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Deewane Huye Paagal | Full Movie | Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Shahid Kapoor

Welcome friends!
I’m here to narrate to you.. ..a fantastic story whose
essence is love. Friends,
let me tell you such a story.. which the impossible
becomes possible.. which a king
finds his lost.. ..queen and an old man his youth. There was a scientist
by the name Khurana.. ..who was a little forgetful
and a bit crazy. For 25 years he worked
on a formula.. ..that restores youth to the old. Eureka! Found it! One drop of this will make a
person younger by 25 years. Let us see a live demonstration. How Khurana’s formula has
done the unimaginable! One drop of this will
knock 25 years off. A duck will become the
egg that it once was. Khurana has only two confidants
who knew his secret. One, his secretary Kavita, and
the other, a talking parrot. The duty of the talking
parrot was.. remind the forgetful
Khurana his every work. But the secretary Kavita
proved to be a traitor. Khurana wanted to gift his
formula to the Indian government. But Kavita schemed to leak it to
Khurana’s twin, a mafia don. What? My son, Baljit! Baljit, the don’s eldest son, is
corrupt and utterly selfish. Dad, this is the day that
I’ve been waiting for. Now on we will deal not in
billions but in trillions. Shut up!
I shall not give it to anyone.. ..whatever be the amount offered. Only I will use the formula
and become young. What foolishness is this, dad?
-I am not being foolish. If you believe.. Dad, Good morning dad. Now meet his second son. He is Sunny, whose genes seem
to have got jumbled up. Today my love and life Tanya
is going to perform. That’s why I am going
early to college. Wish me good luck. You fool, learn to speak
your language properly. Don always had a suspicion
that Sunny.. not his own son.
He carried a notion.. ..that his second wife wanted
to confess on her deathbed.. ..that Sunny happened because
of her affair.. ..with her neighbour Subramaniam. Baljit deceived his father. And offered to sell the formula
to a Chinese gang. The gang gave him an advance
of 50 crores.. ..and told Baljit to give them
the formula in 3 days. Now let us put the formula
and these plots aside.. ..and come to the love story. He studies in the college and
works in a canteen too. A simple-minded lad
by the name Karan.. ..with no one to call his own. Murugan, who too works in the
canteen, is his only kin. Give this burger, these pastries
and this sandwich.. that fat girl
sitting outside. That fat girl eats a lot. But we earn our living only
because she does that. Said it right,
your honesty is your undoing. Who is the best guy in
the college? -Sunny. And who is most beautiful girl?
-Tanya. The South Indian problem of
a North Indian father! Sunny, Tanya’s show is about
to begin. Come fast. No! Rogue! Speak softly. Otherwise everyone will
turn up at her show. Did you see that? C’mon guys let’s go for the show. Come. Come. -Yes come on. Not just Sunny but the entire
college is obsessed with Tanya. Karan too loves her..
within himself. Don’t you want to go
to Tanya’s show? No. You like her a lot, don’t you? Yes. -Let’s go. How can I when she and I
don’t know each other? I work in this in small canteen. But the entire college
is mad after her. She doesn’t even know my name. How can she..
till you get to know each other. Come on. C’mon now. -No, Murugan. Murugan. “I wanna to dance with you.
Chill.” “Come on me when I want
to dance with you.” “It’s you. Only you.” “It’s you. Only you.” I can’t take my eyes off you
or live alone without you. You are the throb of my heart.. I wanna swing with you. Dance with you.
Be with you forever.” “I wanna swing with you. Dance
with you. Be with you forever.” You rest in my eyelids. You are my obsession. Your lovely face fills my vision. You fill my world. Your name dances on my lips.. is your beauty that
my words depict. My thoughts are filled with
your remembrance.. ..from my breath exudes
your fragrance. KILLER JEANS singer
of the year award.. ..goes to Tanya Moolchandani. C’mon people,
lets give her a big hand. Take this. -Give my goggles back! Take this.
-Give it to me. Give it to me. It will break. Catch it. It’s for your dignity. Somebody please help me.
They’ve taken my goggles. Take this. Forgive me. -It will be fun. Leave him.. leave him. What are you doing? We are playing the goggle game.
Want to join? It is not good to trouble
someone like this. He took it. Who are you? Are you the
brother of this mad guy? Are you his brother? Tell me, burger..
is he your brother? Is this mad guy your brother? He is my brother. Sister. Oh my god! Sister, he snatched my goggles. He is being rough with me..
he is a rogue. This one is a good guy. Tanya, sorry. We didn’t know
that he is your brother. Thousand apologies. Brother-in-law.
-Here, take these glares. Shut up! Just get out of here! But, Tanya.. -I said get out. Okay, I’ll see you later.
C’mon boys, she really loves me. How did you come out
of the house? From the rear window. Because
I couldn’t trace my cycle. Golu, how many times
should I tell you.. ..not to come alone out
of the house like this? Sorry, sis. -It’s okay. Say thanks to Karan. Thanks, Karan. Do you know my name? I also know that you came last
in the first year exam. Just kidding! You are a scholar and.. along
with the studies you.. in the canteen for
your expenses too. This is how the friendship
started. Karan wanted it to bloom. What better chance than a
private Birthday bash! He invited her and
Tanya too obliged. A green signal from her side! He cooked delicious food,
lit the candle and waited. He bought new pants and shirts. Tanya too did some birthday
shopping for Karan. Their hearts were just
about to unite.. ..when villains played
spoilsport. The scientist locked the
formula in a closet.. ..told its code to his parrot..
and forgot it! Baljit came to his uncle to
cheat him off his formula. But the scientist tricked Baljit
and ran away with his parrot. Baljit then saw how things stood.
The formula in the locker.. ..and it’s code with
the talking parrot. Baljit took his men and went
looking for the scientist. Open the door. Who are you?
Get out of my vehicle. I need help! Do good. Do good.
-What were you doing in it? Baby! The scientist then saw what
fell out of Tanya’s purse. She left something behind.
-When he saw it up close.. was Tanya’s credit card
with her name on it. Tanya felt sorry a little later. A man is in trouble,
why shouldn’t I go to help him. Well, she turned her car
to go back to him.. ..and was aghast to see
the scene ahead of her. Baljit saw the girl.. ..and realized that a horrible
thing happened. The girl saw him committing
the murder.. ..and she must be caught
before she lets it out. He saw the credit card in
the scientist’s hand.. ..and understood that the parrot
was with a certain Tanya. Now I have to catch two
girls in one night. One who has the parrot and
another, who saw the murder. We must find the parrot.
Go and search for it. When Baljit saw Tanya’s photo,
he felt relieved. The two girls he wants are
in fact one and the same! Tanya ran to a police station.. ..but the enemy was
already there. Tanya secretly overheard
their conversation.. ..and realized that
she has to flee.. ..from her home that very night. Karan waited and waited no end.. ..but Tanya did not
turn up that night. Karan went to Tanya’s house
to inquire after her. Karan, who was unaware of the
sinister plot of murder.. ..went to Tanya’s house
but couldn’t meet her. Tanya had already left with
her brother Golu in dark.. ..leaving Karan’s love
story high and dry. Later Karan searched everywhere
he could.. ..but couldn’t trace Tanya.
She just vanished in thin air! In this way the lovers
parted ways. See for yourself if they will
ever come together again. Hey, what happened?
Any success with the locker? It is 3 years now. But they are still clueless
about its code. The fruit is within reach
but I can’t have it! Hey, Baljit! Why are you gaping like that? Search for that parrot
and bring it. You have been searching for the
parrot for the last 3 years. Get my Tanya for me and I
will give you a grandson. Get lost, idiot! Go and get it.. or don’t show
me your dirty face again. You have come very late.. -Okay. What is this!? A bill though
I didn’t eat anything!? Excuse me, here is your food..
that bill is mine. ‘Experience the joy
in giving a bill!’ You are mixing up your sandwich.. ..with your bill.
Are you out of your mind? I’m sorry.
I got carried away a bit. A bit!? You have lost yourself
since three years. You have ruined your life
thinking about Tanya. Such a young and handsome
guy you are! Tell me and I will get you
not one but ten girls. But none like Tanya. And none is as smitten
by love as you! Now take this bill and give
it at the correct table. Excuse me! -Yes. Sorry.. I think you are from
City College, right? -Yes. And you are Karan. -Yes. He’s at it again!
He’s been doing it since 3 years. Inquiring all those who
come here, about Tanya. You are Tanya’s friends,
aren’t you? -Yes. So. Do you know where Tanya
stays at present? Yes. Tanya went to stay at
her aunt’s place in Delhi. So.. Tanya is in Delhi. No,
she was in Delhi two years ago. But now she settled with
her aunt in Dubai. In Dubai! Do you know her address in Dubai? No, we don’t. Sorry. Thanks.
Thanks anyways. -It’s okay. We are going to Dubai. -What!? Let’s leave all this. Tanya is
in Dubai. Let’s go there. Is Dubai in the next street for
us to go there in a jiffy? Do you have a passport?
-No, but I have a ration card. You get ration and not flight
tickets with a ration card. But one can get a passport with
the ration card.. what now? Do you know that it takes 15
odd days to get a passport? Besides, Dubai is a huge city.
How will you find Tanya there? Three years have passed.
Isn’t it possible.. ..that someone else
entered her life? Come what may, even if it means
that I have to spend.. ..all my earnings,
I want to meet Tanya just once. Okay, by the time that we get
our passport and visa.. ..I will get Tanya’s
Dubai address. How will you do that? I have a friend who imports
items from Dubai.. ..and sells them here.
He has very good contacts there. He can help us. Where can we find him? Come and give me a sweet kiss. Take me into your arms
in warm embrace. Come and give me a sweet kiss. Take me into your arms
in warm embrace. Your beautiful eyes are pulling
the strings of my heart. How to respond, I know not.. ..I fear that my heart may
run off in your quest.. ..I wouldn’t know
what to do next. No one can stop me now.. ..reaching you is my goal, I vow. Life is once, fall in love and
live every moment to the full.. ..I love life, I love you.. ..I love to live.. ..I am Adam, yearning for Eve. O dear, my heart fell gradually
in love with you. This is your charm,
I know for true.. ..I slowly started believing
your words, my love. And to your magic, this I owe. No one can stop me now.. ..reaching you is my goal, I vow. Life is once, fall in love and
live every moment to the full.. ..I love life, I love you. Come and give me a sweet kiss. Take me into your arms
in warm embrace. Embrace me. Embrace me. Embrace me. Your rosy cheeks are
such a treat.. ..seeing which I’m
swept off my feet. These lips of yours,
are cups filled with wine.. ..I drink from them and
reach cloud nine. No one can stop me now.. ..reaching you is my goal, I vow. Life is once, fall in love and
live every moment to the full.. ..I love life, I love you.. ..I love to live.. ..I am Adam, yearning for Eve. Your flair fills me with
enchanting music. My heart dances to its tunes. Your memories haunt me all
through lonely nights. My soul seeks you in
dreamy flights. No one can stop me now.. ..reaching you is my goal, I vow. Life is once, fall in love and
live every moment to the full.. ..I love life, I love you. Come and give me a sweet kiss. Take me into your arms
in warm embrace. Embrace me. Embrace me. Embrace me. Embrace me. You dog! Why are you trying
to hide from me? Nana,
what brings you here so suddenly? How are you? What else? I want money. If you don’t return my money
today, I’ll cut your throat. Hey, man! -Who is that? Let him go. He doesn’t have
another throat to spare. Leave him. Come here, brother. Who are you and what work
do you have here? What can you do to me? Not me.. all of us will do it.
-Well.. who are your men? You want to watch. Do you want to check out?
Kaliya, come here. Does that bring you
down to earth? I am not afraid of you. I am indebted to him.
I am ready to take the blows. Raise the stakes one to ten.
-Hey, play the music he likes! Kutty, your man is a goner
today.. I stake double the money! C’mon.. into the ring! Sahil! Sahil! -Very good. One for you and one for me. Two for you..
and two for me. -Okay. Three for you..
and three for me. -Okay. Fifty-fifty.
Fair enough, isn’t it? -Okay. Happy? -Very happy. No cheating. -No. If you feel cheated then take
this and calculate yourself. No, you are great. Brother Kutty! -Brother Murugan?
-Take this. Brother Kutty! -Brother Murugan? Welcome..
-How are you? Doing fine? He is Karan.
The one I told you about.. ..who wants to search for
his love in Dubai.. -Yes. There is a man who is most
capable of doing that. -Who? My name is Rocky.
You are Karan and he is Murugan. You own a hotel but go
out and eat elsewhere. He is younger and he, elder..
and are like brother and sister. Brother and sister!?
-Want to know anything more? We want to know about Tanya
and not about ourselves. I can tell you not just about
Tanya but about her past.. ..and future lives too.
Tell me what you want to know. We just want to know
about her present. Is she a maid who stole your
money and ran away? No,
she stole his heart and went off. Oh, I see! It is a matter
related to the heart. It will be 15 to 20 days before
we get our passports. We want you to go ahead of us
and gather information.. the time we reach there.
Any problem? I’ll take 25000. -25000!? -Okay. That’s just the advance. Another
25000 after the work is done. 50000!? -Right.. ..and not about the
whole of Dubai! Murugan, I am ready to pay. And pay 50000 after you meet
Tanya. That’ll settle it. Oh my gosh!
100000 in all! -For that money.. ..Tanya will herself come here
and give her address. Okay,
call her and take her address. We don’t need your help.
Let’s find someone else. You wait. -Pour beer. Okay then. -No,
this isn’t how things are done. I will give you one lakh rupees.
-One lakh!? Fine. How can I identify her? Yes. We have only this. What is this?
Does she look like this? -What? No. -Then what should I do with
it, should I feed it chillies? Should I sing a song? It’s a new game.. -It’s a new. Give me her photo.
-Sorry, I don’t have that. But I have her name..
Tanya Mirchandani. Give this to her.
She may recognize it. Will she recognize this parrot?
-Yes. What a strange love
affair yours is! Okay, I’ll do your work. Dubai. Welcome to Dubai.
-Any progress in your work? Lots! It goes on rent
for 8 hours everyday. The girl goes on rent!? -Yes. Oh, not the girl.. I’m talking
about my rental car business. It’s doing pretty well. I am asking about Tanya. She has changed her name..
she is Natasha now. I found this from the Indian
embassy. Here is her address. You are quite fast at work
these days. Very good. Come on, let us go. This bungalow is wonderful! That’s the bungalow.. has one balcony,
two windows and one main gate. A tree too,
though I don’t know it’s name.. But I’ll make a note. Are you a broker?
We came here to investigate.. ..and not to deal in
real estate here. Leave this and take this. It is good that you brought
this baton along. People here keep a lot of dogs,
don’t know why. This is a mike and not a baton. You don’t have to speak
but listen to it. Okay. -Go there. I will hear. Will you hear with this? Will you hear with this?! I will see with this..
and hear with this. Just go now! -Okay. Natasha! -Here I come. Turn it the other way! Turn the mike.. not yourself! Turn it the other way round. Isn’t Natasha sexy? This Natasha is some joke!
-What!? Take a look. She seems to be an old hand. I think that this guy,
Karan, deals in old scrap. Natasha! Why is she calling out to
herself? -Don’t know. Natasha! -What is it, Ms. Sweety? Why are you shouting? Natasha seems to be a man! What all did she change
along with her name!? I am starting to doubt Karan. It is getting late for the
shooting. Where is Natasha? Ms. Sweety,
Natasha is in her room. I’m sorry for the delay.
Only five more minutes. Come quickly -Is she Natasha? Yes.. I am dead sure. Today is a great day for me. Today is the shooting
of my video album. Had you been with me, my joy
would have been even greater. I miss you. -We miss him too. Why are you crying? Why do you think that
you are alone? I am always with you. Jayantilal and Tommy too
are with you. Isn’t it? C’mon fast. Or we will be
late for the shooting. Sit in the car quickly. Start the car. Forgive me brother, I can’t see. I’m sorry. -It was my mistake.
Please forgive me. It’s okay. Let me drop you. Please forgive me.
I can’t see at all. Otherwise I’d not have
bumped into you. Let’s go fast.
-But brother, take this out. Let’s go. Ready! -Yes.. ..1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. Cut, cut, cut. What are you doing here? I’ll go wherever Natasha goes.
I’ll also dance. Don’t disturb the shooting. Later on, you can dance
as much as you want. Let’s go and sit there. Let’s go. I’ll be there in a moment. Shut up! Sorry, director. The fact
is that he was run over.. Natasha’s car and
has become disabled. He even lost his memory and is
living with us since then. Boss, he’s disabled. He’s just like her brother
who passed away. -What!? It’s none of our business.
He may be her distant relative. Trying to eavesdrop? Natasha! Sanju! What a pleasant surprise! Wow.. Natasha, you look gorgeous. Today is the first video
album of your career. All the very best.
-Thank you, Sanju. Natasha, I want to tell you
something very important. What’s the matter?
-Let’s go over there. Come. Now, who’s this? I don’t know. I’ve to find out.
Hold the mike properly. Why do you look so worried? Natasha,
it is about that friend of yours. I learnt everything about him. He’s not only a drunkard,
but also a drug addict. What? -Yes, he not only consumes
but also peddles drugs. Oh, no. Why can’t I hear anything?
-Shall I go close to them? Why don’t you rather
give them the mike!? Just stay put.
-So.. shouldn’t I go?. Natasha, you must keep away
from him.. for my sake. Sanju, I can’t believe it. Even I couldn’t believe
it initially. Raj.. how did all this happen? Take this. Read this paper.
There’s the police report in it. Oh my god! Thank you so much Sanju. I wouldn’t have known it,
but for you. Madam, there’s a call for you. Cut, cut, cut it. Hello Raj, I don’t want
to talk to you again. And I don’t want to have
anything to do with you. And from now onwards,
if you try to meet me. Or if you try to call me.. ..I’ll complain against
you to the police. Be strong! I’m with you. Madam, the shot is ready.
Please come. Go now. Your shot is ready.
I’ll wait for you. And Natasha, be strong. Okay? Great! So..
you wore a new Kurta today. This is not a Kurta. It’s a coat. This is called a coat. Buddy, these are pants. These that you have on your
hand are pants. Very nice! This is a tie. -This is not
a tie, it’s a handkerchief. What a weird man you are! This..
is a handkerchief. But this is a vest.
-A vest is worn inside a shirt! What one wears inside a
shirt are called socks. Socks are worn inside shoes! What we wear inside shoes
is called ‘Underwear’. Underwear! -Look here..
this is what is called underwear. What are you staring at?
-Show it to me.. seems that your knee
isn’t working well. Go and get it treated
by a plumber. By a plumber? -Careful..
or this blouse will get broken! Silence.. silence please. Move back!
-Your Kurta looks great! I have to get some more details
about this girl. No boss, we should get more
details about her. What happened? -Nothing. It’s my fault. Had I forced you? If I would force you..’d have been married by now. Aunty, what’s the point
in forcing someone? Shouldn’t one find a
worthy man for that? You saw many guys.
What sort of guy do you want? Good looks and riches..
these don’t matter. But he should have
a loving heart.. ..and must do something creative. Like.. an architect. And he
should respect women too. Even after all these years aunty
couldn’t find a good guy. But I am sure that you will
find such a man very soon. What happened to your voice?
-What happened? Why did you laugh like a man? Aunty, I’m sure that some day
I’ll get my dream boy. Now, we’re in Tanya’s city.
Aren’t you happy? Are you happy? No? No, Murugan. Till I see Tanya
with my very own eyes.. ..I can’t be happy. No problem. Give me one hour. We’ll go to Rocky and take
Tanya’s address from him.. ..and from there we shall
go to Tanya’s house. Then you can see her
and talk to her. As much as you wish. Happy? What’s the problem? Hi! Hello! -How are you? Come.. come. Welcome to Dubai. Please have a seat.
Sit down. -Ok. Congratulations.
He was right. -Thank you. He was right.
His heart was always right. She is in Dubai. How is she? Beautiful.
Her face is very beautiful. Good. Very good. But. But? She’s expanded in all directions. Expanded..!? Is she some kind
of a blanket or what? She has become 132 km! 132 km? I mean, she now weighs 132 kg..
she just sits all the time. Sits all the time!?
Can’t she walk? How can a person walk on a
wheelchair? -On a wheelchair? Isn’t there any other chair in
her house? Why a wheelchair? An accident is bound to happen
when one drinks and drives. What? Accident!?
And did Tanya start boozing? She normally never touched
liquor. -Okay. But when angry, she would
gulp down a full bottle. And that day she had a fight
with her husband. Husband!? You mean..
Tanya got married? Did I ever say that she
is married? Did I? Actually, she is a widow. In fact, she is a double widow. Her first husband was very good.
His only vice was smoking. One day he was smoking a
cigarette and it blew up. Blew up!? He was at a petrol pump
and it blew up. And the second husband?
-He was like God. He had no bad habits.
But he was forgetful. One day, he got up from
bed and took his bath. For his breakfast he had bread,
jam, butter, cheese. But he forgot the most
important thing. Bread? -No, his breath. He forgot to breathe. Because he had acute
breathing problem. Lot of asthma. Both the husbands passed away.. ..but I’ve seen how much
she loves her kids. Kids!? She has kids too? She has 6 healthy kids. Six kids? How can she have six
kids in three years? Twins! A pair of twins each year. You are right. To raise them,
she works very hard at night. Works at night? Yes, she started a laundry
at her home. She set up 4-5 machines. She goes about on her wheelchair
and washes all the clothes. Then she irons them. ##Don’t ask what all things that
Mother India doesn’t do. She works hard for
her seven kids. Seven?
Just now, you said six kids. What do I tell them? The sixth child is illegal. Illegal? It’s from an underworld don’s. She married him too? -No.
She didn’t! One day she burnt his suit. The don forgave her.
And then the affair started. Now both of you decide
and tell me. When should I book the
tickets to India? Let’s go. Let bygones be bygones. Do one thing. Get him married to a
nice girl in India. Find a good bride for him. Where’s your luggage?
Aren’t you coming to India? Who will make the payment?
Defaulters are killed here. But, I’m not worried about
the payment you owe me. Your payment.. -No. Take your payment. Are you mad? I can’t take
money from a true lover. Hey God!
I shall never commit such a sin. Okay, put it in here. C’mon. Why have you landed here? If we don’t get a seat
in the plane.. ..we’ll have to travel standing. No.. I’ll not go back. What!? You’ll not go to India? However Tanya is in
trouble right now. She needs me more than ever. And I can’t leave her alone
in this condition. I’ll not go back. I bow to the greatness
of your love. Oh god! Stay back. And I promise.. ..when you meet Tanya after
3 years, I’ll cry a lot. After three years!? She went on her honeymoon
last night. She went to honeymoon alone? Not alone. She went with that
underwear. -Underwear? Sorry, I mean the underworld don. She went away with him
for three years. Such a long honeymoon!
Three years! When the Interpol chases
an underworld don.. ..he needs to be on the run
for at least three years. Three years! I won’t stay
here for three years. The three years will pass
easily in five years. What is all this nonsense? Don’t confuse us. We’re not mad. Do we have oil wells here to
stay on for three years? Who’ll manage our business there?
Karan, let’s go. Stop there! Karan.
-Let’s go.. -Let go! Hold on.
Go away! Go away if you have to. Good riddance! Can I check your passport? Here. How many pieces do you have?
-Two. Your passport. -Thank you. Karan, Karan. What are you doing? Karan! Karan! What’s it? Karan,
will you go to India running? The new van that came just now..
-Yes. There’s Tanya’s poster
on that van. What? Tanya is in Dubai. -What? I found her, Murugan. That means Rocky took our
money and cheated us! No.
I saw that poster and the name.. ..was Natasha instead of Tanya. That means Tanya changed
her name. And we’ve asked Rocky
to search for Tanya. That means whatever he said
was about some other Tanya. Okay, but the van is gone.
Where will we look for Tanya? I saw the music company’s name. We’ll get the address.
That won’t be difficult. No difficulty! No difficulty!
-Where’s the luggage? The luggage has been put
on the flight to India. Why don’t you do some
shopping with us too? What is this nuisance? Hi Sweety! Come on, babes. Don’t feel shy.
-I’ll call the police. Leave me.. -Come on. Hello buddy! -Who is that? Hi! How far is the hospital? -Why? Do you want to get admitted? No, I’m thinking of admitting
you people. Excuse me, madam.
Please hold this. Thank you. Come on boy. If it is far off, I will take you
there and break your bones. Or do you want me to do it here?
What do you say? How was it? Take this. This is your 100.
Yours.. and yours. You take 50. Why only 50? They get 100 each. They worked so hard. He broke the bonnet and he,
the glass. He broke a bottle on his head. You didn’t break even a mud pot.
You are not fit for this. Sorry boss.
I missed out this time. Teach him or I will have
to bash you all up. You got hurt? Just a minor scratch, but its ok. Yeah. I am absolutely okay. Are you an architect? How did you know that? Actually.. I. You must have seen me
in Time magazine’s.. ..cover story last year. No, it is written on your bag.
-Oh! Sharp mind! -Thank you. By the way,
I’m Rocky Hiranandani. Natasha Mirchandani. It is I who designed
this global village. Really? Wow! I’m a gold medalist from
Oxford Dictionary. Excuse me! Oxford University.
What did you hear? I’m sorry, I heard dictionary. Dictionary? I’m really sorry. I earned a lot of money and now
want to do something else. I want to help the disabled,
mentally retarded and the blind. Have you seen the movie ‘Black’?
-Yeah, it was very touching. Great! I financed it. Really? -Yes.. ..I gave all my white
money in black. -Oh! Come.
I will drop you. What happened? Wow, Ferrari! Which Ferrari? Yes, this is my car, Ferrari.
Please come. Lovely car. -Right. Please come. No thanks.
I’ve my car. I’ll go on it. By the way, I stay nearby. If you’re free,
let’s have some coffee. Let’s go. No. Not now. No, I meant 6 pm. How can we go
now? This is my work hour. Alright. I can’t come. Hey! -Someone is driving
away your car. Driver,
come soon after having lunch. A driver? I will go in a boat.
-Ok. What is your address? Bungalow no. 13, Jumera Beach. Okay, I’ll see you there. Nice to meet you. -Bye, bye! Thank You. Got it? We are finished!
It’s Thursday today. What if it is Thursday? This is Dubai, man. -It is a
holiday on Thursday and Friday. We will know about Tanya when
the shop opens on Saturday. Why do we get into trouble? Murugan, this time I will
trace Tanya at any cost. In these clothes? After two days you won’t
be able to recognize me. How can Tanya recognize you? Right buddy!
Our luggage has gone to India. Let’s do one thing. First of all,
let’s buy some clothes. Let’s go. -C’mon. These days there is no safety
even in the parking lot. I wonder what’d have
happened if that.. ..guy hadn’t come at
the right time. Right,
and by the way, how does he look? Good looking.. handsome. Handsome! He must be using
‘Fair and Lovely’. Shall I tell you one more thing?
He is a famous architect. Architect?
Whom are you talking about? They are talking about you! Am I an architect? You fool! It is about me. Even Raj pretended to
be an architect.. ..but he was a drug addict -Yeah. Aunty, please. -What ‘Please’? She said something sensible
for the first time. Aunty.. We shouldn’t trust
loafers like him. He isn’t a loafer. I have asked him to come
here for coffee. Here!? It’s alright. We’ll get a
chance to examine him. Jayantilal knows who is
good and who isn’t. If Jayantilal approves him,
so have I. You understood the situation?
-Yes. No, you didn’t.
Now, we have to propitiate aunty. Aunty!
Have you changed the target? How many people will you woo. To woo Natasha, we have to
tackle her aunty first. And to do that,
we have to persuade Jayantilal. Happy birthday to you! Whose birthday? Your birthday. My birthday!
It is not my birthday. Weren’t you born? How did you know that I was born? Because I too was born.
-And you were also born. That means we are brothers
by birth. Take this.
I brought flowers for you. Okay, put them on that tree
and leave this place. I will give you gifts daily.. ..after you become
my brother-in-law. But I don’t have a sister. You have two sisters inside. And you are lying to me,
Jayantilal. Where is Jayantilal? So you forgot your name also? What is your name? -Rocky. Is it okay with you if I call
you Monkey, hockey or Tanky? Jayantilal! Jayantilal! Is my tongue wagging?
-No. Do I have a tail? -No. Did I ever bark at you? -No. Did you ever see me
wetting the posts? Hold on! Not till now. Then, how can I be Jayantilal? Because your name is Jayantilal. So you really have the itch
to meet Jayantilal. I will call him, right now. It will give you a awful bite..
Jayantilal. Whom are you calling? My dog Jayantilal. What is your name? Tommy. My name is Tommy. Oh my God! Who are you and what do you want?
Why do you come here always? Why do you meet me always? Because this house is mine.
Now, leave this place. I am the future owner of this
*house. -Now, you leave this place. I am the owner. Go away. Your sister Natasha invited me.
You should go away. She might have called you
to make you her brother. She makes every other
man her brother. I am the main one and you are
the ‘Other’. Get lost. Go away from here. Take a U-turn. I will make your hand take
the U-turn. -Tommy! Stop it! What are you doing? How much will you beat me? No. No! -Tommy. Hi, Rocky. Hi! He is Rocky that I
told you about. Since my childhood, I knew how
to keep animals under control. And the people, back where I
lived, used to call me TC. Ticket Checker? -No, no.
Trainer and Controller. Wow, that’s great. By the way,
she is Sweety, my aunty. What? Is she your aunty? I
thought she is your sister? Thank you. -You have maintained
your physique very well. Thank you.
By the way, are you married? No. I am a bachelor. Till now,
I didn’t find my kind of girl. Even she isn’t married..
Go and get him. Tommy, today we have to attend
a program. Go and get ready. He takes time to get ready. If you are going somewhere,
I shall take your leave. No, not now. In the evening. Today, we are launching Natasha. You are launching her?
Where is she going? No, I mean we are going to
Natasha’s music launch party. You too come with us. What? Music! Are you a singer? Yes. -I love singers. I mean, I love music. You know, music is my life.
I just love music. Please, take this. What is the need for this? This isn’t a gift.
This is yours. -Do you remember? That day when there was a fight,
your bracelet fell down. It took me whole night to fix it. Take it. Now, it is very strong. Would you like some
tea or coffee? No. No tea or coffee for me.
I am too health conscious. Really. Even Natasha doesn’t
like tea or coffee. Oh, that’s very nice.
What a coincidence! Very nice. Then. But I drink juice.
-I’ll bring it in a moment. Tell me something about
your family. Bitter Gourd. -Bitter Gourd? Ask him to add Bitter
Gourd in the juice. Yes, sure. -You got it. Jayantilal. Stupid. Do you have Ginger? -Yes. Add that too in the juice. Jayantilal! Do you have spinach? Yes. Add that too in the juice. Jayantilal? Jayantilal? Do you have Red Pepper? -Yes. Add that also in the juice. It seems to be a very
special juice. Ok girls, I am ready. And the juice is also ready. Why did you wrap Jayantilal
in the blanket? He was feeling very cold.
That’ why I wrapped it on him.. ..without your permission.
I hope you don’t mind. How sweet! -You are right. Here is your juice. Juice! Don’t give him juice.
I will drink that juice. This juice is not for me.
This is for Tommy. His hand will be restored
if he drinks this juice. Natasha looks wonderful,
isn’t she? Thank you so much for coming.
I am so glad. I can’t tell you how
well you sang. Excuse me.
Excuse me. Congratulations! Madam, today your album
is being launched. Your album is called
‘Man Of My Dreams’. Can you tell us who the
man of your dreams is? Right now,
I am living in my dreams. Let me be there for some time.
-I will tell you when I wake up. Very smart. Very smart. Rocky.. ..thank you so much for coming. A beautiful rose for
a beautiful lady. Thank you. Okay, I want to tell
you something. -Yes. Natasha. Sanju. Why is he here? Sanju, I am so happy that
you are here. -Thank you. I will introduce you to someone.
-Of course! Be careful. Meet him. He is Mr. Rocky. He is India’s no. 1 architect. Are you also an architect? Who else is an architect
over here? Actually Sanju is also
an architect. I see. You too are an architect?
Nice, very nice. When will the program start? From which university
did you graduate? That was in..
-Oxford. -Yes, Oxford University. Oxford! -Yes. And what all buildings
did you design? I built the Taj Mahal. You built the Taj Mahal!? But Sahjahan claims that
he built the Taj Mahal. Hotel Taj Mahal in Mumbai. You built the hotel Taj
Mahal in Mumbai? I didn’t build the Taj Mahal
hotel in Mumbai.. ..but next to it is a building
with a glass facade. That means you also into..
-What? -Into glass business? Not today’s.. -Excuse me. That glass building was built
by Oberoi brothers. Absolutely right.
Oberoi builders did build that. But I am the one who designed it. But I put a condition that my
name should not be revealed. And what else have you built? Hey! Isn’t it hot here? They are asking what else you
built. The AC is full. Did you see the Red Fort? Red Fort, nonsense.
-If you have built the Red Fort.. ..then I have built
the Qutub Minar. Why are you getting angry? I was talking about Red
Fort undergarments. So, you also have the business
of undergarments? -No. No. I built the factory for
the owner of that company. And what else have you built? I built parking lots,
parks, entrances.. ..toilets,
and the plaster on their walls. Should only I list my
achievements or will someone.. ..ask him about his work.
You say something. The Prithvi Apartments in
Mumbai.. -Yes.. -This happens. When 2 persons of the same field
meet, they speak like that. Ladies and Gentleman! May I have your attention please.
-Look boy, look. Come. World Gold Council
and D’damas Gold.. ..presents you the most
sensational music album. And now we also like to present.. ..collection G’gold jewellery
to Natasha. Are you happy, invalid? Congratulations! Thank you. Let’s now watch Natasha
exclusively on zoom. Watch this Munna. Oh my god! Father, Tanya, Dubai. Hey, son of Subramaniam,
why are you shouting? I brought this ldli
and Dosa for you. And there are many more things
that you have to bring. I searched a lot and found Tanya.
Tanya is in Dubai. Dad, she is the girl
that has the parrot. You will definitely get married.
Let’s go to Dubai. My son, can you recognize her,
I mean my daughter-in-law? I can recognize Tanya even
without looking at her. You fool! How can you recognize her
without looking at her? Uncle, you don’t know that his
nose is like that of a dog. I can smell Tanya. Don’t worry dad. She is in Dubai.
How can she escape from us? Oh, you have a point.
Let’s move forward. We were supposed to come at 6.
Why did we come early? If we hear them in advance.. ..we will get to know what
the girl has in mind. Take out your baton quickly.
-That is not needed now. I fitted a microphone
in her bracelet. What are you saying!? Do you think that Rocky is coming
on a special purpose? I don’t know. -Hey. Quiet. What will you say if
he proposes to you? I don’t know. But I know that. -The aunty
seems to be on our side. I shall have a temple
made for her. Beggars are lining up even before
the temple is built. What will he say after going in? Natasha, I came here to say
something important. Important!? What is it?
-Stay away from Rocky. What? Why? What happened? He is a fraud. He is not an architect
as he claims to be. Oh my god! -What are you saying!? Yes, he is not an architect.. ..or even a small time mason,
for that matter. This rogue is putting brakes
in their relationship. I have checked all institutes
of Architecture on the net. Rocky’s name isn’t
in any of them. Brother, what are you doing?
-Vicky! Why did he lie to me, then? If you don’t believe me,
I can give you the name.. ..of that website from my dairy.
Check yourself. Hang on! No. No. Don’t be sympathetic to me
because I am handicapped. No Natasha. Buck up! Okay. He will do it. Yeah. Stop. Yes! Here it is.. ..I found out his address too. I will reveal the truth about
him in a day or two. Everything will be okay, boss.
-This is cheating.. ..I’ll go and teach him
a lesson just now. He is anyway going to
come here at 6 pm. I cannot keep quiet that long. She is coming this way. Run! Hey, let’s drive off! Be quick. Turn it quickly. Boss. Boss, she has come. Why did you tell her? Why do you want to ruin my home? Why do you want to ruin my home? Why are you beating me up? Why did you tell my mother? What?
-That I am not an architect. And that I am a captain
in the Navy. You don’t know that my mother
hates water and the sea. Why does she hate it?
-Why? I’ll tell you that. What am I to say? My father was the Captain
if the ship Samrat. My elder brother was
its Vice Captain. When that ship sunk in the sea.. ..both of them died. My mother hates water
from that day. She wouldn’t even let me take
a bath in my childhood. I used to bathe secretly at
some neighbour’s place. But my father’s blood
runs thick in me. And the sea beckoned
me one fine day. But why did you tell my mother
that I am not an architect.. ..and that I am a Captain
in the Navy? No! -Do you know? You’ve made me an orphan. Who will love this
forlorn child now? Who will love me now? Tell me from where
I should get love. Natasha, when did you come? Babloo, why didn’t you
tell me that she came? You are so naive! Natasha, I want to tell you that. You need not say anything. I heard it all. Rocky. You are not alone anymore
from today. How good-natured you are! You are very kind. You are the one from whom
I’ll get all my love. Hello friends! The second part has begun. Karan’s love is in danger. Tanya fell into Rocky’s trap. Till now there was one love
story, but now we have two. What will Karan do? What he will do? Even those goons are
getting anxious. They want the parrot. Sunny wants to marry Tanya and
give Khurana a grandson. Some people want the girl
and some want the code. This story is at a very
interesting juncture. Rocky boasted a lot
about himself.. ..and made his way into
Tanya’s heart. He is very cunning..
see now what he does. #The girl stole my heart. The girl stole my heart and
inflicted me with love. Your gait is intoxicating.
Your eyes are rosy. Your gait is intoxicating.. ..eyes rosy and form
sweeter than honey. The girl stole my heart and
inflicted me with love. The girl stole my heart.. ..”Its love.” Monkey -Thanks. Hey, you. No.. don’t! Hey! Hey! You. No. No. You are biting me. No. No. Rocky, what are you doing? Have you gone mad? Go away. Natasha,
while I was coming from there.. ..he jumped on me and bit
me like a mad dog. He is lying.
I was giving him a hug. But why did you come here? -I
came here to give you a flower. He bit me saying that I shouldn’t
give you the flower. When did I bite you?
-You did bite me. Did I bite him? And then he tried to strangle me. Thank God, you came just in time. Or else my neck would have
become like my hand. I think you are quite
comfortable there! He is talking rubbish. Rocky, you know his mental
condition and still you. You should be ashamed of
yourself. -Listen to me. I don’t want to hear anything.
-I. Let’s go. Let’s go. -Please go. What perfume are you using?
I also want the same perfume. You too use the same. Moron! He gave me the bone and
you took away the meat. I’ll teach him a lesson. And what about the chicken
dishes that you ate? What chicken dishes? -This bill
fell off from your pocket. 4 beers, 2 Chicken dishes,
6 naans and other stuff. You advise me to observe a fast.. ..but go and enjoy yourself! This must have come from
that handicap’s pocket. You mean he eats so much? Now, I have to find out
who he really is! This bill is of.. Hasina Bar. Brother, look there. No! Thank you brother. Give me the camera. Brother. Hey! That hand. Where are you running away? Sit here. Natasha thinks that he is
physically and mentally disabled. Now, I’ll show Natasha
who he really is. Show him the camera in which his
dance pose is captured. -No. What are you doing? This would be a big sin.
What are you doing? Natasha would get hurt,
if she knows about it. Our wedding is almost
settled and.. ..I plan to invite you as well. Almost, isn’t it?
-Is it almost settled? Now, we shall give his full
and final payment. -No. No. What are you doing? Why do you want to
kill two persons? Two persons!? If Natasha learns the
truth about me.. you know what she will do? She will definitely
commit suicide. And who is the second one? And when she is gone from this
world, you too will die. Of what use will your life be?
-No! Let go of me! How can I leave this
traitor alone? I am talking about Natasha. Shut up and leave this place. Listen. From now onwards, do as I say in
front of Natasha, or else.. ..I’ll make all parts
of your body useless. Mind it. -Ok. Learn to nod your head better. Remember it.. ..I’m sorry. Did you get hurt? No.. Thanks for the boat ride. No problem.
I can do anything for you. Actually, sorry for that day. Tommy told me that he did
bite you that day. Forget it.
Now, we are very good friends. What do you say, Tommy? Fool, liar, cheat.. -Tommy! I used to have this
opinion about you. And now? Donkey, fool, idiot.. -Tommy! I was that,
because of my opinion about him. I agree. I agree. Now,
what is your opinion about Rocky? To be honest there is no
other scoundrel, crook.. ..and a swindler like Rocky.
-What? I won’t trust this statement,
even if God were to say it. I was really scared. I know why he’s talking
like that. I know why he’s praising me. I’m really fed up of
hearing him say.. ..’Rocky,
I want to clean the boat.’ Okay, go and clean it in an hour. One hour!? Okay, two hours, not more than
that. -No! No! No! -No. No. How innocent your sister is!
Do it for four hours. Okay.. four hours,
but not more than four hours. Whose sister is she? If she’s not your sister,
is she your granny? And don’t use this
hand too much.. ..don’t use it because
it is handicapped. And clean it properly. I’ll just direct him, okay? Come here. Listen. Don’t come out of the
boat for 5-6 hours. And when you will leave this
place, thank me loudly. If you don’t understand.. I’ll.
-No. No. No.. ..I have kept all the necessary
things here. Clean properly. Okay, enjoy yourself. Where? Thank you. -Bye, Tommy. -Bye. Thank you. -Bye, bye. Thank you.. thank you! Eat something. Eat it? You’re hurting your stomach
along with your heart. Not till I find Tanya. I don’t want to eat. -It’s yummy. No need to be so sad. You’ll definitely find Tanya. Tanya. -Tanya. Tanya. Oh my god! Just one straw! -Even we are one. Rocky is with Tanya? Let me sip too. -Sorry. Betrayer! He wanted to send you back,
so that he could get Tanya. Let’s go. -What rubbish? She’s the one for whom we faced
so many difficulties. And now,
you want to leave her in trouble? Have a look over there! Drink it yourself. Since Tanya loves Rocky. For my happiness.. can I spoil her happiness? Come, let’s go. Tanya! Karan! Karan, it’s you!
What a pleasant surprise! How come you are here?
-He came here searching for you. Me? -Yes. Actually, we came here. And I thought that we could
meet you as well. And we met.. Wow! How are you? Just a moment.
Rocky, please come here. Yes Natasha! Rocky,
he is Karan, my dearest friend. Hello. Hi. And Karan, he is Rocky.
He is a captain. Cricket captain? No. He is the Captain of a ship. I thought that he is a football
captain. -Funny! Anyways, how many days are
you going to stay here? We are going back by the
evening flight today. C’mon Karan.
How can you go like that!? Today we are going
to get married. Today is our wedding? -Yes.
-Yes, today is our wedding. Yes, today we are going
to get married! Today we are going
to get married! Karan, stay back for today.
You may leave tomorrow. Okay? No Tanya.. ..I have to go back urgently. You poke fun quite
often these days! Joke? Karan, you have become so
smart and handsome.. ..but still you haven’t changed. Stay back now. We met after so many days.
Let’s do something. Let’s spend the evening together. Yes, yes. Very good. I will get the ticket
changed. -Don’t worry. No difficulty. Thank you.
-Murgan. -Murgan, Murgan. Rocky, you too come with us. Thanks for remembering me.
But, you two carry on.. ..and enjoy yourselves.
I have my boat for company. Rocky, don’t speak like that. Today, we all will spend the
evening together. -Hey! -Rocky. We will be together. #We met at an age that love
was bound to happen. It’s not our fault but
that of our age. O stranger, I’m your prince
and you, my princess. My youth searches for you.
My youth is your devotee. Our love story has started. O dear, my adoration for you.. ..has become my life. I want to tell this world that
I can’t live without you. Who knows the extent of love
that I have for you. You are my life, O dear. Yes, you are my life, O dear. Yes, you are my life, O dear. I need you,
as much as I need to breathe. I like you that much. Your name is love,
and mine is infatuation. Your name is love,
and mine is infatuation. Your name is love,
and mine is infatuation.. name is infatuation. We are bound to be each other’s. We are bound to be each other’s. Your name is love,
and mine is infatuation.. name is infatuation. Why does the heart throb,
and why does it suffer? Tell me,
what has happened to my heart? Why does the heart throb,
and why does it suffer? Tell me,
what has happened to my heart? It laughs,
it cries, and it dreams. And it says,
think about me for a moment. My love is different from others. I’m head over heels
in love with you. I’ll come to take you away. “I’ll come to take you away.” We met at an age that love
was bound to happen. It’s not our fault but
that of our age. Come here. What happened, Sanju?
What’s the matter? Natasha,
Rocky isn’t an architect. Yes, I know, he’s a navy captain. He’s not even a captain.
He’s a murderer. What? -Yes. Not just a murderer,
but a serial killer. Like Raman Raghav. What!? You’ve committed murders,
but didn’t tell me. Even I came to know right
now that I am a murderer. He trapped many girls in
the web of his love.. ..and then destroyed them. I won’t let him escape. Is Rocky a murderer? -Yes. I can’t believe it. Don’t you believe it?
Don’t you trust me? No. Then, read today’s newspaper. A secret report of the Mumbai
police is published in it. Oh my God! Boss. Brother, listen. Natasha, I’m your well wisher. Still,
if you don’t believe me, then. No. Sanju.. have always saved
me in trouble. Thank you so much. Not at all.
And listen to me carefully. Stay away from Rocky,
for my sake. No. I’ll kick his. Boss. Boss, he is not blind. You are blind.. You should
say that he is not lame! What’s up, you limping scoundrel? Hey! Why do you stare at me like that? I’m a plumber.
My name is Sanju Malvani. I’m the boss of all the
plumbers over here. Shut up, you plumber. Don’t forget that
Natasha is mine. How come she is yours? Listen
-What did you tell Natasha.. ..that he is a murderer.
One minute boss, let me talk. Is he a killer?
One minute boss, let me talk. And where did you get
that fake newspaper!? Why are you speechless now? I will kick you..
-Go away. Leave this place. Hey, you, it’s enough, stop it. Did you beat him so hard.. ..that he became alright
and you became lame? How did his hand become alright? His hand and his brain,
both are perfectly alright. He is a very cunning person. That means, you are not an
architect and you aren’t lame. So, you were trying to cheat
my innocent Natasha. You impostor. Don’t use your hands.
Or else I will really.. ..become handicapped.
Don’t use your hands. We are birds of the same
feathers. Why fight? So much happened in Mumbai and
you left without telling me? What would I say, Karan?
That one moment changed it all. I had to change even my name. And I kept calling out to
you with your old name. You may call me with that name. I like it. Thanks.. ..Tanya. What all I did to woo Natasha! You did not tell me that
you did so many things. Shut up! I came here as a detective.
A detective! And I came here as a defective.
Defective! She used to come to
the super market. And there used to be her
mad brother, Golu. One day, I came to know that
her brother passed away. I thought that she may have a
soft corner for mad people. That’s why I got under her car. I faked an accident, pretended
to have become disabled.. ..and that I lost my memory
and entered her house. I went to Natasha’s neighbor’s
house to fix a tap. I saw Natasha from there.
I went crazy.. ..and lost control over myself. But both of you spoiled my game. Not both of us, but a third one
is going to spoil the game. From where did he come..
out of the blue!? He is an old friend of hers. He is her college friend. Where are they?
And what are they doing? Where they are what
they are doing.. ..only one person
can tell us that. Who is he? This is the one!? Karan, after meeting you I feel
as if I got back everything. I used to feel absolutely
alone without you. Why? You have three good friends. Yes, they are. Especially Tommy,
loves me very much. Repeat, repeat Natasha!
Please repeat. Hear it. He reminds me of Golu. God took away one brother
but gave me another. You should commit suicide now. And Sanju? Sanju! He is a darling to me. I don’t know what would
have happened to me.. ..but for him. He treats me like his own sister. And I too consider him
my elder brother. Come.
Let’s commit suicide together. And the third one. Rocky. I haven’t seen a person
like Rocky. Smart, handsome, funny. -Is it? Cheerful.. ..imposter! I never expected him
to be a cheat. Drop this issue and tell
me about yourself. Do you still play the guitar? No.. ..I stopped playing the guitar. Not again. Won’t you play it for me? Here? Not here, but at home.
I have a guitar. You play the guitar for me.. ..and I’ll make coffee for you.
-Coffee with Karan! Before he plays the guitar,
let’s go and bash him up. Ok. You first go in. -Brother. You go in. Tell me what the idea is. We must deal with Karan first. What did he do? Just shut up. Come on. There is only one option now.
-Murder. Don’t you know that hanging
is the penalty.. ..for murder in Dubai?
Are you mad? Here the law is very strict,
understood? Don’t push me. There is some medicine
in this biscuit. If a dog eats this biscuit
it shall become a lion. And Karan will become its prey.
Are we ready? Come. -After the college. Aunty, what are you doing?
-Cleaning the house. It’s half done. One minute, Karan. Nothing will happen. Aunty, where is Jayantilal? He was being a nuisance.
So I locked him in the bathroom. Oh no. Karan. -Yes. Please get Jayantilal
out of the bathroom. Okay. Okay. Excuse me,
is Jayantilal her husband? No. He is our dog. Catch him. -Yes. What breed is he? He’s a Pomeranian. Yes! I’m so scared. So it is you who was making
so much noise. Hi, Jayanti. Hello. Come here. Come. My dear Jayanti! My Jayanti! My Jayanti! My dear Jayanti! Leave him. No. Did anything happen to you? Baby. Water? “Baby, I love you.” “Baby, I love you.” “I loose my senses.” “Feel.” “Baby, I love you.” “Baby, I love you.” “I loose my senses.” My beloved,
test my love if you have to. My heart is like a mirror,
see yourself in my eyes. See yourself. “Baby, I love you.” “Baby, I love you.” “I loose my senses.” “Feeling cool.” I always thought of you every
moment wherever I went.. ..if you leave me and go, that
will mean the end of my life. See what I’ve come to without
you. Turn back and see me once. See me.. My heart is like a mirror,
see yourself in my eyes. See yourself. My beloved,
test my love if you have to. My heart is like a mirror,
see yourself in my eyes. See yourself. “Baby, I love you.” “I loose my senses.” “Feel you.” “Baby, I love you.” “Baby, I love you.” “I loose my senses.” Why do you think so much? If you just keep looking
at the diamond ring.. will become old without
getting your love. Murugan, I am proposing to
someone for the first time. That’s why I am feeling
a bit nervous. Hi, Tanya. I want to say something very
important to you today. Did you tell Rocky to follow
me and to spy on me? Who told you this? I got an unsigned letter from
someone. Is it true? Tanya, the truth is. Is it true or not, Karan? Yes. Get out. I don’t want to see
even your face. Tanya. Tanya. I didn’t know then
that Rocky was.. ..a rogue,
a scoundrel and a murderer. Yes Tanya. -What do you mean? So you asked such a
man to spy on me.. ..about whose nature you
didn’t know yourself. What did you tell to Rocky? To find out my bad habits
and about my boyfriends? Did you want to find out whether
I was fit for you or not? You lost my love even before
you could get it. Did you think that you could
frame me somehow.. ..and get a place in my heart? Please get out, Karan. Go away from here. I wanted to search
for you because.. ..I never forgot you
in the first place. If hadn’t met you.. life would’ve been void. Hey.. Rocky is the one who
wrote the letter to Tanya. If I don’t finish him today.. ..I will have my moustache
shaved off. But you doesn’t have a moustache. I shall grow one and
then shave it off. I’m not going to spare him. -Murugan,
return this rented car.. ..and get tickets from the
airport. I’ll meet you there. Rocky. Who are you? What do you want? Rocky.. -What is it? Why do you shout like that? Contesting any election? Did you write that letter
against me to Tanya? What? I didn’t write even
my name till now. How can I write a letter? Tommy is the one who wrote it.
He is inside. Why do you tell lies like that? Will I hold a pen
with this hand.. ..accusing me! I can’t handle even the tissue
paper in a toilet. First lower your hand.
-He may come to know. Lower your hand. Is his hand okay? Yes, he is neither disabled
nor is mentally retarded. Now look there. Stand straight and don’t
toil so hard. He is the first lame person
who isn’t actually lame. This means that all of you are
making a fool of Tanya. Who is Tanya? Is she good to look at?
Give me her address. He is talking about Natasha.
Her real name is Tanya. So Natasha too isn’t real and
is a phony character like us. Stop all this nonsense, stop it. Tell me who wrote that letter. Why do you get angry like that? I wrote that letter. It was also I who told lies about
Raj, who was in love.. ..with Natasha initially,
and broke their relationship. Be thankful to me that I
separated Raj from her. Otherwise the two would
have been married.. ..and you would have
been left feeding.. ..biscuits to their children. Thank me for what I did. I don’t believe this. Come to Natasha and
tell her the truth. Yes,
kill this lame man here itself. Let one story come to an end. Yes. Yes, finish off the hair
shop here and now. He is too fond of combing it. You fool, what did you say about
me? -You handicapped insect! Makoda? Makoda? I’ll hit you, don’t mistake me. Oh, you’ll hit me? Go on.
-Take this. Sorry.. Red cap.. sorry. Whom do you want? Where is Tanya? There in no one by
that name here. Shut up! Oh my god! We have been searching for
Tanya since three years. Three years now! And now you say that
Tanya isn’t here. Move on. Where is the beauty? Excuse me. You are mistaken. No, that is not true. Tanya and I studied together
in college. Call Tanya. Tanya! What happened to you Tanya? Veerappan! No, I’m Sunny, the Romeo
in our college. Is it you, Sunny? -Yes, it’s me. Embrace me just once, Tanya! But how did you get our address? You changed your name
and address.. ..but your posters
are everywhere. Oh no! -Oh, yes. With the grace of Lord
*Guruvayurappa, I got Tanya, father. Keep quiet, you fool!
Speak in Hindi. I’ve found the girl,
I mean Tanya. I’ve found her.
The marriage party is coming too. Come soon. Whom are you calling here? My brother, my father and my
entire family is coming. Oh my God, but why? Today will be the marriage and
tomorrow, the engagement. But I want to tell
you before hand.. ..that I am older than you. Who is going to marry you? I will pull your feet.. -What!? I mean, I’ll seek your blessings. No one will shoot without
my permission. Vijay! You!? Where is the parrot, dear girl? Dad, a grandson is born
after marriage. Shut up, you idiot! I didn’t come here to
get you married. Oh my gosh! Deceit! Now, give me the parrot. Baby, where is the parrot? What parrot are you talking
about? -There is no parrot here. There is a dog. Want to see it? I’ll kill you all without mercy. Tell me soon where the parrot is. Dad, she isn’t going to confess
this way. Hey, take her. No! Dad, don’t touch her. Or I will shoot myself. My boy,
it is loaded and will go off. Your childish pranks
haven’t stopped yet. Turn it your side,
put the gun here and now pull it. Thank you. Dad, I’ll count till three. You must vacate this
place by then. 100, 99, 98. Idiot! If you shoot yourself.. ..your dad will go ahead
and marry Tanya. Correct!! Dad, if anyone tries to move,
I’ll shoot him dead. Hey, are you out of your mind? Yes, I have become mad
in love with Tanya. Run! Move aside! Leave me.
-What is happening? Stop him. Aunt. Aunt. Follow them! Leave me. Move quickly. No one should move.
Run from here. Start the car. It’s nothing. Come in the car. Excuse me, but I’m blind. I’m not any better either. Munna, come soon. If you try to move,
I will grind you to paste. Move soon. Catch this. Sit inside. Where did they go? Give it to me. Open the door. Come on, escape from here! Oh, my god! Sanju! Sanju! Sanju! Sanju! Hello.. one minute. Hello! Yes, Ms. Sweety, tell me. Sanju! Sunny and his family came
here and kidnapped Natasha. What!? Has Natasha been
kidnapped? -What? -Hello! Sanju, you are the one who
always saved Natasha.. ..from trouble. You only can save her now also.
-Let me hear it. She’s been kidnapped for the
first time. Do something. Don’t worry. -Hang on! I will set right everything.
-Please do that soon. Who kidnapped her? The family of some guy
by the name Sunny. Sunny? Is he some Bobby’s
*brother? -Dharmendra’s son?! -One sec. Sunny is the son of a gangster.
-He was in college with Tanya. Okay, let’s go now. -How can
we go to her college now? I didn’t even go to school. Hang on. Hang on. I think
we should do something. What is this madness, Sunny?
What are you doing? Tanya, it is the first time
in the world that a bride.. ..has joined the groom’s
procession before marriage. Our marriage will be great.
-Quiet! Stop the car, you scoundrel. It is important for me to
catch her. Turn right. What did you say? -I love you. Look at me, I’m there for you.
-Help me! Hey African brother,
-Where are you taking me? Turn your head the other way.
Hey, let go of the girl. Dad, first stop following me. Go further. Jump the signal. Move.. come fast. Let’s go. Brother, follow them. Had I been there, Tanya wouldn’t
have been kidnapped. Stop it!
You could not save Jayantilal.. ..and are making tall claims
about saving Tanya. Jayantilal is not my beloved. Who is Jayantilal? It is that dog which
fell unconscious. A man like me is needed
to rescue Tanya. Hello! Hello! Hello! Murugan, tell me.
One second, it’s for me. Karan, Sunny is taking Tanya
away at gun point. How did he get the cell phone
network here? He’s being followed by his
father and brother too. Okay, keep following them.
We are coming there too. I am following him. Oh my God! I think Tanya’s
got kidnapped again. Come with me if you want.
I am going. He’s going, c’mon.
-Take him along too. He’s done.. He’ll come later,
let’s go. -He is his assistant. Hurry up! Move fast. Why is this door not opening? Aren’t you ashamed?
Did you have some energy drink? You have really become disabled
due to acting. Hey plumber,
this isn’t a tap for you to fit. What are you all doing? Tanya
is in trouble there, get in. Let’s go.
-I will sit in the front. I want to reach there quickly. Where should I sit?
-Sit under the car. “Crazy.” “Crazy.” “Crazy people went mad. Hello, Murugan. -Hello! Karan.. -Tell me where you are. Where am I? -Par Dubai. We are going towards Par Dubai.
-Okay, we’re coming there. Par Dubai? Should we cross Dubai? -No.. ..that’s the name of a place
here. -It is Par Dubai. I know it. I was just joking. You guys don’t even let me have
some fun. -He knows it. He also knows where Dubai is.
-You know it? Please let me go. -I’ll let you
go, Tanya. But after marriage. What are you ranting? We shall have cute kids.
How great it will be! I want to experience the power
of youth before I die. That girl has the parrot. Hello, Karan. -What is it? We are going towards
the Jumera beach. We are reaching there
-I took a right turn. Okay, keep following.
Right turn at the Jumera beach. His right or my right? You fool! Right would be
right for everyone. Isn’t it? -Right, right. Hey plumber, this is a country
with left hand drive. I’m asking you so that there
should be no mistake. You intelligent fool! Stop the
nonsense and drive straight. My Natasha. -Tanya! My Natasha. -Her name is Tanya. You call her Tanya but I’ll call
her Natasha. -Just sit quiet. Go faster. -I will dash someone.. Quiet now. The phone is ringing. Whose call is it?
-It is from Murugan. -Murga? I took a left turn at McDonald’s. Left, left. Left from where? -At McDonald’s. Left from McDonald’s. We can’t find McDonald’s.
Ask him if Pizza Hut will do. Keep silent I found it.
There is his vehicle. There they are!
C’mon let’s catch up. Drive faster, Rocky. Should I drive faster and
go in front of them? We should follow them, isn’t it?
-What’s the point in going fast? “Crazy.” “Crazy.” “Crazy people went mad.” Drive faster. This girl should not escape
from me today. “Crazy people went mad.” “Crazy people went mad.” Oh no! What happened? Check it up..
-Where have you got me? Bad luck, run away. Run. Stand here. Run. Tanya, these people are
the enemies of love. Dad! Don’t run in the sand.
Hand the girl over to me. If anyone tries to move,
I will crush their bones. Sunny,
let go of the girl or else! I will let go of the gun
but not the girl. Are you father and son not
ashamed of yourselves? All of you are troubling
an innocent girl. She belongs to someone else.
Please understand this. We will tell you.
Our uncle is a scientist. He discovered a formula
that restores youth. And he put the code for that
formula in a parrot. That parrot is with this girl. I’ve been crying hoarse that I
don’t know about that parrot. One second!
That parrot is with me. Is the parrot with you?
-Is it with you? Do you have that parrot?
-No, it’s not with me. I mean.. it was with me. Why do you change your
stand like a dancer? I’ll explain to you.
I gave the parrot to Rocky. Who is Rocky? -It’s me.
Don’t shout. When did you give me the parrot?
-Didn’t I give you a gift? Why would you give me a gift? Didn’t I give you a box and ask
you to give it to Tanya? Oh, that idiotic box!
Is there a parrot in it? And he is crying to get it! Let me see if it’s there
or flew away. Hey, get it quickly. I can’t bear
this old age any longer. My wife is waiting at home. Karan,
here is your gift to Tanya. Tanya. Get the car here. Give me that parrot. Get lost old man! I sold this
for crores. Catch this. Son, I’m your real father. You girl, you saw me do
the murder. Didn’t you? No! Now get ready to die. Sorry. You rogue, let Natasha go or
I will break your bones. Get lost, you lame man. No, don’t hurt Tanya. C’mon Sunny. Don’t shoot? What is all this that I’m seeing?
I’m fortunate to be blind. Hey,
open the box and check it first. Brother, your parrot is here. Hey.. ..give me the parrot or
I’ll kill the girl. Have you come to attend
a marriage? Leave the girl first and then
I’ll give you the parrot. Go. You always interfere in
everything. -You go. My son, give it here. 78677867. Take this. What are you doing? I’ve lost my youth for nothing. What have you done? Catch your Parrot! The code number is
now in her brain. Kill her if you can. If not he girl,
I can surely kill you. Stop there. Drop your gun. C’mon now. Tell me who is going
to kill whom. Why do you laugh? Will you shoot me? -Why? If you have the guts count
three before shooting me. If this is your last wish,
so be it. One.. ..two. Where did you shoot from?
-See there. Did you bring an ant to kill me? Pandiya, darling. Natasha, are you okay? But how did you get well? Why? Tooth pick. Yes, by the grace of God
I recovered fully. Natasha, this happened only due
to the power of your love. I understand everything.
I don’t want to see you at all. Natasha! Wait. What is the code?
-I won’t tell you. Hey, why are you talking with
her like that? -Who are you? Am I not there? Tommy, you are a liar.
Your hand is alright. It is all because of my
love for you. -What? If that lame guy can get
back both his legs.. ..can’t I regain a single
hand due to your love? Go away from here. -No! Natasha! Who is it? Did you see Tanya? She went that side. Go there. Thank you. Take this. Hey! Hey! What are you doing here?
-Taking care of you. -What? Yes. C’mon now, you black crow.
You are fine, aren’t you? You aren’t blind.
You can see everything. Who says so?
Can you see this maroon car? Yes, I do. -But I can’t see it. Can you see this off-white
car too? Yes. -But I can’t. And I can’t see the symbol
of that taxi either. Liar, cheat! All of you are
thieves. Throw this. Oh dear! Sorry. -Sorry. Did you see Tanya? Hey man with the big moustache
and long hair.. ..I am a blind man and
can’t see anything. Correct. Leave me.. give your helmet. Take this? -How was it? Rocky. Shoot him. Run. Run. Tanya, come here. Come on! Let’s go. Tanya, go there.
I will take care. Go. Go. Come on. No. Leave me. No. C’mon, faster. Take brother’s car to safety. Please stop. Tanya! Tanya! Tanya! -Tanya, my love. Tanya. Tanya, be quick. Let’s go from here. Tanya. Tanya! Let’s go quickly? Tanya, I am here. Not to worry. Tanya, they will help you.
-Get up! Tanya. Listen to me. You started again. Shut up. Shut up and leave me alone. You shut up. Why don’t you
listen to me? -Tanya! I love you. -Get aside. All of you deceived me. You traitors! No words can
describe your villainy. Oh no! You cheated my innocent
little Natasha. I will not forgive
you in my life. I will eliminate you. Tanya, I am your old lover. It is true.
All the others are useless. You are not just useless
but are just a kid. Do you think that you
have become great.. ..just by growing a moustache
like a donkey’s tail? What a statement!? You reduced the pride of my
boy’s moustache to nothing. Actually the donkey’s
tail lost its.. ..pride due to the comparison. Okay then. -Shut up. You fraud.. Believe me. I took his help to get your love. Don’t believe the words
of these cheats. Quiet! You are the greatest
traitor of all. Shut up deceiver! You’ve enjoyed yourself and are
now resorting to deceit. By acting like one without a
hand, you broke her heart. For the sake of my love. For the sake of my love
I slept under the car. It is not easy to act
like a handicap. I had to remain like that
all through the day. Do that for five minutes
and show me. -Quiet! Shut up! What about the hospitality
you enjoyed? You ate and drank for free too. Don’t know what else
he used to do. What do you say about that?
-Keep quiet, you lowly thief! Didn’t this plumber act as
if he is an architect? Everything is fair in
love and war, okay. No, everything is war
when love has failed! Stop this nonsense. First get him to speak
proper English. Natasha, tell me the truth.
Was I unfair to you? I just disguised my
true identity. But these scoundrels
made a fool of you. They toyed with your emotions. How did all this happen? I promise you. That I will give you company
in good times. I promise. Please give me your hand.
-Brother! I too am here with
my eyes closed. I loved her with my eyes closed. Because love is blind. Don’t make fun of love
with your blind act. I am the emperor. I declare.. ..that everyone is out.
This man is the right choice. Is it okay?
-Shut up, you vampire. I’m the right man.
-I’m the correct one. I’m the correct one.
-Shut up, you can’t be correct. Me! -Me! -It’s me. -I’m perfect. Listen to me. They are used to it.
Don’t listen to them? Please listen to me.
Listen to what I say. Don’t listen to them. Quiet! Just shut up. Stop this nonsense. Tanya! Now no one will speak. Only Karan will speak. Any difficulty? Speak on, Karan. None of these is suitable
for you. I know who is best for you. Please come in. Who is it? Who is this new entry? Raj! -Yes, it’s me. Karan told me everything. I lost all hopes. He brought me here to you. Raj is a very good guy, Tanya. He’s not a fraud. It was Sanju who created
differences between you both. And saw to it that your
engagement is broken. Sanju, is this true? Yes, Natasha. It is true. You people have hurt my Natasha. I don’t know how I should
punish you all. We already got our punishment,
aunty. By losing Tanya’s love. What can be a greater
punishment than this? Wish you all the best. Thanks. Hi Natasha! Now see this! Never ever fall in love again. Let’s go. Karan! Karan! Karan! -Yes? Karan! You seem to be forgetting
something. -What? That without which you
cannot go from here. Take this, your car key. Okay Karan.. there is a problem. Raj is going to America
next month. Raj wants the marriage
to be done this month. What is the problem? Is it fine with you? Why would I have a
problem with that? When I am going to
marry a person.. his consent not needed
for the marriage? Not this time, Tanya. No jokes this time. I am telling you the truth. Really!? Really! But, Raj? Our story ended even before
it could start. But if a person loves
me so much.. ..that he can sacrifice his
love for my happiness.. ..only such a person has
a right over my heart. I love you too, Karan. I love you. All the best! Wonderful! Marvelous day! Mind blowing? What a dramatic change
in the scene! Catch this..
No difficulty at all. A grape in a monkey’s mouth! Tanya! What shall I do now? Dear man, go for shopping now.. ..and book your place
for the next life. Why didn’t I become blind
before seeing this? Had you not interfered,
Tanya would have become mine. And you all would have been
giving me the farewell. You sinners! Keep quiet. See how affectionately
she is embracing him! How they longed for each other! At last the guy who
got the girl.. the one whom she wanted too. Bloody histrionics!
-What did you say? What are you saying?
-What are you saying? What are you saying?
-What else should I say? When the girl is lost,
what else can be said? Hey! -Just find out where she
is going for honeymoon. Yes, boss. Our story has come to an end. The king got his queen. They came to each other
after a long struggle. But sit on.
Don’t leave just as yet. There is something more
I have to tell you. Won’t you ask me what
happened to Khurana? Whether he remained old
or regained his youth? The don became so mad at
getting the formula.. ..that he forgot the most
important thing about it. Instead of taking a drop,
he consumed the whole bottle. The father became a son. And the son became a father. Isn’t this funny? Isn’t the charm of ‘Deewane
Hue Pagal’ wonderful? Good bye.. Sat Sri Akal. Namaste.. Salaam. I’ll take your leave,
now that my job is over. You must have enjoyed
and laughed a lot.. ..and now you will leave
this place a happy lot. But don’t forget this friendly
story teller.


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