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Denon Home Theater Receiver Setup Wizard Tutorial | Crutchfield Video


  1. gephross100 Author

    I have a 1312 here, mine isn't connected to a tv yet (waiting for a cable to ship). I hooked up my center channel and left and right with a short cable run just to test it before doing a full set up and the center channel doesn't make sound using the fm tuner, front left ad right do. Does going through this set up make the receiver send power through these channels?

  2. Crutchfield Author

    Your selected source (FM Tuner) is a two channel signal so the receiver is defaulting to "stereo" mode. You should be able to toggle through the available "surround modes" the receiver offers to get audio from the center channel when a stereo source is selected. HTH!–Crutchfield

  3. gephross100 Author

    Thank you crutchfield. Also I have a squaretrade warranty on Boss OE headphones through a purchase on your site and they broke. How do I use the squaretrade warranty?

  4. Crutchfield Author

    You need to call SquareTrade. You should have received a contract agreement from them that will list a support number. If you do not have it, then you can call on 877-927-7268 — Crutchfield

  5. Crutchfield Author

    For any Denon model that offers this feature, it is a selectable option from the On Screen Display. It will be titled “System Setup” or “Setup Wizard”. HTH!–Crutchfield

  6. Crutchfield Author

    I would be sure you have the HDMI OUT (monitor) of the Denon connected to an input on your Panasonic & that you have selected that input for display on the Panasonic television. If you still do not get any on-screen content, you may want to try another HDMI cable or a different input on the Panasonic. HTH!–Crutchfield

  7. Kishore Bhatia Author

    could u guide me to use my Denon AVR 1707 amp for karaoke ? i have tried to connect my external mic via the input on the front side of the amp, but there is no sound.. which set up is required to activate the mic? appreciate if you can guide, tks

  8. Jesse Reyna Author

    i had my cousin help with the speaker configurations..and boy i wished j would have write down what questions to say yes to..and which ones to say no to because now i am paying the price. i have been saying yes and no to every question see which way is the correct way for a a 2 front surround and 2 rear surround plus center channel and powered front firing sub woofer. The night.are continues..because ut won't play all speakers. why is this?

  9. ugonna12 Author

    Hey crutch ! I had an qs regarding my denon receiver 5.2. I was trying to figure what will be the best channel level for my onkyo front l&r along with my center cuz in only have 3 speakers at the moment & for some reason I get more sound in the center than the front l&r

  10. Will Parsons Author

    Up until about 3 years ago I was able to connect my Denon AVR 3802 Receiver to my TV that had the corresponding AV connections. Suddenly I lost the use of my tv ( about 4 years old ) and went out and purchased a new TV but noticed that the plug-ins on the back of the new tv did not offer a place to connect my AV from the Receiver (AVR 3802) and I was NOT about to go out and buy an new Receiver to accommodate the HDMI connections (only?) So reluctantly that I was, the Receiver got disconnected from everything else and put to rest in its box far in the depths of my basement storage unit.
    Sad I thought – how unfortunate it is to suddenly no longer be able to use my System all of a sudden just because the newer style of TV does not accommodate the AV connections to my 3802 – especially paying some serious coin and hoping it would last more than 8-10 years… Any suggestions I can do to continue having my Theatre system connected to a TV that is about 3 years old now?
    Greatly appreciated!!

  11. ilias magelas Author

    Hey crutch !i have the Denon AVR-X1200W and for speakers i have the Taga Harmony TAV-606 v.3 Set. i want to ask the front speakers must be set as large or small?denon with callibration put them large as auto but i read a lot of people put them small.what did you suggest.thanks and sorry for my english

  12. Charies Hernandez Author

    Something that I can not see in the setup screen is the difference positions of the microphone. Just say position number 1, 2 3 etc. But where can I put the microphone? in the middle of the room for all the process? Please, could you help me with this information


  13. Alan Roberts Author

    I have 2 too many Denon. AVRs. Even the speaker wire connevlctions are a nightmare. Nothing nice to say about Denon. Noting! And the customer service is also shitty

  14. Kent Galloway Author

    Well first I have a Denon AVR 2802. My son-in-law feels that the outputs labeled Surround R-L are the Front speakers. I think they are the back speakers R-L. Which is it? Next I have acquired a set of Cerwin Vega 15" speakers. I would like to use them for both music and to be played with the surround system. If the speakers labeled Surround are for the back R-L then where do I hook up the Front Surround speakers? Possibly the B outputs? So I can turn them off for music?

  15. Bucky Lastards Network Author

    Can I connect my PlayStation 4 Through this. I can disable HDCP on PS4. What are the benefits of owning this with regards to Consoles, as I got a Denon AVR 1909 gave to me?

  16. kuyvlnh yfvy uvf Author

    I Have the Denon AVR X4200W, but the ARC doesn,t work i didn't get any sound from the TV, some body can help ?
    Also the Upscale realy WORK ? but all those pictures who have sd video on the HDMI out put on my Denon those pictures still in SD resolution, Realy that upscale: SD to 4K UHD work ?

  17. Glen AW Author

    I have the Denon 590-avr. The issue that I have is the sound levels not being good. By that I mean that when I play a show such as Star Wars a New Hope the sound levels are all around the place. At times the sounds are to loud and when you are trying to hear the voices they are to low. Where and how can I correct this proble.


  18. K F Author

    When I plug mine in nothing seems to happen, I get the screen on hdmi arc but I can’t seem to get to the set up wizard, I inherited it when I bought my house, the user manual hasn’t been helpful! Can any advise how I can set it up correctly?

  19. KyleTheOtaku Author

    I am having an issue where I get full sound and picture from my connected PS4, then I go over to the blu Ray channel where my blu Ray player is connected and I get audio but no picture at all. On my tv remote all I can go to is HDMI 1 there is no other option that seemed to work for my PS4 I’m wondering what the deal is

  20. Jonatas Almeida Author

    I have an Denon S530bt, and these days i saw the specs before buy another surround speakers, so i found this on manual, who sais the audio distortion is better at 8ohms instead an 6ohms speaker. Thats really can happen?

    Power Output (8 ohm, 20 Hz – 20 kHz, 0.08% 2ch Drive)



    Power Output (6 ohm, 1 kHz, 0.7% 2ch Drive)


  21. Jim W Author

    I have the Denon 5.1 Receiver hooked up to surround sound speakers and my new vizio tv. I went thru the setup wizard and I still can't get the speaker to work while watching tv. suggestions?

  22. Mario Cerdas Author

    I can see all of the menus however when I enter to the setup assistant the screen changes its resolution and and can't see the detail of the wizard since the screen is in black

  23. Lawrence Hannon Author

    Quick question. My 1500h is barely audiabe when the dial is at 30 and it needs to be around 55-65 to get a dedent movie sound. Any suggestions ? I'd did the calibration with 5.1 with Denon speakers & S.woofer. Set up was fine but I once I tried it out the volumes are way way down.


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