– What’s the matter? Sir, I’m suffering from dehydration. You’ve come way ahead
of the hospital. It’s behind.
– Behind? Sir, we can’t go back.
Tell us any hospital ahead. There’s a nursing home
2 kms ahead. Okay, thank you, sir. Let’s go. Start the bike. I’m unable to start the bike. Hurry up.
– Come on, get started. What’s wrong with you? We’ll get caught because of you. I am trying to start it.
– Hurry up. I’m trying.
– Hurry up. Kick it. I’m unable to start it. One moment. I know why it isn’t starting. Shiva, tell them to park
the bike aside. Okay, sir.
– No problem, sir. We’ll manage. There’s a limit to manage. Do you take policemen to be fools? Give that to me.
– There’s nothing in it. Give it to me. What is in the bottle? Sir, its bisleri.
– You stay quiet. Do you call it as bisleri?
– Yes, sir. You mixed vodka in water
and say it as bisleri? Let’s leave or we’ll get caught. How drunk you are? Only one peg.
– A small peg, sir. It doesn’t look like you’ve drank
only one peg. The breath analyser doesn’t work
until you don’t blow in it, it started beeping though it was
kept away from you. It’s all because of you.
– Get down. Please forgive me.
– Get down, I say! Sir, please.
– Get down! How many bottles did you drink? You four guys had one bottle? It’s not done. Had you rammed into a divider,
you would be done for. Had you rammed into a truck,
you would’ve got crushed. Dharma has caught you. Listen to me carefully, it’s impossible to escape from me. I’m dangerous than the
divider and truck. Get it? More dangerous. Do you think I’ll shower
flowers on you? I’ve caught you, I’ll put false case on you
and put you behind the bars, naked. Sir…
– What is it? Sir, can I make a call? Who do you want to call?
Do you want to scare me? No, sir. I want to call Bittu. Bittu? Who is he?
It sounds like a dog’s name. Sir, please.
– Okay, you can call. Where’s your phone?
– In the pant pocket, sir. Okay. Why don’t you keep it
in your underwear? Sorry, ladies first. Please. ‘Nanna’ Dad? Hello, Bittu? What made you call me at such late hour?
– Bittu, I’m in the police station. Police station?
– Yes. Which one?
– In Subhash Nagar. You wait there, I’ll come. No Bittu, take your time.
Slowly. Bittu, come fast. Come to me. What kind of a man is he? I thought he would exercise
on the treadmill, but he’s walking. Wait for a moment. It’s from an unknown number. Stop this. Turn it off. Hello? Ma’am, how are you?
Greetings. I was waiting for your call. JP, I’m Nageshwar speaking. Why did you call me? Listen to me carefully. An insane policeman has arrested
a guy named Nagarjun in Subhash Nagar police station. If something happens to him, your government, your position,
your job will be at stake. ‘Hello, listen to me.’
‘I’ll handle it.’ Hello? Okay. Sir.
– Yes. Your wife has called you. I have a cell phone,
why didn’t she call me on that? Why does she call on the landline? She suspects whether I’m
in the station or not. Policemen suspect the criminals
and wives suspects policemen. I doubt on you guys
that you may drink this. Home minister, tell me. I am in the police station. I haven’t gone to the other woman. Will you go to the other woman? I will transfer you from here. Sir, greetings. Do you know who you’ve arrested?
– No, sir. Do you know Mr Nageshwar?
– No sir, I don’t know him. Do you know Nagarjun?
– No, sir. If you mess with him,
we both will lose our jobs. Sir, forgive me.
– Who am I to forgive you? Sir, I trust you. Do you want to gain my trust? Then release them first. Only then you’ll be saved.
– Oh God. Shiva.
– Yes, sir. Come here.
– Yes, sir. Idiot! You said I got a call from home,
but it was home minister’s call. Idiot! Excuse me, gentlemen. Who is Mr Nagarjun amongst you? Sir! Shiva.
– Yes, sir. Come here. Hurry up.
What is this? Why have you made sir sit here? Get his clothes. Hurry up! Then what happened is… Nagarjun, is everything okay? Bittu… Thank you so much, Bittu. I didn’t understand who to call
at such late hour so I called you.
– What are you doing? You can call me anytime you want.
You need not worry. Who brought him here? Sir. I’m the unfortunate man
who brought him here. Sir, but I didn’t arrest him. There was a mistake. I didn’t do anything,
you can ask him. Hope they didn’t trouble you.
– No, Bittu. Dharma took care of me so much.
– You can ask him. Had you harmed him…
– No, I didn’t do anything, sir. Are you okay?
– I am fine, sir. One moment. Dharma.
– Yes, sir. What will you do with the bike? Sir, I’ll clean it,
will fill air in the tyre, put fuel in it and drop it to
your house. Send it soon.
– Let’s go from here. Okay, bye. You all come along.
– Be careful. Drink this.
– Okay. What is this?
You were riding the bike getting drunk? What if something would’ve
happened to you? If you want to drink,
come to my house. It will be safe.
You can drink as much as you want. Hereafter,
I’ll drop you to the college. I don’t want you to take
any risk in life. Amazing, Bittu. People lecture about
quitting liquor, but you’re inviting me
home to drink. I love you, Bittu. Guys, hereafter,
we’ll party in Bittu’s house. – Sure. Bittu, I am sorry. I understood you.
I insulted you. Bittu, from today,
you’re my best friend. Please, give me a high-five, Bittu. ‘Audi’ I can’t believe it,
I am so happy today. The things I missed about mom, the things I missed about dad, just in few days,
I experienced everything. There’s just one thing left,
just one more thing, that’s to bring them together. Where are you going? Buddy, I know why
you have brought this. You have become very intelligent. I know your intention. You want to me show this cassette to them and remind them
that I am their son. But I cannot show it
to them because their bitter memories
are in this tape. They have been quarreling
with each other all their lives. I don’t want to remind
them about anything. Though they have forgotten me it doesn’t make any
difference to me. I want them to start
their lives afresh and be happy forever. What happened? Why are you bleeding?
You’re injured. What happened? Bittu, she’s Prema. I love her very much. Her family has learnt that
we are in love with each other so, she eloped with me. I have to marry her
tomorrow, whatsoever. Please. Tell me something.
Do you believe me or not? Bittu, what are you saying? If yes, believe me. Why do you have to elope
and get married? I’ll talk to her father
and get you both married. Will they agree? Why not?
I am with you. I want her father’s phone number. Prema, give him your
father’s phone number. Your scarf will get dirty. No problem.
– I will do it. You give me your father’s
phone number. – Yes. 9849098289. What’s the name of your father? Sir. – There’s a man
named Yashwant Thakur, I’m sending you his details. I want information about him.
– You’ll get it, sir. Not just that I’d need
10-12 goons too. Goons? Dangerous looking goons
with dense hair on their head and they should be carrying
heavy weapons. – Okay. They should look like the horrific
villains in the South Indian movies. Call them! You don’t worry, sir. I will get the goons
who’ll look so dangerous that they’ll get scared seeing
themselves in the mirror. You don’t worry, sir. Okay, I will tell you
the details later. This woman has replaced my mother. Nagarjun… I’ve set things right.
– Okay. Kokila…
– No, Prema. Okay Prema, you go home. He will come to your house
tomorrow and talk to your father. Bittu, do I have to go? I’ve set things right.
You don’t worry. You just have to go there
and talk to her father. I’ll handle the rest. Sir, whatever Bittu said was true. Please agree. Try to understand our love. Please get us married. Sir, I’ll love Prema
more than you do. I promise,
I’ll always keep her happy. You can do this.
Sir, I’m coming. ‘Hope they are not
planning to kill me.’ ‘Why is he getting scared
seeing me?’ Don’t spare him! Sir, excuse me. What are you doing? If you don’t get your daughter
married to our sir… What is this? Here. I don’t understand anything. Whatever happened there,
looked like it was my plan. Why would you plan that? You can’t do that. Where did they come from? They were so many goons
carrying weapons. Why should we
think about the goons? We are concerned with Prema.
We’ll make a new plan. All your plans are flop.
– What are you saying? She’s gone crazy
listening to her dad. She says the plan was mine. She’s not ready to listen to me. Shall I try to convince them?
– No, don’t go. Bittu, I hate her. Not just her, I hate all the
women in the world. I have women! How can you hate all the women
of the world? I know a girl. Bittu, you’re a very clever guy. You would’ve seen a girl and set up
everything for marriage. I’ll do as you say. Don’t marry, be happy. Naga, you just said
you’ll listen to me. There’s no dearth of girls.
You’ll find many. No, Bittu. I won’t look at any girl. I won’t even go near a girl. I don’t trust them anymore. ‘I wanted to bring
mom in dad’s life,’ ‘but he wants to be a celibate.’ ‘I’ve to think of a plan
if I have to bring them together.’ Come on, I’m getting late. Will you ride the car? Follow that car. It’s an emergency. There’s a patient in that vehicle.
Please follow that vehicle. I am a doctor. There’s a patient in that vehicle. Please drop me to the hospital. Hurry up! Follow that vehicle. Please come. Come on. Come on. Help her. Hurry up. Help her. Careful. Take her to the emergency ward
and call the blood bank, okay? What is your blood group? O positive. Does it hurt?
– No. The patient needs blood immediately. Your blood group is O positive
and you’re a universal donor. – Yes. You can donate blood to anyone.
– Okay. Don’t worry, nothing will happen
if you donate 350 ml. No problem, you can take it. You’re saving a life
by donating blood. Mom, dad. Sir, did you wake up? I’m Dr Anjali. Will you have some water? How are you feeling now? Did you sleep properly? So take
a deep breath. How is your pain now?
You feel better, right? Sir, do you remember
how you met me? It looked like you called
out to me for help. ‘I was standing on the road.
– Mom. ‘I felt someone called me.’ ‘Mom.
– When I came and saw,’ ‘you were calling out
to your mother.’ ‘Mom.’ ‘Mom.’ ‘Mom.’ A good Samaritan came. I felt God sent him to help you. He even dropped me till here. He even donated his blood to you. You got saved because
of that good Samaritan. It happened because of God’s grace. I forgot to ask the name of that man in a hurry. Food for you. Why are you straining yourself?
I’ll feed you. Open your mouth. ‘I lost you both
when I was eight years old,’ ‘was I unfortunate’ ‘or am I fortunate to get you both
after 80 years?’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘It’s difficult to understand
games of God.’ ‘My parents are reborn after 80
years to save my life.’ ‘No one would be
more fortunate than me.’ ‘I don’t know how many times I’ve
heard this story from my grandma.’ ‘The love story of my parents.’ ‘My grandpa’s name was
Balwant Thakur.’ ‘He was a millionaire
of this time.’ ‘All the rice mills in the village
were owned by him.’ ‘My father was only son
to his parents.’ ‘His name was Sita.’ ‘My grandpa was a Gandhian.’ ‘So, he educated my father
to be a barrister.’ ‘Dad was the only one’ ‘who was one of the famous people
of India who went to London.’ ‘When in London,
he was fond of cars.’ ‘Grandpa died because of TB’ ‘dad had to return to India
without completing his education.’ ‘Dad had left London’ ‘but his craze for cars
was still intact.’ ‘This car belongs to the
King of Mysore.’ ‘If you say, you can own by tomorrow
evening. – Show that to me.’ ‘Can he marry cars?’ ‘Mom, I’ve told you earlier too, I don’t want to marry.’ ‘Show me the photograph.
– Here.’ ‘Mr Sharma, did you understand?’ ‘Yes, I did.’ ‘I’ll show you the best of girls.’ ‘Even I have pictures with me.’ ‘Look here.
– Sir, have a look.’ ‘Son, look at this
girl’s photograph.’ ‘Isn’t she beautiful?
– Mom, I don’t want to see.’ ‘Sir, have a look at this.’ ‘Ma’am…
– Show this to me.’ ‘Show this to him.
– Have a look.’ ‘Have a look. – Mom.
– Sir, have a look.’ ‘She’s beautiful.
– Didn’t I tell you?’ ‘This looks good to me.’ ‘Mom, how does it look?’ ‘Can we see this?
– Yes.’ ‘Who is this girl?’ ‘Ma’am, a small mistake.’ ‘This alliance is not good for you.’ ‘She’s the daughter
of a poor farmer.’ ‘She doesn’t have anyone else in the
family other than her old grandma.’ ‘It is below your status to
fix alliance with them.’ ‘Mom, so what?’ ‘You want a good girl as
a daughter-in-law, right?’ ‘This is the girl.’ ‘We don’t know have her horoscope.’ ‘Forget that.’ ‘Mr Sharma, a girl’s horoscope
changes after marriage.’ ‘My mother doesn’t have any
objection with her background.’ ‘Our wealth belongs to her.’ ‘Once we get married’ ‘you’ll see how her life changes.
– My son.’ ‘Mr Sharma,
what are you waiting for?’ ‘Sitaram likes this girl.’ ‘She will be the daughter-in-law
of my house.’ ‘Before somebody else
approaches to marry her’ ‘you take the alliance to her.’ ‘Sure.’ ‘Mr Sharma, show me the picture.
– Here, sir.’ ‘I want this car.
– I’ll get it tomorrow.’ ‘Mr Sharma,
I don’t understand anything.’ ‘I liked one girl’ ‘when we talked about marriage,
they have a condition.’ ‘When we agreed to
all their conditions’ ‘they ask six months time
for marriage.’ ‘What kind of a condition is this?
– Mr Sharma, what’s the matter?’ ‘I don’t think it’s their condition,
it is a request.’ ‘It’s a matter of six months,
the time will fly away soon.’ ‘How is it possible, mother?’ ‘I won’t agree to any condition.’ ‘I just want to marry soon.’ ‘I think the car is here.’ ‘Fantastic!’ ‘Sir, your car.
– Thank you.’ ‘Mom, the car is here.’ ‘The girl is yet to come.’ ‘The real problem is,’ ‘I saw the picture
and I’m getting restless,’ ‘but she hasn’t seen me yet
to become restless.’ ‘What’s going on?’ ‘I think the engine has become hot.’ ‘It’s good that it stopped here.’ ‘Had it stopped in her village,
I would lose my face.’ ‘I don’t understand
which part is not working.’ ‘I’ll have to import the parts
from London.’ ‘What is this?’ ‘Will you get me killed?’ ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Hey!’ ‘Come out.’ ‘What are you watching?’ ‘I’m telling you, come out soon.’ ‘Come out.’ ‘Remove this.’ ‘Remove this. Hurry up.’ ‘Don’t you hear me?’ ‘Come on.’ ‘Grandma.’ ‘Do I have to tell you everything?
Hold her legs.’ ‘Grandma.’ ‘Grandma.’ ‘Instead of watching my face’ ‘you better go get water.
– I’ll get it.’ ‘I asked you to stay at home.
Why did you come here?’ ‘Why do you do heavy work?’ ‘Are you in a hurry to visit your
son and daughter-in-law?’ ‘They both didn’t love me’ ‘so they left me and went away.’ ‘You love me, don’t you?’ ‘What will happen to me
after you die?’ ‘Don’t say so.’ ‘You asked six months time
for marriage.’ ‘You work alone.’ ‘I thought I would help you.’ ‘My father learnt why my mom took
six months time for marriage.’ ‘According to the custom
of the village’ ‘bride’s family has to give
wedding outfit to the groom.’ ‘Mom was working hard so much.’ ‘Only then dad learnt that mother’s
financial condition was really bad.’ ‘The four acres of land
that mother had’ ‘she had to cultivate it,
harvest the crops, and sell it’ ‘and from that money she had to
buy clothes for dad.’ ‘Thinking about this, father’s love
towards mother increased.’ ‘Father just liked mother first.’ ‘But since that day’ ‘mother had become his life.’ ‘Why are you standing there?
Get the water.’ ‘Here.’ ‘Who is he?’ ‘He doesn’t look familiar.’ ‘Grandma, he looks like
a thief to me.’ ‘He was trying to steal parts’ ‘from a halted car.’ ‘You look so young’ ‘why don’t you work?’ ‘I’m here to do the same.
– What did you say?’ ‘No, I was talking about work.’ ‘Can I get some water?’ ‘Why should I give you?
Go away.’ ‘I brought your grandma till here.’ ‘Won’t you even offer me water?’ ‘What kind of a girl you are?’ ‘You were staring at me
when walking with grandma.’ ‘Did you think I didn’t notice?’ ‘Why will I stare at you?’ ‘Hey!’ ‘He’s good at talks.’ ‘Had he met me
four days earlier…’ ‘What would’ve happened?’ ‘Four days ago…’ ‘my marriage was fixed.’ ‘Do you know’ ‘he’s the landlord of the village?’ ‘They are very rich people.’ ‘They are ready to fix an alliance
with us in spite of knowing about us.’ ‘He agreed to marry me’ ‘though he knows I’m a poor girl.’ ‘They’re ready to keep my grandma
in their house after marriage.’ ‘If you try to stare at me…’ ‘He’ll break your legs.’
– ‘What are you saying?’ ‘I don’t know what’s good about
you that he agreed to marry you.’ ‘I don’t have any
wrong intentions on you.’ ‘Do you know why?’ ‘Because my marriage is fixed.’ ‘You’ll be astonished to see her.’ ‘Will you do me a favour?
– What is it?’ ‘I heard your grandma saying it
a while ago.’ ‘It will take six months to buy things
an do the arrangements.’ ‘If I help you’ ‘your work will be done
in three months.’ ‘In three months?
– Yes.’ ‘You have to work hard
if you want to marry soon.’ ‘Why will you help us?’ ‘Sita’s Ram is here.
– Where?’ ‘Your grandma asked me
to take up a job.’ ‘I thought I’ll take up a job.’ ‘But I don’t have money
to give you.’ ‘Did I ask you for it?’ ‘A human works hard for
two square meal.’ ‘You cook food.’ ‘When you cook food for your grandma,
give me some.’ ‘I will do the work for you
in return.’ ‘You wanted water, didn’t you?’ ‘Here, have this buttermilk.’ ‘Ma’am!’ ‘What’s the matter? – You promised
to give us a ball to play with.’ ‘Take anything you want from the car
standing behind you. Go.’ ‘Take this. Hurry up.’ ‘Pull that.
– Let’s leave.’ ‘Let’s go from here.’ ‘I love you.
– What did you say?’ ‘Give that to me.’ ‘You said something else.’ ‘I love you.
– What does that mean?’ ‘I love you in English means,’
‘give that to me.’ ‘This thief knows English too.’ ‘Yes, only one line.’ ‘Here.
– Yes.’ ‘You take this.’ ‘Ram, I love you.
– What do you want?’ ‘I love you.’ ‘Okay, I’ll give it to you.’ ‘Sita!’ ‘Sita!’ ‘How does it look?
Will he like it?’ ‘I love you.’ ‘Look here.’ ‘This is very nice.’ ‘He’ll surely like it.’ ‘Ram.
– Sita, tell me.’ ‘I will have to leave.’ ‘Are you leaving?
– Yes.’ ‘Your work is done.’ ‘You did so much for a
common girl like me.’ ‘You might do so much for a girl
who are going to marry.’ ‘The girl you marry
is very fortunate.’ ‘The guy who marries you
will be even more fortunate.’ ‘You’re working so hard for a man
who’s far away from you.’ ‘If you marry him,
he’ll love you very much.’ ‘Ram, one birth is not enough
to love you.’ ‘I shall leave.’ ‘Sita!’ ‘Ma’am, the auspicious time
for nuptial night is yet to come. ‘Tell him to tie
the nuptial chain to her.’ ‘Sita, tie nuptial chain to her.’ ‘Here.’ ‘Ram.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘This is called, love you.’ ‘Son, your fever is not subsiding.’ ‘You can’t come with me.’ ‘Mom, please don’t go.’ ‘Chaitanya, you…
– Mom.’ ‘I’m coming.’
– ‘Mom, don’t go.’ ‘You leave.’ ‘Chaitanya is crying,
I’ll stay with him.’ ‘It won’t be good
if I go without you.’ ‘They’ve requested me
to get you along.’ ‘Yes, but he has fever.’ ‘Mom will take care of him.’ ‘Anji!
– Anji, what’s the matter with you?’ ‘Krishna.
– Yes, sir.’ ‘Feed something to Anji,
it must be hungry. – Anji.’ ‘Why is it barking so much?’ ‘Ram, let’s go.
We’re getting late.’ ‘Feb 14th. Tuesday.’ ‘The revolution for
independence has begun.’ ‘Gandhi has started the protest
long time back.’ ‘Until we don’t get independence’ ‘whether it be freedom fighters
or soldiers, both are equal.’ ‘Every common man is a soldier.’ ‘I bow to thee, Mother!’ ‘I bow to thee, Mother!’ ‘I bow to thee, Mother!’ ‘He’s gone to meet
affluent people from Delhi.’ ‘He’ll be back by evening.
– Okay.’ ‘Grandma.
– What happened?’ ‘My stomach is hurting.’ ‘What? How?’ ‘Call my parents soon.’ ‘Yes, Mom?’ ‘Drive fast.’ ‘We’ll reach in five minutes.’ ‘I had told you I won’t come.’ ‘Ram, I told you mom would
take care of the child.’ ‘Why are you getting worried?’ ‘He must be suffering from pain.’ ‘You don’t cry.’ ‘Nothing will happen to him.
We’ll reach soon.’ ‘Listen to me.
Take this, wipe your tears.’ ‘Ram, don’t cry.’ ‘Calm down.
Everything will be alright.’ ‘He must be in pain.’ ‘Nothing will happen to him, right?’ ‘Nothing will happen to him.’ ‘Our blessings are with him.
He’ll always be happy.’ ‘He will be safe.’ ‘I lived for 80 years
because of my parents’ blessings.’ ’80 years of repentance
and sorrow.’ ‘God punished me so severely
for my little mischief.’ ‘God snatched my parents away
from me when I lied about pain.’ ‘After 80 years,
when I was really in pain’ ‘God sent them to me again.’ ‘I have to bring
my parents back together again.’ ‘There should be
happiness in their life.’ ‘They both should be happy.’ Mom is not wearing toe rings. This means she’s unmarried. What about dad? Bittu.
– Yes. What is wrong with you?
– Nothing. I’ve never felt like this
for any girl till today like I felt for this girl. Do you know my heartbeat races
when I see this girl? My heart beats faster
when she comes close to me. Oh, my God, that’s so sweet. You’re finally in love. Tell me who that girl is. I…
– Wait a minute. Many things are happening
without my knowledge. This is not done. Not just you,
even I should like that girl. Listen to me. Your decision will be final. I’ll go ahead only if you agree. I have few conditions.
– What? The girl must be beautiful.
She should have long hair. One more thing,
family background is important. This is important for marriage. What does she do? She’s a doctor.
– Doctor? Bittu, you’ve chosen a doctor. There should be one doctor at home.
– Yes. What if somebody falls sick? Bittu, you didn’t tell me
you have fever. No.
– Let’s go to the doctor. I don’t have fever. We have to go to our doctor. Okay.
– Come on. We’ll know all the details about her
when we ask in the reception. What is her name? I didn’t ask her. You fell in love with her
without knowing her name. What is the patient’s name?
– I don’t know. Bittu, how will we find her? My heart will detect her
when she comes close. Is your heart a GPS tracker? Let’s look for her in every room. Come on.
– Okay. Do you feel something?
– Nothing yet. ‘9003’ Is it her?
– No. How will we find her? Let’s go ahead. Bittu, what happened?
– She’s somewhere around. Is your heartbeat racing?
– Yes. Let’s find her.
– Yes. Hurry up. You?
– You’re here. I was examining the patient. You?
– I’m here to see you. I mean, I’m here to take the blood
that I had donated. You want the blood back?
– Yes, no. I am here to know how is the patient
doing who I donated blood. He’s doing fine. Please, you both come inside. Did you like her? Isn’t she beautiful? Bittu, she’s perfect. I really liked her a lot. Hello sir, how are you? I am good.
Nothing is wrong with me. I’m excellent.
I’m so happy. Sir, did you recognise him?
– Why won’t I? We both are blood related. Sir.
– Yes. You’ve helped me a lot. I don’t know your name. Doctor and I were thinking
of the same. – Leave my hand. I am Nageshwar Rao. You can call me as Nageshwar. I am Anjali.
– Hi. I’m a cardiologist. Bittu, she’s a cardiologist. Tell her. Tell her about your heartbeat. Heartbeat?
– What happened to you? Sir…
– Are you alright? I’m fine. Nothing happened to me. Bittu, tell her. Yes, get yourself examined.
It’s important. Ma’am, please… Go, Bittu. Exactly, what is happening to you? My heartbeat increases. When do you feel so? This is happening since
you met me in the car. And again when we met
in the hospital. Even when you opened the door. Your heart is absolutely fine.
– Okay. ‘KIMS’ Sir, you are good to go. If you call any of your relatives,
I’ll discharge you. Sir, what’s the matter?
Why are you crying? Tell me. Nothing, you spoke about discharging me. Give me the bill,
I’ll pay the money and leave. Will you go alone? No, call any of your relative. I don’t have anyone.
– Anyone? I’m a lonely man. How can I let you go?
You come to my house. There’s no one.
You’ll like it. I will have to examine you daily. Listen, will you have to
examine him daily? Will you examine him daily?
– Yes. Then there will be a problem. You will have to come
to the hospital daily. Sir will be alone at home.
How is this possible? I have a solution.
– What is it? I’ll take sir home. I don’t have any problem,
but sir… Sir.
– I don’t want to come. Why?
– You may have a family at home. I am not married yet. No?
– How can I have children? I am a bachelor. I live alone in my house. Will you come home daily? Welcome, sir. Hi, Buddy. Sir, this is my best friend, Buddy.
– I see. Sir, what are you watching? This car? I loved this car since childhood. Come on, I’ll show you your room. Father, praise the Lord. May the Lord be praised. One has to walk carefully
or he’ll fall. Father, what happened? Praise the Lord, Father. Praise this Father, my son.
– Are you hurt? I am badly hurt. Get up. I think you’re done for. Shall I rub balm on your back? Forget about my back
and go to your room. Okay, bye.
– Yes. Father, praise the Lord.
– Lord may… I can smell liquor in the hostel. My son. Praise the Lord, Father.
– May the Lord be praised. Praise the Lord.
– My son, please sit. My life got ruined.
– I understood. Even my life was the same
40 years ago. So, I became like this.
– Really? Do you mean to say
even you got ruined in love? I got ruined so I had to become
a Father to you guys. Or I would’ve been father
to my own children. Father, if you have these clothes,
give it to me. Even I want to become Father. You can’t mock at my devotion. I can understand your broken heart
and drunken soul. Love is pure. You’ve got into bad company
because you didn’t get love. I’m nowhere connected to it, Father. No, my son, you can’t say so. You’re one amongst those people.
– No, Father. Yes, my son.
– No, Father. Yes.
– No, I will not agree. Yes, my son.
– No. No, that side, my son.
That side, my son. “Dad said I will make him proud.” “My son…”
– Get out! Bittu.
– What is it? Who are you? Isn’t Bittu at home?
– There’s no one named Bittu here. Get going. You’ve come here drunk.
– I’ve come on the wrong address. I’m sorry.
It is my mistake. I’m so drunk that I came to
someone else’s bungalow. You’re here again? Sir, can I meet Nageshwar Rao? Are you here to meet dad? Dad? Seeing you I felt
my grandfather is here. I think you’re a servant. What is your name?
– My name is Chaitanya. Oh, my God. You have a stylish name
like James Bond. Your name is good. Not just the name, even I am good. Okay, very good. Mr Chaitanya,
I’ll give you some work to do. Get the luggage inside.
– Hey! What do you think of yourself? I am your grandpa’s age.
Why should I pick your luggage? If you’re my grandpa’s age,
I’m like your grandson. Can’t you do so much
for your grandson? You just said you’re very powerful. Pick the luggage and prove it to me. Get it soon. I want to meet Bittu.
– Hey! Hey, stop!
– Bittu! Nagarjun, please come.
– Bittu! Bittu, why did you hire this
old man as servant? Don’t say so.
– He just boasts himself. You have to appoint a young servant.
– You’re right. Hire him as servant. He’s well-built. We wanted a servant like him
to do household chores. Bittu, what is this?
What is he saying? – You… He’s a very important man,
his name is Chaitanya. Sir, he’s my dad.
I mean, he’s my best friend, Nagarjun. What kind of a best friend you have?
He drinks liquor in the morning. Bittu, it’s because of the girl
I drank liquor. Every drunkard has
an excuse to drink. Bittu, I need another drink.
Let’s go to the bar. Give him the bottle, he will drink
and sleep here. – Bittu, let’s go. Father…
– What did he do? What bothers him if I drink? You would’ve drank outside
and not at home. No, I drank in the hostel. You wouldn’t have created a scene. Bittu, I didn’t do anything.
I just puked on him after getting drunk. What’s new about it?
One pukes after getting drunk. He could’ve got the floor cleaned. Bittu, he could’ve got
the floor cleaned, but I puked on him. His clothes got soiled. So what? Some puke fell on his face. He created a commotion
for such small thing. He should’ve warned me
or fined me. Does anyone throw you
out of the hostel? You’re right.
– This is not done. He’s not been thrown out of the hostel,
he has been pushed out. Mr Chaitanya, I’m sparing you because
you’re Bittu’s friend or I’d have… I’m sparing you because you’re
his close friend, or I would have… Why do you befriend such drunkards? You should befriend a youth,
not an old hag like you. Hello, who did you call as old man? Think before you call me an old man. Even you’ll grow old one day. Old is diamond, not gold. You talk about youth. Do you know what does it mean? Ask the meaning of youth from me. Shall I tell you what youth
and romance is? One needs to have
discipline for that. Drunkards like you can never romance. What do you know about romance? You’re lecturing me. Become Devadas once,
you’ll know how sad I am. You’re not sad, you just want
an excuse to drink liquor. Listen, you’re not Devadas,
but Surdas. You’ve become blind drinking.
You’ve lost your mind. Naga, why don’t you quit drinking? I will, but you have to
drink a peg with me. I?
– Yes. I will never touch liquor again.
– Okay, I agree. What are you doing? You can ruin yourself if you want,
but why are you ruining him? Hello, I am not ruining him.
I love him. Bittu, drink one peg for our love. I don’t understand who loves whom
and how they are connected. It’s done. Here. What are you doing? I’m getting high with the
smell of it. Why don’t you throw
this on his face? You don’t drink this. Sir.
– Yes. Do you drink?
– Yes, a little. Here, drink this. What did you say?
How can I drink before you? I am not watching. Take this. You’re not watching me.
Okay, I’ll gulp it down. Cheers, Bittu. You emptied the glass
before we could do cheers. He is drinking it for the first time,
so he drank it. Bittu, drink it slowly. Don’t listen to that man.
Drink slowly. Sir, where are you? Sir, where are you? What’s going on? You’re standing
steadily even after drinking and this old man is swaying
though he is not drunk. I am now swaying. I’m standing straight.
– No. There’s something wrong. Bittu, you will drink this
peg before me. Come on, gulp it down. Come on. He drank it. ‘Bittu?
– Call me Bittu.’ Bittu. Bittu. I can smell liquor. No, actually… Sir? Don’t disturb me. Sir… Sir… What is this? Why did you drink? He just had two small pegs. It is said that liquor
is good for the heart. Did you offer liquor to him? Instead of giving him medicines prescribed by the doctor,
you made him drink liquor. Actually, this is not the thing.
– What is going on here? I thought you’d take care
of him nicely. No, listen…
– So, I sent him with you. He’s not at fault…
– But you… Forget about him, why did you drink? This drunkard
is the reason for all this. Wake up! Who drank my peg? I think he’s dreaming about liquor.
– Oh. Old man started preaching me
early in the morning. Bittu.
– Yes, tell me. You look smart in
T-shirt and jeans, Bittu. Why have you decked up so much? I think you are trying to
impress a girl. Hello, good morning. I am Nagarjun.
– I am Anjali. I think he still not sober yet. Go to the bathroom
and wash your face. I need not wash my face.
I am sober now. I was over drunk last night or I
wouldn’t have slept next to you. – What? Bittu… Bittu, your style and makeover
is for that girl, right? How did you like the girl? She’s a perfect match. Is it okay from her side? I don’t know. Bittu, it’s important to have physics
for chemistry for love of this generation. You know, physics means,
physical contact, like Salsa. You have to learn Salsa. Only then your
chemistry will work out. Only then you can impress
the doctor. – Okay. I will go and befriend her. Okay?
– Okay. Okay. You don’t worry, okay?
Doctor! – Okay. ‘Dad, you gave me a good idea’ ‘to bring back mom
and you back together.’ ‘Even mom likes dance.’ ‘Just watch the fun now.’ Priya? What’s the matter?
Why are you crying? I am not crying. Okay, let’s shop
for the dance class. Dance class? February 14th, on Valentine’s Day, there’ll be a dance program
in our college for the first time. We both are selected. We have to practice Salsa
for two weeks. Okay, let’s go.
– Okay. I wouldn’t have come
if it was a normal dance. I’m coming because we’ll get a chance
to hold and dance with a girl. Listen, this dance class is
organised by the college. Many girls will be there. Even if I find a girl in the crowd, she may become someone
else’s partner. It’s a good excuse
to bunk the college. Thank you.
– Stop talking rubbish and come on. You’re great. It was very good. I am excited for the dance class. Hello, excuse me. Radha, stay away from me. I don’t want to make
a relationship with you. Radha? Which Radha are you talking about? I am Nagarjun.
You can call me Nag. Why did you call me? For my handkerchief. Thank you. Sorry. Hello, ma’am. ‘My name is
Bhaskar Divakar Choudhary.’ You all are here to learn dance. I’ll make you an expert. Are you sure? Promise? 100 percent. You don’t worry. Dance is an art. Salsa dance should be celebrated. If you want to celebrate…
– Hi. you will need a romantic partner. If the partner is right,
Salsa becomes enjoyable. – Hi. The partner should have passion,
compassion, romance, chemistry, like in the movie,
‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’. Okay, we’ll start pairing. Nagarjun.
– It’s me. You come here.
– I’m coming, sir. How are you?
– I am good. We’ll call your partner.
– Okay. Please…
– She’ll be okay. Priya.
– Oh no. Priya. Is she okay? Come here. Sir, thank you. It’s a perfect match. Thank you, sir. I’m happy.
– Are you really happy? Even I’ll be happy. Priya, there should be love
between you both. There should be friction.
– It will be, sir. You both should be passionate. Get it?
– Yes, sir. He found a girl for himself. Master.
– Yes. Please find a partner me too. Do you think I am an… Idiot, get going from here.
– Get going. Come on guys, find your partners. Come on, good. Can I touch her waist?
– Sure. There should be chemistry
between you both. There will be chemistry
between us, sir. Hold her tightly. Wow. Music! Nagarjun, go closer to her. Cut, cut! What’s the matter?
What happened? Nothing is happening. You said there should be
romance in between us. – Yes. How can we get feeling without
making an eye contact? – No, you can’t. Why doesn’t she do it?
– What? Eye contact. Priya, do you have a problem? Why don’t you look into his eyes? Sir, I am looking.
– I don’t think so. Priya, when you look into his eyes, only then the arrow will
hit the target. – Yes. Only then there will be
romance between you two. Did you understand? She understood. Bring romance between you both.
– Romance. Sir, I’m getting romance. Start the music, master.
– Very good. I’m getting romantic.
– Go closer to her. Very good. Music! Things are working out. Cut, cut. What is it now? Sir, she isn’t smiling.
How can I romance? Why are you not smiling? I have come here to dance,
not to smile, okay? What do I do what both of them? You have to smile if you
have to dance nicely. – Yes. Priya, smile a bit.
Only then things will work out. Don’t smile like this.
Smile nicely. Your smile should look natural
and not fake. I am smiling. Nagarjun, even you smile. Sir, I’m smiling.
– Shall we start? I’m getting romance.
– Start. Start the music, sir. Very good. They both started. Music!
– Sir, I’m getting romance. ‘Hi’ Waiter was busy so I brought it. By the way we should do anything
for our favourite people. I’ve learnt this today. Excuse me, don’t touch my phone! Don’t you dare touch my phone.
– One moment. Don’t you feel ashamed to check
a girl’s phone? How can you be so mannerless?
– Clock tower signal. There’s a big tree ahead. It was around 10:20 and this happened 10-15 days ago. Look, same to same. Unbelievable.
It’s really unbelievable. It is called destiny. So, we’re meeting again and again. What are you saying? I don’t believe in destiny. Don’t you understand the
cause of coincidence? Something happen
for no reason at all. Stupid! Ladies first. She’s amazing. I haven’t received a call yet. The dance class would’ve
got over by now. Its 5:30, why haven’t I
received a cal? Dad? Hello.
– Bittu, I am finished! What are you saying? Bittu, I came to the college
for dance class. You would be astonished to see
my dance partner. – Bye! You’ll believe me
only when you see her. What is her name? Priya, Bittu. I’ve never such a beautiful girl. But Bittu… I had to try hard to make her smile. She’s very egoistic. What did she do? Nothing Bittu, she said, ‘There’s nothing like destiny’. Move, that’s my car.
– That’s my car. ‘What happened?’ Bittu, potassium permanganate
and sodium nitrate… What? Potassium permanganate? Wow! I see. What do we get when we mix
potassium permanganate and nitrate? Why are you suddenly
talking about chemistry? Bittu, the girl was right beside me. I will come home and tell you. Bye.
– Okay, bye. I’ll call mom now. ‘St. Teresa’s College’ Like you said, Priya will go for the
dance class. – Thank you, ma’am. Priya! Why didn’t you call me?
I was waiting for your call. Bittu? I was thinking about you. Please sit. How was your day? You forget about me,
tell me about yourself. What new did you do today? That reminds me something. I’m going to the dance class. Wow. Wonderful. Did you meet somebody interesting
like a new dance partner? He’s useless.
– Did you have any problem with him? I don’t even remember his face. You don’t remember his face? You’ll remember everything hereafter. Just one minute.
Give me one minute. Useless dance master. Idiot. Where are you? Let’s go. What happened?
– We’re late. Let’s go. What happened? Why did you stop?
– Just like that. Hi girls, how was my landing? Where did you come from? Lift is not working. Is there a lift in this building? No, there isn’t. That’s the reason
I came sliding. Seeing your behaviour,
I thought you won’t come today. I was about to leave. I stopped when I saw you coming. You miss me, don’t you? Am I missing you?
– Yes. Do you think I love you?
– Yes. You’re out of your mind! Good morning, blood nasty students. You didn’t romance
properly yesterday. High command scolded me. So, I’m going to increase romance. Nagarjun, Priya, we’re going to introduce a dance
step named Bahubali. What is that? She’ll get me killed. Bahubali dance is such a dance step in which two bodies become one.
– Okay. There is a lot of chemistry
between them. – Okay. There will be chemistry
between us, right? We’ll make a strong chemistry.
– Performance. Sir, we’ll have a strong chemistry.
– Very good. You want it strong, right?
– Yes. Strong performance, right?
– Okay? I’ll give it. Come on.
– So sweet. Nagarjun sir.
– Yes, sir. Chemistry, romance…
– Okay, sir. Oh, what a strong chemistry. I am really so happy.
We’ve started meeting each other. Of course, you don’t meet me
with a smile, but you come to meet me. Hey listen, what is your problem? You come and disturb me
anytime you want. I hate your voice. I love you. What is this?
– You asked this, didn’t you? What? Didn’t you ask this? Okay. Do you want this? So, you heard it like that. Give that to me. Okay,
tell me who is your gardener? What are you watching? I am watching my parents stealthily
because I can’t tell the truth to them. Parents can never stay away
from their children. Even children can’t stay
away from their parents. I love my parents very much. I wish that they both love
each other very much. I just have one more wish, I wish they become my parents
in every birth and I am born as their son. Why didn’t she come today? Didn’t your partner come today?
– No, sir. Are you lost in her memories?
– Yes. Don’t worry, she will come. Hello, Mr Sharma.
– Sir. Do you know tomorrow
is my birthday? Sir, I know, February 13th. You have to arrange a huge party. Party? But sir you never celebrated
your birthday. What’s so special today? Why are you arguing
when I am telling you? – Okay, sir. There will be two important guests. I am going to invite them personally. Sir, I’ll manage everything.
– Okay. Nagarjun, I arranged everything as
per your instructions. – Priya? Don’t worry about Priya. I take the responsibility
of getting her. Thank you so much, Bittu. You’re the
best friend in the whole world. Hello, how are you?
– Hi, sir. Greetings. Sir? Oh, what a fantastic car. Where did you get this from? This is a small gift from me to you. How can I accept such an
expensive gift from you? Please, don’t break my heart. Nobody can refuse such
a wonderful gift. I love this car. I love you, sir. I thought you won’t come. Why did you feel so? It was late, so I thought
you wouldn’t come. So, I… How do I look? What is this? This is a gift. Dhoti and kurta. I really liked it. Even you’ll like it. Don’t laugh, okay? Give that to me. I was waiting from so many days to hear this. I love you too. ‘I love you in English means,
give that to me.’ I love you three. I love you four. I love you five. This was the car sir told us about.
– Okay. Good evening, ma’am.
– Good evening. Sir is waiting for you there. Okay.
– That way. Turn the vehicle that way.
– Okay. I love you, Krishna. Before we die,
I want to tell you something. I am telling this to you
for the first time. I wanted to tell this earlier,
but couldn’t tell it to you. But I got a chance to tell this, but times have changed. I remember the day when you came… Krishna, I was shocked to
see you Bittu’s room. ‘When I woke up because of
a lightning, I saw you.’ ‘I felt I’ve seen you before.’ ‘I remembered my past.’ I remembered how much you loved me and I hurt you. I realised my mistake. I thought this was the right time to tell everything to Bittu. But that night I learnt that you hate me. Krishna, we had an arranged
marriage at that time. I got you easily. So, I didn’t value you. But I never cheated you.
Never. I’ve heard that love heals
the wounds of the heart. You have the wounds hidden
in your heart. Krishna, you should forgive
every mistake in love. Don’t forgive my mistake. Krishna, you don’t fall
in love with me. Abuse me, fight with me, hit me, but don’t go away from me. Because I don’t know whether we will meet
in the next birth or not. I don’t wish to live my life without you. ‘Radha Krishna’ ’14-02-2014′ Priest, greetings. ‘It is your parents’
death anniversary today.’ ‘If you tell me at what time
you’ll come for the veneration…’ Priest, listen to me. There’s no need for it. ‘What do you mean?’ I mean, there’s no need. Okay, I’ll disconnect now. Lakshmi! Sir, you have severe fever. You can’t come with us. You won’t get down from the bed and you’ll rest completely, okay?
– Yes. Anjali! You take rest, okay?
– Yes. Anjali.
– What’s the matter? Mom and dad have gone somewhere.
The oil of the vehicle is leaking. I think the brakes will fail. Everything is happening
exactly the same like before. Try to call them. I’ve been trying.
Their phone is not reachable. Where have they gone? Lakshmi said they’ve gone to
the Balaji temple. Don’t worry, we’ll find them. Let’s go. Come on. Buddy, stop it! Buddy, no.
– Buddy, what are you doing! Security, take him. Take him. Come on, move. Sir, I’ll take him.
– Okay. ‘Friday, 14th February’ ‘February 14th, Tuesday’ Lakshmi!
– I’m coming. Where did sir go? Sir has gone to Balaji temple. Stop! Auto driver!
Stop, please! Please stop! My dad left in the car.
The brakes have failed. His life is in danger.
Please help me. Priya… I mean, Krishna.
– Yes. Priya… What do I call you,
Priya or Krishna? Call me Priya.
– Okay, Priya. Yes, Mr Nagarjuna? ‘Accident prone zone’ There they are. Priya, wear the seatbelt. I am unable to apply brakes. Bittu! Nagarjun!
– I’m unable to apply brakes. Breaks are not working. One moment, I’ll get the car
in the middle. – Okay. Mom! Are you okay? Are you okay? Hope you’re not hurt. Bittu.
– Nagarjun. Bittu, thank you so much. You saved our lives. Thank you.
– Everything is alright. Thank you, Bittu. I can’t believe this. Is everyone okay? Sir?
– Sir? Sir! Sir?
– Sir? Sir, are you okay? Are you okay? Thank you so much, sir. You were great.
You saved us from such a big accident. Thank you so much, sir.
– Thank you. You saved our life
on the right time. I didn’t save you. Then who saved us?
– What? That guy must be somewhere around. There he is. Sir, are you okay?
– Thank you. You are okay, right?
– I am fine. What was that? Hi, I am Akhil.


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